Dosa Recipe[Rava Dosa] -How To Make Instant Dosa?

Rava Dosa – An Instant recipe

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On Sunday I soaked the Rava to make idali but in day time I didn’t have got time to make it . Now yesterday I decided to make it in the evening .

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I think that, this DOSA word came from South India otherwise we Maharashtrian say ”Dhirde” In our childhood my mother was making it.

What is her way to do it, I will tell you? She informs to all neighbors that tomorrow I am making DHIRDE .Then she had been taking a big pan of 5 kg and soaks Jowar , wheat flour in it. There was no pan to make it then she wonders in neighbors home & bringing pan to make it.

There were a lot of mangoes in our home then we were making more than 5 lit juice of mangoes.

Then my mother was sitting to make Dhirde in the early morning .She gives that Dhirde at least in 5 neighbors home or calling to the neighbors ladies to eat it .Otherwise, some guest has been also already there eating it.

Rava Dosa Recipe: An Instant recipe /
http://Dosa recipe[Rava dosa] How to make instant rava dosa/

Today, if we have to make for our family it is getting very hard , how life has been changed ? What progress we have made? I am getting sometimes irritating with it .Anything make at home no sharing , no food has given anyone. Today also I can’t eat any food without sharing to anyone .At least I am giving to the birds , then if a cow came on the door, then keeping watch on her and giving everyday 1 chapati to her. Sometimes if a cow is not there, then I am giving 1 Roti to the Dog . But without sharing not eating any food in everyday life .


Let it be we will see here How did I have made instant Rava Dosa?

Author’s name :Asha Digge

Cuisine : Indian

food type : Dosa recipe


time for it

prep cook total

10 20 30 MIN

soaking time for Rava is 2 to 3 hour sufficient .


Rava : 2 bowls

Fenugreek seeds : 4 to 5 while soaking.

sugar : 4 to 5 granules

soda bicarbonate : 1 teaspoon

salt : 1 tbps

water : As your convenience

PROCEDURE FOR IT   Keep  the Rava to soak for 2 hours   

: Add salt, cumin powder , soda bicarbonate to it.

                                               :  Keep Tawa on the gas , wait to heat it .

: If Tawa is well heated there is no need to pour oil on it But for good taste you can apply some oil on it .

Now pour batter on it instantly and spread it continuously .

dosa recipes

Wait to heat it , now bake it on the other side .

 Recipes › Indian

Serve it with chutney.


Rava Dosa recipe/
http://Making dosa on the tawa/
http://dosa recipe/Rava dosa/How to make instant dosa/
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Breakfast recipes tasty idali sambhar -sambhar recipes.

Sambhar Recipes – Tasty idali sambhar

Uttapa recipes : Gram Dal Uttapa

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Making dosa at home is an interesting thing for everyone.As this item has a totally different taste. So everyone is eager to eat it. We know that we are making so many types of dosas. Generally vegetable dosa, rice dosa are famous in the dosa recipes. Some experts are making dosas from different Dals . But anyway this is the south Indian food but spread all over and we are feeling that this is also our food.

Yesterday as a  routine I soaked the gram dal at night and think what can i make from it is it Dahi Vada or anything but i think let us try to make Uttapa of it.

So i tried to make Uttapa of it

Time for it

soaking time complete 1 day

prep  cook total

30         30     60 min

author name:  Asha Digge

food type: Uttapa

keyword: Uttaapam recipes- Gram Dal Uttapam, 

cuisine: Indian


Gram dal: 2 bowls

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

soda: 1 teaspoon

Fenugreek seeds:     4 to 8 for soaking well

salt: 1 tbsp

sugar: 4 granules

oil: 1/2 bowl

chilly powder: 1 tbsp

turmeric powder: 1 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Soak the dal in a water for a night or whole day.

:  Grind it in the mixture as to make a paste.

: Add to it salt, chilly powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder,                                                                Hing, soda, sugar etc.

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour some oil on it.

: Spread oil on it with the spoon.

: Now pour the paste of flour on it and spread it with the spoon.

: Bake it well so that it can turn into red color


or become crunchy.  CHHAYAONLINE.COM



Served with garlic coriander chutney. CHHAYAONLINE.COM

Uttapa recipe/Gram Dal Uttapa/
http://Uttapa recipe/gram dal recipe/

Uttapam Recipes. 

Gram Uttapa Recipes › South Indian

How to make Uttapa?

Breakfast Recipes Tasty Idali Sambhar – Sambhar Recipes

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Now we have holidays here holidays means celebration of food festival. In my home everyone wants tasty home made food .So my Son is telling me since so many days ”Aai make idali” Then I told him bring batter from outside so that I could make instantly idali. Then he told no, I never bring batter from outside as it has no taste. I know your idali   has a fantastic taste  noone can make this type of idali.

So I decided to make it .

Soaking time for it  1 night

time for it

prep cook  total

30        30      60

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Course   Breakfast

Food type   Idali sambhar

Keyword  Breakfast recipes tasty idali sambhar 

serve for   4


Rice  1/2 KG

Urad dal 250 kg

Fenugreek seeds  1/2 tbsp

salt 2 tbsp

sugar granules  4 to 5

sodium bicarbonate  1 teas

Time for sambhar

prep    cook total

5            15       20 min


Toor dal  350 gm

oil   250 gm

tomatoes  2  [well chopped]

green chilly  2

cumin powder 1 tbsp

mustard seeds 1 tbsp

hing 1 pinch

Maggi masala  1 pocket

chilly powder   2 tbsp

turmeric powder 1 teas

salt 2 tbsp

tamarind Juice 250 lit

garlic paste 1 tbsp \

sugar  2 tab


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PROCEDURE FOR IT : Keep the rice , dal to soak in the morning .

: Grind it in the mixture to make batter at night .

: Keep it as it is for night .

: In the morning add Fenu Greek seeds, salt, sodium                                                                            bicarbonate,granules of  sugar etc .

: Add some salt to it , stir it well and keep aside.

: Meanwhile make the preparation of Sambhar

: Keep the dal to cook in the small cooker . Take 2 to 3 whistles.

: Now add the idali batter in the idali patra , keep it to cook .

: Take all ingredients ready for sambhar in the big thali .

: Take the cooked dal , add turmeric powder, salt, sugar to it and                                                  crush  it with wire gauze .

: Add hot water to it and stir it well.

: Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it ,add cumin seeds,                                                    mustard seeds, hing, tomatoes a paste of garlic and fry it well.

: Now add chilly powder and Maggi masala along with tamarind juice.

: Stir it well ,add cooked liquid dal to it .

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: Keep it boil for a while , your tasty Sambhar is ready to serve .

:Don’t boil it for more time it will reduce taste of Sambhar. Buy here lots of product with more offers.

Dhokala Recipes -Breakfast Recipes

Dhokala Recipes – How to make mixed Dhokala?

Yesterday we want to celebrate the holiday with some new tasty food item so I have decided to make Mixed dal Dhokala. We want a different taste of it so I have kept Moong dal ,Urad, dal, gram dal to soaking. To choose Moong dal for the Dhokala to have some reason, this dal makes protection for our body cells. Means it increases white blood cells in our body and soaked things are good for digestion. As  It creates more useful enzymes and hormones in our body.   So let us start to make Mixed Dal Dhokala.

Soaking time   1 night

time  prep cook total

15     15    30 min

serve for 3


Moong dal  1 bowl

Urad  dal  1 bowl

Gram dal 1 bowl

salt- as your convenience

sodium bicarbonate- 1 teas

lemon juice  1 tbsp

sugar  1 tbsp

paste of garlic,

green chilly  1 tbsp

cumin powder  1 teas

Hing   1 teas

oil   2 tbsp

cumin seed 1 tbsp

mustard  seeds—1 tbsp

coriander  2 tbsp

grated coconut  2 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   : Keep the all  Dal   to soak in a pot .

IMG_20180126_101020 (2)
Soaking dal and rice

: Grind it into the mixture to make its paste.

: Add the paste of garlic, green chilly in it.

adding the paste of garlic and green chilly

: Add salt , a pinch of Hing, lemon juice, sodium bicarbonate                                                       in it SouthIndian

:  Stir it well and keep aside :

: Now take the cooker and remove the whistle of a lid

: Pour 1/2 lit water into the cooker

: Keep its sieve in the water


: Keep an empty cooker tiffin backwards in the downside                                                         of the cooker

:  Keep another tiffin of  Dhokla  paste in it

:  Now keep the lid of the cooker on it.

: Keep it on the gas for 15 min.

: Take out  the tiffin after cooling it


: Now keep the small pan on the gas, pour oil in it, add                                                          cumin, mustard seeds to splutter it, add a pinch of Hing in                                                         it. Indian Veg Food

served  Dhokala

  Pour the chopped coriander and grated coconut on it , along with spluttered mustard oil. 

: Serve it with res tasty garlic chutney.



well prepared DHOKLA.    
soaked dal/
http://soaked dalfor dhokala/
well prepared dhokala/
http://well prepared dhokala/
served dhokala/
http://served Dhokala/

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Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes-Rava Uttapa

via Instant Rava Uttapa

How To Make Idli’s -Color Idali – A TO Z Series 2019

Let us make color idli

Time to make a batter  1 night

Time to make idlis

prep cook total

1/2 hr  1/2 hr    1 hr

Ingredients for it

prepared batter of idali  :   1 lit

tomatoes   : 2 [chopped ]

green chilly :  7 to 8

coriander  1/2 bowl chopped

baking soda   1 teas

Fenugreek seeds   7 to 8

salt   : as your convenience

chilly powder : 1 tbsp

turmeric powder 1/2 tbsp

cumin powder: 2 tbsp

sugar 7 to 8 granules

PROCEDURE TO MAKE COLOR IDLIS: First add some salt and  chilly powder, cumin powder in the tomato .grind it in the mixture to make a red paste.

Add idlli batter to it and keep aside.

Now make the paste of green chilly and coriander and add it to the Idli batter and keep aside.

Take idli batter in another tiffin add turmeric powder to it and keep aside.

Now take the idli patra and add batter one by one in each patra .

Keep it to the cook for 10 minutes and after cooling remove its lid.





IMG_20180221_150218 (1)








Green chilly    :    1bowl

coconut pieces   : 1/2 bowl

groundnut seeds  : 1/4 bowl

coriander   2 tbsp

sugar     1 teas

salt  as your convenience

Hing    1 pinch

dahi or butter milk   1/2 bowl

:  Take green chilies and coconut pieces in the mixture pot.

: Add cumin seeds, some groundnut, coriander, hing, sugar , salt etc

:  Grind it in the mixture.If you want liquid chutney add Dahi or butter                              milk while grinding so that it will become smooth chutney.

Serve it with idali




Sambhar Recipe For Idali _Masala Sambhar

Time for soaking rice 12 hours   

          Time for soaking rice flour 1 night

     time     prep  cook  total 

     min               30      30       60 

         serve   for    10 


         Rice  1 kg 

         Urad dal 1/4 kg 

         Fenigreek seeds  2 tabs 

         sugar       1/2 teaspoon 

      Baking soda   1 tabs  


           Toor dal *   2 bowls 

Onion * 1 big size [chopped] 

          Tomato  *    2 chopped [middle size] 

          Garlic      *     7 TO 8  flakes 

         cumin   powder    1 tab         Ram Bandhu Sambhar masala      2 tabs 

           chilly powder     *  1 tabs 

             salt                   * as your convenience 

           mustard  seeds   *   2 tabs 

              oil                      *  1/2 bowl 

Hing                     *   2 teas  , Mr. Idli

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    Cover Image

  •      PROCEDURE  FOR IDALI   * Take one kg clean rice & 1/4 kg Urad dal  , wash it with clear water & keep for soaking in a  sufficient water. 
  •      Now grind it in the mixture as like paste. Add Fenugreek seeds, some granules of sugar in it .
  •     In the morning when you are making idali add baking soda, salt & stir it. Fermentation of solution takes place automatically & it becomes light to make idali . 
  •     PROCEDURE FOR SAMBHAR * Take the given amount of Toor dal , keep it to cook in a small cooker with enough water. Wait to get 3 to 4 whistles While cooking dal add turmeric & 1 tabs of oil in it so that evaporation didn’t come outside & Dal can cook smoothly..
  •  Take down the dal crush it with spoon Nicely, make it as like paste, now add hot water in it     
  • Meanwhile, you can make the preparation of sambhar. Cut the onion, tomatoes, make the paste of garlic, keep all ingredients ready to make it. 
  •    Now keep the 2 & half lit water to boil. See the dal is cooked or not. 
  •     Keep the big pot having the thick bottom of the gas. Add oil to it , wait to heat it now add cumin’s, mustard seeds, curry leaves, one by one. Add onion fry it for small-time add tomatoes fry it well, add cumin powder, sambhar masala, chilly powder, salt, hing paste of garlic.IMG_20171020_100613 Fry it well till khamang smell spread everywhere. 
  •   at last after frying all ingredients well add dal with hot water, stir it well.unnamed (3)
  •                                                 Well  prepared Sambhar
  • Keep it to heat, not for boiling. Don’t boil Sambhar more time it reduces the taste & smell of  Sambhar.   Currylicious Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


pranita Deshpande

I am an International author of ”QUOTATIONS & STORIES” book. I have written 3books which are 1] Future of students 2] How can be student intelligence? & 3] Importance of prayer.

Tomato Dosa Recipe – Kids Recipe

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Tomato Dosa is a simple food for instant work. Means to make it there is no any efforts .we have to use fewer ingredients and make it. But when small babies are crying for their food habits then we can make it easier.


colour is attractive and if we will make it smooth small babies can eat it happily. Every kid wants new something. In my home, my grandson came from Poona yesterday and he is crying for regular food, means he didn’t want to eat chapati and rice so I decided to make a new item for him and start to make it.


To make it we require branded Tawa, then last week I have demanded it from  Just today I want to make an experiment on it. Here it is.   You also make an experience of it .just buy now.

prep cook total

10         10     20 min


Tomatoes: 2

Rice : 1 cup

Urad dal : 1/2 cup

baking soda :1 teas

Fenugreek seeds: 5 granules

salt: 1 tbsp

the paste of garlic: 1 tbsp

serve for 3

author’s name: pranita deshpande

cuisine: Indian

food type: Red Dosa

Keyword :Kids recipe -Tomato dosa


Soaking time  2 to 3 hours

: .Keep rice and Urad dal for soaking. Grind it in the mixture,


:  Add Fenugreek seeds while grinding

:  Make the paste of it.

: Cut the tomatoes into pieces, make its paste

:  Add baking soda, salt into the grinding mixture.

: Mix both the mixture perfectly.


: Keep the non-stick tawa  on the gas.

: Pour some oil on it, spread it all over with a spatula or spoon.

: Now pour 1 cup of paste on the Tawa and spread it all over.

: After some time pour some oil surrounding the dosa.

: Turn it to another side with the spatula.

: Shake it for a while.

Vrut recipes Navratri special on – Instagram

: Serve it with Dahi chutney.


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