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White sauce pasta recipe- Kids Special

How to make pasta for kids?.

Yesterday we have a holiday of happy new year and kids are getting bored to eat regular food. Crying, shouting, making noise. Then I decided to give them fruits but still, they are crying and throwing all fruits everywhere. Now, I am getting angry with them. However, my sisters’ granddaughter is very talented she understood my expressions and run away near to cupboard and called me to show ”PASTA’ pockets in the cupboard.  Saying me, make this pasta for us.I  was in the confused state as I didn’t know how to make PASTA? Then I saw tips how to make PASTA ? on the pocket it is from ”NESTLE ”  and start to make it.

time for it   prep  cook  totally

min              5          5       10

Author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine    : India 

food type  :  Pasta 



Pasta pocket: small size

water: As your convenience

tomato sauce: 1 tbsp

pasta masala: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

oil   1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take pasta in the dish and keep aside.

IMG_20180101_172621 (1)
Nestle pasta

*Keep sufficient water in the pan to boil.

*Add oil, salt into the water.

* Wait to boil it, add pasta masala in it ,

*Stir it well. Add pasta in it, wait to cook it well

* Now serve it with coriander.


IMG_20180101_173146White sauce pasta recipe- Kids Special/
preparhttp://White sauce pasta recipe- Kids Special/chhayaonline.comed pasta

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Citric Acid Facts For Kid-Lemon Sauce


MIN          15         20          35

author’s name : Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine :  INDIAN

Food type :   lemon sauce [preservative]

Keyword: Kids recipe

calorie contains :   300 cal

rich in vitamin C


Lemon: 7 big size

sugar:1 small bowl

salt: 1 bowl

cloves ::  4 TO 5

cumin powder   1/2 small bowl 

GINGER : 1/2 inch

cardamom  4 to 5 flakes


         1] Take 7 lemons to wash it, make it half part. Remove seeds  from it.                            

   2] : Keep these lemons for boiling in a cooker with 1 big bowl                                       water.  

    3]  : Keep it on the slow gas for 5 to 7 minutes.                           

    4] Remove seeds and unwanted part from the lemon                         :           5] Now take these lemons in a mixture pot, add                                                                   all ingredients   into  it.                                   

     6] Grind it in the mixture. Make its fine paste. Fill it in the                                            glass   jar.

It gives very very nice taste, you never forget this taste, if you will give this item to the patient who is sick or suffered from any disease his sickness will reduce automatically by eating it., It can serve as a fasting pickle also.

We can serve it with Upma. poha, for chapati roll or with bread, samosa etc

If you want to add more sugar for small children then you can increase sugar for it.

NOTE: YOU CAN USE THIS SAUCE  FOR ONE YEAR . Small kids are not eating pickles then we can provide them c vitamin rich food in this way . 

images for it


METHOD FOR IT  :  Boil lemons and keep a side 

: Remove seeds of lemons and make it into pieces.

: Grind the lemons along with all ingredients

:  Fill it in the jar. It can remain as it is for one year.

: But keep it in the fridge forever.

Note : You can make it without chilly powder for kids. 

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