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This is a real homemade tasty recipe. We can make it more nutritive with good ingredients. If we will attend to make it delicious then, you never forget the taste of this recipe. Yesterday I was in worry what kind of easy recipe I could make? Then I saw there are lots of sweet corns at my home so I decided to make upma of it.

Let us see how I have made its upma .

time for it

prep cook total

10        15       25 min

author : Pranita Deshpande

cuisine :   Indian

food type :  Upma

Keyword : Sweet corn Upma , Upma Recipes 

serve for 3


cornflour   2 bowls [ 300 gm  ]

tomato     1 chopped

onion    1   chopped

green or red chilly  2 to 3

groundnut    1/2 bowl

curry leaves    3 to 4

hing   1 pinch

turmeric powder     1 teaspoon

chilly powder    1& 1/2 tbsp

salt    2 tbsp

sugar  2 tbsp

oil    3 tbsp

cumin ‘s 1 tbsp

coriander    1 tbsp [chopped ]

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

water As your convenience


: Hello, friends for making this recipe we will have to first take some sweet  corn fruits.  Bottle Guard Rice -Slow Cooker Recipe

: First, we will remove seeds from it and then we shall grind it in the mixture this floor we can take for to make Upma.

: Bake it well till the color of it changes & Khaman smell spread everywhere.

: Keep some water to boil in the pan and keep another pan on another gas:

: Pour oil in its way to heat it add Cumin seeds and mustard seeds to it, wait to splutter it. 

How to make chikoo Paratha ? Dessert recipes.

: Now ,add tomatoes, Chilies  pieces, groundnut and fry it well, add Chili powder and turmeric salt, Pinch of Hing, add sugar and  saute it  well

: Now, add a sweet corn flour to It. fry it well meanwhile water will boil on other  gas take this water and pour it into the fried sweet corn floor now stir it well.

:Keep the lid on it & give good steam for it.

: Serve it hot


sweet corn ingredients

Baked flour/


sweet corn upma/
preparing upma /

 well prepared upma

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Indian vegetarian food

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Everyone like south Indian food items but sometimes some guest may be not eaten this food or sometimes it may be prepared more at that time we can’t waste food .So last Sunday My son didn’t eat Idali so it was left then I am getting worried who will finish it ? I have an idea that can we make upma of it?  I started to make it .

time    prep  cook  total

15         10     25

INGREDIENTS    watch video on it here

Idalis *   As you have left at your home

tomato *   1 [chopped]

onion * 1 [chopped]

chilly powder * 1 + half tbsp

cumin powder * 1 tbsp

salt    *   1 tbsp or as you wish

curry leaves * 5 to 6

groundnut *   1/2 bowl

Hing * 1 pinch

oil  *  2 tbsp

cumin’s * 1 tbsp

mustard seeds * 1 tbsp

lemon juice    1/2 lemon

sugar    *     1 teaspoon IMG_20170910_094113

  •               PROCEDURE *   Cut the idalis into middle size pieces,  add salt, chilly powder, cumin powder, sugar, in it. Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil into it add cumin’s in it with rubbing by both hands, add mustard seeds, onion, tomato groundnut, a pinch of Hing, curry leaves, green chilly pieces etc. Fry it well. add pieces of idalis in it, mix it properly.  Keep the cover on it, Serve it hot.

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