Story On Panini Rishi [Grammar Creator]- Interesting Story

Story on Panini Rishi – Interesting Story

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This story has been taken from My Spiritual Guru’s magazine ”Rishidarshan”

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Let’s see the story here.

 There was one silly donkey like student. His name was Panini. While he was in the school in every year, he was failed up to 14 years. Everyone in the school were teasing him DHA Ball, nonsense, silly, donkey, etc. That was knowing to his parents and they were getting very hurt. He was continuously failed, failed, failed still 14 years. His father told him ‘’You will have to die’’

  Mother was told ‘’ You are my son taken birth from me, instead if stone will come in the form of son it is better for me’’ I wouldn’t have to tolerate disappointment of your father.


 Every year he has to tolerate anger, anxiety of his parents. In the year of 14 to 15 he wants to suicide in the well of his farm. And really, he decided to suicide in his well so he went to well. There were some ladies who were fetching the water from the well. While fetching water with rope he saw some marks on the stone which has been trashed due to rubbing of rope and become a new shape on the stone. Now he understands if with rope stone have marks forever then why did my talent also change with doing continuous study?

 Then he searched eligible Guru. Who taught him ‘’Om Namah Shivai’’ Mantra , with nice tone, swar, chand, God , etc. . Also taught him how to recite Mantra with a good rhythm? Now he started to chant Mantra with the given method and his life have been completely changed.


  While Dynamo moving, energy is creating same while reciting Mantra energy is creating. This energy is known as spiritual energy. Life energy and spiritual energy also getting to develop. When energy coming from the God it is coming in the form of force and it comes with more powers. So that there is a more importance to the chanting of Mantra’s.

Due to chanting of Mantra Disease of body, unstable state of mind, and some curse of intelligent also getting to reduce.


   Where there is a treasure of energy there he was reached where blessing of Guru was getting in more proportion. Now he had started to chant ‘’Om Namah Shivai’’ with full of devotion. But instead Mahadeva his Nandi came there and he started to talking with them ‘’ Bhagvan Shankar was completely engaged in the meditation you have to continue your chanting and meditation still he came here.’’ After coming he will be making sound of his ‘’Damru’’ Which sound will come from his ‘’Damru’’ what is the wishes you will demand that will complete with that sound.

Now Panini had started to recite Mantras. He became complete silence and peaceful with that Mantra. Then Mahadeva gets up from his ‘’Samadhi’’ and started to playing ‘’Damru’’

  With that sound of ‘’Damru’’ he had understood the meaning of ‘’ SHIVOHAM’’ ‘’So$$$ham’’ and he got 14 formulae. ‘’A I UN’’ RULAK, AONH, AOCH, HAIVARAT, LAN , etc.  with these sounds he had prepared grammar of ‘’Sanskrit’ That son had became great grammar creatore. When Panini has got a Mantra he become intelligent grammar scientist or creatore. And his spiritual energy has been awakened and he became the Panini Muni’’ with Sanskrit Grammar. After that no one had been made that type of grammar.

India’s first PR minister also praise to his grammar in this word ‘’ How much great grammar had been written by him’’ If any student has been learnt degree of M. A. still he had to learn only his grammar.   

Interesting story on Panini
http://Interesting story of Panini [Grammar creator/

Due to chanting of Mantra Disease of body, unstable state of mind, and some curse of intelligent also getting to reduce.

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Devotional Story On Krishana- Interesting Story

Devotional  Story On Shrikrishana Bhakti – Interesting Story

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       Have you heard name of Sukhdev? It comes in ‘’Bhagavat’’ book. It has very interesting devoting story. If you will listen it, you want to read it continuously. In India devotees are keeping ‘’Bhagvat Sapata’’ many high spiritual leaders telling these stories with their original knowledge. Saint as like ‘’Morarji Bapu’’,’Shri Krishana Priya’’’Kankeshwari Devi’’ etc. are telling stories of it very deliciously.

    Let’s see here one of the interesting stories of ‘’Sukhdev’’ here.

 Shukev was the son of Vedvyas. Who is bright as fire, cool as like moon, Tolerable as like Earth, Huge in mind as like Sky? Before doing ‘’Munj’ or Upnyas’’ he went in the jungle without doing any sansakar. For doing meditation.

  Here ,Vedvyas had becoming very sad to distance between relationship of Son and father. Then he decides to chase him by telling ‘’Putra where are you going? ‘’ but, Shukhdev run fast and he didn’t came back.

   After entering in the forest ‘’Shukdev’’ enter in the cave and sat for the meditation. Now here Vedvyas have hurting these facts, he was becoming sad and sad. He was thinking that now, what can I do? Where to search my son? How can I bring him back? How can I live without him?

   Now he had an idea to emerge the sansakar of his son. That is the ‘’Shloka’’ from Bhagavad-Gita’’

  He started to recite this ‘’ Shloka’’ with full of ‘’Shri Krishana devotee.

      ‘’ Aho Baki Yam Satankalkutam

        Ginghasaya $$$ Paiydyapaya Sadhvi//

         Lebhe Gatim Dhatrayuchitanm Tatonyam

Kam  VA Dayalum Sharnam, Vrije?

Meaning:  Oh! Bhagvan , how can I express your kindness as we know that Demon Putana came to die Krishana with full of poison in her breast. She had given poison’s milk to the Shri Krishana , still Krishana behave him as like mother and send her back in her society. In this way the poison can be convert to ‘’Amrita’’ is only by Krishana.

So, I would have to be surrender in his feet. Told his story to the Krishana.  

Effect of this Shloka on the ‘’Shukdev’s’’ mind and he wake up from his meditation. He became unconscious and looking everywhere thinking that how did I am here? Where is my father? Why did I come here? How I lived my father alone? These questions were coming in his mind and he came outside to the cave. With the vibrations of these ‘’Shlokas’’ he came near to his father. He saw his father was very sad and his eyes were filled with tears for him so he run fast and bowed on his father’s feet with full of love and affection.

  Then he hugged to his father and came back to his ‘’Ashram’’

MORAL: This Shloka means the moral of complete Bhagvat Story. If we will recite this ‘’shlokas’’ without eating anything we get benefit of reading complete  ‘’Bhagvat Gita’’   

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Heart Touching Story On Spiritual Healing

How spiritual healing helps?

Today everywhere there is a discussion about healing. Now so many people are conscious to make healing.In 2013 suddenly my sister (elder) was suffered from mental disorder,   it increased with reducing her sodium level. So I went there in her city to see her and I saw her but I feel she is nice, only some swelling is there on her body and I totally understand it is mental disorder case but at that time my study was not in detail so I left her there and came back to my city.

After 8 days her husband brought her in a car to Latur .

Her condition is so critical that she has a lot of swelling on her body. Her eyes can’t open easily and it was with full of swelling. Now in my city also she has admitted in the I.C.U. Dr told ”we will try but can’t tell anything” as a condition was critical. But I didn’t know about it no one has told me about it.

On that night she was totally unconscious in the I.,C.U. In the morning I received a message about her seriousness so I went hurriedly to the hospital.

Now a lot of relatives were sitting outside the I.,C.U and waiting for a message from inside. Thinking that now this was her last stage I stopped there for a while saw every one face, everyone has fear of death and crying loudly but at that time I told everyone, stop your bad thoughts, stop crying, no one would think bad about her, no one would cry for her. I told these words and directly enter in I.C.U.Of course here doctors efforts also important.

But  I saw her and observe her body, she was totally unconscious and in a dangerous condition, she was on ventilator and so on.. a lot of treatment also running there. Then also I kept my hand on her hand I turned my hand on her body and started to chanting mantras continuously this is totally for 24 hours. Of course, here I want to tell that Dr also had left their hopes only they are trying but in this situation, I didn’t leave hopes. and  in the next

down at 4 ”O” Clock she opened her eyes and started to giving smile to her son.

Now I confirm that she was out of danger and she lived 5 years nicely after this incident. I am giving her everyday counseling to remove her fear of death.

After  5  years her both kidney’s get damaged and we can’t make her operation .she passed away.

In 2016 my 80 years mother get failed on the stairs and her legs broken means not fractured but somehow damaged. When I saw her she can’t get up early and easily so we started to make malish to her leg. But with only malish she can’t be getting up. Now, what to do? She didn’t want any treatment of a new doctor. Then I told her, ”Aai you tell only ”VITHALL ” VITHALL  by clapping your hand ” Where you have pain. Then from that time she started to clapping with saying ”VITHHAL” ”VITHHAL” spiritual healing 2

where she has pain and  after some days her leg become cure then I ask my brothers’ daughter how is the grandmother then she told she alone is going to toilet without anyone’s help. She can walk nicely herself.

In Feb Month I went to my one relatives who have some mental as well as physical disorder. Only I have given her some counseling  and given some mantra healing. She becomes cure.Her 70% problems get solved.

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Story Of Prestigeful Life – Interesting Story

Interesting Story Of Prestigeful Life – Childhood Story

In my city, there was a big a Sam ‘’YAG’.’ In that one famous Guru has been come to give the speech on prestige. I also went there to listen to his speech. In his speech, he narrated his childhood story about his Kirtan. I am keeping this story as it is here.

His Childhood Story

When Guru Gahininath was in the 10th class, his father Dnyeshwar was his ideal person. He always obeys him. Shri Gahininath Maharaj was learning Kirtan. At one place Dnyeshwar Maharaja had to perform kirtan but for some casual reason, he couldn’t go to do kirtan So he decided to send ‘’Gahininath’’ at that place instead of him for his kirtan.
Then Gahininath thought in his mind that ‘’If no one is there to perform kirtan at that place I have to go there.’’ Then he became nervous as he had to go to another state by bus to give kirtan. Then his father had given him one car and a driver with him. So with this happiness, he went to Kirtan. When He Reached there near stop, village people have inaugurated him as he came in a car. He performed his Kirtan as a homework school.


After finishing his kirtan he sat in the car To say by –by to the village’s people. Thinking that ‘’I am the richest and clever person in this world.” see my status’’ On the way, there was coming to a Govt. bus, every passenger was looking to him saying ‘’This is a Gahininath Maharaj ‘’ and they were showing hand to us we were also showing hand to them.


When we were running a car on the road suddenly a car stopped, a driver gets down he checked all car. He couldn’t understand what to do? The driver told him that ‘’ If you will push the car from backside then I will drive it’’ but I told him ‘’we will do the reverse of this’’ he refused and  told ‘’ you will do anywhere accident.’’ So I was pushing the car silently with mumbled words ‘’Hey God what is my real position, please tell me?” He astonished and saw backside there was a bus which went now and coming back with full of passenger and all are looking to him saying that ‘’ Hey Gahininath Maharaj pushing a car’’and laughing themselves. Then he turned his mouth with another direction closing with a handkerchief. A bus had gone long but …….

The moral of this story is ‘’To Get False Prestige We Are Doing Anything’’ What Is Real Prestige We Will See
Prestige is the bubble of water which can live floating for a short time. He can float for a while after some time it will vanish. The same thing happens with a human. When we have a status, position, our prestige is there beyond that there is no…………

Sometimes the man who is chasing to like this prestige will have to suffer many problems, difficulties, etc. Of Which We Have To Keep Prestige If anyone wants to keep prestige then keep prestige to behave not badly, to stop anywhere, to make corruption, to deceive anyone, to do fighting anywhere, to left parents, to left all relationships like a brother, sister and live in aish. If any bad thing is happening in the society then thinking that what should we do? It is not ours. Taking darshan of God without standing in a queue, to sell out valuable vote and keep our country in trouble……..

Nowadays everything became reverse of it, all above qualities Are keeping with us thinking that these are valuable and prestigious and a man has a nice position when he is walking on the road ‘’Oh! see this man is walking on the road very bad’’ these sentences we are listening everywhere but I think that so many men who are walking on the road, standing on the stop are the clean-minded man. They have no any fear, they can’t do any corruption, and they are not building their home with corrupted money The man who addicted to the wrong prestige, he can’t live in the society with an open mind.

Loss Of Wrong Prestige.

1] Wrong prestige can’t give real happiness

2] It creates a spider of complex actions in our life.

3] It keeps the distance between relationships like rich-poor, clever ignorant.

4] Many times it makes bankrupt in our business.

5]Due to wrong prestige man become emotionless, having no sensation

6] Every time it keeps the man in trouble or in  difficult situation

7] So many times we can’t create real happiness in our life.

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My Life Story 2 nd- Motivation

Motivational Story For Students.

Today in the morning my working women came to my home and  I made sprout Moong Usal. She has  4  small kids, . I think is there any defect of their kids having 4 in number but everyone has to suffer for it. Some is getting cloth or not, some is getting food someone not etc. So I have given some Usal to her kids. Everyday whatever I will make that is giving to her kid. I  have given her Usal but suddenly I remember my childhood and my educations day. When I was in 12 th sci to me also not getting good food to eat . I must have to run  5 km daily for tuition and college. Of them, I have to work for household chores.My Life Story 2nd – Motivational

When I was doing 12 Th sci summer vacation class at that time I was living with my married old brother and uncle Aunt. My brother had a new Govt. job in a Tahsil uncle was a teacher in a primary school. He didn’t have any kid so he has done our primary education in another village.  Now they were living with my brother.


My 11 Th sci result came in my hand,I have shown it to my brother and told” see my marks”I have 81 marks in BIO and  81 marks in Maths. Then my brother told me anyway we didn’t have money to spend for your education you have to change your side now you take Arts side instead of sci .But that age is full of ambitions. I decided to become a doctor as I like it. At that time my classmates have the only discussion on to become doctor and engineer. Everyone is discussing their ambitions and studying hard. My all friends are the hard worker as well as great ambitious.

One day I came from tuition and I heard the discussion of my uncle and brother .my brother was telling to an uncle that ”I was got this much marks then what to do with it ? Then my uncle told Oh ! Very nice and I suddenly enter the room. Then they stopped their discussion. Now I was proud of my uncle told me very nice.

Now I took admission to the Math class and sir asked me for fees I told him sir my brother will come to give your fees. In this way, I think one month, sir has not demanded my fees but after one Month he started to demand fees. Everyday I was telling some answer to them. At home I was telling to my brother, he was telling Okay, we will give tomorrow,and so on  Now 2 months has to be completed but still, I have not filled my fees. One day sir call inside their office and insulted me in worst words,  told directly that if you don’t have fees don’t come to tuition otherwise bring fees and come .I  keep quite and came to my home asked to my uncle he told something and keep quite again I asked to my brother  can you give? he also keeps quiet. In this way every day,I was asking to both and  keep quite at home as I was helpless. In this way,I have lost my one week.

I was with full of ambition & I know if today I will not pay fees I can’t come to tuition and  my study will be back so I decided to go my village to my father.

I think May Month was there and  time was 12 o clock. Full of heat and hot Sun was there. My village is 8 Km away from that place. It was a simple route, at that time there was no any vehicle, no bus, no bullock cart and no one was with me but i decided to go for fees. So that I could attend evening batch. As our sir was taking 5 hours tuition to complete syllabus.

Now I started to walk no one was with me in the hot sun.  still, I didn’t have any complaint about anyone but I went in my home my mother saw me and she was shocked for me. ”How you came in the hot sun?” She asked then I stopped for a while and told to my father. This is the reason to come here in the hot sun. Now my father get worried and have a very bad feeling he was a poor farmer and has no knowledge to collect money .or he didn’t give importance to the money in his life. But his identity was a Royal man in the society. At that time every village man was taking advise of my father. Every work or function of village never completes without his presence.A total village was calling him only ”KAKA ”

He was distributing so many medicines to the village people free. Giving good advice to the people for their family problems etc.

He has no money at home and he went to someone and brought fees only in 2 minutes. I astonished now at that time value to the people was more than money.

Now I came back with that money and gave to that sir.I didn’t have any bad feeling that I was walked in the hot sun but from this event, my parents were in too much frustration. I thought they are suffered . Every time my mother was telling this event to all. When my book published she cried a lot of  and told to everyone ”How much she has proud about me ”

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My Life Story _Motivation

Before 20 years we were in Bombay living with my kid. At first Dr. told us to live 1 year at Bombay and he shown Bombay Bandra Home of TATA Hospital. We went there to live. In one room there was 4 beds and for every patient 2 attendant. Means we were total 15 people including another 2 guests. Of them we have 1 toilet for all. No water for full day. Water was getting only up to 10 o clock in the morning.

Instead getting good with treatment, my Son becoming very week. There was my friend from Nashik. She told me, “go to live at Parel. That was very better place for the patient. My son become healthy in that place.” Then I asked what about to make food ?As Dr. told us don’t give outside food to the kid . Give them only give home made food. She told, there’s was nearby place under Neem tree it was clean and so many attendants were making there food. I am also making there food.

We Made Plan To Go There.: At Parel also strict rules to live .It is the place of RSS where all types of patients were living free. But, there was no place to cook the food. And they were allowed to live 1 Month. So we have been packed our luggage and went there to live.Before going to live there my husband have been given me strictly warning “I couldn’t pay outside for the food, if you can make food at home then I will ready to come there. I have to cure my Son in any situation.So I was agree with it.

In the next morning my husband become furious with full of anger. As he had to pay money for tea. Then without talking one word I immediately went to see that Neem tree. Then I saw there’s quite clean and no any kitchen stage but , how that friend was told didn’t know. Any way I would have to make break fast and food for my Son. So I came back , took all kitchen appliances. Stove , etc. Went under the tree. I saw noone was there making food. But, I have made something and came back.

Understanding Of My Son At That Time: I have made delicious “Poha” for him and enter in the room He saw me and his eyes were filled with full of tears . Telling to his father “”Papa Aai ne Pohe anle mazyasathi” He was so happy that jumping to take that Poha. And had gratitude towards me that “My mother ❤️ was made food for me” and telling me also Aai, Mazyasathi Pohe Anlis, means he understands completely that my mother ❤️ is making this much effort for me.

In this way I was making food there .So many people were going near from me. Some were talking with me.The place where I was making food is of Municipal corporation. Then I saw one room there, where Municipal servants keeping there spades, baskets and all materials. There was a small space left , I went there and asked to the owner of that room then she gave me small space to cook the food.

At that time there was no lift to go to the 4 th floor. So I would have to go by walking. But, any way my Son was cure better. At Bandra he can’t get up but here he was 🌟 to walk slowly. That happiness was giving me to work through out the life.

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