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Bhojan Recipe Ramnavami Prasad -Stay At Home

Bhojan recipe on Ramnavami /

Jai Shri Ram .We Indians are always eager to celebrate all God’s birthday. Of them Rama is the best idol for everyone. But , I have already confusing for the time of Rama & Krishna’s birthday. Why did both have taken the time 12 o clock? Both have difference of 12 hours .One is at night 12 o clock and other is at day 12 o clock.

Every year a lot of people are going to temple to celebrate Ramnavami. After marriage at start I had 🐝 been also going to celebrate it in the temple. It causes a lot of difficulty to manage all these. But after building our home I have started to celebrate this festival at my home. Reciting Rama Bhajans.

With this celebration I realised one thing that, why people are going to celebrate Ramnavami in the temple? We must have to celebrate it at our home . As we have to bring Rama at our home first. If Rama is absent in every one’s home then every thing is useless. Because we know that, if there is no value for anything it maybe live or alive we say” Kahi Ram Nahi ” in Marathi.

Means to bring chaitnya and an enthusiasm in everything we need Rama. So to bring these things in every one’s home, we are celebrating Ramnavami today at home. Now people are understanding the value 🙏 of home.
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We know that if Rama is present in every one’s mind we can create another beautiful world. So I want to tell people don’t be panic 😂, worry, accept all situations happily. Keep patience. Every thing is coming with new beauty.

Let us check my Bhojan Recipe. I have made Gavar Pickle, cucumber salad, papad, Gavar Subji, Wheat grain kheer or dessert, Rice Dal simple Khichdi with ghee, butter milk , Chapati .To make it I taken 2 hours time. Check all Recipe 👌 separately. How to make vegan mango curry – Kairus [Marathi]

For Wheat grain just now I have published video .How to make Wheat grain Kheer?

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Recipe For Wheat Flour Halwa – Halwa Recipes

http://Malai Halwa Recipe – How To Make Malai Halwa

 Recipe of malai halwa – Pranita deshpande 

Today we have Ramnavami. Means birthday of Ram God. We are worshiping him by singing devotee songs, decorating temples and making Prasad of desserts or halwa. Everyone is crazy to eat this Prasad. As eating Prasad means getting good vibration s  from God as well as some nice feelings also come with us. The fear which is in our mind that also goes away it makes difference in thinking. Getting full satisfaction as well as having a delicious taste for it. Some devotee people is making it for the sake of God.So purity, care also comes in our mind. OK, Let us see how i made it today.

time for it

prep cook total

5         15        20 min

author: Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type: Halwa

Keyword: Recipe for wheat flour Halwa. 


Wheat flour: 1 bowl

Ghee :  3 tablespoon

Jaggary: 50 gm grated

Almonds: 7 to 8

Cashew nuts: 7 to 8

cardamom  powder:  1 teaspoon

Water: 100 mils:

milk   100 ml,



Bake the Rava till khamang smell comes.

Add given ghee in it. After some time add Malai to it.

Keep water to boil in another pot. Add water in it.

Now add sugar and cardamom powder in it.

Add cashew nut and almond powder to it. 

Mix it properly. Keep it on slow gas for 5 minutes. Then serve it.

It is very useful for the patient who has suffered from jaundice, As well as after delivery it must have to give compulsory as it increases blood level. The patient who has suffered from any anemia they should eat this item regularly.



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wheatflour halwa recipe /

method for it: Bake the wheat flour with ghee   

: Keep other ingredients ready for it

: Keep milk to boil

: Add all ingredients to it

:  Add milk and hot water to it.

: Stir it well.