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  Today’s life becomes very tough and struggling due to competition. Everyone is running towards their dreams. Dreams leaving behind love. When we away from love we caught so many mental and physical problems. Emotional need of that person also has to be leave for their dreams. In them we have to run on PC, continuously. Of them if we are not working properly on it, it creates pain in waist. Main reason of waist pain is diet.

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  If we will not keeping attention to our diet and time to take food it causes a lot of pain in the waist.  This case is not happening only in the old age people but it is also affected on young generation. Generally, the person who is working on PC has to face more for it. As they didn’t have time to do exercise or physical work so they have face this problem. If they are eating high protein food or high nutrient value food, it produces cholesterol and it is stored in that part of the body. And causes the pain in the back and waist./ moong/page/3/

  Let us we will discuss here what are main reasons of pain in waist and back , how to be away from it?

 Do you know we have a spine of 32 bones .Of them 22 bones are working actively but , when there is any obstacle while moving these bones then this problem is getting to start.

Our waist contains Cartilage, disc, muscle and ligament of them if we have any heart for any part, it creates pain in the abdomen. Due to pain in waist we have a lot of problems as like to stand, to run, to work, to sit, etc. If we will not attend to this question in a time it can create serious problem.

 Reason behind Pain in Waist – small events

1] If we didn’t have the knowledge of sitting, standing, bending, turning, running, etc, then it can create gap between the spines and it creates pain in the waist, and neck.

2] A lot of times in a hurry we purposely didn’t take balance diet and creates pain in the waist and back.

3] If we will keep continue fast without eating anything can also create normal pain and if we will work in that position then it creates more problems of waist pain.


4] Some people have the habit to avoid breakfast and drink only black tea, but, this tea reduces your appetite, removes vitamins in the body and creates so many problems of waist and back pain. /fasting-food/

5]  If we have so many worries, tensions it may be exam tension, job tension, tensions of family, tensions of business and we have the habit only thinking on it , it can create a lot of pain problems in the body . Not only waist and back pain but, blood pressure, sugar, etc. -sankashti-chaturthi

6] Sometimes we didn’t have  success in our field then we become nervous and creates pain problem.

7] We know that or we have heard or seen in the film or in actual life. That if any serious news heard   by any old age person or the person who has less tolerance power has been affect immediately for the pain of waist. So many times we heard that ‘’MY KAMBAR KHASALI’’ means no energy in the waist.

8] Do you know we have the supply of blood through this waist as our bone marrow is situated in this region? So we get full energy to our body from this part. If this part of body is energy less. We totally become energy less.

9] So in our Marathi there is a proverb that if any work has to be started with full of energy then we say ‘’To Kambar Kasun Kamala Lagala’’ means person has started his work with full of energy in his waist region.

10]  If  any person has been heard any serious news suddenly we say ‘’tyachi kambar basun geli’’ causes waist back pain

         Means his waist become energy less by hearing horrible news. These are the situations created due to hearing positive and negative news. But it has tremendous affect on our body and so that we have to avoid negative news which are running on the channel.

11] In the matured girls when Menstruation period is running , due to blood flow it create pain in the waist.

12]   After delivery, after doing more sex also creates pain in waist. body/

13] Due to depression, crying, remaining sad every time creates pain.

14] So if we have the knowledge how to overcome above situations and how to be sit comfortably, run properly bent properly then we didn’t have to face this situation.

what causes waist back pain/

15] Due to lifting high weight, sometimes by jumping at high level , running without habit also creates pain in the waist.

  What treatment we have to give to remove it ?

1] Eat on time. Keep balanced diet in your Bhojan .nutrient/page/3/

2] Avoid drinking tea, keeping fasting.

3] Avoid fighting, quarrel, etc it can also creatpushpendra dwivedi


 Pain in the body part.    

4] If you know the exercise then gets up early in the morning.

Do the following exercise

Stand up keeping distance of 1 meter in between 2 legs in a straight position.

 Keep your both hands to the back side on the waist. Now give hammering with hands on the waist simultaneously.   

Run it how much time you want to be comfortable.

5] Stand up and bent your hands backside.   

6] Do some YOGA which is showing on the TV ,  by learning properly.

7]  Eat leafy vegetables, fruits, Aliv Ladoo, Gum Ladoo, Seasame Ladoo .

 8] Drink milk, buttermilk etc.

9] Eat everyday cow ghee in your Bhojan .

10] Be strong  to face any situation.

11] Take rest at proper time

12] Heat treatment or using heat belt also removes back pain.

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