How Food Donation Is Important – Interesting Story

  Importance Of Food Donation In Lock down – Interesting Story

In   a village one poor farmer was living. Who had nothing to serve. Doing a lot of efforts to become rich but everything fail. He had one son have too much worry for his  future.

Always working in the field but no use. So his wife was very worried for family future.  One day couple has sat for the lunch in the afternoon and suddnely one Sadhu came to demand  the Roti . Now that farmer came outside with his roti and Subzi from his thali. Now that Sadhu has taken it happily.

 Now ,the farmer told to that Sadhu that ‘’ Maharaj we both my wife and me are working too much to get good days to us’’ and to teach our son.

  Then Sadhu answered him , if you will do work ,how did I will tell you will get everything . And if not I will give you back what you have faced any damage?

Then farmer told , Okay , done , How did you will tell in this way I will do it?

Now that Sadhu told ,’’You have one cow , sell that cow to any customer and whatever maybe money come to you. Bring grocery from it and who comes on your door give them food. How much people will come give them food happily.

With this solution farmer become disappointed, as he had only single cow as a property. Still these are the sentences of Sadhu and have value them thinking that he had sold his cow. He bought so many things and grocery in the home. -books-must-read-in-quarantine-exit-covid/

  From the next day he had started to give full of food to the door persons happily. Slowly this story reached to the all people. Now so many people are coming to eat there everyday.

  Person’s who are eating they are giving some amount to the farmer. Some lenders are also giving some amount to the farmer. Now this poor farmer becoming the rich person. Now he didn’t have anything less in his life.


Now one day same Sadhu Maharaj came near to him. Farmer had inaugurated him. Given food and become satisfied both. Now Sadhu Maharaj also become very happy that farmer had listened his story.  Farmer became happy and made other people also happy.

Conclusion : While eating food if we will give food to the others that person never live with empty stomach.

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Interesting Story On Forgiveness – Stories

Interesting Story On Forgiveness 

    Once upon a time, there was a king in a historical city. He was very cruel. He was always giving cruel punishment to everyone for their small mistakes. He had kept Jungli Dogs to give punishment. Who maybe have done any mistake had to give cruel or hard punishment so that the life of that person may end there. It may be any Minister, secretory, or his close assistant. 


 He was feeding a lot of meat to the dogs to make dogs cruel. When any person has been made any mistake he sends these dogs on their body to tear them. Then that dogs were tearing their body taking out all types of their inside body parts, makes them bloody and in them, that person has to leave their body. 

A lot of people getting hurt and unsecured with it. They were living their life with full of fear. School Band Fees Band Job Band – Unemployment

One day his special and closed servant has been made a small mistake with an absent mind. Now with his rule, he had assigned to give the punishment of death. 

A lot of people getting hurt and unsecured with it. They were living their life full of fear. 

One day his special and closed servant has been made a small mistake with an absent mind. Now with his rule, he had assigned to give the punishment of death.

When he had been bought near to the punishment spot. He had asked him what is your last wish? Then that servant told him I have only one wish, ‘’Please give me 10 days to think before giving me punishment’’. Now this punishment has postponed ahead. 

  After 10 days have been completed and again that servant has bought on that spot. With their plan, all Jungli dogs have been sending on his body. But instead barking or bite the dogs. They are loving that person also they were playing with them. Now the king and all people became astonished, how this has happened? Heart Touching Story On Spiritual Healing

 Now that servant has been told that the days which you have given me in that I have worked with these dogs. I have given them their favorite food also loving them, taking care of them as family members. So, they have kept gratitude towards me. Also, they started to love me but, I have done your work with full of honesty and have made a small mistake with an absent mind. But you have not forgiven me. King, you are a man should have to understand my honest work but these dogs have understood my work. 

  By this answer and work the king become very shameful and told to his servant that to this work please forgive me. Come back again to work. Then that servant told, now I never do your service instead I will always do service of all dumb animals.  Today’s Most Important Treatment – Detoxification Of Mind

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What Makes Me Different n Happy – Intresting Story

Hi friends, thanks for asking me this question. As so many people are very eager to get this answer.
Since childhood, I was clear, clean, and open-minded. This is creating extra energy in my mind and increase confidence. And I think When any person is having more confidence, he is always different and happy in any situation.
Another thing is when we are away from material things we are getting more powers from the universe. For example in our home when our grandparents maybe have more amount in their account but they have distributed it in their sons and daughters still we are giving them more respect. And we have ideal fear [ respected] of them. We feel shy, shame to tell any unwanted thing in front of them. In some families, their sons didn’t drink, smoking in front of them. As in the last stage of life, people become free from all the material things, money, position, status, etc. They are only distributing pure love and thoughts to us. They need only pure love and pure thoughts as these 2 things give them more power.
As we know that if any grandparents have more money but he is not behaving lovingly to the family members then we know that so many granddaughters, sons are abusing them as in the old age power of money is not running. To understand it we have to experience life.
The same pattern running with the Saint, can we hate Gautam Budha as he didn’t have money?
Can we hate saint Tukaram, Dnyeshwar, Ramdas, these are so ancient people?
But, can we hate Anna Hajare as he didn’t have money? Can we hate the Amte family? But they are also always happy and their life is different. We never hate Mother Theressa. Even she was so simple.
When we are running with our principals then automatically we get happiness along with differentiation.
Before publishing my books I was so happy that I think that In the world no one is happy in comparison to me. Although I was facing a lot of difficult situations. I didn’t know what is mean by profession? What is the value of money in my life? Why did we have to save money? I was completely away from all these things. This means I didn’t earn money is not true. I didn’t save money is also not true. But, still, I was never living for the only money.
At that time also I was earning money but never left my daily happiness. Living light is my virtue since childhood. Of course, I was carrying some worries at that time but, still light.
In college life also I was famous as a most laughing student. I like the students who are laughing with pure hurts. And my all friends were also jolly and laughing friends. Open-minded and always free. We have completely lost all these things in the lockdown.
In college, we were friends easily creating jokes, not telling jokes from books or by watching any films or reading books, etc. But when we gather at one place we were laughing continuously. Where had been lost this laughing now? In today’s life I am looking to the teenagers they are behaving like olden that 50 years’ person and saying we have made progress.
I think that at a particular level maturity and understanding are okay but if it is more in small age we are killing the next generation.
I am always giving thanks to my parents that they have left us free. We think that, if we didn’t have money then we have problems in our life? It’s true but, still, I think that if we have money and we didn’t understand how to use it for my family, my society, my religion, my charity, myself then It creates more problems in our life.
The person who will understand how to use money at the proper time that person always remains happy in his life and also everyone’s life. And, when we create happiness for the other person we create happiness for us.
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Interesting Story On Sansakara – Story

Emergence e of sansakar

I have been read one story about sanskaras. One famous author was there and he decided to adopt one child and to give him nice sanskaras and make him a big and great person. So he went on remand home with his wife and bought one kid for 6 months. The kid was so beautiful, cute, and attractive that everyone is turning to him. Now they have bought at home.

  • They are taking a lot of care for that child. Then after 3 years, they have given him admission in the best kinder garden for good Sansa Kar. Teaching him everyday nice songs, poems, shlokas, mantras, etc. Telling nice stories of Rama, Krishna, Arjuna, this way that child also giving them a nice response to their teaching for becoming talent clever student .

Everyone in their family enjoying every moment of life with happy thoughts. He is good in all subjects & he is getting nice marks. Now he is learning about taking care of his parents.

In this way, he had been coming to the 10th class. Now he becomes a mature student. He was studying regularly with full concentration. Everyone is inspiring him. Oh! He is a great boy talent & clever ‘’ Whole school had proud of him.

At last 10th exam over & result came & he becomes the topper of the school.

Now there was the discussion of college admission. His parents have collected some money for his admission. His parents want to go outside to meet his guest. So they went outside for 8 days leaving alone him at home.

child care -the emergence of sansakar.

One day has arisen he opened cupboard as a curiosity. His parents have kept his all documents of remand home & original information in one file. He opened the cupboard he got that file. He read carefully & he understood that he was the boy of another parent. Now he becomes a lot of angry & disturbing himself. He thought that this parent has cheated him & they had hidden him from his original parents. 

Now he was starting to hate this parent. He wants to take revenge on this parent but how? As within a fraction of a second, he lost his memory about this parent & start to revenge him. Now he was searching for something that how to get rid of this parent. Again he was searching in the cupboard & he got an ornament box of his mother & a lot of money. Then he took off it & ran away from that home. Now tell me what to do that parent with their sanskaras?

Why did I choose this topic to write? As I know today everyone is aware of sanskar, to get the good sanskar for their child they are giving them admissions in the big school. Involving them in a personal development class. Then also after the marriage that son becomes practical & starts to leave away from his parents.

child care -the emergence of sansakar.

Do you know there are 5 types of Sanskaras which are

1] Genetic & hereditary Which can carry past birth impressions as it is.

2] from parents

3] talk true.

4] From previous birth: when the child taking birth he brings a lot of samskaras from environments: Means due to my willpower I have sansakar to talk lie but my friends will power creates sansakar to and memory of premature birth.

My original sansakar which are peace, happiness, purity, truth, love, bliss & knowledge.

Now decide which sanskaras you want to keep?

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Thoughts by pranita deshpande
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Interesting Stories 2 _ Self Improvement _ Exit COVID

Hi friends 👋 good morning have a glorious day.

Yesterday we have learnt a story about 🦁 today we will learn a story about gold mine.

Once upon a time there was a gold miner was hardworking but a narcissistic. He had gold mine with his owner ship. It was so deep that it’s very hard to dig and find the gold from it. Still he has decided to grab out the gold from it. effects-of-ego-on-our-life-types-of-ego

Now he had gathered a lot of labours to dig the mine. There was hot summer 😎🔥 season. Still labours are working continuously. Every day they were working hard that every labour were bathing with sweat.

Now owner of gold miner become tired as with this much work also they couldn’t see gold mine. After a long work he had lost ☹️ his hope .And Decided to quit the digging.

Now he had quoted to dig the mine and relaxed. This news was spread all over the city. And another gold miner who was optimistic has heard it.

He decided to buy this mine. And went to the narcissistic who had lost ☹️ his hope .Now he has to sold his mine immediately. Blue host link Get Blue host Domain here.

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The optimistic owner 👌 gathering only few labor. Already mine had been digging deeper only he has to dig 😂 again. Now his labors has been 🌟 to dig it and with a small distance of digging they found the gold mine.

Moral : In this way today so many people are losing their hopes in the business or for the any job due to COVID. Let’s learn lesson 👌 from this 💪 story and be ready to fight for some days. We must have to keep courage and confidence that COVID will never touch to anybody.

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Interesting Stories _ Self Improvement

Hi Friends ,good morning have a great week and month

Let’s enjoy 😄 new story here.

There were 🦁 family in the forest. They’re living happily and wondering in the forest. There was a small cub with her mother. He was enjoying his life with his mother ❤️.Where his mother was wondering there, he was with her. His mother was giving life lessons to her cubs. How to escape from enemy? How to catch the pray? How to wonder safe in the forest?

She was always keeping alert to her family for any 💓 trouble. Still they have to face some small problems with her cubs.

One of the day she went to the grass lawn . Where sheep’s flock was eating grass. In that sheep small kids also there. They were busy in eating grass. In them 🦁 cub went in their flock and wondering with them .

Now, that cub’s mother ❤️ was searching him every where. And she couldn’t find her cub. Now she roared so loudly that sheep flock heard her voice and ran fast. In that 🦁 cub also mixed with them and run fast.

His mother was wondering every where. But, she couldn’t get him.

After some days 😂 she again went to that place. Again there was same flock. Now she had click on her mind maybe ”my cub here.” So I would have to again roar. And she roared loudly. Now all sheep’s ran fast but 🦁 cub remain behind.

His mother ❤️ recognised him immediately but, the cub who was living with sheep’s flock forgot that he was the 🦁 He frightened to her mother ❤️ ran opposite side of her. In them 🦁 ran fast 😭 and caught him in her mouth 😲. She got an angry and furious. So she took the cub in her mouth and ran near to the big well . Which was filled with full of water. She shown her cub full of water. And in that shown his face. Now the cub understood I am lion. So he 🌟 to roar loudly.

Moral : In this way there were so many people who are by birth lion . But , when they are mixed in the wrong groups they behave as like sheep.

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