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Virtues Of Cucumber_ Weight Loss -Health Benefits.

Hi friends, good morning 🌞 have a graceful day. We know that we are using cucumber as a salad in every day 😜 Let’s know here what are the health benefits of it.

Know Cucumber Here : It is the low calorie food . In 💯 gm cucumber we get only 15 calories. If anyone wants to reduce their weight then they must have to include this food in their diet. It contains A, B1 , B6 Vitamin. Cucumber also contains good form of potassium. 100 gm cucumber contains 147 gm calories of Potassium.We must have to eat cucumber so that we can control BP, To keep better health of 💓 we must have to include cucumber in our diet.

We know that if we feeling more hot 🔥in the summer or anytime then we must have to eat cucumber. As it contains 75% of water.. So automatically it can control the temperature of the body.

It Removes These Diseases: It can help ful to the ♋ patients. As it contains Polyphenols .It can useful to overcome so many types of cancer. It throws a lot of toxins from our body. Because it contains more amount of water and fibers.

What Changes Occur With It In Our Body? : If we will drink every day juice of Cucumber 🍾. It will help to remove problems of acidity, gaseous, burning of 💓 etc. It contains more amount of silica .These are useful to keep our tissues strong. Patients of diabetes must have to drink juice of it. For Beauty :. It contains antioxidants in more proportion so it is best for the skin. Ascorbic acid of cucumber and C vitamin create Cologne in the body and they keep skin clean 💪, smooth and attractive. It can also keeps health of hair beautiful.

How To Buy Good Cucumber 🍾.: While buying the cucumber we must have to buy complete green color cucumber. If it have spots on body or feeling more old avoid to buy this type of cucumber. It must be fresh. If you have tasted with pin the water must have to come out. Original Cucumber smells different. If you have knowledge of its smell then you can buy easily fresh cucumber 😜.

Instructions: Never keep cucumber near to another fruits. Other wise it will create yellow color. It must to keep in the fridge.

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Health Benefits Of Jowar Roti -Weight Loss


mportance of   Jowar  Roti –Weight loss –Fibrous

Today we   are forgetting to eat Jowar Roti. As we need smooth chapatti. Chapatti can make from wheat flour. It creates sticky bolus in our mouth. And it is very hard to digest it. If you want to be light with body then must have to learn to eat Jowar Roti. I think it is also good for kids after 1 year  as well as  for the old people . In our child hood our parents’ gives us everyday Jowor Roti with milk and only chapatti is getting to us for festivals or in the marriage.

Do you know How Jowar works in our body? My husband has left to eat wheat flour chapatti  and he has following benefits from Jowar Roti.

1] His  weight reduced by 14 kg.

2] His  asthmas become clear so that he has to throw inhalers . Before 20 years he had the problem of migraine and it suddenly stopped in 2 to 3 days.

3] His irritations of chest, irritable of bowl syndrome , ulcerative colitis, his room tide orthrotise, his mood, his sleep every thing has been improved.

4] Due to eating chapatti our sugar easily getting increased and we didn’t get understand. But  we think to eat chapatti means we are rich person. Not getting real taste with any Subji and of them today there is a  fashion that don’t bake chapatti more time to make it smooth. It only moves around in the mouth and loses taste.

5] Today some abroad people have left wheat flour and so they are looking thin and healthy.

6] Do you know why did we have to eat  Roti in the Bhojan . :  It contains more carbohydrates so we get more energy easily and it works on appetite. We can fulfill for more time , no need to eat anything after eating 1 Roti .

7] It contains amino acids so that we could get more proteins from it along with it has more fibrous so they are easy to digest.

8]The person who has the problem of constipation must have to eat Jowar roti. So that it can remove pain of piles.

9] So many teen age  boys have the problem of kidney stone they must have to eat    Jowor roti. Its nutritional volume keeps away to the kidney stone.

10 ] It contain Neon sin and it help to reduce the cholesterol along with its photon chemicals it can stop heart diseases.

11] Jowar contains potassium, magnesium, and minerals so it can control blood pressure.

12]  Jowar contains a lot of iron , the person who has the problem of Anemia must have to eat JOWAR ROTI.


1] Its   fibrous keeps stomach clean and helps to make easy digestion.

2] It is light to digest so that every ill person must have to eat JOWOR ROTI with milk.

3] It avoids a lot of stomach, ulcer, and digestion problems.

4] It keeps body cool, light and easily mix in to blood plasma.

5] It can removes cholesterol in the blood vessel so it is very useful in the heart disease problem. http://Blue host link /weight loss diet Jowar Roti/

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6] It controls insulin to produce, keeping constant proportion so diabetic patient must have to eat Jowor roti.

7] It works on extra cholesterol, weight loss, skin problem, acidity of stomach etc.

8] Females pregnancy problem, reproduction problem, has very useful.

9] Some constituents of Jowar controls cancer like diseases. Green Subji

10] To be clean stomach must have to eat Jowar roti. paneer

11] Jaundice patient must have to eat this roti after suffering 1 year as it increases blood volume,   


http://Jowor floor/
well  prepared roti/
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How To Control Blood Sugar With Ajowan – Health Benefit

Control Blood Sugar With AJOWAN – Health Benefits

 Do you know this Ajowan word has a long story? It has been created in my Son's treatment at Bombay. It can't express here you have to check it in my ''Masala Rice'' post. 

Any way still I will tell some small events on this AJOWAN.
When I had been in the 9 Th STD my sister had given birth to her elder son. Then in her delivery after her meal and dinner, my mother was giving her 1 tablespoon AJOWAN to bite in the mouth and saying her to bite it in the mouth without swallow it. After that, she has to make a big sound on his baby’s stomach or has to send steam of her mouth in her baby’s mouth. And also has to give steam of every part of the body of her baby. This scene I feel amazing. Then I was asking to my mother. What will happen to it? She was telling me it will give complete relief to the baby and mother like a steam bath. As well as it can keep stomach light, away from gaseous and all problems.
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The same phenomenon I have done to both babies.
We know that today diabetes and blood pressures are spreading fast. It is very hard to control. We can control it with the help of Ajowan.
1] It is very healthy and useful to increase the immunity power of our body. We are using it in the spice to get the taste of our Subji’s or food. mentalhealth
2] As I have told upside, it can be useful to keep away our mouth bad breathing, after eating we can eat it in the small number of granules. It can remove digestion problems. As like gaseous, pain in the abdomen, etc
3] It has to bake on the TAWA with ghee and eat with warm water.
4] It carries a lot of good properties that can use to reduce the sugar level of blood. It must have to take in the following way.
Take every day 1 tablespoon of neem leaves powder, 1/2 tablespoon cumin seed powder, and seeds of AJOAWAN, add all these ingredients in the hot milk and drink it. It will reduce the level of sugar in the blood.
5] By using everyday Ajowan we can control heart attack or heart problems.
6] Some ladies, girls have a lot of pain in the abdomen in their periods along with pain in the waist, pain in the back, etc. It will remove all these problems easily.
7] Sometimes we have an infection in the mouth our gums have swelling along with pain to remove it if we will make ”KULA ” with warm water and 2 drops of AJOWAN. Then it can stop swelling and pain in the gums.
8] It works for weight loss, as it works as a good catalyst in the digestion process. almondday
9] Apply powder of AJOWAN on the body part where you have scratching or burning in the skin. Keep it for 3 to 4 hours. healthbenefits
10]If you are suffering every time with a cough then drink AJOWAN water with black salt to stop it.
11 ] To remove the fear of any disease add AJOWAN in the spice. Use everyday spice. Drink everyday AJOWAN water and increase your immunity power so that you could away from all infections.

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Curd Rice Recipe – Weight Loss

Making curd rice is everyone’s skill. It is different in different places and at home with everyone’s choice. Anyway, everyone’s purpose of making any item is, it must have to become tasty or delicious.

There are so many ways to make it. But I have made it in the following way.

In India, there is a say that, if we will eat curd in the evening or at night it causes so many problems in our body. It may be cough, cold, body pain, acidity, any digestive problems. Ayurveda says if we will eat curd in the evening it can bring poverty in the home. So avoid to eat it in the evening.

This curd rice we can make in the summer season, as it gives us complete cool feeling along with fulfilling satisfaction. It can work for weight loss, healthy for diabetic patients. Good medicine for piles. 

Let us check how did I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

10 10 20 min.

Author’s name: Asha Digge

cuisine: India

food type: Curd rice

keyword: Curd Rice recipe – weight loss

serve for 2


Cooked rice: 1 dish

sugar powder: 2 tbsp

Curd: 50 ml

green chilly pieces: 2 tbsp

baked peanut powder: 20 gm

cumin seeds: 1 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

oil: 1 tbsp

hing: pinch

Method To Make It: Take 1 dish cool rice.

Add peanut powder, salt, sugar powder, curd and mix it well.

Add curd and sugar at your convenience. Mix it properly.

Now keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it, add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, and wait to splutter it. Then add green chilly pieces, stir fry it.

: Pour it slowly in the curd rice.

INSTRUCTION TO MAKE IT: Take cool rice to make it, as if you will add curd in the hot rice, it create poison. Take care that not a single drop of water will carry along with any appliances while spluttering, as it can create an explosion.

By mistake, my pan carries a single drop, and it had created an explosion but I have handled it wisely creating without any fear.

Curd Rice Recipe : weightloss-chhayaonline.comhttp://curd rice recipe -weight loss/

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Curd Rice Recipe – Weight Loss

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Curd Rice Recipe – Weight Loss/

Pineapple Orange Smoothie (Fat Burning Smoothie for Weight Loss)- Healthy

Healthy Juice Recipes – How to make it?

Homemade  Fresh Juice Recipe –  Daily Recipes  

  Hi friends , now you may be tell me  think that this is the winter we want some hot and warm food and you are giving us Juice .How is your way to treat the audience ? or food lovers. I know it but sometimes for the good health we must have to break some nature’s rule in the simple way. We know that any juice is the best nutrition for the kids as well as any patient or any weak person who had lost his appetite  and taste. This Juice is more welcome for everyone as it contains more nutrient value food . Why did we are selecting Juice you know? .Juice makes digestion easily as well as it makes easily assimilation . So it directly enters in the blood vessels and helps to increase the blood volume as well as keeping blood circulation clear. 

I think that in place of fruits if we will make juice of fruits along with some high nutrient value food then it will work better for everyone especially for the patient as well  as small kids. 

Let us see how I have made Juice here ?

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande 

Cuisine      :  Indian

food type    :   Fruit juice


serve   for   :4 

time  for it 

prep cook total 

20         10      30 min 

pine apple 1/2

almonds: 7 to 8

cashew nuts  4 to 5

Basil leaves    6  to 7

Malai Pedha 2

Milk     2  glass

sugar   1 bowl [small]

caradamom  powder  1 teas

PROCEDURE   FOR IT    :   Take     the pineapple , remove it’s peel and keep aside. 

                                                     : Now make it’s round slice and keep  aside . Healthy Juice Cleanse Recipes – Modern Honey

                                                      : Cut it in to small pieces and meanwhile keep ready another   ingredients in the thali. 

                                                     : Here I have purposely added basil leaves in the juice so that it can work for cough and cold and gives nice taste to the juice. Juice Recipes:

                                                    : Now add pineapple pieces, Malai Pedha ,sugar, almonds, cashew nuts, basil leaves  in the juicer . fruit juice recipes

   Add some milk to it and start to make juice . Again add milk  and grind it in the mixture jar . 

: Now add cardamom powder to it and mix it properly. 

 : Serve it to your loved one. 

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pineapple slice
slices of pine apple /
Juice's ingredients
Ingredients for juice/
Ingredients in the pot.
ingredients for the juice in the pot /
Juice in the jar/
preparing juice in the jar /


Banana Milk Shake

Banana milk shake for weight loss Banana milk shake for a good health _Banana Recipes A good banana milk shake -Banana Recipes.