Chankya Niti – Quotes

Chankya Niti- Quotes

Have you heard the name ” Kautilya”? A  talent king, whose philosophy is famous in politics. His literature is famous in Sanskrit He has written 1000  Subhasit” in Sanskrit. We will name it ”Subhasit ”it has only 2 or  4 words but giving us plenty of information from it . We can write a book on 1 Subhasit , or  we can write so many essays on each Subhasit . Every Subhasit has great meaning. If we want to explain any story in a better way then he uses ”SUBHASIT’or  we  call it CHANKYA NITI-QUOTES 

These Subhasit  are expressing the meaning of an essay in 2 words .There  is no need of explanation one page or paragraph. Sometimes These 2 words can explain all life skills in a better way.

Let us we will see here which are his famous Subhasit .

1]  Happiness always getting in religion

2] Religion’s  real meaning is a wealth

3]  Kingdom’s real way is to collect  wealth

4]  To become king means to  achieve


5] Self-control comes through spiritual education

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Root of education is Seva of old people.

7]  To get the good and experienced knowledge we must have to keep care of grandparents or any old person.

8]   Seva of grandparents gives authentic knowledge.

9] Experienced knowledge gives ”Atamgyan ”

10 ] Atamgyan  increase internal power.

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Authentic knowledge makes man internally strong as well as fearless and confirm ./the-miracle-of-peace-health-mental-health/

12]  Spiritual person gets everything.

13]  The person who is giving help to the friend in happiness and unhappiness then he is the real friend like KRISHANA .

14 ] If 3 person voted for any sentence or any story then accept that sentence as a true value.

15]  Collection of friends increases the power of life.


17]  Lazy person didn’t get anything in his life

Lazy person didn’t protect wealth properly.

19 ]  Lazy person didn’t increase his wealth.

20 ]  Every time lazy person is depending on servant.

Nitiayog must be run with political science.

Protection of our kingdom is depending on the internal administration of a state or people.

25]  The king who is running along with the  NITIAYOG is the real king.

26 ] The neighboring king is always our enemy.

27] Enemy   and  friendship is always deciding upon some beliefs.

28]   When we are becoming weak for any reason then  adjust with everyone.

29]  Without heating iron completely it can’t connect with another iron.

30]    Strong king can  do war with the weak king

31]   If you will stroke raw earthen pot on raw earthen pot                then both will vanish easily.

32]  Keep attention on the enemy’s  motion

32]  If enemy proposes to you as a oppose then be ready to

struggle with him.

Weak king must have to keep friendship with a strong                   king .

34]   If you want to be  live in contact with a king then you must have to think as we are living with fire.

35]   Don’t behave rudely or opposing the king.

36] Don’t wear costly clothes in front of the king.

37]  Don’t behave like a king in contact with the king.

38] If there is a fight between two states or kingdom then increase fighting for them.

39] The person who is addicted to anything then he never does any good karma.

40]   The king who is the servant of his sense organ then if he has a square army then also

Keeping wish to collect wealth is not an addiction.

42] The person who is addicted to the anger he never does any good karma.

43] Hard sentence is more powerful than fire.

44]  Hard punishment makes king hate from all common people.

45]  The person who is fulfill with only wealth his wife [LAXMI]  left him anytime.

46]  Enemy can control with ”DANDNITI”

47]  By using ”DANDNITI” king can protect his kingdom.

48]  ”DANDNITI  ” brings wealth.

49 ] Without ”Dandniti ” we didn’t get a collection of all ministers.

50]  There is a control of ”DAND’ so people can’t do any bad karma


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1] From the time we wake up until we go to bed, we are only using the left brain – calculating, talking, logical reasoning, taking decisions. So our development is one-sided. So, for some time, we have to give rest to the left brain and swing to the right side, to be balanced! So, to be balanced, sometimes sit and listen to music and sing. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

2]Every human being, essential .every bird and most of the animals sing because singing is part of the expression of life.Spending a few minutes with music essential.That will stimulate the right brain activity [Sri,Sri Ravishankarji]

always be playing catch up and pay a hefty price in the end.

2]The aim of an argument or of discussion, should not be victory, but progress.[Joseph Robert]

3] A man may die, Nations may rise& fall, but an idea lives on, Ideas have endurance without death.[John F.Kenndy]


2]Every soul carry 5 types of sansakar , these are

1] From the Environment:

2] from schools, friends, relations etc

3]Due to our wrong power we have sansakar  to talk lie means due to our friends or environment but my willpower creates sansakar to talk true.

4] Previous birth

5] My original sansakar [seven] these are

peace, happiness, purity, truth, love, bliss, knowledge.

6]Focus on the answer and not on the question. Winners see answers in question. and losers see the questions in every answer. Be a winner and

focus on the answers.

2] Positivism has the power to overcome negativity. A single candle can light many others and conquer darkness.

3] Positivism is contagious.Always stay positive and associate with positive people. people have negative traits but look out for goodness in people.

4]Nobody is perfect. Perfection is my theme, making mistakes is a part of life: it can be excused. But making the same mistake again and again cannot be excused. You have to learn from your mistakes and make sure you do not repeat them.

5]If you waste your time watching television, you cannot come on television. Manage your time well and keep on working towards your goal.

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