Sweet Potato Khichadi – Ekadashi Vrut Recipe

Today we have Ekadashi Vrut means we do not have to eat . There is a say that, this is the ”Jaya Ekadashi ” which will give us a good benefit for our health. We know that fasting maintains our body perfect scientifically.

To keep body healthy we have to give rest to our digestive organs as like machine. To keep machine clean we are keeping shut any machine so that it can work better/ In the same way our digestive system also need some rest. With fasting we are automatically keeping food away from us by keeping faith on God or thinking that we have to remove our sin , etc.

http://sweet potato khichadi

So today I have made sweet Potatoes Khichadi for it.

Let us check recipe for it.

rime for it

prep cook total

30 30 60 min

Author’s name : Ketki Mirjakar

Cuisine: India

food type : Sweet Potato Khichadi

Keyword : Sweet Potatoes Khichadi Recipes .

serve for 4


Sweet potatoes: 1 kg

potatoes: 3

green chilly pieces: 1/2 bowl

red chilly powder: 2 tbsp

salt : 2 tbsp

lemon juice: 2tbsp

peanut powder: 250 gm

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Wash the sweet potatoes by rubbing your hands. Remove its peel and keep aside.

: Take 3 potatoes , remove its peel and keep aside.

: Grate sweet potatoes and potatoes with slicer.

: Keep other ingredients ready as like peanut powder, green chilly pieces, oil or ghee, cumin seeds, salt, red chilly powder etc .

: Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it. Add cumin seeds to it. Wait to fry it. Now add green chilly pieces & fry it well .

: Add some part of grated sweet potatoes , stir it well, now add salt, red chilly powder, salt, lemon juice etc .

: Stir all material well by mixing all ingredients completely. Keep lid on it . Wait to get steam for 10 to 15 minutes.

: Serve it hot. with any sweet food as you wish.

INSTRUCTIONS : Sweet potatoes are covered with a lot of mud so before washing it keep in the water to remove its mud. Wash it by rubbing with any brush . Otherwise germs will enter in our body.


Image may contain: food/sweet potato Khichadi recipe /
http://sweet potatoes foe khichadi/
Image may contain: food/grated sweet potato/
http://grated sweet
Image may contain: food, Ingredients for Khichadi/
http://Ingredients for khichadi
Image may contain: indoor/ steaming khichadi, sweet potatoes./
http://steaming the khichadi/
Image may contain: food/well prepared sweet potato Khichadi/
http://well prepared Khichadi/
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Indian vegetarian food

Sweet Corn Salad -Salad Recipe -Breakfast recipe

In India main food items for the breakfast are Upma and Poha, but when people are working on internet people’s life style has been completely changed. Now people are very aware about food items, health, body, taste, thoughts. Everyone is enjoying global food items and they are feeling complete. From this we are exchanging our love, culture, food etc. Nothing wrong in it that if we will accept other countries culture which is suitable for us. If you don’t like anything from abroad countries omit it but, it is not wrong that we can accept

some good things from abroad. How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health

Image may contain: food/sweet corn salad/
http://sweet corn salad- salad recipes/

With this thinking I decided to make sweet corn recipe. Last time also I have made but, today I have made it in a different way .


Time for it

prep cook total

15 30 45 min

Note : If you have already boiled sweet corn then it require only 10 minutes to make.

Author’s name: Asha Digge

cuisine: Indian

food type : Sweet corn salad

Keyword: Sweet corn salad- Salad recipe


Image may contain: food,sweet corn salad recipe/
http://sweet corn salad /salad recipes/


Sweet corn : 100 gm

carrots: 2 small size

tomato: 1 middle size

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

coriander: 2 tbsp

sugar: 1 tbsp

lemon juice: 1 tbsp

chat masala: 1/2 tbsp

green chilly pieces: 3 to 4

Image may contain: foodsalad recipes/
http://sweet corn salad-salad recipes/

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Keep the sweet corn for cooking in the small cooker. Keep it up to 3 whistles.

Meanwhile cut the carrots, coriander, green chilly and keep aside.

Now take the cooked corn in the container , add pieces of carrot, tomatoes, green chilly, to it . Date Cake Recipe – Happy Christmas Day

Add chat masala, chilly powder, cumin powder, salt , lemon juice, sugar and mix it well.

Serve it with coriander.

Image may contain: food, sweet corn salad recipe/
http://sweet corn salad/

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How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

How  To Make Kavat Chutney ? –Chutney Recipe

   Chutney Recipe –  Delicious Recipe.

   We are doing Mahalaxmi Pujan  for that  there is  a say  that ‘’Kavat’’   fruit  is  favorite food of Laxmi . So we  definitely bringing it from market. We are bringing this fruit only for this celebration after that  here it is not getting in the market and I think no one knows  what to do with this fruit.  Salad Recipe _ Fresh

   This fruit is slight different from another fruit means it is neither sweet nor sour having  different taste . Means slight sour, slight alum taste. But if we will make chutney of it with my method you never have been forget taste of it.  Some ladies are making JAM of it . This is also giving new taste. As like pickle . ACHAR

Generally we are getting bored by eating same types of chutney’s . That is tomato, onion, green chilly, peanut, coconut, coriander, garlic, curry leaves etc but we didn’t make this chutney often.

We can eat it  with chapatti, Roti, bread, or we can make sauce of it by adding water to it. It gives complete taste. Means, delicious, yummy, tasty, etc . We want to eat it as it is means without Roti, chapatti , etc .

Let us check here how did I have made it?

Time for it prep cook total

                     15      10     25min

Author’s name : Pranita  deshpande

 Cuisine : Indian

Food type : Kavat  Chutney

Keyword : Kavat Chutney Recipe.

Serve for 4

I   want to clear this word serve for  as I have the habit that if any new item I have made want to share it .It may be less  to us but I am distributing it to the others. Then automatically my sharing become for more persons.May be I have made it for my family or serve for 4.

Just now sister in law came I told her do you like this chutney? She demanded it I gave it from that to them that is my mother in law and my sister in law. This question is not for this food item but for every food item. I didn’t want to eat any new food without sharing to anyone.  

Ok let it be we will see recipe and ingredients for it .

Ingredients for it

Kavat fruit : 1

Peanut[baked] : 100  gm

Jaggary : 50 gm

Red chilly powder :  3 tbsp

Salt :   2 tbasp

Cumin seeds : 2 tbsp

Oil  :  1 tbsp

 PROCEDURE FOR IT  :   1]First brake the fruit I to 2 parts .

                                           2]Now  remove inside all material in the dish with spoon.

                                            3]Clean the bowl of that fruit .

                                             4]Bake it with spoon of oil .

                                           5]Take the all ingredients ready in the another dish .

                                            6] That is  baked peanut, red Chilly powder, salt, cumin seed, Jaggary, etc                                             7]Add all  ingredients in the mixture jar .

                                           8 Add baked Kavat to it .

                                         9]Now grind it in the mixture jar . Serve it with Roti or chapati. We can also Frozen it for some days.

                                         10]Now check the taste  and serve it with Roti or chapatti.

Image may contain: food/ Kavat to make Kavat chutney-chutney recipe
Image may contain: food to make Kavat chutney- Chutney recipe
Image may contain: food how to make KavatChutney Recipe- Chutney Recipe
Image may contain: food Kavat chutney recipe to make Kavat chutney- chutney recipe

Method to make it :  Break the Kavat in to 2 parts

                                      Remove its inside part .

                                     Bake it with oil

                                    Add  ingredients to it .

                                  Grind it in the mixture.  

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Indian vegetarian food

How to make basen cake delicious – #BlogchatterAtoZ

New style cake recipe – delicious

Top post on indiblogger/
http://top post on indiblogger /

Basen cake , this cake is very familiar in our area as it is making after marriage of son or daughter . We say it ”MANDAV THAPTANI” means we are making small plants room to complete some rituals. We are worshiping it in the marriage with giving prasad to it. In so many families rituals of bride grooms are completing there . That is wearing bangles, giving gifts to the parents of so many brides grooms, filling earthen pot with water by singing songs, taking Ukhana means name of husband in the poem or n the song etc . So we call it Mandav pooja. We say this is the ”SHUBH” ritual of every generation . To get next rituals within the time & get blessing to the next generation is the ”Motto” of this rituals .

So after marriage we have been getting bored with eating same sweets .To make change in food habits we make this Basen Cake but, it is delicious.

Time for it

prep cook total

10 10 20 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

food type- basen cake

Cuisine -Indian

Keyword- How to make Basen cake delicious – Cake recipe

serve for 3


Basen flour – 250 gm

chilly powder – 1 tbsp

turmeric powder _ 1teas

grated coconut-2 tbsp

coriander- 2 tbsp

salt- 1 tbsp

oil- 2 tbsp

cumin powder- 1 tbsp

cumin seeds – 1 tbsp

mustard seeds- 1 tbsp

lemon juice -1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take the basen flour in a pot.

Add chilly powder, turmeric powder, cumin powder, salt, lemon juice, etc to it .

Add water to it and mix it properly .

Now keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it, add cumin seeds, mustard seeds , pinch of hing and wait to splutter it.

Add the mixture of basen flour slowly to it and stir it well.

Cook it to become well solid Pithala

Now take the big thali , apply some oil on it. Pour cooked Pithala on it.

Spread it with hand or spoon , spread grated coconut and chopped coriander on it.

Serve it with Amati or any chutney , gives very nice taste. We can also eat it as it is.



Malai Pedha [Karanji] Gujiya Recipe – Special Sweets

How to make Gujiya? – Malai Pedha

Gujiya [Karanji] Recipe – Holi Special

This Gujiya is thinking as the ”SHUBH FOOD ” in India. In the marriage, or any celebration or ritual can be celebrated with this recipe. This recipe is the compulsory recipe for every festival and rituals. In my childhood my mother was making ”KHAJA GUJIYA” means these are making from grated wet coconut with Khhoya. It gives very nice taste along with rich feeling. You never imagine hat taste.

When Gujiya are making together with family sounds nice. Everyone is making different shape and giving different ideas. Feeling that some thing is happening new in our family. Some types of food also giving belonging feelings in the group . So that in India every festival is celebrating with it.

Let us try to make it now.

time for it

prep cook total

5 10 15 min

Author’s name- Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine _ Indian

food type – Karanji or Gujiya

keyword _ Malai Pedha Gujiya Recipe – Special sweet

serve for 1


Rava- 15 gm

Malai Pedha _4

oil 3 tbsp

milk 2 tbsp

ghee 1 tbsp

Pumpkin Recipes

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take the Rava in the small Thali, add pinch of salt to it.

: Add 1 tbsp ghee to it and knead with milk .

: Knead it properly and keep aside.

: Now crush the Pedha as like paste and keep a side.

: Make the small dough and keep a side.

: Make small Puri’s , add crushed Pedha to it .

: Apply a drop of milk around the puri and join it completely.

: Now remove the front part of Gujiya with ”Firki”

: Fry the Gujiya in the oil . Show it to the God .

How to make chikoo Paratha

Malai Pedha [Karanji] Gujiya Recipe- Holi Special
http://Gujiya without frying/
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Malai Pedha Karanji, Gujiya recipe- Holi Special /
http://well prepared Gujiya /

Green Moong Dal Khichadi- Healthy Recipe -Marathi

How To Make Moong Dal Khichadi – Marathi Recipe

Easy Way To Make Moong Dal Khichadi – Marathi

Do you know strategy of this recipe? As 75% Indian home’s dinner is this Khichadi . Reason behind it is having more proteins , easy to make it, cooks early, having delicious taste. Gives good taste with pure ghee and Urad Papad. If grandparents are there then must have to make it as it is easy to digest, light weight , etc.

Main important reason to make it is , if ladies are getting tired by doing everyday’s task then, they are making this khichadi in the dinner.

We know that, Moong dal carries more proteins, they are increasing value of WBC in our blood cells. As well as good to increase immunity. So here, some ladies are giving it to the baby of 6 Months .By grinding in the mixture. Kids also enjoying it. Khichadi has so many stories in India. So many pictures also running on it. Indian Govt . has given this food to the primary schools as more nutrient value food . So this Khichadi is the famous recipe in India . Let us see how can we make it ?

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time for it

prep cook total

10 15 25 min

author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine : India

food type;Khichadi recipe

Keyword: Moong Dal Khichadi Recipe

serve for 3


Rice 100 gm

Moong dal 50 gm

cumin seeds 1 tbsp

mustard seeds 1 tbsp

salt 1 tbsp

turmeric powder 1 teas

garam masala 1/2 teas if you like

coriander 2 tbsp

Oil 2 tbsp

curry leaves 4 to 5

A paste of garlic, green chilly and coriander 1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take the Rice , Moong Dal, wash it with clean water and keep to drain it.

Now keep the small cooker on the gas Pour oil to it, wait to heat it.

Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds and wait to splutter it.

Add curry leaves and saute it well .

Now add 1/2 lit water to it. Add salt, turmeric powder, sugar to it , Wait to boil it.

Now add Rice, Moong dal and stir it well. Add coriander to it .Add paste of green coriander, garlic and green chilly.

Keep the lid of cooker tight .

Take 3 whistles and put off the gas.

Your well known tasty, delicious Khichadi is ready to eat now .

Images for it.

http://a paste of garlic, green chilly & coriander/
Moong dal khichadi recipe /
http://well prepared Moong dal khichadi/

Indian vegetarian food

How To Make Punchamrut – Punchamrut Recipe – Health Benefits

Punchamrut Recipe for God – Health Benefits

Have you heard this word ? This word is very important since so many years as this recipe is for the God shake. You know that amrut word is for the liquid who can save our life. Or if you want to live life long then take this Punchamrut everyday . It has so many benefits. There are so many types to make it. It works as a good medicine for so many regular health problems.

Let us see how to make it ?

time for it 5 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine – Indian

food type -Punchaamrut

Keyword :Punchamrut Recipe – Health Benefits

Serve for many


Milk -1/2cup

sugar -2 tbsp

Dahi – 1/4 cup

ghee – 1 tbsp

Honey _ 1/2 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take milk in the small glass.

Add given amount of Dahi to it .

Add sugar and stir it well .

Add ghee and honey to it.

Now stir it well. Give to the God for worshiping . It has many benefits but, do you know when? When we apply it for God and then using it. Otherwise if you will decide to make it for your convenience it doesn’t work, not giving any benefits, no any taste.

Punchamrut recipe with God's home/
http://punchamrut recipe/

There are 2 types of Punchaamrut , it is using to bath KRISHANA and GODDESS. While bathing Goddess bananas are adding that Punchamruta.

Now we will see what are the benefits of it?

1] It can work as a good antioxidant for the body . Easily reduces problem of acidity.

2] It can work as a good medicine for hypothyroidism, gives good relief to the throat as well as usephegous .

3] Makes digestion, circulation of blood properly.

4] Keeps man active for full day .

5] Gives good look to the skin. There is no need to take any another treatment for skin .

6] It will give removes black spot on the face and glitters your skin . By applying on the skin as well in taking.

7] Reduces weight automatically . Works on cough, cold etc .

8] If you have heat problem , piles, irritations in the body, patches on the skin, constipation , urine infection ,etc . It can remove every problem if you will take it in the morning. after worshiping God.

9] Works as a good medicine for the lot of problems .

10] If you will take in the morning regularly , your look will change as like God.

Images for it

punchaamrut recipe/
http://punchaamrut recipe/
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How to make chikoo Paratha ? Dessert recipes.

Chikoo Paratha Recipe – Paratha Recipe.

Chikoo fruit everyone knows it well but I think so many are hating to it. Generally everyone wants juice fruits which contain more water. This Chikoo fruit when we open it , it shows dirty appearance . So some small kids are hating to eat it. That much smoothie , sweet fruits didn’t want to eat.

This fruit is cheating with us means sometimes we think that it is good and when we are eating it gives different taste. So a lot of people avoiding to eat it.

http://chikoo weightloss/

But it is good for digestion as well as to increase blood volume. It is rich in calcium along with so many minerals. If anyone wants to increase height of their kids eat them everyday Chikoo . Definitely his bones became strong and increase his height. It is good for weight loss .

http://well prepared chikoo paratha/

This Chikoo, yesterday we have bought at my home noone is eating it . Then why we shall not to try to make it’s paratha/

How To Make Chikoo Paratha

Let us start to make Chikoo Paratha

Time for it

prep cook total

10 15 25 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

food type Chikoo paratha

Cuisine Indian

keyword Chikoo paratha

serve for 3


Chikoo 4 normal size [sweets]

wheat flour 2 bowls

ghee 2 tabs

powder sugar 1/2 bowl

milk to knead it 1 glass

almonds 4 to 5 Paratha Recipes 

cashew nuts 6 to 7

cardamom powder 1 tbsp

oil 2 tbsp

http://chiloo paratha recipe/


Take the smooth ,nice and sweet Chikoos.

Wash it with clean water .

Remove it’s peel and seeds

Crush it with wire gauze , Ginger Paratha …

Now take the wheat flour, add pinch of salt to it .

Now add ghee, powder sugar and crushed Chikoos

Knead it with milk smooth. Make it’s small dough.

Roll it smoothly and make it’s paratha .
Ladoo Recipes

Bake it on the Tawa on both side.

chikoo's paratha /
http://Chikoo’s paratha/

Now we hope that you have understood as how to make a Chikoo Paratha. We will keep bringing more such yummy and unique recipers for you. Stay Tuned with If you have any query about the recipe feel free to ask us in the comments section below.

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Basen bharad subji-Subji Recipe.



  Cucumber Basen Bharad Subji Recipe- Subji Recipe.  

Time     prep   cook   total

min       15        15       30


Basen bharad  means the  flour which contains small granules of dal  *

Basen bharad   1 half bowl

cucumber 1  middle size

cumin powder  1 tbsp

lemon juice   1 tbsp

chilly powder  2 tabs

turmeric powder  1 teaspoon

skutt   2 tbsp

curry leaves   7 to 8

oil    2 tbsp

mustard seeds  1 tbsp

cumin seeds   1 tbsp

hing   1 teaspoon

salt   1 tbsp 

 Chiwada …

 PROCEDURE  *     Cut the cucumber into middle size pieces  Keep the pot on the gas, pour oil into it, add  cumin’s by rubbing  with both hands, add tasty  

                        mustard seeds into it wait to splutter  then add curry leaves, fry it well then add hing in it . Now add pieces of cucumber in  it. Fry it well and give them steam by covering thali,  now add bharad flour of basen, skutt, chilly powder,  salt, turmeric powder, coriander, lemon juice etc stir it well . Keep cover on it and pour some water in the  cover. Wait to steam for 3 to 4 minutes . Well known BHARAD SUBJI will ready to eat. 

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Indian vegetarian food

Puffed Rice Cutlet With Tomatoes – Dry Tasty ,Crunchy

http://Prime Tunga Premium Sona Masoori Rice (Raw) (10 kg)/ 

Prime Tunga Premium Sona Masoori Rice (Raw)  (10 kg)/
http://₹481₹600₹119 off Prime Tunga Premium Sona Masoori Rice (Raw) (10 kg)/

Murmura Cutlet Recipe _ Easy way

Do you know we are making so many dry recipes in the summer . Of them noodles, Papads, chips, etc .This cutlet also of them . We can make it and dry it in the hot sun It will give good taste by frying .If you want to fry you can fry it, otherwise it can give good taste without fry also.

Let us start to make it .

prep cook total

10 10 20 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine : Indian

food type Cutlet recipe


Serve for 2


Puffed rice 250 gm

paste of tomato : 1and 1/2 bowl

paste of greenchilly, garlic, coriander, cumin, etc : 2 tab

salt : 1 tbsp


Take the puffed rice in the big thali .

Add a paste of green chilly, garlic,salt, coriander, cumin etc .

Add paste of tomato to it .

murmura rice cutlet/

Mix it properly , make it’s cutlet. OR thin Papdi

:Keep it to dry for 1 day in the hot Sun .

: If you want to eat it as it eat it as it is .

: If you want fry it then fry it and serve it .

d rice cutlet/

: You never have eaten this type of cutlet , gives curcure like taste.

We can keep it at home after well drying for a year also.

We can enjoy it as a evening snack, it can work best in the travelling also. It gives good taste , salty, crunchy, delicious and tasty.

;Everyone can make it and enjoy it for any program.

Murmura rice cutlet recipe/


video of how to make puffed rice cutlet?/
https://Watch video on it.