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Save Bhaji Recipe With 🍅 n Onion .

Ingredients of bhaji/

Ingredients for it:.

Save : 1 bowl

Tomato es : 2 middle size chopped,.

Onion : 1 well chopped.

Garlic: 3 to 4 flakes.

Baked peanut powder : 20 gm,.

Chilly powder: 1 tbsp,

Garam masala: 1/2 tbsp,

Salt: 1 tbsp. Oil: 2 tbsp,

Mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

Water : 2 bowl 250 ml.

Direction to make it: Collect all ingredients at one place.

Keep pan on the gas. Pour oil to it.

Add mustard seeds to it, wait to spluttering, then first add onion pieces.

Fry it well. Now add tomatoes and garlic. Fry it well.

Add remaining ingredients peanut powder, red chilly powder, garam masala, salt, sugar, stir it well.

Meanwhile keep water to boil on another gas. Now add slowly given amount of hot water. At last add Save to it. Stir it well and serve it with Chapati or Roti.

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Instructions to make it: Keep flame of gas slow. Don’t boil more time Subji.

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In the Lock down we have to face a lot of problems. Sometimes we are getting vegetables 😋 easy and sometimes not. Then we have to find so many ideas to make food tasty and delicious. We every time making fresh curries.

I saw in the fridge ,there are only tomato es. Now my son is getting bored 😴 by eating same Subji. So I decided to make Save Bhaji Recipe With 🍅 and available ingredients.

Let’s us check how did I have made it?

Time for it ,.

Prep cook total

5 5 10 minutes.

author’s name : Chhaya Kulkarni

Cuisine: Indian,

Food type : Curry Recipes

Keyword: Save Bhaji Recipe.

Ingredients for it :

Tomatoes: 2 middle size [chopped]

onion : 1 well chopped

garlic : 4 to 5

peanut powder: 20 gm

red chilly powder: 1 tbsp

salt : 1 tbsp

garam masala: 1/2 tbsp

water : 2 bowls

oil: 2 tbsp

mustard seeds: 1 tbsp

DIRECTION TO MAKE IT : Wash the tomatoes and cut it into pieces.

: Cut the onion and garlic and keep aside.

: Keep all ingredients ready .

: Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it .

: Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds and wait to spluttering .

: Now add onion and fry it well, add tomatoes, garlic flake and swallow fry it.

Now add remaining ingredients to it, meanwhile keep water to heat.

Now pour hot water to it, boil for a short time and serve it with chapati and Roti.

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chutney Indian vegetarian food

Onion Fried Chutney- Chutney Recipes

   How to make onion fried chutney – Chutney Recipes. 

Do you know the summer season is famous for onion, everyone likes to eat onion it may be raw, cutting, or it may be in any subji or maybe its soup, Koshimbir etc

So many times we are getting bored by eating same vegetables we want regular change in vegetable .I have today so many vegetables but I think let us we shall try another way to eat subji means subji as a chutney or chutney as a subji .

Let us see how did I make Onion Fried Chutney /easy-Shahi-desserts-recipe-inst…/

time for it

prep cook total

10        10      20 min

author : chhhaya kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type: chutney

serve for 3


Onions  3 to 4 middle size.

chilly powder L 2 tabs

salt: 1 + 1/2  tab

oil: 2 tab

mustard seeds: 1 tab

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take the onions, cut it into vertical pieces.…/how-to-make-basen-cake-delicious…#indiblogger#Basencake#delicious,

:  Wash it clean and keep aside to drain the water.

;  Keep the pan on the gas, pour oil to it.

: Add mustard seeds in it, wait to splutter.

:  Add cutting an onion to it and fry it well

: Add chilly powder and salt to it and stir it well.

: Your fried onion chutney is ready to serve.

: Serve it with chapati or roti.

: Don’t add another ingredient to it so that it can lose the taste of fried onion.

: It gives a very nice and delicious taste.

: It can give taste to stale chappati, roti, dhapate .

: When we are on a journey it can support as a good subji for chapati and dhapate.

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Onion fried chutney/
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Onion Chutney,Jowar Roti Recipe- Marathi recipe

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Do you know in our area village people’s best breakfast is this chutney with white Jowar Roti?  Generally, this chutney is famous in summer, as here cultivation of onion and raw mangoes are there .when we mix raw mango with onion it gives super taste. I  think if any man may be with full of stomach and if we will show him this chutney with roti and ask him can you eat this chutney? He will say yes, why not?


This chutney has delicious taste .any man could eat more bread with this chutney. and has a more satisfied feeling. In the village, some ladies are making this chutney in the stone pot in the morning and keeping in an earthen pot. If this will be dry then also it can give the best taste.



time for it

prep cook total

10      2       12 min

author’s name :  chhaya kulkarni

cuisine  Indian

food type    chutney


serve for 4


onion  big size 1 [chopped ]

raw mango 1 small size [chopped ]

chilly powder 1/4 bowl

salt 2 tbsp

Don’t add more ingredients in this chutney as it reduces original ingredients taste.

Indian Vegetarian Food


Take the big size onion, remove its upper part.

: Cut it into big pieces.

: Wash it with clean water and keep it to drain water.

:  Now take the small size raw mango, remove its peel

: Cut it into small pieces.

: Take chilly powder and salt in a small bowl

: First grind onion pieces  in the grinder or mixture

: Now add onion pieces to it and start the mixture slowly.

; Grind it slowly for a short time.: Your tasty chutney is ready to serve.


IMG_20180316_070311 /


IMG_20180316_071842 (1)/onion chutney

How  To Make Jowar Roti ?  

time for it

prep cook total

5         10        15min


Jowar flour  2 bowl

salt  as a taste [a pinch]

water   enough

PROCEDURE FOR IT :   Take the Jowar flour in a thali 

                                            : Keep tawa on the gas to heat it                                    

: Add sufficient water slowly in the flour .

: Knead it with one hand, if require water again add water to it slowly .

: Make its dough, while making Roti spread some flour in the thali.

: Keep the dough on the flour and spread it with both hands    uniform ally.

: Keep attention that it cannot be brake while making it .

: Now take this roti on two hands spread it on the tawa slowly   without touching to the tawa.

: Spread water on it like making the painting of roti.

: Wait to shake it and change its side to shake it .

: Again wait to shake it *  now remove tawa on the gas .

: Keep the roti by changing its side on the gas [means the side                                                     which is not shaken]

: It will automatically get swallowed like a balloon.


IMG_20180218_103832 / Flour of Jowar


IMG_20180312_072141/ Roti making


IMG_20180312_072232 /Baking the roti


IMG_20180312_072922/ well prepared roti


IMG_20180312_073014/ Roti in the tiffin
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