How To Increase Eye Vision – Without Eye Surgery

How To Increase Eyesight Without glasses – Easy Steps


Increase Eye Sight Without Medicine? 

   Today’s world is filled with all technical appliances so we are using our organs less but technical things more. But to run all technical appliances we need eye sight. if we will be lost eyesight everything will be lost in our life.


 We know that today six-month infants also playing with gadgets, we are giving gadgets in their hands. Today gadgets become the life partner of every age person. Everyone wants gadgets in their hand. They are playing with gadgets, we didn’t know how to handle smartphones but the 2-year kid is handling it better. Of course, the effect of it is on everyone’s sight. Everyone is sitting in front of the TV watching serials, movies etc. That becomes an important part of life. Not a bad thing to use it but since in the childhood rays of that TV or smartphones are very harmful to the kids as well as to us. We are observing that so many kids from the 4th class onward are suffering from eye disease. OR having the problem of eyesight. Buy domain with Bluehost


 We must have to keep attention on it. How much time we have to allow for any gadget or to watch TV for our kids? We must have to know it.

To the small kid. Is it a good habit for them? Can they keep their health better with it? What to do to keep control of their and our habits also. We also can’t control our habits watching TV or reading Whatsapp message etc, everything is effecting our eyesight.

So many are suffering from eyesight, so many have back pain, a lot of students are attached to games, etc but that also harms their eyesight as well as on health problems. Most eyesight problems are due to the digestion problem. In the next ten years, we need a lot of eye specialists. It becomes compulsory to wear glasses since childhood. 

 We need to take good steps for it


Let us learn here How to increase eyesight without lens or Medicine?

1] Keep the good distance between you and the TV screen or PC SCREEN or mobile screen.

Doctor-Approved Advice on How to Improve Your Eyesight – wikiHow

2] Seat comfortably while working on the PC or laptop.

 3] Wash your eyes 3 times a day with cold water.

 4] Drink milk, buttermilk or cane sugar or fruit juice.

  5] Drink every day orange juice to make sight clear.

 6] Keep the proportion of sugar, less in the diet.

7] Eat salad like carrot, cucumber and leafy vegetables which contains more A vitamin.

8] Drink warm water and honey in the morning. 

9] Do the exercise of inhaling and exhale.

10] If possible wash your eyes every day with TRIPHALA CHURNA’S WARM SOLUTION while sleeping.

11] Pour 2 drops of cow ghee in the nose every day while sleeping. This is a very nice medicine for the problem of hair fall as well as eye vision.

12] Take enough sleep to get the rest for the eyes.

13] Avoid reading or write continuously. Take a small break after some time interval.

14] Wash your eyes with cold water at that time so that you could feel cool to your eyes.

15] Avoid walking barefoot in the yard or on the road.

16] Always walk on the lawn in the morning or evening to get the cool feeling to your eyes.

17] Eat more fruits like orange, papaya, grapes, mangoes.

18] Keep cow’s ghee in every day’s diet.

19] Eat rice and ghee the first time while eating. It gives a cold feeling to the eyes.

20 ] Avoid drinking more times tea, coffee, etc.  

21 ] Eat Basil leaves every day it has very nice benefits       

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How To Remove Body Pain Without Medicine- Health

How to remove body pain without medicine? -Home remedies

Today’s life become very difficult we have everything but didn’t have time to look to the body, didn’t have time to eat comfortably and for so many activities. No proper time to eat , no proper time to sleep and this irregularity of our time effects on our circulatory, digestive and nervous system and causes a lot of health problems. Of them arthritis has a lot of problems .



Most important reason of body pain is the food which we are taking .The food which we are taking regularly contains a lot of chemicals from chemical fertilizers and insecticides and it is making blockage in our veins , disturbing our circulatory system and brings a lot of problem .

Of them main cause of body pain is eating junk food, along with stale food ,

Sometimes the food which contains more proportion of starch also causes a pain in the body and so that our old people are always avoiding the food which contains more starch as like rice, potatoes, peanuts etc and they were telling to us that it produce more ”VATTA’ in our body and causes pain in the body.

Today in early age so many people have arthritis.Generally we didn’t think more easily went to the doctor and doctor gives us a lot of pain killer , we are taking it regularly and it produces again more problems.

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Do you know body pain also due to mental disorder. I observed it carefully in so many people’s life .If we carry a lot of worries, tensions , pressure it automatically produces back pain, waist pain etc. We are so many times heard that if any dangerous story we have heard then we know that a lot of people suddenly fall down and are telling that ” MY WAIST HAS BEEN LOST ENERGY”.


We straightly went to the doctor, today Dr. want to earn money .Then if we have a small problem also, after 8 days he will tell you take all tests then he is telling to check blood, sugar, thyroid, CT SCAN, etc it require easily 5000 Rs .IF the patient is from middle class he can’t pay that much money he has to face a lot of problems to bring this much money and it creates problems in the home and total family gets disturbed it creates again mental disorder in the family and creates physical disorder.

http://How we create pain /

Before 7 years I have a problem of hyperthyroid so I went to Doctor [specialist] for 4 to 5 times in a year. First time Dr. told me make the tablet less so I made it less then it causing me problems then again I went to him then he told increase your dose so he made it total 1 tab. I have so many side effects of that tablets .It gets understand to me because of my observation power otherwise if I will keep this tablet as it is it will make tremendous effect on my body. I observed my self 1 week . How much tablet will be perfect to me? and started to take that much tablet.

How Situation Effects On Our Body ?

Here I want to express one point purposely that we goes to doctor for our problems .He gives us medicine by looking to our report not looking to our body or our problems. We are getting good relief from it but after some days due to our mental disorder tremendous changes occur in our body and that dose was not correct at that time and we run that dose continuously and creating a lot of problems. That is kidney failure, BP, sugar, heart problems etc.



Then I decided to keep my body strong without tablets .Then I have read HAPPY THOUGHTS books .I understand how to remove our every pain with happy thoughts? So I started to become happy and engaging myself .Before that I have lots of problems that is knees pain, body pain, throat pain etc , my hypothyroidism also getting increasing . Now I learnt the following skill points how to remove it then I become fearless and painless also.


1] Learn to observe your body that, what will happen if I will eat these things? or taking medicine .Keep observation on your medicine that, is this much amount of medicine is right to me? . In case this is the not case for only medicine but to drink water also .So many specialist are telling that if you want to be young then drink this much water in the morning .Yes it is true, but I have to observe that is that much water is suitable for my body otherwise I saw so many heart patients are created due to drinking a lot of cold water in the morning .It creates a lot of pain in the heart .Patient creates fear and easily heart attack happens.

2] Keep attention on your pain as some time it is paining due to a lot of hard work or due to eating wrong diet . or wrong sitting habits .

3] Get up early in the morning if we will get up late in the morning we feel very bad ,so many body problems created that is increasing cough, Vatta, acidity etc.So to get up early in the morning is the best solution for every problem.

4] Don’t keep every time attention on your pain organ turn your attention anywhere and keep concentration on your work it will automatically remove your pain. Body works on it and kills your pain.

5] If you have body pain then avoid to eat fry, sour, more oily food as it creates unwanted cholesterol it creates blockage in the vein . Causing so many health problems.

6] Keep attention on your mental condition what is going in my mind ? Try to remain happy in any situation .Increase your inner power to digest small things as like anger, insult etc .

7] Give some donnation to anyone to get satisfaction.This satisfaction changes your thoughts as well as increases confidence. Everyday do your self work your self.

8] Keep faith on God that the things which are going in my life is the wish of GOD . I will work to get better these things but not going against God to make these things more better. As it will create again more problems.

9] Keep in mind that if today’s day is better for me everyday is better to me. So don’t think every time about future. Be ready to accept challenges .As overcoming Challenges is the real life.

10] Avoid to keep a lot of expectations as time comes it automatically gets complete. So many times expectations also create pressure and pressure creates so many problems you know better.

11] Observe that which food, medicine, diet, exercise is fit for me ? If it is fit then only you do that otherwise it can creates again more problems.

12] Be ready to accept happiness as well as sadness as acceptance gives us positive energy to serve.

13] Avoid to check body every time and taking more medicines .Believe on your work and God everything will be nice.

14] Take proper rest at proper time , stay motivated, be happy and Lage Raho .

No one will disturb your body and mind.

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How we can make pizza at home without oven?- Pizza Recipes



 Home made pizza without oven -Pizza Recipe    

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I think ”pizza” word has made good history in the whole world. Everyone is surprised about it. Creating some excitement energy for it. First,I didn’t know anything about it . After some days whenever I am on the internet I thought maybe something interesting fact in this item so that our whole world is making the market of it and  achieving best results from it. It has controlled the whole food market. Who has invented this food? Maybe any country I didn’t know about it .


  Okay , let us we will start this recipe. 

   time for it 

prep cook total 

 30       30     60 min 

author name : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine  Indian

food type  Pizza

 KEYWORD  Homemade pizza without oven 

serve for 2


all purpose flour  2 bowls

tomatoes  1 [chopped]

onion  1  small

khara  1 bowl

capsicum_ chopped [ 1 bowl ]

baking soda    2 teas

sugar powder  3 tablespoon

oil or ghee- 1/2   bowl

Curd    1 small bowl

butter milk   50 gm

green chilly    6 to 7 [chopped ]

spices for it  

cumin powder- 1 teaspoon

Manchurian masala- 1 teaspoon

Chat masala- 1 teaspoon

salt    1  teaspoon or as ur convenience

chilly powder  1   tbsp

Salt  to bake it –  250 gm

SAUCE- 1 Bowl








PROCEDURE FOR IT: Cut all the vegetables and keep aside

Take   all spices   and keep it in the dish

:  Now take the all purpose flour in the big pot

:  Add baking powder, soda, salt, sugar powder, Dahi etc

; My curd was not sour so i took buttermilk to knead it.

:  Knead it properly, knead continuously by adding small                                                              amount of buttermilk to eat.

:  Take the oil on the hand to make it soft, Roll and knead it so                                                        that it could become smooth like butter.

: Now keep this to soak for a 10 minute by covering tightly.

: Now make a preparation of baking, take big container or pan

: Keep the salt to it, spread it in the pan and keep the net on it.

: After  10 minute start to make chapati of that dough.

; Roll it uniform and keep it in the pan, start to make the hole in it.

:  Now spread tomato sauce all over the chapati and keep all vegetables on it, spread all spices and salt over it and keep it in the pan, cover the pan with a tight lid.

: Keep it to steam for 15 minutes and  serve it to all.


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