Review Of My Nearest Spa Center- Local Review

In the last week suddenly I have been suffered from body pain, swelling on the body and cough with cold. I have taken some tablets as primary aid but couldn’t have any effect. Now I have remembered that, this year I didn’t have visited to the spa center. I have missed to take steam bath.Otherwise I am taking this treatment every year. Then we have called to doctor and went to that center. Shriram Ayurvedic Clinic.

I visited there and getting completely astonished. This much excellent spa and massage center in Latur. Couldn’t believe on it. Otherwise it is a small Ayurvedic clinic. That is ”Shri Ram Ayurvedic Chikistalaya” Really , here get very nice treatment of every problems in the cheapest charge. And Doctor has deep knowledge. So he is our family doctor.

Every year I have been going there for some Ayurvedic treatment along with steam bath. but at that time he had not made modification of his spa center. But, now he has made excellent change in his spa center.

Let us check it in the images. ENTRY OF THE BODY MASSAJ n SPA CENTER.

This spa center is downside the building so we feel complete satisfaction and peace.

entry of spa center/
http://entry of spa center/
Getting facilities here/
getting facilities/chhayaonline.comhttp://Getting facilities/
Entry in the massaj room/
http://Next entry of massaj room/
steambath room/

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