Shahi Sweet Carrot Paratha – Women’s day Special

Happy women’s day! To make any day happy, everywhere women have to be happy and work for others. If she will not happy no one is happy anywhere. Means suppose any officer had been quarreled with his wife and came to the office, he would be definitely disturbed and never work comfortable. This is not case for officer but for each and every person who is living with any women it may be mother, sister, wife, colleague, friend , etc.

We know that every women has the power to change everyone’s life .So she has the power to transform the world. We recite 1000 names of GODDESS JAGADAMBA . These are not only names of any ladies but the parts of all work .Means it may be Pilot, writer,author, publisher, chef, if you will read 1000 names of Jagadamba , you will understand that in 1000 sections she can work better.

Any way today for #HappyWomen’sday I have decided to make Sweet Carrot Paratha.

Let us check here recipe of it .


Prep cook total

10 30 40 min

Author,s name: Dhanshri Kulkarni

Cuisine: Indian

food type : Carrot Sweet Paratha

Keyword : Carrot Sweet Paratha – Women’s day

serve for 4


Wheat flour : 250 gm

carrots : 250 gm

sugar powder : 100 gm

ghee: 1 small bowl

milk cream : 1 bowl

caradamom powder : 1 teas

cashew nut and almond powder : 1 tbsp

Method to make it: Take 250 gm fresh carrots. Keep it to cook for 5 to 10 minutes.

: Remove unwanted part of it and grind it well in the mixture and keep aside.

Take wheat flour, add ghee, sugar powder, Cashew nut and almond powder, pinch of salt to it. Mix it well.

Now add cream milk, cooked carrots and knead it well.

Apply some ghee on your hand and knead it smoothly.

Now make its small dough and roll it slowly.

Bake it with ghee and serve it with ghee or as your convenience.

cooked carrots/
http://cooked carrots/
Ingredients to make Shahi sweet Paratha/
http://Ingredients to make carrot sweet paratha/
kneaded flour for paratha/
http://Kneaded flour for paratha/
well prepared paratha/
http://well prepared paratha’s /

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This post is under DMCA Protection.No one could do copy, stored it in any retrieve form, translate it, use it in another form . All copy rights are holed by writer of it.

Keyword: Women’sday


Shahi Paratha Of Potato-Paratha Recipes

  Paratha Recipes- Sweet Paratha Of Potato235x96_top-indivine-post-1-5

Sometimes we want to eat sweet food from home. Yesterday my younger son told Aai please make ”Halwa of Potato ” and I made it . But he didn’t eat it, so it  remain as it is, then, I kept it in the fridge running to work. Today I saw there is a Halwa of potato no one is eating now, so what to do with it? so I decided to make paratha from it. Then, it becomes very smooth, highly tested. It can easily mix with any food while eating.

Now I am searching for it that How to make  Shahi Parathe? Now I understand I have to knead wheat flour smoothly So I started to collect some ingredients.

Time for sweet potato Halwa  30 min

prep cook total

15          30     45 min

Author’s name Pranita deshpande

  Cuisine  India 

food type  Sweet paratha 

Keyword   Shahi sweet paratha- Recipe Indian                         


Potato  2 to 3 middle size

sugar  50 gm

ghee  50 ml

cardamom powder  1 teas

almonds 4 to 5

cashew nut powder 2 tbsp


Wheat flour 1/2 kg

salt  1 pinch

ghee  10 ml

paste of rice flour 10 gm 

PROCEDURE   FOR POTATO HALWA: Wash the potatoes clean.

:  Keep it in the cooker to boil.

: After boiling remove its peel

: Now smash it completely

: Add almond powder, cashew nut powder,                                                                               cardamom powder  and mix it properly.

:Keep the pan on the gas pour oil in it , add   mixed potatoes and sugar in it and stir it                                                                                          continuously to make a good dough.

IMG_20180204_142809 (4)

How to make parathas? 

: Take given an amount of wheat flour in the thali add a pinch of salt in it, now add enough water in it , knead it properly to make its nice dough by applying oil on it.


Now make the potatoes mixture properly to add in the dough of wheat flour.

Add a small amount of dough in it and roll it roundly.

Make its Shahi paratha. Shake it slowly so that it could become smooth.

Serve it with ghee.

IMG_20180204_151021 (1)

Shahi sweet paratha – Recipe Indian 

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