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Watch Video On Basen Barfi _ 94 years mother cooking

Hi friends, Good morning have a pleasant day. Let’s check here if we have strong willing power and ambitious nature . Then you can do anything in any age.

Here 94 age lady has the passion to make Basen Barfi. She made it and her daughter helped her to sell it in the market. Now her Barfi became a good brand for the customer s.

Watch it. And write something about her in the comment section.

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Healthy Banana Cake Recipe – Birthday Special

Let Us Read An Interesting Story For Banana With Its Meaning

Here is the story behind Banana : In the childhood only I know that ‘Banana” means ”Kela” in Marathi. But when I was in the 7 th STD , I thought that ”Banana” means in Hindi if we want to make any new thing then we say ”Muze ye Banana Hai” At that time I couldn’t understand that ”These people are making some thing new. Instead I am thinking that they are making new thing with Banana. Or some people are say ”Muze” ye Banana Hai , so every time I feel that why did these people are bringing every time Banana to make new thing.

Whatever maybe it, still I am in a confuse that why some words are showing a big difference in life?

Let us check here how did I have made Banana Cake today ?

prep cook total

20 25 45 minutes

Author’s name: Asha Digge

Cuisine : United kingdom

Food type : Banana Cake [Cake recipe]

keyword: Banana cake

serve for 4

Ingredients for it

2 Banana

1 bowl -wheat flour

1 bowl -sugar

1 tbsp -baking powder

1: tbsp- Sodium Bicarbonate

1 bowl: creamy Yogurt

2 tbsp : pure ghee

cardamon: 1 tbsp

5 to 10 cashew nuts, almond

1 cup milk

Method To Make It :

1] Set the cooker to preheat for 10 minutes by adding salt before making cake.

2] Take the yellow well ripened Banana, remove its peel. Crush it with wire gauze.

3] Keep all ingredients ready in the Thali. That is cream Yogurt, sugar powder, wheat flour, baking powder, Bicarbonate soda, milk, ghee or oil, cardamon powder, powder of almond and cashew nut.

4] : Now take sugar powder, ghee, baking powder, soda,etc and whisk it with wire gauze for some time.

5] : Whisk it continuously for 10 minutes and keep aside.

: Now crush the Banana’s in the another container, make it completely smooth.

: Add crushed Banana, wheat flour into the whisked material.

: Stir it well and again whisk it for a while.

: Now keep the batter to set.

: Apply some ghee to the cooker tiffin.

: Pour the batter in the tiffin .

: Now keep slowly the tiffen in the cooker.

: Remove the whistle of cooker and keep the lid of it on the cooker.

healthy banana cake recipe/
http://Ingredients for banana cake /
Banana to make cake/
http://Banana to make cake/
Battaer to make cake /
http://Batter to make cake/
well prepared batter for cake/
http://well prepared cake/
cake while baking in the cooker/
well prepared banana cake /
http://well prepared banana cake /
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Mango Lassi Recipe – Mango Recipes

Hi Friends, in India summer season is filled with Mango. This Mango is the king of all fruits. There are so many reasons why it is king ? But , since

childhood we are enjoying it almost 2 to 3 Months. We are eating it in the morning as a breakfast. Without eating anything. In my father’s farm there were big 2 trees which can grows a lot of Mango. 2 rooms were getting filed with Mangoes. It requires at least 8 to 10 days to ripen naturally. After that noone could challenge the taste of this original juice.

Everyday my sister was making about 4 to 5 lit Mnago juice. We are eating chapati with it.

Again in the evening we were sitting on the roof of home calling to friends to eat Mangoes and eating Mangoes.

Nowadays how much you may pay for the Mango but taste of that natural ripen Mango never come to any Mango.

Let it be we never forget all these memories.

Let us make today’s Mango Lassi with modern method .

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

cuisine : Indian

food type : Mango recipes

Keyword: Mango Lassi Recipes

serve for 4


Mango pieces of 2 big Mangoes .

Cream curd or Dahi : 1 bowl [small\]

sugar: 1/2 bowl

Basil leaves : 3 to 4

water : As your convenience

Method to make it : Take red color 2 big size complete ripen Mangoes.

: Remove its peel , Keep all ingredients ready.

: Add pieces of Mangoes in the mixture jar, add curd and sugar.

: Blend it , add some water slowly , mix it well .

: Again add some water to it and mix it properly.

At last pour it in the glass . Serve it with Basil leaves to get nice flavor.

Watch video on it.

http://Mango Lassi Recipe/
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Chikoo Cookies Without Oven – Cookies Recipes

Chikoo Cookies Recipes -Homemade

Delicious Chikoo Cookies Recipe – Without Oven

Hi friends, there is contest running in the Go To Chef and they need fresh , short monsoon recipe. Now I have a question that how to make monsoon recipe instant ? We know that we have to run with time .Today time is our closer relatives .If we will not love him properly our life is getting disturb. So sometime we need to keep our real relatives away from us. We feel bad but, everything is useless. As time is the winner in this period. He is always giving us challenging life if we will not in his control. Sometime our mind is saying that everything we can understand but, what can we do? May be you are eager to read my content then let us read it. Your time never goes waste here.

I thought just we will try to make cookies without oven . Then I have searched ingredients in my home .I got all ingredients easily . I think that strong willing power can complete our pure wish . So i decided to make it without oven as it is my strong wish .

Now check here how did I have made it ?

Time for it prep :10 min , cook : 20 min, total : 30 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : British

food type : snacks/cookies

Keyword : Chikoo fruit cookies recipe

serve for 2

Ingredients for it

Chikoo : 3 small size

wheat flour: 1 cup

baking powder:1/2 tbsp

baking soda :1/2 tbsp

sugar powder :50 gm

ghee for whisking -2 tbsp

milk to knead : 1 tbsp

Method for it : Keep the pan on the gas . Add salt to it. And keep it to preheat for 10 minutes before making it.

Take the Chikoo fruits , remove its peel and keep aside.

Now take the ghee, sugar in the bowl to whisk and whisk it continuously for 3 minutes

Now add the Chikoo’s and crush it with wire guaze . Again whisk it with wire guaze.

Now add wheat flour to it and knead it with 1 tbsp of milk .

Knead it completely to become smooth. and shiny.

Now make its small cookies and keep it in the small bowls .

Keep the cookies bowls in to the pan for 20 minutes with tight lid .

After 20 minutes well prepared cookies were ready to eat.

How to make Chikoo Cookies Without Oven  - Cookies Recipes /
http://How to make Chikoo Cookies Without Oven – Cookies Recipes /

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Mango Cake Recipe – Birthday Cake

Let us learn here Mango recipes .

Yesterday we have birthday of my elder son.We never celebrate his birthday by making cake but this year due to Lock down I decided to celebrate it in a simple way at home.To feel positive, energetic and to turn our mind for happiness. To forget present situation.

5 Best Dishwashers in India for 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


This cake is so simple that it can make easily.Let us check here how did I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

20 20 40

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

cuisine : Indian

food type : Mango cake recipe

serve for 4

Keyword : Mango cake recipe


Mango juice : 1bowl

wheat flour : 1bowl

baking powder: 1 tbsp

eating soda :1 tbsp

ghee: 2 tbsp

Milk : 1 cup

sugarpowder ; 1 bowl

PROCEDURE : Keep cooker to heat by adding salt to it ,before making cake for 15 minutes with medium gas.How To Make Biscuit Cake Without Oven- Cake Recipes

Take all ingredients in one thali.

: Keep all ingredients ready in the bowl.

: Now take small container and add one by one ingredients to it.

; Add juice and milk by stirring it with its requirement.

: Stir it well to make perfect paste like batter.

: Now take empty tiffin of cooker and spread ghee to it.

: Pour the batter of cake in the tiffin and keep this tiffin slowly in the cooker. how-to-make-coconut-cake-at-home-birthday-cake/

: Keep the lid on it by removing whistle of it.

: Keep it for 20 minutes , after 20 minutes remove it.

: Make decoration of it and celebrate birthday.

INSTRUCTION : Keep the flame of gas medium .

: Instead of mango use mango juice to make it fast and perfect.

http://Mango cake recipe-Birthday cake/


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Festival Desserts – Vrut Recipes

Dear friends,

Varai and Poppy Seed Kheer Recipe : Left Over Desserts

We know that we carry ”Sankashti Chaturthi” Vrut. For this Vrut many people didn’t eat salt. As salt is the main reason who can make a lot of changes in our mental as well as physical life.

So yesterday I want to make some sweet for fasting. Now I have left over Bhagar or Varai so I decided to make it’s Kheer. Let us we will check here , how did I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

5 2 7 min

Author’s name: Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : India

food type : Kheer Recipes

keyword : Festival Desserts – Left Over Recipes

serve for 1

Varai Kheer recipe/
http://Varai Kheer recipe/


Cooked varai : 1 bowl

cream milk : 1 glass

cashew nuts,almonds, : 4 to 5

ghee: 1 tbsp

caradamom powder: 1 teas.

sugar : As your convience


Varai Kheer recipe/
http://Varai Kheer recipe/

Take Varai [cooked] cool. Keep the cream milk to boil.

Add suagr, Cashew nuts powder, Almond powder, etc

Now add cooled Varai into the hot boiled milk.

Stir and mix it well. Now keep it in the fridge after some time.

Serve it with ghee and pieces of almond.

Varai KHEER Recipe/
http://VaraIKheer recipe/


Today we have Rangpanchami the here eeryone is playing it. In the morning I have so many types of food that is ”Kasoori Methi Subji, Leftover Roti poha, roti’ chapati, etc. In that I forgot to make ”Navidyam”

for the God. Then what can I made instantly?So now I decided to make

Instant Poppy seeds Kheer.

Let us check her how did I have made it?

Poppy seeds : 2 tbsp

cream milk : 100ml

cashew nut, almond powder : 1 tbsp

caradamom powder:1/2 teas

ghee: 1tbsp

sugar: As your convience

Poppy seed kheer/
http://poppy seed kheer/


Keep the cream milk for boiling/

Add poppy seeds, powder of cashew nut, almond ro it.

Now add suagr and stir it well.

At last add caradamom powder and serve it with ghee.

poppy seed kheer/
http://poppy seedkheer/

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Shahi Sweet Carrot Paratha – Women’s day Special

Happy women’s day! To make any day happy, everywhere women have to be happy and work for others. If she will not happy no one is happy anywhere. Means suppose any officer had been quarreled with his wife and came to the office, he would be definitely disturbed and never work comfortable. This is not case for officer but for each and every person who is living with any women it may be mother, sister, wife, colleague, friend , etc.

We know that every women has the power to change everyone’s life .So she has the power to transform the world. We recite 1000 names of GODDESS JAGADAMBA . These are not only names of any ladies but the parts of all work .Means it may be Pilot, writer,author, publisher, chef, if you will read 1000 names of Jagadamba , you will understand that in 1000 sections she can work better.

Any way today for #HappyWomen’sday I have decided to make Sweet Carrot Paratha.

Let us check here recipe of it .


Prep cook total

10 30 40 min

Author,s name: Dhanshri Kulkarni

Cuisine: Indian

food type : Carrot Sweet Paratha

Keyword : Carrot Sweet Paratha – Women’s day

serve for 4


Wheat flour : 250 gm

carrots : 250 gm

sugar powder : 100 gm

ghee: 1 small bowl

milk cream : 1 bowl

caradamom powder : 1 teas

cashew nut and almond powder : 1 tbsp

Method to make it: Take 250 gm fresh carrots. Keep it to cook for 5 to 10 minutes.

: Remove unwanted part of it and grind it well in the mixture and keep aside.

Take wheat flour, add ghee, sugar powder, Cashew nut and almond powder, pinch of salt to it. Mix it well.

Now add cream milk, cooked carrots and knead it well.

Apply some ghee on your hand and knead it smoothly.

Now make its small dough and roll it slowly.

Bake it with ghee and serve it with ghee or as your convenience.

cooked carrots/
http://cooked carrots/
Ingredients to make Shahi sweet Paratha/
http://Ingredients to make carrot sweet paratha/
kneaded flour for paratha/
http://Kneaded flour for paratha/
well prepared paratha/
http://well prepared paratha’s /

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This post is under DMCA Protection.No one could do copy, stored it in any retrieve form, translate it, use it in another form . All copy rights are holed by writer of it.

Keyword: Women’sday

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Ukadiche Modak Recipe – Sankashti Chaturthi Special

In our India rituals are the most welcome part of everyone’s life. As rituals are giving a lot of energy to us . May be we feel these are obstacles in the business or anywhere but, they are filling us with full of energy. We are becoming so happy on it still 1 year. This energy gives us power to face so many situations with positive attitude. Brings change in the mind . Keeps mind happy etc.

We have today a big Sankashti Chaturthi ” I think all India is keeping fasting for today’s day. No one is eating anything today.

In the evening we are bathing , preparing fresh food , worsdhipping God , giving Naivaidyam” to the God . This NAIVYDYAM is special for today. That id ”UKADICHE MODAK’ To prepare it require 1hour . But, we never forget taste of this Modak.

Let us we will discuss here how to make ”UKADACHE MODAK” ?

time for it

prep /cook/total

15 / 45 / 60 min

Author’s name : Chhaya Kulkarni

food type : Ukadiche Modak

Keyword : Ukadiche Modak Recipe

serve for : 4


All purpose flour : 500 gm

grated coconut : 50 gm

Jaggary: 50 gm

powder of almond, cashew nut, – 2 tbsp

caradamom powder : 1/2 teas

oil or ghee to knead : 2 tbsp

Recipe for it : Take the all purpose flour in a big thali .

: Add slowly water to it and knead it carefully . Keep aside.

: Prepare the good saran to fill the Modak .

: Make the small puri fill it with the Sara n.

: Make it with 5 fingers . Keep aside.

: Keep all the Modak in the cooker tiffin. Apply 1 tbsp ghee on it .

: Keep the cooker ready , add 1/2 lit water in the bottom of the cooker.

: Now keep another empty tiffin upword down.

: Filled Modak tiffin keep on that 1 st tiffin.

: Keep it to cook for 1/2 an hour in the cooker .

: Your well prepared Modak’s are ready to serve.

Ukadiche Modak Recipe - Sankashti Chaturthi Special /
http://Ukadiche Modak Recipe – Sankashti Chaturthi Special/
Ukadiche Modak Recipe - Sankashti Chaturthi Special/ ingredient for it /
http://Ukadiche Modak Recipe – Sankashti Chaturthi Special
Ukadiche Modak Recipe - Sankashti Chaturthi Special /all purpose flour/
http://Ukadiche Modak Recipe – Sankashti Chaturthi Special/all purposeflour/
Ukadiche Modak Recipe - Sankashti Chaturthi Special/kneaded flour/
http://Ukadiche Modak Recipe – Sankashti Chaturthi Special/kneaded flour/
Ukadiche Modak Recipe - Sankashti Chaturthi Special/making modak /
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Date Cake Recipe – Happy Christmas Day

Happy  Christmas day/
http://Happy Christmas day/

Today we have fast and we didn’t eat salt for it . Salt is the real source of energy but, we purposely avoid it for some special fasting as like SANKASHTI CHTURTHI or on special fasting day.

So this type of fasting is very hard to maintain as how much may be we eat or drink sweet it gives us some pain . But fasting is the best way to bring control on our mind in everyday life. If we can’t keep our mind in control then everything will getting into vanish. Spirituality teaches us to control your mind. Without controlling if anyone is telling that we are spiritual person then it is very hard to keep that person’s respect.

Maybe since so many days I want to make date cake but no arrangement is getting to make it . Today I thought we have fasting and in the morning there was no electricity at my home so I was free so I decided to make it . As it contains more nutrient value and good for to increase energy level. We can also make Cupcake from it

  Dare cake recipe- happy Christmas day/
http://A date cake recipe , happy Christmas day/


Let us we shall discuss here how I have made it ?

Time for it

Prep cook total

20 30 50 min

Author’s name :Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : India

food type : Date cake recipe

Keyword : Date cake Recipe – Happy Christmas day

serve for 2


Dates;250 gm

Varai flour : 250 gm

Milk Cream: 2 tbsp

ghee :2tbsp

milk to knead:1 tbsp

baking soda : 1 tbsp


sugar:50 gm This is the PayTm link to buy any product .

almonds- 4 to 5

cashew nuts : 4 to 5

METHOD FOR IT : Keep the cooker for preheating by adding salt in the bottom of it .

Take 250 gm dates .Remove its seeds and keep aside.

Now take the varai flour in the pan bake it till red color appears .

Take milk cream, ghee, baking powder, baking soda, sugar in the bowl and whisk it for 5 minutes by adding 2 tbsp milk.

Now take the dates and varai flour, almonds, cashew nuts in the mixture

jar and grind it completely in the jar .

Now knead this mixture with whisk material properly.

Keep this mixture in the cooker tiffin .

Keep this tiffin in to the cooker for 30 minutes .

After 30 minutes your well prepared fasting cake is ready to eat. A date cake recipe-Happy Christmas day
http://A date cake recipe-happy Christmas day/
Happy Christmas
http://Happy Christmas day/
Happy Christmas day/
http://Happy Christmas day/
Happy  Christmas
http://Happy Christmas day/

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Malai Halwa Recipe – Smooth Halwa Recipes.- Video Recipe

Top most post on indiblogger/
http://top post on indiblogger/

We know that, there are a lot of types of Halwa recipes. Traditional people make s Halwa with Jaggary and wheat flour with pure ghee. It gives complete feeling along with good & nutritional ingredients. Today we are forgetting to use Jaggary , ,we think that sugar is very easy and nice option for the food. As appearance of sugar is good in comparison to the Jaggary. This sugar came from new research and we have more attraction towards this food items. 06/sweet-corn-upma-upma-recipe/

malai halwa recipes/
http://malai halwa recipe /

Today we are making Halwa from fruits as like apple, banana, strawberry, etc .One day my son want to eat a new type of high nutritional value food. He told me , ”Aai make Halwa” Then I thought, how could be I make high nutritional value Halwa without fruits. sThen I thought let us try to make Halwa from cream of milk and see how did it will make?

malai halava recipe/
http://malai halwa recipe/

time for it

prep cook total

5 15 20 min

Author: Asha Digge

Cuisine : Indian

food type -Malai Halwa

keyword- Malai Halwa Recipe

serve for 3


250gm -Rava[wheat]

100 ml -milk cream

20 ml -pure ghee

100 gm – sugar

2 tbsp -almond powder

2 tbsp -cashew nut powder

1 teas cardamom powder

250 ml -hot water

PROCEDURE : Take the Rava in the pan and start to bake with ghee .

: Bake it still pink color appears .

: Now add cream milk, almond powder, cashew nut powder and cardamom powder.

: Now add hot water to it . Stir it well . Keep lid on it .

: Spread some raisins on it.


malai halwa recipe/
http://malai halwa recipe/
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http://Potato halwa recipe/