Benefits of eating raw papaya- Health

How to use raw papaya for health?- Benefits 

Health benefits of raw papaya _  pranita deshp


What Gives Us Papaya- herbs -Health Benefits


How to use raw papaya as a herb?- Benefits

Health benefits of eating raw papaya -health


No one likes to eat raw papaya, but raw papaya is very good to eat for good health. Especially it is good for the liver . If any person is suffered from jaundice then it effects on our health and at that time it is good to eat raw papaya.

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It has lots of A and C  Vitamin. These vitamins help to increase immunity power. If anyone has suffered from cold and cough then must have to eat it.

In today’s life lots of people are suffered from urine problems then also it is useful to eat.

If you don’t want as it is then spread some chilly powder, salt powder and cumin’s powder on it.It gives good taste and we want to eat easily.

We require A vitamin for eyes and C vitamin for lots of problems, like giving fresheners on the face with beauty look.


  If we will take olive oil in more proportion in our diet it increases memory power and learning power. It can reduce Alzheimer disease some scientists have proved it.

If we have balanced diet, including more proportion of vegetables keeps our health better.It can reduce Alzheimer, it has been proved in American temple University lavish coz school and medical students.

If we will keep an excess proportion of olive oil in our diet it can protect from our some special problems of memory.

Annals of clinical neurology magazine have published this invention.

If we will take more olive oil it can produce amyloid Betaplockand  neurofibrillary in less proportion.

So that Alzheimer gets reducing.

Olive oil reduces irritations of brain and it can increase our memory power and learning power.

Do you know some herbs also reduces Alzheimer?

  The Alzheimer plant that is ‘’DRYNARIYS RHIZOM ‘’it has the power to reduce Alzheimer.It is found in Africa, south Asia, Austria .

Some scientists have made experiment on mice .They have injected this as a medicine after some days they found that mice  have increased their memory power.

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