Importance Of Writing In Lock down



   Best Solution For Mental Health Patients 

 Are you going to depression in lockdown? 

 Do you feel too heavy in this period?      

      Last week I went to my relative’s home to meet their family members. Now schools are closed so students have to learn at home. The students who are already in the school are now in confusion. 

They are thinking that to talk teachers have no time so there is no conversion. So one student asked me there I want to ask so many problems to the teachers but teachers are scolding me and saying ‘’you are bringing us every time problem.’’ To express everything directly is very hard. As the teacher will scold on me. I asked him But, most important is you have to talk to your teacher about your question. Then he told us we are going outside for a tour and want to take permission from him/her. I can’t ask him/her some questions directly. 

Then I told him why did you are not writing it via letter writing.? 

 Now he understands its very nice idea. We can’t talk to her all things on the phone but, we can write it in detail.

Then I got the point that how writing is important? 

We can express everything without any fear in writing but not orally. The person who can’t talk in front of any person but, he can talk loudly on the phone. Any person who can’t talk on the phone can talk in the writing without any limits.

We know that Govt. declares a lot of rules and laws every time he couldn’t tell all laws orally. Maybe tell orally we can’t keep at a time all these in our mind. Any way implementation is writing. 

May be science has developed a lot of apps, or scientific apparatus still we have to write everything on the mobile or app.

We have to keep every word safe as like valuable diamonds. If one word has been lost from any diary our life becomes very hard. 

The newspaper maybe we have heard any news on the TV or the internet but we can’t get satisfaction till reading it in the newspaper. 

How My Habit Of Writing Developed

My habit of writing is developed in this way. Anything If I can’t tell elders in front of them I was writing a detailed letter to them. Then they could understand everything.

If the person is like terrorist means we can’t express him anything in front of him then we can write some understanding points for him to counsel him, It will effectively more than speaking. Also writing is good proof for everything.

If the boss is very strict means we can’t talk in front of him then we can talk to him via writing. 

If there is no way to talk or to express our thoughts writing is the best way to express it. And when our thoughts read a lot of people then we get happiness and well satisfaction from it. This satisfaction we never get anywhere.

In my childhood, I am explaining my every thought to my father, brother, sister, friends by writing a letter to them. 

When we are talking to the front person we are talking in one word but we can write 1 page on that word. 

Let’s see the word ‘’Flowers’’ we can at least speak on it more than 100 words orally but, we can write plenty of novels and poems 

on the flowers.

 Nowadays in so many families, there are a lot of issues regarding a lot of problems then if we will express it due to fear of quarreling or creating peace with pressure then it will create more problems. Everyone has the right to express their feelings. But, in some families, there are strict rules especially for the ladies in India who have to suffer more. To express their feelings and thoughts writing is the best way. To remain light in any situation. 

   I think that this rule can run for mental health patients in a better way. 

  Benefits Of Writing 

Let’s us we will see the benefits of writing 

1] Writing teaches us discipline. 

2] It increases beautifulness in our life. 

3] Beautiful writing comes from inner and gives complete happiness. 

4] It develops thousands of voices from writing. 

5] It transforms the whole world with one sentence. 

6] It keeps man aware, it can keeps mind, heart clean. 

7] To increase creativity writing is the best way. It impresses a lot of people, changes the habits of people. 

  Changes mind, thoughts, effects on every little impact of life. 

8] It creates understanding, bringing maturity, changes thought level, increases confidence, makes a strong connection between people, writer, and authors. 

9] Creates telepathy, some times people became mad, due to perfect writing, increases love and creates strong bonding. Makes man positive, keeps focus on their goal, and enjoying his own life happily. 

10] If the boss has told anything orally it is not working but, if he has given it by writing it heal the stop in one second. 

11] It can divert and detoxify the mind easily.

Many times true writers mind is anywhere and audience mind is anywhere and this situation creates history in the world. Also creates happiness for all their fans.          

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Why Did Anger Is Your Choice – Mental Health

Why Did Anger Is Our Choice?

Generally, we think that anger is normal, as we don’t want to do any efforts& take responsibility. We always think that if we do not create anger we can’t do our work fast so create anger follow negativity, create anger increase hatreds, create anger do work fast, it is our belief system.

If we observe clearly so many frustrate & depress people create more anger as they are thinking negatively.

Some times if we are not satisfied or we are not peaceful then also we create anger. If we are jealous for anyone or making comparison with another one then also we create anger.  

Main reason of anger is that when I am disturbed in conscious mind then I think that everything in the world should be in my control.

Many times I reduce my control when I am in contact with discharged people. Or if I would take any food from cruel & wicked person then also I losing my capacity to control.

To Reduce Anger What Should We Have To Do?

     I have to accept everyone as it is.It may be situation or people.If I will angry with anyone then my original capacity automatically gets lower & my motivation also goes down & for whom I am creating an anger it transfers negative energy to him& it carry back to us as it is.So that we have to accept people or situation as it is. & be aware that how much time I have created an anger?     Image result for He who angers you conquers you.

2] Another reason for anger is that there is no choice with me without anger.

3] I create my thoughts, with those thoughts I create anger.

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When we are in different moods then also sometimes we create anger. If a situation is good and we are in nice mood and any person angry with us then we can’t react with him. But if a situation is not nice and we are in worst mood and if any person is giving us good news also we are getting angry with him. Generally, this  situation occurs in highest position officers.

So that how much time we have produced an anger that is damage to us. we have to check by which belief system we create an anger.

Nowadays so much violence is creating in everyone’s home what is Its main reason?   


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From the morning we are collecting information from news,T. V. or from newspaper and we are reading, listening all positive as well as negative news.But we keep in mind more negative news, it creates conflicts in our mind & suddenly we became violent.

Forex. In one home one boy was sitting forcefully to recite English words, in front of him his mother was cutting vegetables with a knife, her son was not attending to the reciting words.His mother told him twice study carefully or recite carefully but he can’t concentrate on it. Then his mother starting to create conflict in his mind. How is the future of my son? Can he get nice marks in 10th? .If not what will happen? like this so many…..

Means she is creating worry, carry irritations, anxiety and anger and she gets up suddenly attack him with that knife in his abdomen and that son was no more there.This is the real story of an anger.

This type of stories we are reading, watching every day. It happens due to a conflict in our mind.

Now we will see what is the damage of anger

1] Due to creating an anger toxins are produced in our body and so that our B P and sugar gets increased.

2]Anger spoils our relationship for ex: If parents anger with a child then child creates fear in his mind, he will be switched off and his performance gets reduced and he can’t keep trust and respect with his parents.His self-esteem also gets lower.

The parents who have created an anger for his son became demotivated and he can’t talk with his son confidently or keeping constant eye contact with him and he always feels guilty.

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When we are creating anger with 10 people then we receive negative energy from 10 people.

So To Avoid Anger We Have To Create This Feeling

  1] Anger is unhealthy for mind and body.
2] We have to understand that we are responsible for creating an      anger

3] I have to do any work without creating an anger that is my responsibility

4] We have to check our belief system why did I am creating an anger?

5]     Regularly meditation helps to reduce anger.

6]After every hour check your thoughts by silencing the mind.

7] Be aware of your thoughts stop, check and change.

8] Be aware  when you are talking with dislike person

9] Make sure that your mind is clean, clear with hatreds, jealousy, comparison.

8]Read this article every day by making bookmarks.


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How To Deal With Depression – Mental Health

how to deal with depression/

Let us discuss here how to overcome this?

ow the Summer season has been started and we have a big day. Of them, the hot sun means a lot of troubles. We feel low. In our childhood, if the summer season is coming then we are filling full of happiness. As we have full of guests at home, One big room has been also filled with Mangoes. When we entered the home spread of Mangoes filling us with full of happiness. We were going to the river to swim, sometimes going to the farm to bring raw Mangoes or anything from the farm. But never feel any type of depression.

At that time there was no discussion about carrier and any classes, future. We enjoying life without any fear thinking that we have a lot of guests

or everyone is with us then why there is fear? If any fear was there or any problem in anyone’s life so many village people or guests are running to solve everyone’s problem. Nowadays we have lost everything and indulged in the material things. So we feel very heavy at home or so many depression cases are happening now.


We think that depression is coming due to poverty or due to a lack of carrier. Maybe this answer. But, I think depression is coming from inside not from outside. Because outside we can find an easy solution and we get immediate relief. But, to work inside we have to go deep to overcome the problem.

Let us discuss here how to overcome this? 

1] Keeping faith and contacts with our close relatives or friends.

2] Working hard, happily and regularly with our daily work.

3] Mixing with community, in groups, creating new food types.

4] Calling to our dear friends, sisters, brothers, any relatives, etc.

5] Engaging in any art like painting, drawing, reading, writing, singing a song, listening to a song.

6] Keeping attention to your thoughts. Learn to live light in any situation.

7] I have realized one thing in this life, if you want to be happy and live a long life we must have to leave our ego. As ego creates a lot of problems in our life.

8] Every day must have to keep 1 hour for God to shake.

9] Do some good things for others, give help or interact with anyone’s problem, if possible try to solve their problem.

10] Think that his problem is my problem this thinking automatically increases your vision of becoming a great man. And if you will work for them without keeping any expectation then automatically you will receive a lot of satisfaction and long life blessing. Maybe these people never ask you.


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http://How to deal with depression/


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how to deal with depression/
http://How to deal with depression/

Effect Of Communication Skill On Our Life – Mental Health


Today we are aware in every part of life. We are trying to be the best in life to get peace, happiness, satisfaction. Do you know the key to everything in life is communication skills? If you want to be a success in any field we must need communication skills.

We know that our communication skill depends on listening skill or sometimes it depends on the front person. But, if we have patience and have a better skill to turn front person thoughts immediately then it can work better. We know that in the same family we say that one mother in law has a different relationship with different daughter in law. The main reason behind it is one daughter in law has the better skill to handle mother in law with communication and vice versa.

We have a lot of examples on the bus, railway or in any queue where a small reason can disturb the happy way of traveling. The reason behind it is


1] If the front person couldn’t get, what this person is telling? Means one person is telling one thing another is telling another thing at that time miss conversation occurs. This disturbs the surroundings. We can’t proceed here.

2] Sometimes misunderstanding about the front person also spoils conversation./weight-loss-diet-for-everyone-Jowar-roti/

3] If any person has good respect in the family or society then any person can easily listen to him thinking that he/she is a wise person. I must have to go with him. At that time both conversations get the good meaning. They never carry any type of anger, misunderstanding, ego, etc. This type of conversation works better everywhere. That respected person becomes the topmost personality in that surrounding.

4] Before making conversation with any person if we have decided to confirm without losing your control. I must have to say any words, softly and lovingly it definitely works in this way.vitamin-b-importance-and-deficiencies/

5] Sometimes any person creates anger or conveys wickedly with the next person. Purposely due to carrying misunderstanding, ego, want to take revenge then definitely conversation takes the form of fight. We know that

with a small reason there are a lot of conflicts./why-did-anxiety-mental-health-reason/

6] Having good knowledge to express thoughts carries definitely a good conversation.

7] Better way for communication is to keep a positive attitude and faith about the front person. That he is my good listener and he can convey me nice anytime.

8] Awareness, love, feeling positive, care for the front person and respect definitely bring effective communication./why-did-anxiety-mental-health/

9] We know that in the school if the teacher is scolding on the students loudly still all students are keeping quiet as there is big respect about a teacher. This conversation never destroys any relationship.

10] So to run the families or societies maybe we known a lot of wrong things about an elder person still we must have to keep quiet and show respect with them to run the society or family. Like small students. If you want to be clear some matter with an elder person then you have to show them complete faith in them.


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Health Benefits Of Indian Spices – Mental Health

Benefits of spices -Mental Health

American Dream mall

These spices reduce the risk of worries, depression.

We know that if we didn’t have any spices in the Subji’s we didn’t like to eat it. Not gives any type of taste to it. We feel low and not getting happiness for dinner or meals. So I think that spices are the most welcome catalyst in the food. As they help to secret enzymes which we feel happy.

American Dream mall

There are a lot of stories telling the importance of spices. Making spice powder is also an art. The cook who can make perfect spices can provide delicious taste to the food. We must know the proportion of constituents which are using in the spices. Some outside [market] spices give a taste of white soil. Didn’t have good taste. It contains as well as they are mixing some invalid products to get good profit them. We didn’t understand it and by watching advertise we are buying it. But, actually reducing the taste of it. Instead, if we didn’t have any spice we can make it instantly at home. By taking some garlic flakes, cumin seeds, Dhaniya, It gives a fresh and delicious taste to any Subji on the spot.

American Dream mall have these spices for sell 

At first, we will check the spice which can keep our mind happy that Cinnamon

Health benefits of Indian spices- /Cinnamon

Cinnamon: This is the spice that contains a small amount of sugar. This sugar stimulates our brains. If we have the desire to eat sugar it can reduce it automatically. So it can keep automatically balance of sugar in our body. It can increases memory power along with keeping cool to the brain. This spice is creating a mood. We can use it in a lot of Subji’s.

Saffron: This is the herbal product that can make from the flower Crocus Causative. It is using in the Masala milk. It can stimulate our brains. Increases memory, IQ, etc so that we are giving it to the pregnant women to get good positive energy and happiness to her child. It creates hormones of happiness. In ancient times or today also so many people are drinking milk by adding it.


There are a lot of songs regarding this saffron milk for the LORD KRISHNA. As Lord Krishana is always drinking milk with it. spices reduce risk of worries- depression-mental health

It can work for stress, it removes stress easily.

Cardamom: This is the familiar spice for everyone. Generally, we are using it in the Pedha, Basundi, or in so many desserts. It also stimulates our happy hormones. If you will come across to the LORD VENKTESHA You will feel everywhere smell of cardamom in the temple while making Prasad. We feel that we are in heaven. If we are making any sweets with it in the home also we feel a nice smell and it stimulates our brain and we feel happy. We feel a festival or celebration. So that while eating masala pan we add Cardamon to it.


Coriander This is the green leaves subji which can stimulate our appetite. If anyone is suffered from thyroid must have to eat coriander or Dhaniya every day. It can stimulate our minds and removes our depression. If we will only looking at the green coriander we feel happy. It has plenty of benefits.


Yellow Turmeric: Yellow turmeric is always keeping us happy.So that in India there is a ritual if any married lady enters in your home must have to keep some Yellow powder in her center of eyebrows. As it can stimulate happiness. That lady also feels satisfaction. As well as getting good respect with it.

turmeric powder/
http://turmeric powder/

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 Both ladies get full fill and satisfy with it. Feeling proud that we are some important people.

This Yellow Turmeric contains Anti exploratory and Antioxidants. This yellow Turmeric increases serotonin.

While making food also if we didn’t use any food without Turmeric it feels unhappy by looking at that food.

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tirupati temple front view/ spices reduces risk of worries and depression-mental health

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Kayword-Mental Health