Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Social Work- Social Work


Decide is it really social work?

Last year I went to my guest for holidays one couple is living near to them who are doing social work. This couple was retired since 2 years.I asked them which type of social work is you are doing. She replied I have opened my rehabilitation centerSurprising Things you didn’t know about social work/

Along with Vrudhashram. oh! very nice I became happy when I asked them, Can I visit your rehabilitation center? I want to give free counselling to their patient. As my brother was no more due to addiction so I am giving every year counselling for his memory for 2 to 3 days for an addicted patient.


Ok, you can come from next day and take a charge he replied. So I went there next day in the morning I saw to the right of that center there was a big another bungalow of this couple where his son and daughter in law is living. At the left side of the corner, there is a Vrudhashram. [A place where grand parents are living as like hostel] I first reached there asked them for their difficulties. They told we didn’t get good food to eat, we are not getting water to bath every day. Whatever food they are giving that food we are eating every day. If we will give complain then they are leaving us outside. I become serious is this is real social work? The goods which are coming from Govt. or from anywhere they are taking for their home. I saw there were weak old parents, someone

is getting medicine, someone not. If we will ask to their receptionist he will easily tell, ‘’They are unfortunate people what can we do for them?’’

Now I went to rehabilitation center I enter in their hall, I saw there lot of patients in small space near toilets with foul smell  and some patients are crying loudly, quarreling with each other. Someone is sleeping, someone is sitting at the side of a wall. I asked them for their fees, they replied 10,000 for 2 months & no any facilities are there.

But when I am reading a newspaper every time I am reading about that person. As he is a great person, his every programs news and photos were coming to a newspaper . This man’s identity is that he is the best social worker in that society. When I entered his home for some time and heard about him ‘’His own parents are kept in another Vrudhashram . I astonished and our society is calling him for the inauguration of a lot of buildings, shops, schools etc. As he is moving in a big car having pleasant personality earning a lot of money from a rehabilitation center.

So now tell me can you agree that, this social work is ideal social work? In this way in our country lots of social workers are earning a lot of money with the name of social work.

If you will find this type of social work in your area then you can also write on it.

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Nothing Is Impossible In Life – Exit COVID

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impossible Into Possible

Sometimes, unfortunately, we are getting so laziest and  idle people in our life. For these people, we have to waste too much time to counselling them but they are only on their way they are giving excuses for everything& every time. These people have everything difficult in their life. If they have to do a journey they will give us many excuses. They didn’t know ”Living in a journey-everything is possible ”

For these people, we have to decide how can they change their way to change their life?

Let Us We Will See About Their Dreams.


Every person has two dreams one is in the night in dark sleep. And another dream, the dreams which we can see in the day.  People who are leading their life. by watching daydreams are always away from real life and success. So many people in daydreams are flying in the sky.

To complete our dreams every person should understand the real facts of life. Every day before sleeping we are deciding that tomorrow we have to complete this much work, but in the next night when we are looking to our work we understand that we have not started to do this .Suddenly we find a lot of hurdles, and we left this work.

Every man has a lot of wishes everyone could get it. If he had been not wasting his energy and money on it. If he has wasted his energy and money in it his business get vanished and so instead of getting the success, he would become a failure. So he becomes depressed and depresses mind get worried every time.

Why did it happen? 

Who is responsible for this Thinking?

Why our work did get stopped? Why did we are suffered to failure?

Its main answer is while doing our work which type of thought we are producing is the main reason of behind every work.

As your wishes are deciding considering the real fact you have built your wishes in the air. To complete your wishes you should have strong base this strong base means your decision power. If your decision power is strong we could complete all wishes in any situation.

So many people didn’t have the knowledge to make decisions so that they are getting confused can I do this or not?  So many are  building the foundation of a lot of work.

Be ready to do a lot of efforts:-   Anything Is Possible Quotes

You take any decision slowly but confirm it. Before taking any decision think that what we should have to get from this decision. As your future is depending on your thought. So what you want to become? we should have to do a lot of efforts on it. A fresh mind can do a lot of efforts on it. Today every student thinks that to become engineer & Doctor. So to make carrier in this field It requires a lot of efforts,. When we confirm our mind on it we can do a lot of efforts easily & we would get success in any find.

Hard work person always win a competition..    

 If we will observe neatly in this world there is nothing impossible in this world. So many problems are there but every problem has answers but before to start any working person has a lot of fear & this fear bring negative energy & so due to this energy person couldn’t’ do anything If any person only thinking about his troubles and obstacles never gets success. As he thinks that ‘’ I have a lot of problems. ‘’

Hard work is the best solution for any work So many young generations think to start a new business

Nowadays everywhere there is competition. If we want to be strong & involved in the competition we require a lot of skill & effort.

Keep in mind there is always a place at the peak of the mountains for hard work people.

In the private section also any hard work person has a lot of opportunities.

Impossible Can Be Converted In To Possible:-

What should we have to do?  First, increase your mind power. Decide what we have to do? Think positive means I would get confirm success & proceed to your work. After some days, success automatically comes with you.

We have a lot of ambitions but we can’t complete it as we are not making our willing power strong & so we became lost to do a lot of efforts.


To increase willing power we have to connect with GOD keeping faith on him as this faith gives us energy, tolerance power, the power to adjust, increases the concentration to complete our work& he will give us right direction to complete reach our destination.

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What ‘s The Role Of Honesty In Our Life – In Lock down

Is Honesty Best Policy?.

Honesty is the best policy    

”Honesty is the best policy’’ we have read, heard this proverb in the childhood. Those who worked on this are reached on the top of the world and those who not worked or implemented on this proverb, they have destroyed the world.

To work on honesty we require energy and we have lost real [soul] energy in this material world. But we know that there is a proverb in Hindi that’’Such Ki Nav Hilegi, Dulegi Lekin Dubegi Nahi’’

We know that everywhere so many people are trying to work on truth themselves, so many are working hard for it and  also we know that the people which are working on the truth they have to work hard.They have to face a lot of difficulties, troubles etc as the society couldn’t believe easily on them. Join here to increase leads, sales, affiliate marketing , to get free credits etc.

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We think that just lower the other person by cheating or with dishonesty, we will become higher or we are cheating that person.But the person who is on truth track he never fears with these hurdles.He can overcome all the hurdles in his life and he will reach at his proper destination.

The person who is on a dishonest path he always irritates, jealous, creates anger, having fear inside, has lower confidence and creating negative energy.And he always indulges in that circle.

We will see one example of dishonesty

In the last month I with my neighbourhood lady Sadhana went to the market to bring vegetables. There was darkness in the market. Sadhana purchased some ladies finger and I also purchased so many vegetables from another lady who sat near to that lady from Sadhana purchased vegetables. When we reached home Sadhana saw rotten ed ladies finger she became disappointment and think that lady was cheated by her due to darkness.

Then next day we decided to go in the market at daytime. We reached near to that lady but we didn’t talk to her and only we saw she sat alone with full of vegetables but no one customer was there and there was huge rush near to the lady who has given fresh andnice vegetables.

Purpose of giving this example is that we always think that without dishonesty we can’t run our business.      

Generally, in daily routine, we are teaching to our son or students that How dishonesty works?

For ex. Two students of 9th class went to see cinema without telling to their parents or teachers. When they came back from cinema into the school Teacher started their inquiry. Students were very humble. They told truly we went to ‘’Natsmarat’’ cinema, still teacher started to angry with them and biting the stick in front of all class students. Then student becomes disappointed and thinking that when we talk truth we get punishment. they got a lesson that honesty doesn’t work in this world we have to work with dishonesty. 

By this example we can conclude that  ”To implement honesty  first we have to become honest and keep faith on honesty, If no one is honest in this world then how will run all societies?but now also world is working on only honest person and so still honesty is working there.

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Dadi Janki didn’t know the meaning of ” dishonesty in her life”


Life Skill Challenge – Language

What is the effect of language in our life?

Life’s skill challenge -Language 

Language skill is the main intellectual conversion skill of any living being. We understand that today plants, trees, flowers also have some specific language. Wild animals ., pet animals also convey with us via eyes. Or with their body language. We know that when we came back to our home after some time or some days, our pet dog is moving his tail & loving to us.Sometimes we can understand their feelings or messages with their eyes or on their body language. Today body language is the best skill for identifying love or hate of a person, that is how is the front person? Or an animal? But Sometimes it makes difference in our perception also if our perception is the right for the front person then he is right and vice versa.

Image result for images on Language skills
Language is the skill of keeping love, understanding, misunderstanding, enjoying, funny or carrying depression also.  It is the main life skill of every living being./what-are-the-effects-of-walking-daily-health/
  •  –Let us we will see what matters language to us? 

When we were in the TATA Hospital I saw In front of me one very worst experience of language. There was one 12 years daughter with his father. She was suffered from one type of cancer. Her mother was not with her because of a language problem. He came suddenly in front of me with his daughter & asking me who is there taking care of my daughter? then I could understand slightly means his pronunciation, toning of talking is somehow different but I try to understand him. After some time I have called to doctor. Then a doctor asking him some questions in English, he couldn’t understand, then he tries to talk to his daughter she couldn’t talk in Hindi as well as English also. So again the doctor asked his father can you speak in Hindi but he couldn’t, means that the father couldn’t understand Hindi clearly and English also not clear.A doctor was saying one thing to the patient they are saying another thing. Now Doctor has been in trouble & somehow they have given 1 injection to the patient  & went on. After some time she had a lot of blooding from her vagina, now no one was there when I told her father you call the doctor I will stay with her. list-of-emotions-in-humanity-market-exit-lock-do

He went to the doctor and that girl was frightened and creating dangerous action, I was talking to her what happens to you? Do you want water? Do you want to eat something? Do you have pain anywhere? She couldn’t understand my language then I tried to speak her in Hindi but that also she couldn’t understand. I went outside and called to sister. Now, what will do sister also? she saw her case paper and asked her in Hindi.  I think the paper which they have made also not clear as the problem of language and sister also couldn’t be done anything.


We were everyone in the ICU  But that patient left her body.

See what’s the dangerous effects of language? So everyone must have to know at least Hindi could understand clearly.

We know that the English LANGUAGE become the queen of the world so everyone must have to know English. Any language is the best way of conversation but what we are talking must have to understand to the front person. As a lot of quarrels, confusion is created due to language. Sometimes a lot of people are taking benefits of ignorance people due to language. One example here.

  • We were going to the GOA for college trip and we were 10  students climbed into one bogie of a train there had been some village ladies were sitting on the bench, now what my classmate has done? ‘’They had shown concession paper of college to that ladies and told them this bogie is reserved for college students so you go to another bogie and that ladies thought ‘’it was real ‘’and get down immediately.  This type of cheating also so many people have to face due to language problems. 
  • Now we will see  What are the benefits to learn so many languages?

1] The person could become talent as he can accumulate a lot of knowledge from any field.

2]  He could make his conversation clearly and confidently.

He can easily face any problem without taking anyone’s help. 

5] He would run his business successfully.

6]  He can increase his friend circle as well as followers.

7]  He can marry with  an international level partner

8]   He can keep his relationship stronger to anyone.

9] He has more ability to express any difficulty in an easy way.

10]He can travel all over the world easily without any problem

11]  Suppose he is the director of any film or newspaper, the magazine he can make films or write articles on his own knowledge.


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Indian vegetarian food

Effects Of Terrorism On Our Life – Terrorist Life

How did terrorism effects on our life?

    Just now I had a discussion with my son about terrorism .He told me some news about terrorism and we have a small argument on it. He told what to do with it let it be , Govt. will do what he want ?

Then I explain him what to do and why did we worry?means, No , do you know how this terrorism will effect on our life how I will explain here .

If in  any family one person is in problem then it could be effected to the whole family .Same principle will run to the country if our soldiers have attack then this attack is with us. It can effect to the whole country it may be politically, socially, emotionally, personally, mentally also.

Reasons Of Terrorism

I think that reason of terrorism must be hatred, ego or jealousy along with some revenge. They think this revenge will definitely effects on India . India will become poor country. Means they want to make our country should be weak. Never stand in the international market. They know the all powers of India. It may be spiritual and unity for important issues.

terrorism attack/


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I think this case doesn’t happen suddenly , root of this case must be in our country. May be they are learning here how India is facing problem of all cases ? It may be reservation, may be political, social, educational .Through this problem they may be collecting some important information from our dishonest person. Via that they are deciding to do this attack. Otherwise it is very difficult to make it.

Since 30 years back this problem is running , it is very difficult to handle it. But effecting it in a large part of country.

  We must have to ask terrorist this questions.

What satisfaction is getting from this attack to the terrorist? Are you happy with it for a long life? Can you solve your all problems of life with it? Are you getting blessing from it? May be you think that my intention has been finished but it never. It will increase your problems.

This question is very difficult to handle without unity. Power of unity never give up any question and brings solution for every question.

Let us we will be make unity to bring solution for it .

What are the effects of terrorism on country . ?

1]  It creates tremendous fear in everyone’s mind .

 2]  Brings poverty and unemployment problem

3] Effects on education mentally, physically  etc .

4] Creates a lot of political issues to waste the important time of VIP people.

5] Creates big obstacle in the progress.

6]  Loss of economy .

7]Makes emotionally lose to the soldiers along with their families.

8] Increases problem of security.

9] Spreads a lot of diseases and pollution to the effected area.

10 ] Makes every man nervous in the country. 


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Effects Of Ego On Our Life – Types Of Ego

We know that ‘ego” is a word of 3 letters but it disturbs so many people’s life. In the world all wars, all fights are occurred due to an ego. Ego makes a man blind or mad. Egoist person thinks that I am only true and all world is nonsense. Like this thinking need to taste why did this thinking come into my mind? What type of ego am I carrying everywhere? How to deal with ego? Is it ego necessary for our life? Can we live our life without an ego, we will discuss here. Can we solve our ego problems here?

There are 2 types of ego

1] Superior ego

2] Inferior ego

When I feel I am superior that creates a superior ego. In this situation I create aggression, loud, anger etc.

when insecurity, hurt, sensitivity, pain is inside me over a period of time then it creates inferior ego.

Ego means it is an attachment to a wrong image.

Everything is mine is also one type of ego. Ego means low self-esteem.

Anger, jealousy, criticism, hatreds, are the types of ego.

Now a day’s everywhere there is a discussion of an ego. Everyone is talking about ego. Everyone also knows, if we will reduce our ego we will become a nice man.

Ego is a weaknesse to an ego. Maybe a relation of parent-child. Husband-wife, father mother, sister brother, friends etc.

attitude of ego.

Related image
kcmpdwordpress.comhttp://types of ego/

Yesterday I heard one conversation it is that one lady is talking about anyone’s call to her friend  “ I called her yesterday she not calls me back then why should I call now?  She has to call now, every time I only call to her.’’    No matter she is my elder sister at least she should call one time in a weak.  Now I can’t call her maybe she shall keep a relationship with me or not, I don’t bother about it.

This type of conversation we are hearing everywhere but we know that like this conversation block our energy. Flowing of love, creativity, enthusiasm etc. & we are living away from each other lonely like animals.

How to Drop Your Ego With 5 Techniques

Everywhere there is a talking about carriers, salaries, positions, Things, etc. We are not talking to the original man but we are talking about his position, his carriers, bungalows etc. No matter bungalows, positions have importance but first to this man or his positions. When we have a good position, status, etc then we are in a flow state but if it is not there then what is my position? What is my self-respect?

Characteristics of Ego Strength

When a person enters to meet a chairman, first he meets the watchman, his talking behavior is different then he meets to reception list. He is talking to her in a different another way & when he meets with a manager he talks politely, and when he talks to chairman he talks politely and silently.

In these stages, we don’t think about mans original sansakar his loyalty, purity etc. We have to give respects to everyone’s position, but we can’t disrespect to watch man receptionist all are outside persons. So who made difference? And who is responsible for ego? and who created ego in that position?

So the person who is in the good position, he thinks that ”I am sitting in this chair so I must have to getting respect.” the persons who are in a lower position they are thinking that we are in this chair so they are not talking nicely with us.

So who made difference? and who is responsible for ego? and who created ego in that position?

  Ego is the source of negative energy it is created due to fear inside.            

Egoist people behave like poisons snake.

So many people spoil their relationships to protect their ego, so many are leaving their places many people are not talking to each other maybe they are living together. Ego destroys man’s willpower, it destroyer’s economic conditions, it destroys the social atmosphere. It creates a long distance between people and relationship. It works as a bad conductor in everyone’s mind. Due to ego people can die early. The person who carry ego definitely his life span is less.



1]  Are you carrying an ego? Do you understand it?

2] Have you observed any damage in your life due to an ego?

3] What do you think about an ego? Is it necessary for our lives to keep our values?

4]Have you imagined or observed your life without an ego?.

5] Which type of ego give you more harm in your life.?

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My Patience My Life – Mental Health [Strong ens]

) The Importance of patience in every area of life – Cheap Insurance

At first when my elder son has been admitted to the Hospital for his temperature. Dr has given me signal that he was suffered from blood cancer. Till report has been to come. In my total family only I have known about it but how can I tell to everyone?. After three days report had been came and everyone has known about his report.about-me-short-story/

In my home, everyone started to cry but, when I understood about his treatment suddenly I became strong controlled myself in that situation even one drop of tear also not fallen from my eyes, instead of crying I started to giving counseling to everyone.

Dear God, Now when I am studying about tolerance power I realize that how tolerance power is precious in our life? My devotional Guru’s Sai Baba is always with me to teach and guide me in any situation.

My guru Sai Baba/
http://My spiritual gurusaibaba/

First I thought, when I born God have given me only one gift that is a tolerance power and in addition to that , spirituality and some spiritual persons like B. K.Shivani and their study has given me plenty of knowledge.
Let us we shall start How to keep patients in our life?

To keep patience is not an easy work. Patience is a virtue for nourishing and protection of our life.
If you are having tolerance power means you are fit to do this work it may be require a long time or it may be very hard to handle it.
Any work which you have given it has to do with a lot of efforts in comparison to our expectations. It may be to keep our relationship strong means to accept anything in our relationship or in your work you need a lot of skills .    Click here to buy my book ”QUOTATIONS& STORIES”

prayer for patience
Any misunderstanding about your glamorous can avoid your tolerance power.
When you are using tolerance power in your life you can not give any response spontaneously or rudely but you can give the answer to any question with your tole

My patience my life/
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.comhttp://My patience mylife-cheap insurance/

This power avoids your life’s hurdles lovingly, keeping good willing power and good emotions with you and this power brings you ahead of everyone. This power removes your ego automatically.

This power avoids your life’s hurdles lovingly, keeping good willing power and good emotions with you and this power brings you ahead of everyone. This power removes your ego automatically.

test of patience
Definition of tolerance power means having the authentic power or ability to face any difficulty in a peaceful way with good willing power.
It means tolerate any type of unhappiness inconvenience to became light and be ahead. So tolerable person means the person who has a lot of wisdom with a lot of peace.
Tolerance power is having a sour or bitter taste but its fruits are always sweet.
When there has been happening a lot of hard situations or hard occasions we feel that we can finish here but now is the time to start.
Importance Of Tolerance Power In Daily Life.
*. When we keep ‘’peace’’ aim in our life then we have to adopt tolerance power.
*. Patience is bitter in taste but its fruits are always sweet.
*. Where there is the loss of love there is less tolerance for power.
*. When there is a more worried moment you can turn it into silence.
*. It increases our hopes, expectations and Faith It makes happen it.
*. It is more convenient than to keep control on you instead of control to anyone.

Make your Goals or aims and try to attach to it.
*. Do it now so that our future can start to develop now.
*. Any puzzle or inconvenience makes you strong with tolerance power.
*. When other persons make mistake then behave with them politely.
*. When the stories are starting to happen then keep quite up to complete it
*. Accept other one’s mistakes.
*. Patience is the friend of wisdom. When there are difficult situations then for patiences we have to tolerate everything.
*. If you are having patience then you can give all good things to everyone. Power To Face
*. Where there is less love there is less tolerance for power.
*. This is the situation that without any complains we can adjust everything.
*. To make this sculpture we require thousands of blessings.
*. What I want so I have to wait for it. My hopes and faith are telling me that ‘keep

http://My patience my

Do now what you want to do in future.
*. If you are having patience then you can give all good things to everyone.
Accept one thing that God made some situations for your good future no one can change it, no one can heal it or no one can take it. For that.
*. Take rest in the difficult situation.
*. Be impressing with good things from outside people.
*. Accept the entire things which are hard to handle.
*. Hopes and faith shows only one direction in your life.
*. To tolerance, means try to keep control on your mind when you are in a stress.
. Tolerance power means the power which can show before any negative response.
Any patients should have this chapter who must have to tolerate insult, jealousy, ego, any trouble or any pain without any complain or without anger, without irritations..
*. It is the power or ability to suppress any kind of desire for a situation.
• About Me
*. Tolerate any type of insult, trouble without anger or without any irritations.
*. When there is a hard situation at that time also anyone not lifting their aim is known as the real tolerable person. He has more concentration power, a power to adjust, the power to join, the power to take decision etc.
*. Without anger or without depression to keep on wait means tolerance power.

Tolerate any type of insult, trouble without anger or without any irritations.
*. When there is a hard situation at that time also anyone not lifting their aim is known as the real tolerable person. He has more concentration power, a power to adjust, the power to join, the power to take decision etc.
*. Without anger or without depression to keep on wait means tolerance power.
*. Guidelines for tolerance people
I am a tolerable person. I am always polite to another person and with me also when anyone makes mistakes then I behave politely. When some things are in a complete way means these are taking shapes now then I am waiting for them. I accept all changes and I saw goodness in everything.
waiting for patience
To keep patience is not an easy work. Patience is a virtue for nourishing and protection of our life.
If you are having tolerance power means you are fit to do this work it may be it requires a long time or it may be very hard to handle it.
Any work which you have given it has to do with a lot of efforts in comparison to our expectations. It may be to keep our relationship strong means to accept anything in our relationship.

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Effect Of Communication Skill On Our Life – Mental Health


Today we are aware in every part of life. We are trying to be the best in life to get peace, happiness, satisfaction. Do you know the key to everything in life is communication skills? If you want to be a success in any field we must need communication skills.

We know that our communication skill depends on listening skill or sometimes it depends on the front person. But, if we have patience and have a better skill to turn front person thoughts immediately then it can work better. We know that in the same family we say that one mother in law has a different relationship with different daughter in law. The main reason behind it is one daughter in law has the better skill to handle mother in law with communication and vice versa.

We have a lot of examples on the bus, railway or in any queue where a small reason can disturb the happy way of traveling. The reason behind it is


1] If the front person couldn’t get, what this person is telling? Means one person is telling one thing another is telling another thing at that time miss conversation occurs. This disturbs the surroundings. We can’t proceed here.

2] Sometimes misunderstanding about the front person also spoils conversation./weight-loss-diet-for-everyone-Jowar-roti/

3] If any person has good respect in the family or society then any person can easily listen to him thinking that he/she is a wise person. I must have to go with him. At that time both conversations get the good meaning. They never carry any type of anger, misunderstanding, ego, etc. This type of conversation works better everywhere. That respected person becomes the topmost personality in that surrounding.

4] Before making conversation with any person if we have decided to confirm without losing your control. I must have to say any words, softly and lovingly it definitely works in this way.vitamin-b-importance-and-deficiencies/

5] Sometimes any person creates anger or conveys wickedly with the next person. Purposely due to carrying misunderstanding, ego, want to take revenge then definitely conversation takes the form of fight. We know that

with a small reason there are a lot of conflicts./why-did-anxiety-mental-health-reason/

6] Having good knowledge to express thoughts carries definitely a good conversation.

7] Better way for communication is to keep a positive attitude and faith about the front person. That he is my good listener and he can convey me nice anytime.

8] Awareness, love, feeling positive, care for the front person and respect definitely bring effective communication./why-did-anxiety-mental-health/

9] We know that in the school if the teacher is scolding on the students loudly still all students are keeping quiet as there is big respect about a teacher. This conversation never destroys any relationship.

10] So to run the families or societies maybe we known a lot of wrong things about an elder person still we must have to keep quiet and show respect with them to run the society or family. Like small students. If you want to be clear some matter with an elder person then you have to show them complete faith in them.


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How Effective Language Skills In our Life? – Life

Effects of Language in our life – good/bad 

How to overcome problems in life? – With Language.


The book of life-pranita deshpande

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