My Interesting School Memories – Reflection Of Life


    I was learning in a big school. It was the famous school in my city at that time. No, any school can run a competition with my school. I never forget the memories of my school. 

    A Confidence Building School 

   That school was taking a lot of activities in the school. Like sports, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, reading, writing competitions, fancy dress, a new style of competitions. I have very proud of my school. I am here due to my school. As my school was the confidence-building school. It was a very rich people’s school. Body members of the school are very high-level perfect business persons. Still, they have complete attention to my school. 

  Many Competitions Are Running ...

  At that time we have celebrated at least one-month gathering. All competitions were running. Students were performing amazing performance. At that time. Our school teachers were working continuously for school. They were all ladies not only working for the school but, for the development of every student. 

   It Was Only Girl School 

   Another important thing about my school is, it was a girl school. Only all girls and ladies’ teachers were there. No, any gents were there. Everywhere we see ladies. Peons also ladies. When I have entered college, I have a lot of fear for the gent’s students. To enter the college also have too much fear. After arriving at the school, if 1 minute was also late, we have to stand outside. No entry in the school. Of them, if any teacher has compassion, she was calling in the ground. Giving punishment to stand the whole day. 

  About Prayer Of School

  There was prayer in the morning and evening as radio broadcasting was running. While evening prayer starts ‘’VANDE MATARAM’’ we have to stop instantly on that stop. This event gives us a different meaning to our life with curiosity. No moment has to do still finish that song. If we had been standing in the opposite direction will have to stay there.

Why Did I Love My School?

Our English teacher was our class teacher. Her personality is filled with full of activities. Today also she has 80 years but taking part in so many social activities. She is my idol for my life. Her teaching, her lifestyle, her loving nature towards students, strictness, etc. I never forget it. 

I was learnt there only for 3 years 8 to 10 class. At that time, we were a very poor family. There was no time to make food for me. And my all friends were bringing every day a new type of food. I was shy to bring roti in the school so I never take tiffin with me in the school. 

How Class Teacher Keeps Personal Attention?

  One day how this information was reached to my class teacher. She came upside on the first floor to see is I had been bought tiffin or not? She saw I didn’t have bought tiffin and she caught my hand and reached in her staff room to eat the tiffin. This memory I never forget in my life. 

  In the 10Th class, all students have tuitions outside to learn English. But, we few students have no money to join the outside paid tuitions. 

Then she carried tuitions at her home. She was calling to us at her home to teach the English on Sunday. She teaches us for 2 hours. Makes our English perfect. mystery-blogger-award-dpranita583/

Our Speech Competition

I think in the 9 TH class there were competitions held in the school. For the English speech. Then notice came in every class. From each class 2 students have been ready to take part in it. In our class
Our monitor, Gaytri Kalantri, and I took part in the speech program. She is from a very rich family. But, a very loving nature. Very ambitious, clever, active. She behaves strictly in the class when there was no teacher but, after that, she loves everyone.
Now the competition has been holding and we took part in that competition. It was an English storytelling competition. Then mam has given us topics to learn. She has given a story on Mahatma Gandhi and I was given ‘’ Story Of Bagdad’’awesome-blogger-award/
Now I was learning that speech perfectly. Then mam took the practice of both. Because external examiners were called to examine us.
The competition had been started first she performed. She has very well. Now my turn. I had been no stage of courage. I was singing a song on the stage but in the corous. Still, I went to the stage. Start to speech. The first paragraph and honoring were perfect. But, in the second part, I have lost my confidence and forgot my second para and blocked there. Then still I told my speech is over. Thanks. interesting-story-hava-kahe-suraj-kare/
MORAL: We think that these types of competitions are not important in our life. As percentage is very important but, when I remembering this event, I thought definitely these types of events give us the courage to be ahead in life. Today when I was thinking about my book and articles, I realize that this competition is the main root of my preparation.
My class teacher’s name was Sumathi Jagtap.

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2] Your Favorite Destination

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3] How did you will define your highest happiness state?

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How Eye Contact Can Influence On Our Life – Life Experiences

Types of Eye Contacts – Life Skills

Why Did We Get Irritated With Someone’s Eye Contact?

Learn here

What are the types of sensitive eye contacts?

How to understand types of eye contacts?

Did you experienced any danger zone due to poisonous eye contact?

Do you believe eye contact is also a good language of life?

Eye contact

We know that a lot of love stories, family stories have been developed with it.There are so many person whose hate is showing from their eye contacts. Some people’s eye contact is so poisonous that it can spoil the front person’s life. I never forget that events throughout the life. These are my well experienced thoughts which I am sharing. I have an experience of eye contact [poisonous] that experience still I am facing with my life and on my family life too.


We know that, if small baby has been played for a while in front of so many people her mother can remove her ”Nazrana”

Our bride groom when ready to celebrate marriage we keep a small black

spot on his face so that he couldn’t suffer from any poisonous eye contact.

In this way there so many rituals in Indian cultural to remove negative energy via our eye contacts.


I think that our 80% life can understand only through eye contact.

We know that even small infant of age 2 to 3 months can understand 3 rd

person with his eye contact. He/she can watch face but, when enter into the eyes of third person he can understand the real persons. Of them if we

will see with furious eyes to any small baby she /he never come near to us.

So that in India there is a ritual ‘’Najar Utarne’’ or, ‘’Drisht Kadhne’’ with red chilly,mustard seeds and salt .

There are so many types of eye contact which we are experiencing.

That is romantic eye contacts, mother’s special love contact, praising eye contact, surprising eye contact, criminal eye contact , marvellous eye contact, loving , caring, understanding eye contact. full of anger or furious eye contact, We can understand all these things through eye contacts. Even small baby can also understand language of eye contact. So I think, eye contact will became the special branch for study.

If we have a lot of hate for any person we didn’t want to see his face then we never make any eye contact like that person.
We can experience a lot of times loving eye contact with animals like dogs, cats, cows, our all domestic animals.
Sometimes we can experience violent eye contact in the eyes of animals too. Sometimes we can see a lot of anger in the animal’s eye contact too.
Wild animals could catch the prey with their furious eye contact.

CONCLUSION : Eye contact can become the best language. If the person is clean, clear mind and having loving nature like saint we say his eyes are ”Satwik eyes” has a different type of brightness in his eyes. He/she could became genius person in the world.

Generally, Godess and God’s eyes are filled with full of love we are looking it in the images of them .

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Story Of Prestigeful Life – Interesting Story

Interesting Story Of Prestigeful Life – Childhood Story

In my city, there was a big a Sam ‘’YAG’.’ In that one famous Guru has been come to give the speech on prestige. I also went there to listen to his speech. In his speech, he narrated his childhood story about his Kirtan. I am keeping this story as it is here.

His Childhood Story

When Guru Gahininath was in the 10th class, his father Dnyeshwar was his ideal person. He always obeys him. Shri Gahininath Maharaj was learning Kirtan. At one place Dnyeshwar Maharaja had to perform kirtan but for some casual reason, he couldn’t go to do kirtan So he decided to send ‘’Gahininath’’ at that place instead of him for his kirtan.
Then Gahininath thought in his mind that ‘’If no one is there to perform kirtan at that place I have to go there.’’ Then he became nervous as he had to go to another state by bus to give kirtan. Then his father had given him one car and a driver with him. So with this happiness, he went to Kirtan. When He Reached there near stop, village people have inaugurated him as he came in a car. He performed his Kirtan as a homework school.


After finishing his kirtan he sat in the car To say by –by to the village’s people. Thinking that ‘’I am the richest and clever person in this world.” see my status’’ On the way, there was coming to a Govt. bus, every passenger was looking to him saying ‘’This is a Gahininath Maharaj ‘’ and they were showing hand to us we were also showing hand to them.


When we were running a car on the road suddenly a car stopped, a driver gets down he checked all car. He couldn’t understand what to do? The driver told him that ‘’ If you will push the car from backside then I will drive it’’ but I told him ‘’we will do the reverse of this’’ he refused and  told ‘’ you will do anywhere accident.’’ So I was pushing the car silently with mumbled words ‘’Hey God what is my real position, please tell me?” He astonished and saw backside there was a bus which went now and coming back with full of passenger and all are looking to him saying that ‘’ Hey Gahininath Maharaj pushing a car’’and laughing themselves. Then he turned his mouth with another direction closing with a handkerchief. A bus had gone long but …….

The moral of this story is ‘’To Get False Prestige We Are Doing Anything’’ What Is Real Prestige We Will See
Prestige is the bubble of water which can live floating for a short time. He can float for a while after some time it will vanish. The same thing happens with a human. When we have a status, position, our prestige is there beyond that there is no…………

Sometimes the man who is chasing to like this prestige will have to suffer many problems, difficulties, etc. Of Which We Have To Keep Prestige If anyone wants to keep prestige then keep prestige to behave not badly, to stop anywhere, to make corruption, to deceive anyone, to do fighting anywhere, to left parents, to left all relationships like a brother, sister and live in aish. If any bad thing is happening in the society then thinking that what should we do? It is not ours. Taking darshan of God without standing in a queue, to sell out valuable vote and keep our country in trouble……..

Nowadays everything became reverse of it, all above qualities Are keeping with us thinking that these are valuable and prestigious and a man has a nice position when he is walking on the road ‘’Oh! see this man is walking on the road very bad’’ these sentences we are listening everywhere but I think that so many men who are walking on the road, standing on the stop are the clean-minded man. They have no any fear, they can’t do any corruption, and they are not building their home with corrupted money The man who addicted to the wrong prestige, he can’t live in the society with an open mind.

Loss Of Wrong Prestige.

1] Wrong prestige can’t give real happiness

2] It creates a spider of complex actions in our life.

3] It keeps the distance between relationships like rich-poor, clever ignorant.

4] Many times it makes bankrupt in our business.

5]Due to wrong prestige man become emotionless, having no sensation

6] Every time it keeps the man in trouble or in  difficult situation

7] So many times we can’t create real happiness in our life.

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Do You Have Purpose In Your Life- Spiritual Growth

Purpose towards life

Latest education depends on goals of life.  Nowadays everyone is alert to their goals.

There are many types of goals. The family goal,  social goal, personal goal, political goal, economical goal etc. There  is the huge  difference between the purpose of life and  goal setting


let us we will see what is the difference.?

So many people think that purpose of life is the goal. Therefore someone wants to become a professor, someone wants to become an engineer, architecture,  pilot, minister, minister etc.

 they make a plan for it keeps deadline for it. Everyone wants to earn a lot of money in their life. Someone wants to wonder all universe. Someone wants to become a leader of the universe.  So he is trying his best.


Nowadays everyone wants a good career, as carrier gives ambition, status, position etc.

These power demands outside respect. So many people think that carrier is the main identity of a person. So that everyone is doing a lot of effort to get the job & good position in the carrier. Every person thinks that if I will get the good position in my life then I will be happy. So many people think that if I will build a big building, or I will buy a new car, or I will buy a new laptop etc then I will be happy. These achievements give me comfortableness, not happiness. Sometimes if I will buy a new car then my neighborhood will buy another costly nice car then I will become unhappy.

But now I think that I achieved a lot of in my life but I feel vacuum? Why did I feel vacuum? I think that whatever I want I have achieved everything. Then why should I feel vacuum? Why could I not be satisfied? Why I always irritate everyone? Why I create anger, jealousy, hatreds?  etc then I get tired , bored and   then I think that there is not getting me the purpose of my life? What should I have to do to get me my purpose in life?.

When I think inertly and I become calm then I realize who am I? The name, the profession these are mine,

my child, my property generally move

from all the labels but I am a pure soul energy.  I the soul playing so many roles in the relationship, my happiness is not depending on anything or any achievement no attachment, no dependency, no fear just unconditional love, no single thought of worry. Every thoughts and words are in harmony. I am already stable.I am always happy. But when I am in body-conscious I have not attended to my original qualities.

   I the soul means I have some original qualities these are truth, happiness, love, purity, peace, compassion etc I have to focus on it. If I  will work on it more then I will get back more in quantities.


Everyone has these qualities so many people have used these good qualities for good work means for humanity or for using values in their life and became an international leader, for example, Martin Luther King, Mahatma  Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, etc Someone has used all these quantities to destroy human life. Or humanity.etc.

So the purpose of my life is keeping attention on my soul to

doing. Purpose of doing is loving, compassionate, giving peace, stability etc.

 My purpose in life creates an inner power that is an authentic power which cannot lose and no one can take it away. That power is eternal no one can change it no one can take it. This power comes in my life when I become spiritual means when I connect to God. You have purpose of life -Spiritual growth

This purpose gives meaning to our life. Making man strong in any situation. Creates strong bonding in relationships may be lots of accidents happened. Removes our ego, anger, jealousy, stress , making  a man healthy in any situation.

Let me know here ,

1] I think today 90% people are turned to spiritual life. This is the way of spiritual life?           How many are running with this way? Write your answer in comment section.

2] Do you have faith on purpose of life? Have you observed any moments of life with spiritual purpose of life ? Share your moments with me in comment ?

3] Let me know is it the perfect way of spiritual people?

Keyword : Purpose of life
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Spiritual Journey – A Way Of Life


Never mind any doubt about spiritual people’s journey . It is not always regular but changing with the atmosphere. But definitely it is running with inner voice. That journey didn’t know any goal but it gives us good eternal messages in the journey. So spirituality teaches us journey is important not destination.

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Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Social Work- Social Work


Decide is it really social work?

Last year I went to my guest for holidays one couple is living near to them who are doing social work. This couple was retired since 2 years.I asked them which type of social work is you are doing. She replied I have opened my rehabilitation centerSurprising Things you didn’t know about social work/

Along with Vrudhashram. oh! very nice I became happy when I asked them, Can I visit your rehabilitation center? I want to give free counselling to their patient. As my brother was no more due to addiction so I am giving every year counselling for his memory for 2 to 3 days for an addicted patient.


Ok, you can come from next day and take a charge he replied. So I went there next day in the morning I saw to the right of that center there was a big another bungalow of this couple where his son and daughter in law is living. At the left side of the corner, there is a Vrudhashram. [A place where grand parents are living as like hostel] I first reached there asked them for their difficulties. They told we didn’t get good food to eat, we are not getting water to bath every day. Whatever food they are giving that food we are eating every day. If we will give complain then they are leaving us outside. I become serious is this is real social work? The goods which are coming from Govt. or from anywhere they are taking for their home. I saw there were weak old parents, someone

is getting medicine, someone not. If we will ask to their receptionist he will easily tell, ‘’They are unfortunate people what can we do for them?’’

Now I went to rehabilitation center I enter in their hall, I saw there lot of patients in small space near toilets with foul smell  and some patients are crying loudly, quarreling with each other. Someone is sleeping, someone is sitting at the side of a wall. I asked them for their fees, they replied 10,000 for 2 months & no any facilities are there.

But when I am reading a newspaper every time I am reading about that person. As he is a great person, his every programs news and photos were coming to a newspaper . This man’s identity is that he is the best social worker in that society. When I entered his home for some time and heard about him ‘’His own parents are kept in another Vrudhashram . I astonished and our society is calling him for the inauguration of a lot of buildings, shops, schools etc. As he is moving in a big car having pleasant personality earning a lot of money from a rehabilitation center.

So now tell me can you agree that, this social work is ideal social work? In this way in our country lots of social workers are earning a lot of money with the name of social work.

If you will find this type of social work in your area then you can also write on it.

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Nothing Is Impossible In Life – Exit COVID

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impossible Into Possible

Sometimes, unfortunately, we are getting so laziest and  idle people in our life. For these people, we have to waste too much time to counselling them but they are only on their way they are giving excuses for everything& every time. These people have everything difficult in their life. If they have to do a journey they will give us many excuses. They didn’t know ”Living in a journey-everything is possible ”

For these people, we have to decide how can they change their way to change their life?

Let Us We Will See About Their Dreams.


Every person has two dreams one is in the night in dark sleep. And another dream, the dreams which we can see in the day.  People who are leading their life. by watching daydreams are always away from real life and success. So many people in daydreams are flying in the sky.

To complete our dreams every person should understand the real facts of life. Every day before sleeping we are deciding that tomorrow we have to complete this much work, but in the next night when we are looking to our work we understand that we have not started to do this .Suddenly we find a lot of hurdles, and we left this work.

Every man has a lot of wishes everyone could get it. If he had been not wasting his energy and money on it. If he has wasted his energy and money in it his business get vanished and so instead of getting the success, he would become a failure. So he becomes depressed and depresses mind get worried every time.

Why did it happen? 

Who is responsible for this Thinking?

Why our work did get stopped? Why did we are suffered to failure?

Its main answer is while doing our work which type of thought we are producing is the main reason of behind every work.

As your wishes are deciding considering the real fact you have built your wishes in the air. To complete your wishes you should have strong base this strong base means your decision power. If your decision power is strong we could complete all wishes in any situation.

So many people didn’t have the knowledge to make decisions so that they are getting confused can I do this or not?  So many are  building the foundation of a lot of work.

Be ready to do a lot of efforts:-   Anything Is Possible Quotes

You take any decision slowly but confirm it. Before taking any decision think that what we should have to get from this decision. As your future is depending on your thought. So what you want to become? we should have to do a lot of efforts on it. A fresh mind can do a lot of efforts on it. Today every student thinks that to become engineer & Doctor. So to make carrier in this field It requires a lot of efforts,. When we confirm our mind on it we can do a lot of efforts easily & we would get success in any find.

Hard work person always win a competition..    

 If we will observe neatly in this world there is nothing impossible in this world. So many problems are there but every problem has answers but before to start any working person has a lot of fear & this fear bring negative energy & so due to this energy person couldn’t’ do anything If any person only thinking about his troubles and obstacles never gets success. As he thinks that ‘’ I have a lot of problems. ‘’

Hard work is the best solution for any work So many young generations think to start a new business

Nowadays everywhere there is competition. If we want to be strong & involved in the competition we require a lot of skill & effort.

Keep in mind there is always a place at the peak of the mountains for hard work people.

In the private section also any hard work person has a lot of opportunities.

Impossible Can Be Converted In To Possible:-

What should we have to do?  First, increase your mind power. Decide what we have to do? Think positive means I would get confirm success & proceed to your work. After some days, success automatically comes with you.

We have a lot of ambitions but we can’t complete it as we are not making our willing power strong & so we became lost to do a lot of efforts.


To increase willing power we have to connect with GOD keeping faith on him as this faith gives us energy, tolerance power, the power to adjust, increases the concentration to complete our work& he will give us right direction to complete reach our destination.

125 thoughts on “Living In your dream -Everything Is Possible –

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What ‘s The Role Of Honesty In Our Life – In Lock down

Is Honesty Best Policy?.

Honesty is the best policy    

”Honesty is the best policy’’ we have read, heard this proverb in the childhood. Those who worked on this are reached on the top of the world and those who not worked or implemented on this proverb, they have destroyed the world.

To work on honesty we require energy and we have lost real [soul] energy in this material world. But we know that there is a proverb in Hindi that’’Such Ki Nav Hilegi, Dulegi Lekin Dubegi Nahi’’

We know that everywhere so many people are trying to work on truth themselves, so many are working hard for it and  also we know that the people which are working on the truth they have to work hard.They have to face a lot of difficulties, troubles etc as the society couldn’t believe easily on them. Join here to increase leads, sales, affiliate marketing , to get free credits etc.

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We think that just lower the other person by cheating or with dishonesty, we will become higher or we are cheating that person.But the person who is on truth track he never fears with these hurdles.He can overcome all the hurdles in his life and he will reach at his proper destination.

The person who is on a dishonest path he always irritates, jealous, creates anger, having fear inside, has lower confidence and creating negative energy.And he always indulges in that circle.

We will see one example of dishonesty

In the last month I with my neighbourhood lady Sadhana went to the market to bring vegetables. There was darkness in the market. Sadhana purchased some ladies finger and I also purchased so many vegetables from another lady who sat near to that lady from Sadhana purchased vegetables. When we reached home Sadhana saw rotten ed ladies finger she became disappointment and think that lady was cheated by her due to darkness.

Then next day we decided to go in the market at daytime. We reached near to that lady but we didn’t talk to her and only we saw she sat alone with full of vegetables but no one customer was there and there was huge rush near to the lady who has given fresh andnice vegetables.

Purpose of giving this example is that we always think that without dishonesty we can’t run our business.      

Generally, in daily routine, we are teaching to our son or students that How dishonesty works?

For ex. Two students of 9th class went to see cinema without telling to their parents or teachers. When they came back from cinema into the school Teacher started their inquiry. Students were very humble. They told truly we went to ‘’Natsmarat’’ cinema, still teacher started to angry with them and biting the stick in front of all class students. Then student becomes disappointed and thinking that when we talk truth we get punishment. they got a lesson that honesty doesn’t work in this world we have to work with dishonesty. 

By this example we can conclude that  ”To implement honesty  first we have to become honest and keep faith on honesty, If no one is honest in this world then how will run all societies?but now also world is working on only honest person and so still honesty is working there.

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Dadi Janki didn’t know the meaning of ” dishonesty in her life”


Life Skill Challenge – Language

What is the effect of language in our life?

Life’s skill challenge -Language 

Language skill is the main intellectual conversion skill of any living being. We understand that today plants, trees, flowers also have some specific language. Wild animals ., pet animals also convey with us via eyes. Or with their body language. We know that when we came back to our home after some time or some days, our pet dog is moving his tail & loving to us.Sometimes we can understand their feelings or messages with their eyes or on their body language. Today body language is the best skill for identifying love or hate of a person, that is how is the front person? Or an animal? But Sometimes it makes difference in our perception also if our perception is the right for the front person then he is right and vice versa.

Image result for images on Language skills
Language is the skill of keeping love, understanding, misunderstanding, enjoying, funny or carrying depression also.  It is the main life skill of every living being./what-are-the-effects-of-walking-daily-health/
  •  –Let us we will see what matters language to us? 

When we were in the TATA Hospital I saw In front of me one very worst experience of language. There was one 12 years daughter with his father. She was suffered from one type of cancer. Her mother was not with her because of a language problem. He came suddenly in front of me with his daughter & asking me who is there taking care of my daughter? then I could understand slightly means his pronunciation, toning of talking is somehow different but I try to understand him. After some time I have called to doctor. Then a doctor asking him some questions in English, he couldn’t understand, then he tries to talk to his daughter she couldn’t talk in Hindi as well as English also. So again the doctor asked his father can you speak in Hindi but he couldn’t, means that the father couldn’t understand Hindi clearly and English also not clear.A doctor was saying one thing to the patient they are saying another thing. Now Doctor has been in trouble & somehow they have given 1 injection to the patient  & went on. After some time she had a lot of blooding from her vagina, now no one was there when I told her father you call the doctor I will stay with her. list-of-emotions-in-humanity-market-exit-lock-do

He went to the doctor and that girl was frightened and creating dangerous action, I was talking to her what happens to you? Do you want water? Do you want to eat something? Do you have pain anywhere? She couldn’t understand my language then I tried to speak her in Hindi but that also she couldn’t understand. I went outside and called to sister. Now, what will do sister also? she saw her case paper and asked her in Hindi.  I think the paper which they have made also not clear as the problem of language and sister also couldn’t be done anything.


We were everyone in the ICU  But that patient left her body.

See what’s the dangerous effects of language? So everyone must have to know at least Hindi could understand clearly.

We know that the English LANGUAGE become the queen of the world so everyone must have to know English. Any language is the best way of conversation but what we are talking must have to understand to the front person. As a lot of quarrels, confusion is created due to language. Sometimes a lot of people are taking benefits of ignorance people due to language. One example here.

  • We were going to the GOA for college trip and we were 10  students climbed into one bogie of a train there had been some village ladies were sitting on the bench, now what my classmate has done? ‘’They had shown concession paper of college to that ladies and told them this bogie is reserved for college students so you go to another bogie and that ladies thought ‘’it was real ‘’and get down immediately.  This type of cheating also so many people have to face due to language problems. 
  • Now we will see  What are the benefits to learn so many languages?

1] The person could become talent as he can accumulate a lot of knowledge from any field.

2]  He could make his conversation clearly and confidently.

He can easily face any problem without taking anyone’s help. 

5] He would run his business successfully.

6]  He can increase his friend circle as well as followers.

7]  He can marry with  an international level partner

8]   He can keep his relationship stronger to anyone.

9] He has more ability to express any difficulty in an easy way.

10]He can travel all over the world easily without any problem

11]  Suppose he is the director of any film or newspaper, the magazine he can make films or write articles on his own knowledge.


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