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Vrut Recipes – Ashadhi Ekadashi Recipes

Hi friends , Happy Ashadhi Ekadashi. Do you know in India we are celebrating this fasting as a festival. There is a very big fair in Maharashtra . So many abroad travellers also joining in this fair but unfortunately this year with lock down everything has been banned. Even God also have to sit in Lock down.

Anyway whatever may be happen in the universe no one has left rules of eating. It may be fasting or Vrut we need everything up to date for eating.

So I made Vrut Recipes. In the morning I get up late and my hubby has to go at proper time means at 8 o clock. At first I thought that, I couldn’t make anything for tiffin. As we didn’t make any food without bathing.


Still I have made all types of recipes in only 35 minutes .

Let us check the recipes . apple-kheer-recipe-sweet/

Shabudana Khichadi

Shabudana Kheer

Sweet Potatoes slices with Jaggary and ghee

Fried Papudies

Varai Rice.

Curry along with fried green chilly.

Let us check the recipe here

Ashadhi Ekadashi - Vrut recipes
Collection of all vrut recipes, Shabudana Kheer, Shabudana khichadi, curry, varai, fried papdi, sweet potatoes slices, etc

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How To Make Shabudana Kheer? [Ekadashi]- Vrut Recipe

 Ekadashi Recipe – How to make Shabudana Kheer?

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This Dessert act as a best medicine in a lot of illness . In my childhood I remember  when anyone  had been become sick then my mother was making this type of Desserts .


It is useful to the diarrhea patient as well the patient who has been suffered from temperature, weakness, dysentery etc.  Process to make it is also very easy. If we will cook it in the milk it gives a very nice taste .If you have a headache then also we are making it .It is the best calcium supplement as well as rich in carbohydrates. When any lady has been delivered at that time old ladies are giving her this Desserts. It gives satisfied feeling  & we can sleep peacefully with it. Before delivery also it act as a pain killer, so  ancient ladies giving this Dessert to them . Juice Recipes -Pineapple Healthy  Juice

Let us we will see how to make it?

time for it

prep cook total

5       10    15 min

author’s name :  pranita deshpande


food type : Desserts

Keyword:How to make Shabudana Kheer -Ekadashi [Vrut] Recipe 

serve for  1


Shabudana: 1 bowl

sugar:  3 to 4 spoon

cashew nut: 4 to 5

almonds: 4 to 5

raisins :  4 to 5

cardamom powder: 1 teas

milk: 1 glass [big size]

ghee :  1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Take 1 bowl Shabudana and keep it to soak for 4 to 5 hours . Banana Recipes -How to make Muffins?

:  Keep the milk to boil on the middle flame .

: Take all ingredients ready .Add one by one ingredients to it.

: Add sugar to it and stir it well .

: At last add ghee to it and serve  it hot.


http://How to make Allu Tikki /

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Vrut Recipes – Upma [Singhada Flour]


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These are the days of celebration Navratri, that is fasting. There are so many people are making different types of fasting . Our PM keeps fasting very strict. That is they are taking only lemon juice during fasting. Some people keep 8 days fasting . Some only keep for 2 days that is Marathi we say ”BASATA ANI UTHTHA ”Upas. I have told the importance of fasting in the post.  


Anyway, WE NEED DIFFERENT TYPE OF SPECIAL FOOD . We didn’t know who has invented this type of food? But we think that by this food we are holding fast. Enjoying thing & we are eating special items Apple Halwa Recipe on that day means rich in proteins, minerals, dry fruits etc & still we are saying oh! i have fasting today i can’t walk more, talk more, work more. & eating next day early thinking that we have fasted.We are continuously reciting since in the morning that i have fasted, i think this reciting makes the tremendous change in our life & we think that there is a celebration of special NAVRATRI . This is the Indian culture’s arrangements means automatically something should must have to be happening not need to make happen. AS for God shake means people can accept everything & they have fear also in their mind. I think most of the time we need fear to run the society peacefully & with some disciple along with new happiness, new creations etc.

So this is the story of fasting let it be, we shall make here a new item for fasting that is Upma of Varai or Singhada flour

time for it

prep cook total

10        10     20 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

food type: UPMA

Cuisine   Indian

serve for  1

Keyword  : Vrut recipes


VARAI flour: 1 bowl

pieces of green chilly: 2 tbsp

cumin seeds: 1 tbsp

lemon juice: as your convenience

salt: As your convenience

sugar: 1 tbsp

ghee: 2 tbsp

peanut  : 20 gm 

water    :   1 glass    

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Take 1 bowl varai flour in a pan.

: Bake it till red color appears  & keep aside after baking.

: Keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it .

: Add cumin seeds & pieces of green chilly to it .

: Fry it for a short time & pour water to it

: Now add salt , lemon juice or curd & sugar to it .

: Wait to boil it , pour baked varai flour to it .

: Stir it well , Serve it hot .It gives a very nice taste.

: You can make it as a breakfast in fasting.


vrut upma


http://vrut recipes/
http://vrut recipes-upma recipe of singhada flour/
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Collection Of Vrut Recipes -Vrut Recipes


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MIN        30       30          60


Varai  *1/1/2  bowl

baking soda * 1 teaspoon

salt * as your convenience

sugar  *  6 to 7  granules

Dahi  *  1/3 bowl

Shabudana *  1 bowl

  •  PROCEDURE  * Wash the varai with clean water, keep it from soaking for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Soak the Shabudana in a water. Then make its paste in the mixture.
  • Add salt, baking soda, sugar granules, wait for half an hour.Take the idli pot, pour this paste into the idali bowls one by one.
  • Give the steam for 15 minutes, to open it wait to cool after cooling pot, take out from a pot.
    unnamed (33)
    Varai idli

How to make coconut chutney?


min        10       5         15


Wet coconut * 1/2

green chilly * 4 to 5  or as you wish

sugar * 1 tab s

salt *  1 tab

cumin seed *  1 tab

lemon juice or Yogurt *   as you wish

  •      PROCEDURE  * Make pieces of coconut, add salt, sugar, cumin’s in it. crush it in the blender. Add Yogurt if you wish or you can add lemon juice to get the taste.

Varai Uttapa  and Chutney For Fasting

Time   prep  cook  total

min              30        30       60



Vari : 1/2 kg

Shabudana : 40 gm

Salt  :  2 tabs

Baking soda  : 1 teaspoon

PROCEDURE :  Wash the Vari , Shabudana and soak it at night in a water.

In the morning grind it into the mixture and keep it for soaking again. Add baking soda and salt into mixture Keep it for 2 to 3 hours or if you want to make it in the evening you can make it in the evening.

To make Dosa keep Tawa on the gas [Nirlep] or any. Spread some oil on it and pour 1 bowl paste of vari flour on the tawa. Spread it with the help of spoon or bowl. Bake it till its total water gets evaporates, then keep it on the downside for baking.

Serve it with chutney.

Time for chutney

prep   cook total

10       10      20


Groundnut: 100 gm

green chilly: 6 to 7

salt: 1 tabs

Varaicha Upawas Dosa

sugar: 1 teaspoon

PROCEDURE: Keep the groundnut for soaking in the water at night. In the morning wash it with another clean water. Add green chilies, salt, sugar in it and grind it in the mixture.

Time for it   prep   cook   total

min        25      10       35


Varai flour: 1 small bowl

Jaggery: 1/2 bowl grated

ghee : 3 tabs

almonds: 5 to 6

Raisins: 10

grated wet coconut: 1/4

boiled potato: 1

boiled sweet potato: 1

dates: 2 to 3

cardamom: 1 to 2 flowers    


Time   prep  cook  total

min      10       20     30


Varai flour * 2 and half bowl

coconut *  1/2 bowl [grated]

raisins * 10

jaggary *  1 bowl [grated smooth]

ghee *  3 tabs

cardamom powder * 1 teaspoon

milk *  2 tabs

pieces of almond, cashew nuts  *  1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE  *    Bake the varai flour in a  pan with ghee till red color                                                                comes. IMG_20180213_095750

                                        Aroma smell should come & spread everywhere. Put the   gas off and  keep the pan downside from the gas.

Make the powder of almonds, grated coconut, dates

Add grated jaggery, powder  of almonds, coconut, dates, 

Add hot water and stir it well. Keep it to get the steam. Add cardamom powder


Varai Idali recipe/