Importance Of Prayer For Patient In Lock down

Benefits Of Prayer In Life

Prayer Changes Man In Any Situation

When we are hearing a word ‘prayer’ we had sight of the temple in which so many people are standing to join their hands in front of god with closing eyes & mumbling some words. It may be temple, church, mastoid or it may be all schools. Are these prayers going everywhere as mechanically? Means telling utterly loudly maybe understand words or not. It is working as CD or recorder vastly.

If it is going on without understanding then there is no any effect on students or on people & then some are blaming to god that “God is not making right justice for us”.
Then there is a question that how can we do prayer? & what is the benefit of prayer? How can our prayer become successful?

So Prayer is the subject of faith or belief. And belief is the subject of mind and  we know that our mind is not stable at so many times. If we have a lot of virtues in our behavior skill then only our faith gets stable and prayer become successful and with this prayer after some time we feel that we got to benefit from our prayer. As we feel light and every devotee are feeling lightly in any difficult situation so they have shown in the picture flying in the air.

Due to prayer, we can change our habits, actions or behavior, characters etc., and we feel satisfaction and this satisfaction gives us lot of self-confidence , power to face in any situation. We will be confirmed on our any decision. Prayer keeps our mind, intellect and sense organs strong.

”Prayer changes mind with change in behavior”

Prayer should do with the peaceful and concentrated mind. So that our consciousness emerges our inner power and person automatically gets turned in to positive.

The person how much think positive that much he will be successful person and if any person wants to be positive then he should keep in mind that “Never try to change other person, change ourselves” and to do it there should be no any evil in our mind.

Benefits Of Prayer

     1]   It cleans our mind and  gives us satisfaction.

    2]It increases our internal energy and we become an authentic person

  3]  It gives the power to face any difficult situation.

   4] It increases our tolerance power and patience

  5] Some important prayers increase our talent, memory and grasping the power

]6]It increases decision power and self-confidence

7] ‘’Satvik’’ prayer increases our emotional intelligence and devoting power.

8]Remembering God every time and clean prayer increases our spiritual doors.

9] It increases our introvert power and makes man positive.

10] It makes man polite and this man can compromise everywhere.

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