How To Overcome Jealousy -Mental Health

If anyone is jealous of me?
Nowadays we are listening to this word everywhere & lots of people are suffering from it .
Many people hurt another people with this word. Let us we will try to counselling for their insecurity here. & learn how to overcome jealousy?
Let us see what is meant by jealousy? When a person creates some hateful or negative energy against successful people is known as jealousy. /lets-know-meaning-of-hope-self-improvement/

Generally, it can carry everyone, no one can control to create this term in their life.
When we feel lower than anyone then I create jealousy. It carries comparison, competition,ego, hatreds etc. So that nowadays there is a trend that just lower the other person we will become higher, we are losing our original track, accepting any challenging situation or wrong way. It creates stress, anger, greed, irritation etc. Due to it how I am feeling today? /how-can-overcome-worries-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
What is the quality of my thought? Is attachment is blocking me? How am I thinking about another people? Is the way to understand the feeling of jealousy? Is this thought gives me nice feeling?
Or can these thoughts improve my life? Then why did I am creating these types of thoughts?/our-destiny-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
Jealousy simply creates stress & we know that stress = pressure/ inner power.


If a pressure is more stress is more. If we will neglect inner power I cannot change the
situation, I cannot change my husband means I cannot control numerator then why not we  increase inner power./interesting-stories-2--self-improvement--exit-covid/
Forget the situation our focus is on the situation so that we didn’t know inner power…
So to remove jealousy we have to increase inner power.
Some offices, schools, homes are filled with jealousy. If any person is jealous of me
then I didn’t have any effect on my mind.I have to do sometimes my work with my good intention./versatile-blogger-award/


To become jealous is the mistake of him not my any mistake then why should I suffer from it.
I have to maintain my belief that another person’s insecurity is not my mistake. So I
should have to create compassion for him keeping confidence with me.

In this situation some time I become depressed but I have to maintain specialty and if a
jealous person is overpowered with me then his negativity will overpower me.So that my
mood is getting off and suddenly my creativity is getting stopped and then I say due to him my work is not completed.
Five Ways to Kick the Jealousy Habit |


Well, I have to keep me self-motivated so that my power remains as it is. Where there is
power there is a growth.
You can do your work continuously with learning new things. Learning never goes waste .
my positivism will overpower you. Then people will tell you after meeting him I feel very
nice. Now, this person becomes the leader and everyone is supporting him.

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The Miracle Of Peace – Health – Self Improvement


Understand Peace here,

Let’s learn to create peace here

Peace is spirituality.

Peace is simplicity .

Peace brings satisfaction.

Peace makes you smile.

Peace is sweetness.

Peace is stability.

Peace creates solution.

Peace makes you strong.

Peace makes you stress free.

Peace makes you sing in happiness.

Peace creates your inner stress.

Peace makes you scare.

Peace is having sympathy.

Peace brings safety.

Peace is solitude.

Peace is stillness of mind.

Peace is having self respect.

Peace makes you spontaneous.

Peace enables you to know

all secrets of life.

Peace is not produce automatically we have to work on it. And it is not a simple way but we have to stop lot of daily things means we should have to attend to control our mind, some time we have ignore lot of  things.

Some times there is challenging person same like donkey but we have to assume as a very wise person or say ”GOPALRAO’ ‘so that we can maintain peace in difficult situation otherwise it is very hard to survive human beings.

Sometimes we have to face different types of people with peaceful mind . When the person handle these types of people with peaceful mind . That person is the great person in the universe. Otherwise by keeping some people away and creating peace is the simple thing.


Understand Peace here,

Let’s learn to create peace here

Peace is spirituality.

Peace is simplicity .

Peace brings satisfaction.

Peace makes you smile.

Peace is sweetness.

Peace is stability.

Peace creates solution.

Peace makes you strong.

Peace makes you stress free.

Peace makes you sing in happiness.

Peace creates your inner stress.

Peace makes you scare.

Peace is having sympathy.

Peace brings safety.

Peace is solitude.

Peace is stillness of mind.

Peace is having self respect.

Peace makes you spontaneous.

Peace enables you to know

all secrets of life.

Peace is not produce automatically we have to work on it. And it is not a simple way but we have to stop lot of daily things means we should have to attend to control our mind, some time we have ignore lot of  things.

Some times there is challenging person same like donkey but we have to assume as a very wise person or say ”GOPALRAO’ ‘so that we can maintain peace in difficult situation otherwise it is very hard to survive human beings.

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How To Remove Pressure In Your Life – Health – Mental Health

How To Remove Pressure In Our Life – Health – Mental Health

All  about pressure cleaning -pdkcm

 Yesterday I heard conversation between two students about their exams. They are discussing with each other about their admissions in the good college,and to get them out of marks in the examinations. Out of them, one was saying that ” If I would not get admission in that college I will leave my education” and another one was saying that” If I would be not getting admission to the M.B.B.S. college I will be sluiced” I astonished with these sentences.

I realized that nowadays what is the level of pressure to the students.?
How will it create?

What should we have to do to release from pressure?
OK, we will discuss in detail what is the pressure?

Pressure is an emotion which I create when I feel that what will happen if I will not achieve my goal without pressure
Pressure means can I do this or not If not then I create pressure.

  If there is fear in my mind about my and others expectations then I feel pressure. 

 When we are finishing our deadline we create pressure
       In two people if one is completing his deadline without pressure if it may be he requires more days but he will be in a comfortable state.
  But another one who had completed his deadline with fear and pressure then he will suffer from B. P.

 sugar, hyperthyroidism , irritations, anxiety, etc. Also he has chosen this type of lifestyle  thinking that ”It should happen automatically nowadays”

What is Peer Pressure? Why Did I Feel Pressure In My Life?

 Sometimes the pressure is not about deadline but it should be of our belief system  that ”I can’t do any work without pressure”
  Deadline doesn’t create pressure but the thought of it  ”can I complete it or not, if not then I realize pressure.

    To remove the pressure we have to stop for 2 minutes and watch our thought. We realize that we first creating the fear and then we are feeling the fear when we understand this feeling then again we observe the thought, change the thought check the belief system and accept the truth.

 Many times due to fear my efficiency gets reduced.
If a pressure is not where my self-esteem is on high level and My self-esteem does not depend on another one’s self-esteem.
When stability comes performance automatically gets good.

Logically and experimentally it proved that if pressure is not there achievement is more.

To remove pressure we have to do
1] Mediate every day for half an hour in the morning
2] Engage in any creative activity.
3] Talk to another person for five minutes except for your subject
4] Make humor and enjoy it
5] Use your humor to please never to hurt
 6] Do a household chore.
  7] Listen to spiritual music
  10 ] Call to friends, relatives, etc
   11] Left your ego and be a normal person. Keep away your status.
  12] Go to your friend, relatives, live light.
  13] Carry only love in the heart, remove ego,  prestige etc.
  14 ] Every person came on the earth only to distribute love, happiness, peace, etc Maybe he had earned a lot of material things.H e must have to carry love, peace, happiness compassion etc.
I have written this post without pressure
You read this post  without pressure
    Enjoy your life without  pressure

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How To Be Awesome At Giving Advice – Mental Health

Why Did I Give Advice To Anyone?



Self  Advice      

Self Realization

     When I had been in the school, there was one boy whose name is Rahul he was not well in study He always teasing to all students and teachers. Once a day he made mimicry of one teacher  and instead of telling truth about the teacher he was telling something wrong in the staff room After that this complain reached up to the principal. Then Principal called him and asked why did you want to give complain? about that teacher/ Then he told “ Sir, this sir is not teaching well  Mathematics “ then sir keep quiet for a while and after some time he asked him  some questions about mathematics he did not reply one answer also then principal sir given him strictly warning to him that first, you make your subject clear and perfect then give me complain about math’s  teacher mistake.

By this example, we can clearly understand that when we are pointing one finger at anyone then four fingers are always turned with us.-mental-health/ #Anger #choice

Nowadays in any society, there are a lot of advisors, everyone is giving advice & speech to everyone. We can create a lot of imagination to tell others but what about me?  When we want to transform the world It should start with me. It can be understood when I will become introvert.

Image result for images on advice with quotes

We always tried to clear and clean world but If I attached with anger, laziness, ignorant, violence, then how could I reduce it./how-to-overcome-negativity-in-lock-down/

The things or any rule we want to make it for all worlds. But not for me how it is possible? It should start with me. so that.

Every time we talk about to transform the world but in this  World, we can also part of it we can’t understand it and Every time we tell trend is changed but what is trend.?  Whatever may be the trend is there I have to live stable./benefits-of-optimist-person-in-lock-down-exit-co

with my values if I will decide it co firmly then there is no evil in this world. There is no need of any Guru to tell anything to us.

Image result for images on advice with quotes

When I am giving any advice to anyone I have to ask some questions to me. Which are 1) who am I ?  2) Am I right to give advice? 3) Can I able to give advice? To make a tally of this questions there are so fewer people.  they are getting happiness in giving advice to the other people.

Nowadays there are a lot of people who are giving a lot of advice, but to whom we should make a leader? is the main problem of all society. Everyone thinks that I am a leader and so that due to this thinking value of the man is decreasing and who could keep the respect of whom? Is the main question. In this situation, no one is trusting anyone. & when trust is over in the society everything is over. As every society is built on trust. 

In short, I want to tell everyone that,”No one could try to give advice to anyone ‘’Again there is advice.

Sorry for it.

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Problem Solving Real Story -Mental Health

In 1998 in Jan month I, my husband, my 2 years kid Sachin stayed in Bombay for his treatment, he was suffering from acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. At that time I was a teacher in one village, Management of school did not allow me to stay outside the school and  yet my payment also not started as school was 

There was a lot of financial problems for the treatment of my son. A doctor told us 2.5 lack expenditure requirements for the treatment. How could we manage that much amount from home? .We were a new married couple  and I must have to stay in Bombay for his treatment as he was too small to live without me.

Management did not give me leave as school was new, we tried to convince him so many times but he didn’t listen. So we decided to demand some financial aid to the educational minister [Sudhir Joshi] at Bombay and we went to demand at educational minister’s home.

Treatment of that patient was so hard that we have to be taken must care of him. Doctors did not allow giving outside food for the patient. So I brought some milk and sugar in the Tiff in from my house. But I forgot to bring the spoon to add and stir sugar in it.

Obviously, when the child gets up hungry how can he drink milk without sugar? How can sugar dissolve in milk as early as possible? Because my son was crying loudly. There was no any way to bring spoon as we were in the queue.

My husband was a really angry man, he had no any patience. But for treatment of my son, I have to keep quite.H e got angry and get worried. As we were in depression any time he was angry with me. After some time I also get worried. I searched everywhere but there was no any way to bring spoon, everyone was looking to me, after some interval within a fraction of second I got an idea and  I saw a steel pen with my husband’s shirt Then I took that steel pen from husband’s shirt, Add some sugar and stir the milk with sugar with the help of a steel pen./effects-of-fear-in-daily-life-exit-covid/

Napoleon Hill says “ You have got a problem of that’s good why? Because every time you meet a problem and tackle and conquer with positive mental attitude, you become a better, bigger and more successful person’’

]  Any problem creates fear in life it can break the relationship, create issues,  makes mental disorder etc. If we will not solve the problem easily it can create another problem with a lot of negative energy.

Sometimes it creates death also. pollute the atmosphere of home.


If the person is mentally strong he can solve any problem easily with using his life skill and strongly appreciating situation as it is.

Sometimes when we got problems in our life we can increase our mental power to solve it.

But nowadays there is a new trend that if anyone has the problem he should have to solve it alone no one is helping him and thinking that ”let us we will see what will happen?” Refer and earn 25% commission for each refer.

37 thoughts on “Problem Solving _[Real story]”

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How To Empower Mind – Stay Home- Mental Health

We know that as the mind as the thought and as the thought as the karma, As the karma as the destiny.

So our destiny depends on our thoughts and our thought is created by mind and this mind makes magic everywhere.

We can buy everything in the market but we can’t buy the power of mind in the market. How could we increase the power of the mind? What is the way to empower the mind? What is the way to control the mind? How can I understand I have to empower my mind?

To empower the mind first we can see what the condition of mind is?. Is my mind now disturbed or in peaceful state?. Can I watch my mind? Can I observe the real condition of mind? What are the thoughts running through my mind?. If they are _ ve the speed of negative thought is fast and so I am getting disturbed now.

When we are purchasing anything we are watching that this thing is good in this situation or not, some like this.

Now we can stop and check in my mind that what is in our mind?.

If I will give an order to another person his mind accept my order and doing the work.  Which did I tell then why did my mind not?

As we have not given counselling to my mind my mind is like child’s mind, and if we have to council any children’s mind then we have to tell him lovingly not forcefully, and we have to attend to my mind what is going in my mind ?.

When we attend our mind our mind became peaceful and we feel calm, relax and stable. As when we can’t attend to our baby crying loudly but when we see her going close to her, he /she became suddenly peaceful and calm the same thing with the mind.

Our mind is same like mobile to do the work we require mobile It became the most important part of life. To turn our mobile we require, full of charging so when we get up in the morning we make our mobiles battery with full of charge.

After some time by using this mobile it becomes discharged and we are keeping that mobile again to charge. But what about our mind.

IN the morning when we are going to the office we are full of charging but when we coming back our children are waiting for us to get the love from mama or papa, but instead of giving love to them we are angry with them loudly. Screaming at them, abusing them so what we are giving to our children? Why did We are working? and we are telling them I am working for them? Why did it happen, As mobiles battery get discharged we have charge it but I have not attended to my mind I have not charged to my mind., Same like mobile I have to make mediation for 5 minutes after an hour. I have to check my mind.&to know HOW  TO EMPOWER MIND?   

My mind is full of traffic control of my thoughts for it I have to stop for 2 min same like traffic control. When the red signal is There, red signal means waste thoughts stop it. Then yellow means input thoughts check and when green signal is there we start to run the car like this change our thoughts.

After every hour how did we can do mediation?. If ego has gone everything gone.

Jealousy, anger, greed, the sex we don’t throw it outside but only we have to keep in mind. Or in memory that, I am a peaceful soul. and I am playing a role of my boss.

     To empower the mind I have to follow these steps.

1)      Doing meditation ( feeding good thoughts) in my mind, in the morning.

2)      After each, an hour stop, check and change what is the quality of my thought by doing meditation for l ,2 min.

3)      To be calm and peaceful make purification of the mind by forgiving, by donating peaceful thoughts to anyone, by giving a pure love of peace. 

  4)      Every time sending good vibrations, by loving nature providing someone kindness, compassion peace etc.

5)      Keeping attention with my thoughts is the best way of empowering my mind.

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Why Did Anxiety- Mental Health


    We Know  that, today everywhere  there is a discussion  of anxiety.  We  think that it is natural. Sometimes I too also feel it is natural. And it is true  that some natural things must have to come out otherwise if we will suppress it. It will take another form means  that person behaves wickedly  or running politics  to  work with colleague  He can adjust with  pressure, or sometimes he will managing his time thinking that  I have to live with him  for  1  or 2 year , then why did we oppose him? We can take benefit from the front person and leave him etc. We feel that this person is working with honestly  or politely. But, when this opinion comes out in front of every person  this takes another form of life or creating  another problems in our life.

Nervous Anxiety GIF by blackbear

Why Did Anxiety -Mental Health Keyword

Instead   finding temporally solution if we will be clear about it to the front person .There may be struggle or fighting but it can keep a lot of problem away   or making relationship clear. May be  front person feel  worst  about the person who is taking bitter decisions.

Anxiety not comes suddenly in our life. It can comes  from past karma  as like that  , there  are so many infants in the maternity hospital but,  of them some are crying  continuously if they have no any problem. Then in our INDIA old people says keep name of his/her grand mother/ father etc. And really this works.

anxious dana carvey GIF

1] We   know that some kids are unnecessary getting anxious. Reason of that is some parents takes more care or gives what they want easily. If they have the habit to  get everything easily  and sometimes  if not getting it they become more anxious.

nervous crazy ex girlfriend GIF

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2] In the child hood if kids are getting hate from surrounding or from the relatives then they become anxious.        So any kid must have to get appreciation.

3] Rejection  is the main cause of anxiety.

4] When the person facing a lot of time unhappiness and troubles he also become more anxious.

scared oh no GIF by Portlandia

5]  More  important  reason of anxiety is that if we  have not taught  to the children to face any situation happily  and silently  then  before facing any situation  that  children creating a lot of fear and suddenly turns in to anger and become more anxious.

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Which Beliefs Carrying Mental Disorder People-Mental Health –

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Which beliefs we are carrying with mental disorder people?

How to cure a mental disorder person at home?

Today we have everywhere discussion about mental illness or mental disorder. Generally, every person carries a mental disorder. Every person has to carry 20 % mental disorder to run the life. Otherwise, we never gave any blame to the great leaders like Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi Indira Gandhi, etc. Some situations come in front of them to take a decision against the common people for the benefits of the country. Then we say he is mad. We know that in politics also how every leader is trying to show another leader mad? How much may be any person strong or wise he has to face this word ‘’MAD’’ for other people. 


In our home also the person who has more responsibilities of the family has to come across with this word. As every member of the family also showing how he is mad? If I would be in that place then I will show you how I can run the family?. But, when he got this position who is blaming his father has to face the same problem and has to be ready to listen this world ‘’MAD’’ 

health issues

Generally, in society, we think that mental disorder never is a cure. How much would be we give them medicines? But, up to his death, he has to supply medicines. Without medicines, he never cures his mental illness. And so many people are living away from that person thinking that he is a danger for us. So many are taking his misbenefit means taking some money from him, giving him blame, cheating with him, torturing with him, Insulting him and run away from him. In this case, he can’t control his mental activity and become carrying more mental disorder problem. He loses faith in everyone and himself. 

which belief carrying mental disorder people/
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.comhttp://which beliefs carrying mental disorder people-Mental health/

body obstacles

There are 2 types of mental patients.

 1] One is due to a mental disorder or thinking

2] Due to chemical unbalancing in their brain.

1] WE WILL SEE the FIRST TYPE. With my observation, mental disorder case happens with the more sensitive people. Or due to any emotional harassment. This means since childhood if that person has not received any security from the family. Or didn’t have completed his mental or physical needs then also he becomes more mental. This is one case and another thing is if we have providing more care for any children or kid, protecting him more security also creates mental disorder. If we will providing everything that he wants immediately then he becomes like a terrorist and he thinks that the things which are in the world should get to me first. He didn’t tolerate any less in his life and he thinks that I am the king of this family. I should have to be listening to my order everyone. If not happened as he likes then he becomes mental. And tried to complete his needs with this situation. 

how to mental illness

 Sometimes to keep his impression in the family also he behaves differently. Sometimes everyone must have to attend me or give preference to me also finds any way to become mental. Some families accept it as it is as to run family happy and silently but if it happens in more proportion it can create more problems with the family.

DUE TO CHEMICAL UNBALANCING IN THEIR BRAIN: This is a serious case in mental disorder people. This can transform as heredity or due to some past wrong beliefs. Some doubts also create more chemical unbalance. If we have suffered from any physical problem and have taken some wrong medicines for it can create chemical unbalance in the brain. 

mental disorder

Some wrong method of taking diet also creates chemical unbalance.

In this case, my most serious observation is that due to internal fear also this case happens often.

When I was in 1 St STD my mother has been suffered from it. Means she suddenly screaming at night in the dark sleep and started to talk herself assuming that she was ‘’JAGADAMBA’’ She talks to everyone as like JAGADAMBA. When we are putting her KUMKUM TILAK and filing her ‘’OOTI ‘’with rice and taking her everyone’s blessing then she automatically keeps quite. But while meeting her I feel that she was JAGADAMBA. As her love had so power that without any material things she was attracting a lot of people. But all other relatives tell that it was a mental case. She has this problem for at least 25 years.

But, now I am getting some points to realize from her life that her ‘’KUNDALINII ‘’was awakened as she never getting worries for money, what will she wishes get automatically complete. 


But by doing Seva of ‘’DATTA GURU’’of our Pachlegoankar Maharaj ”SIDH PURUSH” her that problem was cured automatically. 


I think all scientists, patriots, also comes in this case. Because they have to think differently in comparison to common people.

Some mental problems occur due to the vibrations of our ancient dead relatives or family members. I observed this case so many times and I would get understand that if there is no reason then also there is quarreling or fight in the family. Sometimes some kids also behaving as totally mad for a while. Some family members are affected due to it and behave as mad and we give them to name this is a mental disorder. When we will do spiritual healing on them then automatically they can make transform in their life. 




1] Give him a feeling that he is belonging in our family.

2] Maybe we know he is mental but without showing him that he is mental treat him as a common man. 

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

3] Give him faith, respect, love.

4] Engage him every time in any activity. Never cross him. Never dominate him for any activity. 

Angermeyer MC1, 

5] As if we will dominate him, he will do the same case more time and showing more mental.

6] Maybe some mental people do actions purposely to keep family under their control show them that we are in his control but do not live every time in his control. MedGen News

7] Give him counseling every day. If the case is not in control with the counseling then take treatment of a good psychiatrist. 

] Teach him some spiritual activity, any mantra, prayer, bhajan, songs, etc, and give faith that it is useful for his life. It can transform his life.
9] Join Indian culture to overcome all life’s problems easily with the help of spirituality. It can overcome 80% of life problems.
10] Have a lot of ways to remove your depression, mental health, physical disorder, with the help of spirituality but must have to understand that how to use spirituality in regular life? How to make a balance between spirituality and life problems?

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