Reasons To Left Persistence and Consistency In Lock down – Self Improvement

How To Develop Persistence and Consistence In Lock Down

Can We Develop It In The Students At Home In Lock Down


These are the 2 words using in education. Now we have changed the definition of education. Our education is at home. To get motivation and inspiration is very hard. We must have to search for a new education near us. As we have away from competition and comparison.
For the small class students means up to 10 Th class to keep students engage with persistency and consistency becoming the challenging work for all education system.
We know that if persistence is absent we can’t increase our productivity. Now is the main question to the students, how to develop persistency and consistency?
As everyone wants a successful person but, what about persistence? It doesn’t require more education or any type of training. In the olden days so many people are carrying it so that they have made progress.
It must have to develop with our perfect efforts.
Which are these let’s check here
1] We must have to keep our definites of purpose along with burning desire.
2] It must require a definite plan to work continuously.
3] Everything we can overcome but, what about our negative doubts, how can remove it. Some discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relatives, friends, and acquaintances.
4] We can reach our goal With the help of good prayer, friends, our parents, etc.
5] I think due to one’s economy can control another one’s philosophy.
6] First we have to take a small step to reach the goal then automatically we will go to our definites of
7] Then we are ready to achieve lead, power, fame, and worldly recognition.
8] With these steps we avoid powerful brakes.
9] Persistence has the power to converts dreams into physical realities.
10] These are the steps that can control one’s economic destiny.
1] Clarity is not there what to wish
2] Many times taking alibis to show others how I am Okay in my work /
3] Having less knowledge in that field.
4] Instead of creating a solution showing alibis without making plans.
5] Having self-satisfaction that I am Okay and happy in this situation.
6] Weakness Of Desire, losing desire, sometimes due to fear in mind or very danger
The situation around it.
7] Eagerness to quit now, I can’t do the next step.
8] Lack of plans or there are no idea how to make a plan? Or life is not taking seriously.
9] The habit of neglecting to move on ideas or to grasp opportunities when it presents itself.
10] Wishing instead of willing or willing power is less due to the bad experience of life.
11] The habit of comprising poverty instead of keeping aim to be rich. The general absence of ambition

To be to do.
12] Searching shortcuts to becoming rich without giving a fair equivalent.
13] Fear Of Criticism: Its a very dangerous issue in everyone’s life. As it creates a lot of damage to our life.
14] Pressure of getting good things that, can I will be fit there? Or can I digest this change in my life?
15] Sometimes having worked on more tasks also reducing persistence.
16] Having insufficient guidance, support, facilities also reduce it.
17] Working with more stress increases obstacles and it reduces the power of persistence and consistency.
18] Absence of motivation, instead have to suffer more jealousy along with hatred also reduce power to work.
19] A lot of times negativity of surroundings also reduces persistence.
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How To Get Rid Of Addiction – Self Improvement

How To Get Rid Of Addiction?-

Nowadays everyone is familiar with addiction, addiction is the main hurdle of progress in everyone’s life.

Why did addiction come in my life?

When elder persons are addicted then younger one and smaller one learns from them that addiction is not a bad habit as my father is taking regularly. As he had created a good and real image for his father and from every point of view he thinks that my father is taking then it is good for me also.


 Experience and information and belief systems for example when yesterday I drank tea then it’s taste is better to me then I create a belief system tea is better to drink but if we want to rescue from tea. We have to change this belief system with knowledge and understanding of tea also harmful to our health.

Sometimes we think that we are doing it for getting happiness, and joy In a relationship as well as with a friend. I have been not getting happiness, and real joy So I start to addiction means when I get frustrate Then I turn to addiction.

Every time I want true love, trust, respect, and some qualities in a person. That makes me feel better. If not get these qualities I became discomfort able.

I am comfortable at a physical level but for a mental level, I feel uncomfortable.


I want to be complete inside and I am not comforted because I am not aware. I am not feeling well. My Uncomfortable feeling gives a vacuum. Uncompleted, but everyone wants experience harmony complete inside. Then search started the possession, achievement, coffee tea, movie, drink any kind of stimulates and that kind of stimulates trigger certain kind of feeling, Stimuli gives me a comfortable feeling outside. It is not inside it is temporary take out from dis comfortableness. and it distracts the mind for a moment from the emotional pain and unhappiness, but still, pain is there.

           When I am taking alcohol or watching T.V. drinking cigarettes etc. I have postponed my pain for some time. 

A concentration of my mind is merged and my mind is distracted anywhere you know that you are going in a bad direction still you are engaged in that but your pain is increasing so I want to remove that pain I want comfort feeling but when I realize how we feel without taking?

Solution for addiction.

1)To be spiritual as spirituality find roots of any problem.

2)Spirituality means getting to know you.

3)A positive affirmation to create a positive feeling.

4)We could think negative and create a positive sentence cannot work.

5)God is looking to your, pure, peaceful truth vibration, He will not just look to your mistake. Wherever attention goes there energy flows. So keep awareness of your thought.

6)You could get success suddenly but we have to take a decision co firmly.

Family counseling.: Scolding, no conversation is not the solution, first, we have to give him faith then tell him” you could be free from this addiction.” It is easy to free only to continue it is hard but we will try.

When I create one positive thought on it, I have to work on it, as thought create action, so I have to keep attention on my thought


Powerful motivation: – Quit today if not, decide date- Imagine it, share it to everyone, celebrate it. When I have to quit it then ask questions to yourself if you can’t stop. Then postpone it and when I feel that I couldn’t live without a drink then don’t keep any cigarette or bottle of drink with you.

Do meditation every day; connect with God for every second by remembering in every situation.

Spirituality means awareness from childhood.

A Strong will power and a strong foundation cannot turn to a bad habit.

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How To Know Our All Responsibilities – Self Improvement

In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.” 

― Eleanor Roosevelt “This is your life. You are responsible for it. You will not live forever. Don’t wait.” 

― Natalie Goldberg Responsibility is the word in everyone’s life to complete the task and work in the proper time without proper reason. 

Responsibility means an ability to respond. – Generally, the person who has true understanding and maturity for life can complete his responsibilities. Nowadays so many people are using the word enjoyment instead of responsibility. response to actions means to do a responsibility. So that we cannot be left our so Many tasks, values, and virtues, our culture, our relationships, our country, our nationality, etc. Responsibility never tells don’t do enjoyment, while doing responsibility we have to do enjoyment Responsibility means to keep discipline and trust in our work means what to do and what not to do.

What Are the Facts Of Responsibility * We are not responsible for anyone’s happiness and problem and we can’t interfere in another person’s life?

* Our thoughts, words, actions, should be positive and in harmony. *For our own life’s preference, you are the only responsible person. *Which thoughts and actions we have to choose is our responsibility. *Which way you have chosen that we have to accept. *We can’t give blame others for our preference.

 • Who are you? What are you becoming? and what is happening with you? Is your responsibility. No one is responsible for it.

*We and only we are responsible for our happiness. To get happiness there is no need to depend on anyone.

• To keep attention to our health and emotions is my responsibility. *Avoid giving blame to others. Don’t make anger for them who have not done nice work in the past with you. 

  • As they don’t have sufficient knowledge, maturity, or understanding. 
  •  The person who has given you a lot of pain, anger, unhappiness, etc in the past we have to keep the nice thought for him. 
  • Types Of Responsibility
  • 1] Moral responsibility: To give respect and to take respect is my moral responsibility. To protect my family, my village, my state, my country, my world, and my UNIVERSE In any situation. 
  • Legal Responsibility. There are some rules for Society, politics and for a country we have to run with them, if we feel these are making injustice for our work then we can try to change all these rules.
  • Family Responsibility: To provide all needs, security is our responsibility as a family member to clean home, give love, happiness, peace along material things is everyone’s responsibility. To take care of small kids, children, family members including pensioners is our responsibility.   
  •  Guidance For Responsible Person: I am a responsible person, It is my duty to make an improvement in my work and give courage To me for doing nice work so I am respectful of myself. I am keeping attention myself for my work, not on others. I am ready to avoid misunderstanding and Doubts. What I am doing is nice for me and others.
  •  Every day I am praying to GOD ‘’Hey God give me the power, strength, and courage to do nicely for me and who is around me.’’ 
  •  My Main Personal Responsibility 
  • 1] I have to keep myself physically and mentally strong. 
  • 2] Spread happiness and joy everywhere 
  • 3] To help poor, handicapped and needy persons 
  • 4] To keep relationships strong everywhere without keeping any expectations. 
  • 5] To be aware of spreading values and virtues and to work on it.
  •  6] To keep attention in the environment in which changes are occurring? and what to do with it? 
  •       7]Make efforts that everyone should get their daily needs, education, health facilities.
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Ways To Improve Concentration – Self Improvement

The Power of Focus:

How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Confidence ? Why did concentration is important in our life?

Concentration is needed to get success in our life and it is the main virtue of life to get success. The people who are keeping concentration in their work or study they are doing good jobs They all are in higher posts but the people who are did not have a concentration in their life are on lower posts.

To whom concentration is needed?.

We know that everyone needs concentration it may be animal also. .When lizard catching her pray she is watching and concentrate on that pray about half an hour and suddenly catch the pray. Our cat also when she is watching rat in the home she/he sat aside for half an hour watching the rat keeping continues concentration on it and when she will get the opportunity she jumps on it. For every business we need concentration. When carpenter cutting the woods he must have to concentrate if he will not concentrate properly what will happen? Similarly potter, painter, singer, Doctor everyone have to keep attention. So attention means concentration. When a mother cooks the food and if she forgot to put salt into the curry what will happen? Means to do best. We should have to keep concentration. Suppose you are talking to any person and if Your shirts button is open then your mind is giving you two types of messages. Which are one is about which subject you are talking and another one if you are feeling uncomfortable.

“I think the one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitute for paying attention [ Diane Sawyer]

Which things reduce our concentration.? 

1] When you are in multitasking means at one time you are tweeting on twitter, talking on the phone, and sending an email it can’t make you any work better.

2] It depends on your diet if you are eating food having more spice, tasting sour, having more oil in the food. It makes our mind lazy and we can’t concentrate on our work.

3] To increase concentration we require necessity. We know that ” Necessity is the mother of invention’’ For ex; suppose you went to see ‘’SAHARA DESERT’’ in summer vacation. You know that there is not getting water to drink. If you lost there after 2 days. What will you do? Are you concentrating on your mind to listen to songs? Or Are you play there video games? Then what will you do? If anyone tells him to concentrate to search your road. Can you concentrate to search the road without drinking water? then what will you drink there? As in the desert, there is not getting water easily. then you can drink your toilet. In this situation, you can’t keep any thoughts in his mind. He will concentrate only how to escape from this situation? Same as this if we are hungry, thirsty we can’t concentrate on our task.

“The only unchanging rules must conscientiously obey is that you must always faithfully and without deviation follow the instructions accompanying the exercises and always keep your mind wholly concentrated on the purpose of the exercises as you perform them.” — Joseph Pilates

Napoleon Hill said the following words about attention: “Controlled attention is the act of coordinating all the faculties of the mind and directing their combined power to a given end. It is an act, which can be achieved only by the strictest sort of self-discipline.

”POWER “Learn to fix your attention on a given subject, at will, for whatever length of time you choose. You will have learned the secret to power and plenty! This is concentration.”

“Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don’t want!” Keep Prioritize: If we will not prioritize any activity we are getting confused. We can’t make any decision, we get bored and we never get success in any business. We think that my destiny is like this then we are depending on God, on some people and we are giving some excuses every time we choose excuses. At least one work also we can’t do properly and neatly. In another way if we will give priority to our work and first manage all things with making plan systematically, visualizing it, keeping in memory then we will get automatically the opportunity to create good plans, we can concentrate to do this work and we get 100% success in it. In this way, if we look back at the end of the day we feel fresh about our productivity or on work. It is a great way to visualize see our progress throughout the day, Every morning so many people give their priorities to their works and The people who are not giving the priorities to their work properly fail in their business or at any work.

Making Money Is the Best Way for Concentration In today’s situation for everyone, there is the best subject to keep concentration & that is making money. If you will tell any man or any child that ‘’ In this work, you will get this much amount he will leave everything & concentrate on that work.

Exercise for Concentration. : 

Exercise 1: Fill a small glass full of water, and grasp it by the fingers; put the arm directly in front of you. Now fix the eyes on the glass and try to keep the arm so steady that no movement will be noticeable. Do this first for one moment and then increase it to five. Do the exercise with first one arm and then the other. The purpose of the above exercises is to gain control over the involuntary muscular movement, making your actions entirely voluntary.

Exercise 2: Concentration on the Inner Journey: Lie down straightly on the floor keeping hands parallel to the body. Watch your muscles with inner sight. Keep your attention on the heartbeat. Do not lose your attention anywhere. Now relax your muscles. Visualize that how the Heart of your body pumping the blood to every part of a body. After little regular practice, you can feel that blood is passing through your system.

Exercise 3: Controlling Desires You are sitting for study, and your neighbor watching a cricket match.and you are listening to this match clearly but the next day your neighbor is not giving your math paper…If you cannot control your desire to watch the T. V., you will never get success in the exam.

Exercise 4: Concentrating on Sleep When we can’t sleep automatically, you can do this experiment. Keep a clear glass of water on the table before sleeping. Sit on the chair in front of it. Watch this water continuously. Think that your nervous becoming calm. After sometime muscles become calm, your nervous system giving an order to every muscle to shut the eyes and sleep.

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Obstacles Makes Man Perfect – Self Improvement

How To Overcome Hurdles – Self Improvement

Hurdles Are Power Donner’s    #PhilosophyOfMind    
Every time we are ready to do work with full of enthusiasm, and having the speed of routine to complete in a given time but unfortunately, we have to stop work due to any hurdle, then we are getting bored, irritating, sometimes cheating ourselves, producing negative energy.

Any person who has an idea to cross this junction can overcome easily from it and became topper successful person. But the man who has no idea to overcome it he will indulge in it.and he can’t make his progress he feel himself guilty reducing self-confidence, producing any type of fear he will become rather inactive having anger, the lot of fear, insecurity, sometimes create a lot of quarrels feeling with unhappiness.    BE THE OPTIMIST PERSON – PDKCM     

Nowadays there is a new trend in every family

That we have to live in a square created relationship means “Hum do hamare do “If any third person came into our home It may be your parents, any relative or friend, etc. It seems like a big hurdle in our life.

<a class=”jp-relatedposts-post-a” title=”10 Inspirational Benefits of Challenges.

Getting challenges means change in life.” href=”; rel=”nofollow”>10 Inspirational Benefits of Challenges.

Then we think that what should we do for this? How could we leave him anywhere? Why did they come in our life? Why are they not going anywhere? Why did they are not going to another son? or daughter etc.

Every day we are leading our life with this burden. Another example of a burden is when we are in office there is any person who is talent than us, and the boss is giving importance to that person. Then we are thinking that why this person came in my way? He is the hurdle in my life due to him my boss is not giving me importance, some time boss himself become the hurdle in our life. As he is strict in behavior He likes prompt worker in his office. Then he gets angry every time on the worker, so again we feel that this boss is a hurdle in our life.

A hurdle in the school:- 

        A lot of competition and comparison creates a hurdle. These days everyone has to go under pressure of competition and comparison. In the school also in any two friends, one is ahead of another then another student thinks that why he came in my class? Due to him, I am not ahead. So in daily life at every step, we consider any person is a hurdle in our life and instead of accepting him if we are thinking how could we run away from our life then life becomes difficult this habit is very dangerous to overcome all difficulties. <a class=”jp-relatedposts-post-a” title=”Benefits of walking- Benefits

Walking is the best medicine for so many health problems .It can useful for multipurpose actions.” href=”; rel=”nofollow”>Benefits of walking- Benefits   

<a class=”jp-relatedposts-post-a” title=”Benefits of walking- Benefits

Walking is the best medicine for so many health problems .It can useful for multipurpose actions.” href=”; rel=”nofollow”>Generally  talent persons are hurdles in everyone’s life. 

In nature also so many people are thinking that this big mountain is the big hurdle in our path so break it and make the road from that side or if there is a big tree on the road, we think that after cutting that tree the road becomes clear to travel and we cut that tree.

By this thinking where we have kept our nature? and  what is the real condition of nature now?


How could we overcome hurdle?

Let hurdles means a stone in the flowing water. When water flows, it hits the stone and gets away. But due to his hitting, that stone instead of breaking it becomes smooth.

So we have to become like water, water never tries to remove this stone from his path. He works as it has to work continuously.

So hurdles are not the burdens but they are giving us positive energy to work vastly we know that in cricket match also when India – Pakistan match is there means. More challenging, then players playing with full of energy. Like we have the hurdle in our life we can become strong.

In so much competition also if we have challenging competitor then we make preparation better thinking that I have to go ahead of him.

How to Overcome Obstacles: 13 Steps

If a challenging person came in our life, he is strict outside but smooth inside to know his smoothness we have to behave with him lovingly and carefully having faith with him so that our life becomes meaningful with maintaining discipline and keeping protection with values and virtues.

Hurdles to overcome

1]   Hurdles are maintaining our life with love and discipline.

2]   These are giving us positive energy for any work.

3] They can emerge our inner power with the deep understanding of true maturity

4] Hurdles make us strong to overcome any difficult ties

5] They teach us to behave well, as good behavior is good for us not for others.

6] They increase our tolerance power, a power to adjust, magnifying power, a power to do hard work etc.

7] Due to hurdle our life became progressive, energetic with compassion and neatness.

8] They are turning point in our life.

9] Sometimes they overcome our fear of giving protection to us

10] If our perception is nice for them then our life becomes precious

Indian vegetarian food

Interesting Stories 2 _ Self Improvement _ Exit COVID

Hi friends 👋 good morning have a glorious day.

Yesterday we have learnt a story about 🦁 today we will learn a story about gold mine.

Once upon a time there was a gold miner was hardworking but a narcissistic. He had gold mine with his owner ship. It was so deep that it’s very hard to dig and find the gold from it. Still he has decided to grab out the gold from it. effects-of-ego-on-our-life-types-of-ego

Now he had gathered a lot of labours to dig the mine. There was hot summer 😎🔥 season. Still labours are working continuously. Every day they were working hard that every labour were bathing with sweat.

Now owner of gold miner become tired as with this much work also they couldn’t see gold mine. After a long work he had lost ☹️ his hope .And Decided to quit the digging.

Now he had quoted to dig the mine and relaxed. This news was spread all over the city. And another gold miner who was optimistic has heard it.

He decided to buy this mine. And went to the narcissistic who had lost ☹️ his hope .Now he has to sold his mine immediately. Blue host link Get Blue host Domain here.

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The optimistic owner 👌 gathering only few labor. Already mine had been digging deeper only he has to dig 😂 again. Now his labors has been 🌟 to dig it and with a small distance of digging they found the gold mine.

Moral : In this way today so many people are losing their hopes in the business or for the any job due to COVID. Let’s learn lesson 👌 from this 💪 story and be ready to fight for some days. We must have to keep courage and confidence that COVID will never touch to anybody.

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Let’s Know Meaning Of Hope – Self Improvement

Hope  is the word made from following words

 HOPE = Happiness + OK + Pleasure + Enthusiasm

Everywhere we are listening to this word and leading a life with it.

If this word will absent from our life we will suffer from dangerous diseases like depression, some mental disorder etc.

The best friend of everyone’s life is hope and our destiny also depends on it.

Suppose anyone is suffered from serious disease and if we will talk him about his problem

Negatively and seriously how could he keep hope? If you can’t assist him in any way you could help him by giving hope.

Otherwise, he will leave everything from his life. As ‘’the best gift to give others is hope’’

To give hope to the others we should have to be positive, loveful, having kindness, etc.

Let us we will discuss this word.

Happiness:  It is the best key to success, when we are happy, positive energy will transfer automatically everywhere and this energy creates good atmosphere and we know that happiness does not depend on anyone. If we will decide to be happy we would be happy and this happiness brings hope in our life.

  1. Generally, we are using this word in daily routine. If there is everything fine then everything OK.Sometimes it may be not fine then also we say ‘’yes’’ OK.

If we like a lot of things then we say ‘’OK’’. If we don’t like things then also we say ‘’OK.’’Means this ‘’OK’’  word also carrying hope.


Now the third word is a pleasure, this word suggests a lot of positive energy. It always reflects happiness.

& when everything is OK, happiness automatic comes and when we are happy everywhere Pleasure is there.

The last word is ‘enthusiasm’

Today this enthusiasm is reducing in big cities. To bring enthusiasm they have to go to clubs, they have to keep parties, this brings artificial enthusiasm. It is not permanent. It remains only for short time, it cannot bring eagerness.

When we observe this enthusiasm in villages, you will understand what is truly eagerness, to bring natural eagerness there are a lot of festivals in INDIA. We are waiting for it to celebrate, like ‘’GANPATI’’ festival, Diwali, Dassera etc. They come naturally. and it is God’s wish so that they bring eagerness, and enthusiasm to bring hopes.


1] Celebrate festivals, rituals happily.

2] Always look to the good things.

3] As like green garden, green images, God’s images,nature images.

4] Read motivational books

5] Keep in engaging yourself.

6] Avoid to watch, read, listen worst things.

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The Miracle Of Peace – Health – Self Improvement


Understand Peace here,

Let’s learn to create peace here

Peace is spirituality.

Peace is simplicity .

Peace brings satisfaction.

Peace makes you smile.

Peace is sweetness.

Peace is stability.

Peace creates solution.

Peace makes you strong.

Peace makes you stress free.

Peace makes you sing in happiness.

Peace creates your inner stress.

Peace makes you scare.

Peace is having sympathy.

Peace brings safety.

Peace is solitude.

Peace is stillness of mind.

Peace is having self respect.

Peace makes you spontaneous.

Peace enables you to know

all secrets of life.

Peace is not produce automatically we have to work on it. And it is not a simple way but we have to stop lot of daily things means we should have to attend to control our mind, some time we have ignore lot of  things.

Some times there is challenging person same like donkey but we have to assume as a very wise person or say ”GOPALRAO’ ‘so that we can maintain peace in difficult situation otherwise it is very hard to survive human beings.

Sometimes we have to face different types of people with peaceful mind . When the person handle these types of people with peaceful mind . That person is the great person in the universe. Otherwise by keeping some people away and creating peace is the simple thing.


Understand Peace here,

Let’s learn to create peace here

Peace is spirituality.

Peace is simplicity .

Peace brings satisfaction.

Peace makes you smile.

Peace is sweetness.

Peace is stability.

Peace creates solution.

Peace makes you strong.

Peace makes you stress free.

Peace makes you sing in happiness.

Peace creates your inner stress.

Peace makes you scare.

Peace is having sympathy.

Peace brings safety.

Peace is solitude.

Peace is stillness of mind.

Peace is having self respect.

Peace makes you spontaneous.

Peace enables you to know

all secrets of life.

Peace is not produce automatically we have to work on it. And it is not a simple way but we have to stop lot of daily things means we should have to attend to control our mind, some time we have ignore lot of  things.

Some times there is challenging person same like donkey but we have to assume as a very wise person or say ”GOPALRAO’ ‘so that we can maintain peace in difficult situation otherwise it is very hard to survive human beings.

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has been taken from there book.

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