Let’s Know Meaning Of Hope – Self Improvement

Hope  is the word made from following words

 HOPE = Happiness + OK + Pleasure + Enthusiasm

Everywhere we are listening to this word and leading a life with it.

If this word will absent from our life we will suffer from dangerous diseases like depression, some mental disorder etc.

The best friend of everyone’s life is hope and our destiny also depends on it.

Suppose anyone is suffered from serious disease and if we will talk him about his problem

Negatively and seriously how could he keep hope? If you can’t assist him in any way you could help him by giving hope.

Otherwise, he will leave everything from his life. As ‘’the best gift to give others is hope’’

To give hope to the others we should have to be positive, loveful, having kindness, etc.

Let us we will discuss this word.

Happiness:  It is the best key to success, when we are happy, positive energy will transfer automatically everywhere and this energy creates good atmosphere and we know that happiness does not depend on anyone. If we will decide to be happy we would be happy and this happiness brings hope in our life.

  1. Generally, we are using this word in daily routine. If there is everything fine then everything OK.Sometimes it may be not fine then also we say ‘’yes’’ OK.

If we like a lot of things then we say ‘’OK’’. If we don’t like things then also we say ‘’OK.’’Means this ‘’OK’’  word also carrying hope.


Now the third word is a pleasure, this word suggests a lot of positive energy. It always reflects happiness.

& when everything is OK, happiness automatic comes and when we are happy everywhere Pleasure is there.

The last word is ‘enthusiasm’

Today this enthusiasm is reducing in big cities. To bring enthusiasm they have to go to clubs, they have to keep parties, this brings artificial enthusiasm. It is not permanent. It remains only for short time, it cannot bring eagerness.

When we observe this enthusiasm in villages, you will understand what is truly eagerness, to bring natural eagerness there are a lot of festivals in INDIA. We are waiting for it to celebrate, like ‘’GANPATI’’ festival, Diwali, Dassera etc. They come naturally. and it is God’s wish so that they bring eagerness, and enthusiasm to bring hopes.


1] Celebrate festivals, rituals happily.

2] Always look to the good things.

3] As like green garden, green images, God’s images,nature images.

4] Read motivational books

5] Keep in engaging yourself.

6] Avoid to watch, read, listen worst things.

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Back To School – School Life


Today’s   education increasing  depression. As  this education giving thinking to the student that ‘’I WANT JOB’’ except it no one is ready to think about life, about his family members, about relatives, about country etc. This thinking increasing selfishness in the life and its disturbing life. As today everyone is thinking that ‘’What can effect with us if any person will come as a PM in our country ?. I  didn’t have time to attend all these things.

Mine linked in connection member  ED. VISHWANATH [ a philosopher] author of Hindu. He discusses every day on Geeta as well as lots of issues of life.

One day he wrote some quotes on negative thinking  and  told avoid negative people and  he explained how negative people are dangerous to our life. It’s true for a while.  but instead of writing Agree with him I have written oppose of him and started to explaining about negativity.

If you are positive then there is no question of front person negative.  In them, if you are creating some questions on front person negativity then what is the use of your positivism?

Today every where there is a discussion on negative people. Avoid negative people. Generally, in everyone’s home, all  old people are negative.. Can we leave them anywhere? Or when child born he didn’t carry positivity with him.We   have  to accept his all behavior may be positive or negative means

Some babies carry lots of negativity from previous birth so we have to keep them in the incubator or treat here, this is negativity. But can we leave them as a negative behavior? We have to accept everything as this is my child or baby.

SWAMI   VIVEKANANDA says  for today’s education ‘’ When we  send any  child in the school  or daycare  or primary  school    we   are giving 1st  lesson to them  your father is bad , then 2 nd lesson    your grand father is  very mad . Then  he automatically learn from the education system that  teacher  is half mad  as  teacher teaches  them keep  respect  with  parents  and grand parents.

Last lesson we  are giving them   our  religious holy  books are wrong  means  when he learnt all  this system at  a time  he is the statue of  depression. As where did  he will keep  faith?.He  became   totally uncultured person  and  in this way we  are disrespecting  to the religion.   There  has  been completed 60 years for ruling BRITISH  then also we have not changed our education system.

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Only religion gives us happiness, satisfaction  and peace but we  didn’t understand it.

Main needs of people are food,  clothes, shelter that must have to get everyone for the regular satisfaction.

Today’s man is on the moon but  we  didn’t have any realization of mind so we are feeling unhappiness.religious_ed_1782655_std

Goverments  all  institution never keeps  completely  satisfied to the man.

If   we  want  to be peaceful we must have  to learn religious and historical education.Why did attacks on our country? We know that total country has been  in slavery.  Due to absence of religious teaching there   are attacks on our country.In that lots of motivated people died. Lots of holly books burnt, lots of temple and educated schools vanished. There  was everywhere  destruction and religious education system has been lost.

Now is the time to learn religious education and past history of life to find the solution for COVID .

Today we are going in very difficult situation I think our saint will find solution on it.


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