Coconut Chutney With Garlic Flakes- Winter Special[Memories of [2018]

Coconut chutney with garlic flakes- Winter Special

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onion chutney, 

green tomato chutney with green chilly 


Hello friends , you know that my blog is famous for chutney special. Generally I have covered all types of chutney in this blogs . Here is my little bit memory of 2018 .As I have started this blog in Feb 2018 & now trying to run on track please vote me, give comments to my blog and enjoy chutney’s in your regular life.

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Coconut Chutney Recipe_ [Mouth Watering]

Time    prep  cook total

20      10    30


broken coconut   1/2

garlic flakes   1/2 bowl

salt     2 tbsp

chilly powder 1/2 bowl

cumin’s    1/4 bowl

  •      *  This item usually prepared for the ladies who have delivered as they are losing their taste due to infection. So many times when anyone in the home has left taste due to a cough, cold or any other disease at that time also we can serve this chutney. Suppose any time your subji has no taste at that time this can increase your taste.
  •          If you will eat this chutney only with Jowar Roti it can increase your saliva in your mouth and increase taste.safe_image 

        HOW TO PREPARE IT?     

  •     First, break the coconut of full of water, remove its water and  keep aside.
  •    Now remove it’s upside part clearly.
  •   Make pieces of it.
  •   Take a blender or mixture pot  add pieces of coconut, chilly powder, cumin’s,  garlic flakes etc
  •     Grind it in the mixture.   add salt to it and again grind it slowly. Don’t make a powder-like appearance. Keep some small pieces of coconut so that we can identify it as coconut chutney.   

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