Tamarind Chutney Recipe- Chutney recipes.

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Baingan Bharata Recipe- Advantageous & Disadvantageous

Baingan bharata rehttps://chhayaonline.com/2018/08/02/baingan-bharata-recipes-advantages-disadvantages/cipes-pranita deshpande How to make Baingan Bharata? –  Subji  Baingan Bhrata Recipe – Marathi Recipe. 

Baked Peanut Recipe

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Green Tomato Chutney Recipe – Chutney Recipes

time  prep  cook total min  15        10     25 INGREDIENTS Green chilly 1/4 kg green tomato 1 middle size coriander 1/2 bowl salt: as your convenience groundnut 1 small bowl hing 1 pinch jaggery 2 tbsp oil 1 tbsp cumin seeds 1 tbsp water 1/2 bowl PROCEDURE :    Take green chilly,…