Importance Of Writing In Lock down



   Best Solution For Mental Health Patients 

 Are you going to depression in lockdown? 

 Do you feel too heavy in this period?      

      Last week I went to my relative’s home to meet their family members. Now schools are closed so students have to learn at home. The students who are already in the school are now in confusion. 

They are thinking that to talk teachers have no time so there is no conversion. So one student asked me there I want to ask so many problems to the teachers but teachers are scolding me and saying ‘’you are bringing us every time problem.’’ To express everything directly is very hard. As the teacher will scold on me. I asked him But, most important is you have to talk to your teacher about your question. Then he told us we are going outside for a tour and want to take permission from him/her. I can’t ask him/her some questions directly. 

Then I told him why did you are not writing it via letter writing.? 

 Now he understands its very nice idea. We can’t talk to her all things on the phone but, we can write it in detail.

Then I got the point that how writing is important? 

We can express everything without any fear in writing but not orally. The person who can’t talk in front of any person but, he can talk loudly on the phone. Any person who can’t talk on the phone can talk in the writing without any limits.

We know that Govt. declares a lot of rules and laws every time he couldn’t tell all laws orally. Maybe tell orally we can’t keep at a time all these in our mind. Any way implementation is writing. 

May be science has developed a lot of apps, or scientific apparatus still we have to write everything on the mobile or app.

We have to keep every word safe as like valuable diamonds. If one word has been lost from any diary our life becomes very hard. 

The newspaper maybe we have heard any news on the TV or the internet but we can’t get satisfaction till reading it in the newspaper. 

How My Habit Of Writing Developed

My habit of writing is developed in this way. Anything If I can’t tell elders in front of them I was writing a detailed letter to them. Then they could understand everything.

If the person is like terrorist means we can’t express him anything in front of him then we can write some understanding points for him to counsel him, It will effectively more than speaking. Also writing is good proof for everything.

If the boss is very strict means we can’t talk in front of him then we can talk to him via writing. 

If there is no way to talk or to express our thoughts writing is the best way to express it. And when our thoughts read a lot of people then we get happiness and well satisfaction from it. This satisfaction we never get anywhere.

In my childhood, I am explaining my every thought to my father, brother, sister, friends by writing a letter to them. 

When we are talking to the front person we are talking in one word but we can write 1 page on that word. 

Let’s see the word ‘’Flowers’’ we can at least speak on it more than 100 words orally but, we can write plenty of novels and poems 

on the flowers.

 Nowadays in so many families, there are a lot of issues regarding a lot of problems then if we will express it due to fear of quarreling or creating peace with pressure then it will create more problems. Everyone has the right to express their feelings. But, in some families, there are strict rules especially for the ladies in India who have to suffer more. To express their feelings and thoughts writing is the best way. To remain light in any situation. 

   I think that this rule can run for mental health patients in a better way. 

  Benefits Of Writing 

Let’s us we will see the benefits of writing 

1] Writing teaches us discipline. 

2] It increases beautifulness in our life. 

3] Beautiful writing comes from inner and gives complete happiness. 

4] It develops thousands of voices from writing. 

5] It transforms the whole world with one sentence. 

6] It keeps man aware, it can keeps mind, heart clean. 

7] To increase creativity writing is the best way. It impresses a lot of people, changes the habits of people. 

  Changes mind, thoughts, effects on every little impact of life. 

8] It creates understanding, bringing maturity, changes thought level, increases confidence, makes a strong connection between people, writer, and authors. 

9] Creates telepathy, some times people became mad, due to perfect writing, increases love and creates strong bonding. Makes man positive, keeps focus on their goal, and enjoying his own life happily. 

10] If the boss has told anything orally it is not working but, if he has given it by writing it heal the stop in one second. 

11] It can divert and detoxify the mind easily.

Many times true writers mind is anywhere and audience mind is anywhere and this situation creates history in the world. Also creates happiness for all their fans.          

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10 Points To Remove Sadness In Lock down – Exit COVID

How to get rid of sadness?

It’s a very simple thing that no one like sadness. Everyone is trying how to get happiness? As if a man has no power to overcome sadness he will directly attract death.

So that first we will see what is real sadness? Sadness is the process which depends on everyone’s perception./why-did-anger is our choice?

The person who thinks that this drama or this person is

Giving me sadness purposely but the person who understand why did he is behaving differently? he has some reason for it& so he did not feel sadness.

establish healthy sleeping habits, like going to bed at a regular time and limiting TV exposure before bed.

Forex: In your home small child of 10 years screaming on you, behaving rudely with you, saying abuse words for you, is sadness for others who is watching this drama with this perception, but the parents who attached with them they will say ‘’now he is small so he is behaving like

this’ ’they didn’t feel this seen as sadness.


Another example of it so many mountain climbers, they have a perfect goal to reach their destination. So they didn’t feel any sadness maybe he suffers from cold, fever or maybe fallen anywhere or they have to suffer from a lot of difficulties.


Suppose anyone wants to become a high achiever in the world so he has to face a lot of difficulties like jealousy, maybe sometimes he didn’t get proper food to eat. He has a lot of obstacles to travel maybe he has to walk every day 5 Km or want to go by Rickshaw or he has to suffer a lot of inconveniences.But other person watching him & saying what is the use of this hopeless life? What is the use of that achievement? But the person who is facing these difficulties didn’t feel any sadness.

How to get rid of sadness?

When he achieves his success he thinks its right way for my life.

I think sometimes sadness is the way of life to realize something. Otherwise, if we are living in an A C condition.reasons-of-quarrel-in-family-family-international-day/

We didn’t realize anything & we can’t move from that place.

In Mahabharata, Kunti said that ‘’Hey God give me a lot of sadness ‘’ so that I could remember you every time & I could understand life.So many saints proved also proved that due to a lot of sadness ‘’they had got God & knowledge’’ & they become the Guru of the world to show a good way of life to the people.

Image result for images on sadness 
How to get rid of sadness?

But still, no one wants to attach with sadness purposely Or to do struggle for life.So what is the way to reduce sadness or to get rid of sadness? We will see here.

1] Decide aim of your life means the purpose of life. Goal

& purpose are different things.

2]Keep your destination point fix.

3] Don’t keep a lot of attachment with close relationship means with parents, wife, kids, friends,sister&brother or Anyone.

4] Keep in mind that no one is with you, you have to travel alone in the traffic.

5]Always keep a connection with God, by doing meditation or remembering God every time.

6]Try to reduce your ego, jealousy, hatreds, anger, irritations.

7]Don’t make a comparison with another one.

8] Every time try to live in peace of mind.

9] Keep attention when you are gossiping or chatting with another person that ‘’Is I am criticizing to anyone?

Or is anyone become unhappy with my thought?

10]Don’t demand a lot of things every time.

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Quotes On Education In Lock down- Quotes

Hi Friends, Good morning have a wonderful day.

We are in the lock down there are so many questions in front of nation . Main question is to provide employment, food, shelter for the poor. Providing these things immediately is very hard. But if we will give knowledge to them to improve life in difficult situation then it is possible in less time.

Today so many educational scientists are working to build better management for the education. But base of any management should be honest, working on values and virtues. Now we have the better opportunity to omit discrimination of castes from the education and job management. If we will make it only on the basis of wisdom and economic situation. It can built better society for the future.

Today we have to make improvement of students in the challenging situation. So we have to give the knowledge to him that how would be able to use any present things it may be air, soil, water and make some experiment to create a new magical things. If possible we can use new technology along with new apparatus to get new results in the LOCK DOWN.


1] We must have to remove fear of parents and students about COVID.

2] Before 2 days I met one parent who is providing 25,000 per month for the teacher who are giving education to his children. It’s Okay with his economical condition but what about the poor? Also he told we never send our kids to the school due to the fear of COVID.

3] This fear is with so many parents and students it maybe poor or rich. So all media, organization must have to work on to remove this fear.

4] If we will be able to remove fear from people’s mind along with security and protection automatically CORONA will leave away. We couldn’t understand how did it has gone?


1]Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. [ Nelson Mandela]

2]Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.[ Malcolm Forbes]

3] Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself [John Dewey]

The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet [ARISTOTLE]

5]The function of true education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.Intelligence plus character -That is the goal of true education [Martin Luther King Jr]

6]It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.[Aristotle]

7] The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.[ Herbert Spencer]   

My education gives me power to face the difficult situation without any corruption.http://Blue host link

10]Education always gives me knowledge to keep values and virtues everywhere.

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Valuable Drama Mrutuanjay Ho [ Veer Savarkar ]- Fear Of Death

      Drama On V. D. Savarkar – Mrutuanjay Ho


Today  at the afternoon suddenly I have a call  from my relatives about this drama. She told   Very nice drama you must go with your kids and family. Then I left my so important work and decided to go. Today  we have forgotten about drama and all these valuable things but I realized that drama is how much effective than any cinema. As we  know that actors are working in the cinema behind our eyes and here actors and participants are working in front of us . So the things which are happening in the drama are feeling real. We lost our life for a while . There is no brake and no advertise so totally we involve in it.

     Let us talk about the drama ‘’Mrutanjaya Ho’’ I didn’t know more about Devotee Savarkar. I learnt only their 2 poems by heart in my school life that is one is ‘’Jayostute Shri  Mahanmangale Shivaspade , Shubhde’’ and another song 

Veer Savarkar/
http://Veer Savarkar/

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‘’Ne Majasi Ne Parat Matra Bhumila , Sagara Pran Talmala ‘’ we are singing this song in the school with full of devotion .

 Today  while watching  this drama  I realized that ‘’How much deep spiritual knowledge would have been to the Veer Savarkar? I   astonished with their deep spiritual knowledge and real love towards country. I  think ‘’Geeta’’ would have the importance due to these people. This is really too much heart touching drama. No one will forget this drama in their life. If anyone loves their country. The  sentences of the actor ‘’Savrakar ‘’ has the power  as like internet  waves . I  think  today  also country is running  due  to like these sentences of Veer  Sarvarkar.   Like  these super spiritual persons sentences didn’t need any media . Automatically  they are spreading in the atmosphere and work with the people’s work. We didn’t understand how these are working in the atmosphere but spiritual person can understand it easily.

 How much brave, super person was that? How his power has changed the mind of Govt?. These  type of change never bring any Minister who is running in the plane or in the big car. But the person who is working for the soul and country by heart not for the body is  definitely brings the change in the environment.

At start I thought ‘’How foolish this ‘’Veer Savrkar? ’’ But  while he fighting with his death or YAM , I never imagine this type of brave commentary. How he had faced with death? How he faced with the difficulties? But never changed his mind and principals towards  his country  is also amazing thing. Really I liked that scene. How fearless person he is?

This drama means very good revolution for the country. We never forget their work and scarification for our country. Thanks for the team who had prepared this drama . Next generation  will definitely run towards a  lot of change in their life.

Today So many people are adopting  an  abroad high profile  life style . So they are forgetting that someone had scarified their life for our country so that we are living in the comfortable zone . Otherwise we have to face a lot of troubles and difficulties to run our life. It is the best way to make a bright change in the next generation.

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How To Remain Healthy In Lock down – Exit COVID

Easy   way to be healthy –  Easy Tips.

Today everyone is worrying and talking about health problems. As we know that since child hood  some  students are suffering from  sugar, diabetes, obesity, some mental disorders,  arthritis, etc.

Why Did Obesity?

They didn’t have physical work. They  are forgetting to use their locomotion organs. They didn’t want to walk  for 5 minutes . They need vehicle to reach nearest place. Didn’t want to work hard  for any  success. Every thing they want easily in their hand. No time to be wait or why did I have to tolerance some things. I never tolerance any uncomfortable  in my life. With this thought . Their bones are not becoming strong. Instead of making strong bones their bones are becoming brittle and so easily catching joint pain or arthritis. No physical work only watching TV or playing games in the mobile creating problems of obesity and diabetes.

We know that  ‘’ A sound body keeps sound brain’’ As healthy person’s body and mind is always alert in any situation. We know that our parents and grandparents are telling us some stories , these are very effective to us. These are scientifically proved beneficial every time

What To DO and Not To Do

For ex . Drinking water of copper vessel is preventing so many diseases. This water is very useful for the gall bladder or acidity problem.

Taking rest at proper time is also best remedies for the good health. But keeping attention only on the sleep is very harmful to our body. Working on the gadget is good for a while but continuously keeping gadget in our hand is very dangerous to our life. So learn to Keep gadgets away from you so that your brain could take good rest and you will become fresh for next work.

Keep the attention on eating . I like this food so I will eat it at any time , or I want only this food . This type of ambition also creates so many problems in the body. And not good for your  better health. Instead it will create poison in your body.

So keep your diet perfect. The food which is good for weight loss, fibrous , easy to digest  can be useful to your body. Avoid the food which is increasing cholesterol in your body.
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Move Your Body Every time

We are  working  at one place no motion of our body.  So we didn’t get any moment to our waist and back so get up for it . Do small exercise after every hour. Otherwise it will create cholesterol and increase your blood pressure.

To feel  light move from the place  for a while or do any simple work so that your body will keep maintains  with you. Exercise and Yoga is the best medicine for us.

Learn To Be Satisfied In Any Situation

If you want to be fit and healthy in the life .Learn to live life for the soul. Not for the body. If you will get inner satisfaction. You will be free from all  problems of health and mind . Will  be happy in any situation.

Do prayer for it regularly .Try to understand front person. Keep positive attitude in every activity. Try to be a peaceful & silence man. Every thing will be better for you.  

Do Not Copy Of Others

  • do any work or exercise , which is fit for you , otherwise people are telling or I watched it on the TV or in the video so I must have to do. Or Mam has written in the blog so it is good for me, etc no. Learn to use your original talent for how to be you become fit.? Which formula is good for me? Otherwise you will create another problems.
  • Keep These Important Points With You
  • I am fearless soul , I loves to God and he loves me
  • No any virus can touch to my mind or body.
  • I am always free from all evils.
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Tips For The Kitchen – In Lock down



1]   Everyone’s heart of life is  their kitchen. As this kitchen maintain all our life. As If  we are not eating good food our mind gets disturbing. We need delicious, clean, useful food which can make good effects on our body. Means we will eat raw food as like chapatti, Rice,or any Subji it can cause pain in the abdomen or creates so many digestion problem. So we need food which can provide good health to us. It  must be well prepared and well cooked. Let us we will discuss here which kitchen tips we have to use in the kitchen.

1]  While making Dosa or Idali  to make it light add some Poha and granules of sugar along with Fenugreek seeds.

2] While soaking flour of Idali don’t add  baking powder or  soda instead add upper peel of onion in the soaked flour to fermented it good.

3] While making Pakode or Bhaji add corn flour to it.It will remove its oil and  Pakode become crunchy.

4] While making onion Pakode add  small amount of Rava to it , it will become crunchy.


1] Cut the lemon and keep it in the fridge it will reduce bad foul of the fridge.

2] Keep some essence in the fridge to get good smell.

3]In each month grind some salt in the mixture jar so that it can keep  maintains of inner parts of mixture jar.

4] To make Dahi Vade ,while using Dahi add some sugar in the milk to get good taste.

5]  Make paste of milk powder and keep it in the fridge to create  Khoya .

6] In the rainy season  keep some rice granules in the  matches  so that it can’t be get wet .

7] To make Dahi  at home add some lemon juice in the milk to make it thick.

8] Never keep Jaggary in the Aluminum tiffin , it can keep in the plastic tiffin or in the Bronze tiffin.

9] Keep some  cloves in the tiffin of sugar to avoid ants and some germs.

10]  Add some salt stones in the store  of Rice  to avoid to create germs in it.  

11] If you have add more salt by mistake then add some dump of wheat flour in the subji.

12] Sometimes we feel that milk will get spoil then add some pinch of eating soda to it. While creating some another type of sound in it.

13] If you want to keep coriander fresh for more days , it maybe 8 days then keep this well chopped coriander into the plastic clean tiffin box.

14] To remove more oil from the Subji add another subji by cooking without oil or pour oil in another pot slowly.

15] Never keep fried food more time in the kitchen it can attract germs easily.

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