Indian vegetarian food

Allu Tikki -Potato,Sprouted Moong – Potato Recipes.

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I  like to eat sprouted food so I kept green Moong to create sprouts.But, this time sprouts have not occurred, instead of it fermentation has taken place and  some sour smell is coming from it then I thought we shall make khamang Dhokala of it but it requires more time so again I changed my decision and thought to make Sprouted Moong Tikki.

Started to collect ingredients for it .

time for it

prep cook  total

10       15       15 min

author :  Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine : Indian

food type   :  Moong Tikki

serve for    3


soaked  moong    1/2 kg

potato   [cooked ] – 1

  green chilly _   5  to 6

   coriander  _  1/2 bowl

             salt _  2 tbsp

chilly powder –     1 tbsp

turmeric powder  1/2 tbsp

wheat flour   1 small bowl

oil    1/2 bowl

cumin    1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Soak the Moong in a water in the night or for 1 day.

: Grind it in the mixture.

: Make the paste of green chilly, coriander, garlic , cumin etc and keep                                                       aside.

: Take the cooked potatoes crush it in one dish and keep aside.

:   Take   all ingredients in a big thali and mix it properly.

:  Take some oil on the hand and knead it to make a nice dough.

: Make its nice Tikki and keep aside

:  Now keep the pan on the gas spread oil on it .

: Keep Tikkis’ on it , spread oil on it .

: Bake it on both side by applying oil on it .

: Nice ,delicious Tikki is ready to eat .

:  Serve it with garlic chutney.


a paste of green chilly
Paste of green chilly with garlic/


Moong tikki with potatoes. 


sprouted moong tikki
Allu tikki with cooked potatoes.

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Indian vegetarian food

Protein Mix ,Mint Leaves Salad Recipe _ Fresh

Nut Mix   Salad Recipe – Vegetables with Mint Leaves.  

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Today everyone is aware of his health and trying to making body fit. To make the body fit we must have to eat some fabulous food so that it can digest easily by secreting enzymes along with good hormones. As we know that

”As  the food, as the thought & as the thought, as the mind ” 

A salad is the best way of making good thoughts as it helps in a multipurpose way in our body.

So today I decided to make the salad with fresh vegetables. Click here to keep ads on your site. 

time for it

prep  cook total

15        0         15 min

author : chhaya kulkarni

cuisine : Indian

food type  salad

serve for  2 

KEYWORD : Protein mix ,mint leaves , salad recipe- fresh 


cabbage : 250 gm [chopped]

cucumber  1/2 [chopped ]

capsicum 1 [chopped ]

peanut  5 gm

salt  1 tbsp

Manchurian masala 1 tbsp


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PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Cut the vegetables properly and keep aside.

: Wash it with clean water and keep it to drain water.

: Take the pot, pour all vegetables into it.

: Add salt, Manchurian masala and stir it well.

RECIPE. – chhayaonline …


IMPORTANCE OF SALAD: You know that doctor always gives the advice to eat the salad. As it contains multivitamins, fibers, salts, calcium, minerals, some salad contains plenty of iron which increases our blood volume. As well as it prevents chronic diseases such as cancer, heart diseases.

Beetroot, spinach contains more iron so it helps to increase hemoglobin in the blood.

Cucumber is rich in A Vitamin, it keeps our eyes strong, capsicum green chilly produces good hormones in our body so that  it encourages to increase the willing power of taste.

So many times we lose our taste, we didn’t want to eat anything at that time it gives good taste, increase appetite and enjoys eating meal or dinner.

Green salads are low in calories they are used to lower the weight and keeps metabolism strong.

Best virtue of salad is they are fat-free, so there is no any fear that how much time we have to eat it, or how much we have to eat it.?

It is a very important habit that to eat salad every day and we must have to encourage our child to eat it , today everyone has less physical work everyone is doing computer work then, everyone has the problem of digestion, to increase fat as well as to increase cholesterol, etc. Of course it is  in an early age, so to prevent all these we must have to eat it, regularly as well as make habit to eat the kids.

Every child must have this knowledge otherwise they will suffer a lot of digestives diseases in the future.

After eating we feel light, it avoids laziness, more sleep, keep away from all diseases like diabetes, any time we feel fresh. There is no need to make a lengthy procedure for it . We can make it instantly. We can make it in travel, it is safe to eat as there is no any question of any infection from it,


vegetables for salad


salad with all ingredients /