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Rudrakash -Effective Medicine for mental , physical problems- Health /
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RUDRAKSHA: We know this name due to lord ‘’SHIVA’ As he always wearing these rudrakshas‘’ We have a lot of stories regarding it. These stories give us plenty of knowledge and benefits of RUDRAKSHA.


This is the fruit of 1 tree. This tree has a medium height. Generally, It can found in the NEPAL, BHUTAN, AND KEDARNATH. There is an outer cover on the fruit when we remove its cover we get RUDRAKSHA inside it. It has a hole but we must have to make it clean by removing its inside small sticks, etc.

This tree can be found above the sea level 3000 Meter high or it can be found below the sea level 3000 M. These trees can grow in the short caves, they never grow on a flat surface. Leaves of these trees are like tamarind tree leaves. It can give 1K to 2K fruits. Some ‘’Yati’’ in the Himalaya eats only RUDRAKSHA fruits. We say it ‘’AMRUT FRUIT’ After eating this fruit we didn’t feel thirsty.

About JAP OF RUDRAKSH: Jap doing with RUDRAKSHA mala is 1K times better then the JAP doing without wearing RUDRAKSHA mala. It is the best JAP other than any mala JAP.

So that without RUDRAKSHA mala JAP never gives any type of SIDDHI. Says some SHAIV people. To get more benefits from the RUDRAKSHA MALA we have to bind it near to our neck. Ayurveda Says it is the acidic, heat removal and Ayu cough removal medicine. It can remove easily high blood pressure. , if we will keep it in the pot of red vessel at night and drink the water of it in the morning it can remove 200 problems of your body. It may be mental or physical.

There is a say that, there is power in the RUDRAKSHA that to keep control of our living energy [PRANSHAKATI]. In ‘’SHIVLEELAMRUTA ‘’ 11 part there is a very nice story about RUDRAKASH.

Everyone can wear this RUDRAKSH. There is no diversity to wear it. This garland is of 108 RUDRAKSHA. 27 RUDRAKSHA also makes 1 garland. The person who is wearing this garland must have to be lived pure and clean. The RUDRAKASH which has more thorns on his body is attractive and charming. Pure RUDRAKSHA can settle down in the water, it never floats on the water. Some holy books say that if we will keep RUDRAKSHA in between 2 dishes of copper it can be moved around himself automatically.

Rudraksha has some mouths means it is the line between upside mouth to downside mouth. How many lines are present on the RUDRAKSHA means it has that much mouths.

On the mouth of RUDRAKSHA, there is SHIV LINGA that is the best type of RUDRAKSHA.

Rudraksha contains 3 parts 1] Root is BRAHMA 2] line is VISHNU and mouth is RUDRA

Thorns on the RUDRAKSHA means GOD forms.

The person who is keeping RUDRAKSHA with him must have to avoid drink, onion, garlic, etc. He must have to eat simple ‘’SATVIK BHOJAN’’ This person must have to be live in a peaceful state.      

http://Rudrakash -Effective Medicine for mental, physical problems- Health /

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Going through spiritual confusion- God


Importance of Kartik Month- Memories

Yesterday we have celebrated ”TULSI VIVAH ” I called to so many ladies for” Haldi Kumkum” . We are talking about this festival and at last my 1 friend came late to my home and while talking to her suddenly I remembered my childhood days of KARTIK  Month .Do you know this Month gives us a lot of benefits along with some entertainment as well as heal us spiritually .But we must have to understand how to realize it?  

When I had been in 4th std  at that time my mother has started to make VRUT of Kartik Month. 

My elder sister ” Sindhu” getting ready to make POOJA OF lord Krishana . She keeps  square like short table, keeping LORD VISHNU’S PHOTO and sitting in front of it by taking all apparatus of worshiping.   Enlightening  so many lamps along side with it. Keeping middle size ”KRISHANA ” Idol on the table . I too also sitting near with her.

Now we have started a devotee song since getting up to the GOD a complete celebration of GOD worshiping. Of them getting up to GOD 2 songs , then  bathing him 1 song, Keeping Tilak on his forehead 1 song, wearing God beautiful clothes 1 song, now drawing Rangoli for him 1 song , for his every acting 1 song like garlanding him . Giving him Tulsi ,giving milk, butter, bhojan, Pan, Aarti , then Punishment song for us if we have done anything wrong with him . 

Some other ladies also singing another devotee songs still some songs I remember  now .Sometimes  I  am  also singing that song today . One day my senior elder sister was sitting to worship God and started to sing Aarati , then suddenly I have learnt one Ganesha’s new Aarti and I want too sing that Aarti on that day so I started to sing it and my sister had been stopped me to sing it. I started to cry loudly crawling on the ground , getting angry with my sister.Why did she not allow to sing an Aarti and how much I became unhappy you know till today also automatically tears comes in my eyes if I remember that scene .This is my GOD’S love since childhood.    

Importance Of Kartik Month-Spiritual  

Then we are collecting all milk, Curd , sugar in a container to make ”GOPALKALA ” 

At that time there was no any tap system for water so we must have to bring water from our river, it is almost 1 km away from our home, but still we all friends collect in one place taking POOJA THALI and went to the river .There was silence, blue color river water was flowing from south to west. Now we are making BOATS of paper, keeping JYOT to it and by enlightening, it, sending it in the river .We all our friends, making some new designs or ”SWASTIK ” from it .Looking very glorious and beautiful . We never forget that beauty and these days of my life getting tremendous happiness while doing Pooja and sending ”Diya’s in the river water. Then we are waiting there to see how much time our ‘Diva ” will burn ? Whose ”Diya”will burn more time?She is lover of God is our thinking at that time.

Then we are bringing water at home from that river. 

Singing a song at river also, looking very beautiful .Feeling calm and satisfied as we have already filled to much information about God before morning. 

Sometimes we went  to the temple after making Pooja
Image result for images of temple near river of Kartik Month

Importance Of Kartik Month – Memories 

Importance Of Kartik Month –  Spiritual 

How to become spiritual in Kartik Month? -pranita deshpande 

Be spiritual in Kartik Month

If I will remember these days I feel that by learning more education I have spoiled my natural life.

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Spiritual Benefits Of Coconut – Ladoo Recipe

Generally, coconut name shows a spiritual sign, when we keep an image of this fruit in front of our eyes, it gives us an image of God’s, temples, worshiping, etc. In India, no worship is completed without it.No rituals it maybe marriage, wedding, engagement, Vastupujan, Inauguration, etc It can’t be complete without a coconut. When there is Amayoshya or Poornima Indian must break it in front of God. We know that on Shani Amoyasha or Saturday Lacks of coconuts are breaking in front of Shani Devata. via fast food specials today near me…

When anyone has to be honored, we are giving him coconut along with the shawl. When any married lady came into our home, she has to give coconut in his Sari. This means this coconut is useful in a lot of rituals Festivals. I think this fruit is VVIP in the fruit species. But still, India was not given King post to him what is the reason behind it? Why did this fruit or tree have more importance?

Do you know there is a story behind this tree.? That is if anyone wants to complete any wishes he has to sit under that tree and say wishes to that tree. Your wishes will complete definitely. This is the magic of that tree and really this case happens as it has a scientific reason behind it.

Spirituality uses this type of tree as its every part of the body is in a useful state.No any point of this tree is not getting wasted when we use that coconut for every ritual and festivals it spreads some good vibrations towards us, same that our body also gets useful as like coconut. When any lady gives coconut in the front lady’s ‘’OOTI’’ meaning is that your life also must be useful for family or others like coconut. Coconut is useful to others the same as your life must have to be useful for others means your life will automatically become valuable as well as meaningful.

When we are breaking a coconut it indicates that you are breaking your ego. Coconut’s outer side means hair-like part spreads good vibrations In the surrounding. In so many homes ‘’KALASH ‘’ is kept near to God. As it keeps home cool by sending good vibrations as well as absorbs negative vibrations.

Let us discuss how did some part of the coconut is useful to us.

The Roots: The roots of this tree are useful to make dyes, toothbrushes, floor brush, to make a toilet washing brush and it is useful in so many medicines.

Coconut leaves: The leaves of this tree are used to make roofs of the house generally, near the places of sea or Oceans their houses are made by coconut leaf roofs and they are using their stems as a poll to their huts.

In Konkan, no one is making any Subji without coconut. Their ladies are cutting coconut in 2 minutes in two parts and its grated part is used in the subji. it may be a green subji or curry. In any type of curry, they are mixing 1 total grated coconut. We can make so many types of food items from it like chutney, rice, cake, etc. For chutney special visit. NAVRATRIBHOJAN and

Coconut oil is used to make chocolates, biscuits, and some sweets. As well as coconut oil is used in so many cosmetics, that is so many face wash, face creams, body lotions are made from coconut. Custard Apple Milk Shake

Coconut bowl-like part can be used to make so many decorative items or it can be used to keep food for the birds hanging in the tree.

So if we will learn the coconuts every part carefully, we will understand not nail-like part also getting waste so we say it is ‘’KALPVRUKASH’’ in Marathi. This means it can complete our all wishes. via Banana Milkshake _Banana

Just we have to make a coconut recipe

Let us make coconut Ladoo for appetizers

via Banana Milkshake _Banana

Time for it

Prep cook total

5 5 10 min


Cuisine Indian

Food type: Desserts, Ladoo

Serve for : 3


Grated coconut – 2 bowls 

Jaggary – 1 bowl [smooth] grated. 

Cardamom 5 flakes 

Poppy seeds 2 tbsp 

 images for it  

http://benefits of coconut/

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PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take grated coconut, jaggary, Cardamom, poppy seeds in one thali . VRUT RECIPES -NAVRATRI SPECIAL

Grind it in the mixture . 

Make its’ Ladoo. 


Your well prepare Ladoo is ready to eat. 

You can eat it at anytime

coconut ladoo recipes/
http://coconut ladoo recipe/
Ingredients to make coconut Ladoo/
http://Ingredients for coconut ladoo/ of coconut
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Masala Baingan- Recipe Indian

via Masala Baingan-Recipe Indian

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