Importance Of Saints In Life -Spiritual Awakening

Importance Of Saints In Life-Spiritual Awakening

Why Saints Are Important In The Society-Spiritual Growth

There is a proverb in our Marathi ” Sant Yeti Ghara Tochi Diwali Dassara” “When any Saint comes in our Home is the day of festival”. No one can make the comparison of saint’s work with anyone. A saint is the form of God & his work is uncommon. So that he should have to survive or lead a life differently as compared to common man.  denomination,

If we can study about the birth of saint he is only for the devotion and to make everyone’s life better and he has to make everyone’s life peaceful with happiness so that he should have to tolerate lot of unhappiness, misery and to do a lot of efforts and so many people are torching them for their work.  

Do you know why did Saint burn with the help of God ?. As S

Do you know why did Saint burn with the help of God ?. As Saint keeps every society neat with discipline with spreading peaceful vibrations everywhere without saint we can’t understand any type of knowledge, they give a lot of nice sanskaras and with these sanskaras we are keeping humanity with everyone veneration,   otherwise, on this earth, every man could become the demon. It is very hard to run a system with all demons. I think saint never think every time professionally and practically. I think they always thought us to keep values and virtues but nowadays we know that “When practical and profession word came in life automatically values are getting destroyed. I think if everyone is thinking practically and professionally, then there is no place for emotions and if emotions finish everything finishes in the world. Nature also automatically getting destroyed as emotions are ending, pure love, true happiness, purity everything is getting destroyed, but we are not understanding all there due to our ego.

In this world, so many Saint was there and now also their presence keeps values, nonviolence, sanskaras etc. The profession which is running in the world is due to good people or due to saint’s teaching. otherwise, there would be a great world war III happens and automatically world will vanish.    “worship

We know that when there is a speech of any great political leader then we have to call people by giving advertisement or news in every newspaper and big police force to control the people but vice versa. If there is a speech of any saint on the big ground there is no need of police force or any pressure to keep people calm and quite. If they only came on the stage automatically they spread vibrations of peace and total public become peaceful on the spot. So many people can change their attitude due to his “Darshan” To keep peace everywhere they need a lot of authentic power or internal energy and this energy can change all violence people into a gentle common man. We know that there was a story of Anguilla with Gautama Buddha or there was a story of Valmiki Rushi with Narod.

Have you seen any police force to the B.K. Shivani’s program or any program of Brahmakumari’s ?

So it is a very unwanted worst thing that in this period so many saints have to remain in Jail “It’s a lot of misery for society. We are putting a lot of criminal cases on him and with that, we are insulting them continuously. “teacherguide, , or master

Today 85% people became spiritual. So many people have a lot of things with them but not any type of satisfaction. So to get satisfaction, peace, and happiness we need Satsang. As an increasing population, a lot of unemployment, criminal cases, vanishing values, corruption etc. If we want to keep all society in a balanced way then we have to protect our all saints. We have to protect all society.   Hindu philosophy,

We have to protect all   Saints!

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