Importance Of Bathing – Health Benefits.

How Bathing Is Important To Us?

What Are The Disadvantageous Of Without Bathing Life?

Do you know why did I have selected this topic? In our home everyday there is an argument between my both son and me . I am telling them without bathing don’t touch to the food. May be you are so clean. I hate the people who are not bathing regularly and early. May be they are more successful, kind and carry more compassion. But I will mention some reasons here , why did bathing is so important?


1] Without bathing if you will touch to the food it spread germs or make food poisonous.

2] If you will travel without bathing , there are more accidents or some injure cases , quarreling cases are happening. Often I am reading accident news in short, in that a lot of Muslim people are there. In the lots of news murder cases are filled with Muslim people. And so that there is always wars in between Muslim living areas. As they are not bathing regularly. I think our wisdom gets lost without bathing. I have been experienced with a lot of people. I couldn’t mention their name here.

3] In some houses some members are losing an enthusiasm, instead carrying laziness along with spreading germs in the home.Also they are spreading germs in the atmosphere.

4] Creates a lots of skin diseases, arthritis, another infections.

4] So that in India there are a lot’s of rituals regarding bathing that is”ABHYANG SNAN” KARTIK SNAN” VAISHAKH SNAN” ”GANGA SNAN” ” OCEANSNAN” ”SEA SNAN” ”TEERTH SNAN”

Here Snan means bathing. Our all rituals, festivals are related towards bathing.

4] Have you experienced yourself without bathing how you feel?

Now Let Us Discuss Benefits Of Bathing .

1] It removes germs , dust, dirt from our body. Cleans mind and body Keeping us every time fresh.

2] Creates freshness, removes depression, worries, changing attitude, creates an enthusiasm, works as a strong healing process. So that in Ayurveda there are lots of treatments regarding bathing. That is steam bath etc .

3] Keeps blood circulation flowing, crates appetite , have you observed that after bathing we feel more hunger.?

4] Opens skin holes , removes skin diseases, increases confidence.

5] Our Astrologer also giving us so many rituals while bathing to get success in our life or to remove our skin diseases.

6] If you will bath early in the morning we never get suffer from ”VATTA, PITTA and COUGH ”Dosha.

7] So that our ancient parents are getting up early in the morning and bathing before 7 o clock in the morning.They have got complete more than 100 year life span. May be they have no more money.

DISCLOSURE : Some points in the post mentioned with my regular observation. My intention to mention it is to show real fact. I didn’t want to give any hurt to any community .

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Importance Of Farmers – Food Source

Why did farmers are so important?

Every day we are getting up early and we require food to eat.If we have a lot of things around us, a lot of money, a huge king palace, but not food what will happen? As the source of food didn’t make in the factory. Have anyone imagined it?

So food is the basic need of every creature and this food is getting to us from the farm.It is made by the farmer.

If every farmer or labor decided to live an ”Alishan” life. without doing any work? What will happen? this is slowly happening now, no one is ready to do work in the farm and it is the very dangerous problem in front of a nation.If it will happen can we get food to eat? Can we eat money to control our hunger?Can we prepare plant as like thing?

So I think that farmer is the main source of food. In this source, it requires talented people but unfortunately, in our country, the person who didn’t have professional knowledge as well as who didn’t have a perfect education is doing farming and so a lot of problems are creating everywhere in politics and in every field.

Why did we need to attend him?

1]  He is the main source of nutrition department.

2] He loves to his soil, to his animals and nature.

3] He has more tolerance power except for some farmers who are doing suicide as lack of knowledge.

4] He remains happy in any situation. He didn’t demand a lot of things for life. He always remains in satisfied condition as compared to the other workers.

5]I think no one has big heart and mind in comparison to a farmer as he gives half roti to others from his own thali. You can experience it now also. He has more humanity, compassion, sensitivity etc.

6] He always flows his emotions and so he is doing farming happily otherwise he left it forever.


7]   I want to say to the Govt. that first, they should appoint so many counselors in every village as this is the basic need of today’s period.  Then decide about carrier keep agriculture branch in every college so that every student should understand that farming is also one type of carrier then no one will hate to do farming. Every farmer’s students should get scholarship and help so that he could also get respect. As in the society also no one is giving respect to farmers children.Every student should also understand that farming is also one type of nice business. It will happen when a farmer is getting more profit from his crop. Otherwise not.

These are experienced points from my life as I am also a farmer’s daughter and what unhappiness and tragedy have to face to the farmers’ children is I know perfectly, so I request to Govt. that he should attend to farmers compulsory

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Importance Of Camphor -Corona Virus [Benefits]

Friends we know that today we are stacked in the worst trouble which is very dangerous to our life. There are lakhs of people are suffered from it. We know that it is a very dangerous virus, which can get automatically viral. Now we have a huge fear and everyone is under pressure. Govt. also taking a lot of care to keep people alive.

There are plenty of medicines that are telling in social media. Someone is telling use this medicine, someone is telling don’t go outside. We must have to follow all these things to keep our bodies strong.

Let us we will check here what are the health benefits of camphor. 

Since the starting of this Corona news, we are hearing about camphor.

We know that Camphor is the best medicine for multipurpose problems.

1] It can control swine flu.

2] It can stop badbreathing. Also, it works as a good sanitize

3] It is a terpene organic compound, commonly it is used in medicines, creams, lotions, creams, oils. Camphor oil is an oil that is extracted from the Camphor tree.

4] It can be used to remove pain, irritations, itching, chest congestion, and inflammation.

5] Never take Camphor internally or apply it to broken skin. As it creates toxic.

6] It can be used for skin treatment and respiratory function.

7] It can heal a burn, treat arthritis, relieves coughing, anxiety, depression, kills germs of home. Keeps the atmosphere fresh.

8] Since ancient times our Indian sages or Rushi’s or families using this Camphor.

9] Let us watch this video to know the importance of Camphor.

While worshiping the God yesterday I have realized some things as like flash of light.

In my childhood at my mother’s home we had Bhajans . In that Bhajan there is a song /Arti for Camphor. It is in Marathi Language .

In that Arati that poet has explained the importance of Camphor.

Param Painshyanti Madhye Maha Vaikhari, Vaikhari Ne Shrut Kele , Kele Shri hari. Sagun zali Aarti Nirgun Kapra Jyoti.

Agyan Andhakar Samool Janashi Zala . Caprachya Jyoti Madhye Parbramh Pahila. Sagun Zali Aarti Nirgun Kapra Jyoti.

This song is telling that , when there is complete darkness in the atmosphere or have a challenging trouble at that time , some Sage have got God in the Camphor Aarti.

Let us watch this video to understand the real fact of camphor.

http://Importance of Camphor/health benefits/

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Vitamin B Importance and Deficiencies- Health

Do you know when did we are losing our happiness? Or becoming more anxious? What are the criteria to be happy in health? Why did we become pale or sometimes more disappoint? The answer to these questions simply goes to Vitamin B.

In everyday life, we didn’t keep attention to these things instead we like to eat more tasty, delicious food. But if B Vitamin will get reduced in our body we have to face so many challenges. As Vitamin B is the king of our life source how it is we will see here.

First, we will see from where we get Vitamin B/


1] Generally, it is found in leafy vegetables, milk, sprouts, rice, the old rice which is of pink color. Giving rich smell while eating. Or spreading scent everywhere while cooking. This type of rice we are getting easier in our childhood. This rice contains a large amount of Vitamin B. wheat, Jowar, Bajara, etc

2] Cane sugar juice, some types of fruit juice, our dates are filled with Vitamin B. some dry fruits as, Orchid, pasta, cashew nuts, almonds, etc also contain more Vitamin. Today we are getting Vitamin B in the more proportion in the chocolate, Biscuits, some ice creams, some sprout food, all fermented food also contains the large type of Vitamin B. It is good for our health.

3] We found it in the milk, cheese, milk products, eggs, liver, kidney, all types of meat, fishes.

4] All types of beans, red beans, pulses, Jowar Roti, some dark vegetables like Spinach, Methi leaves or so many leafy vegetables. Especially our ghee is completely filled with Vitamin B.

Soya products such as Soya milk,


1] Mostly small kids have this problem. As they are not eating leafy vegetables, drinking milk, not eating nuts, etc so they become more anxious, angry or creates irritations, some times crying loudly without any reason.

2] Creates patches on the tongue, rashes on the skin, loss of appetite, irritations, guts problems, swallowing in the esophagus, skin shows pale appearance, feeling weakness, creates fatigue, losing wishes, desire, creates

disappoint thoughts.

3] Gastrointestinal disorder results due to loss of Vitamin B, anemia, Vitamin B-12 deficiency, premature grey hair.

4] Leads to create depression, loss of appetite, extreme exhaustion, drowsiness, muscle pain, grayish skin color.

5] We know there are so many types of Vitamin B. To avoid confusion I didn’t have given their names to you. Only you have to keep in mind that where we get Vitamin B, and what are its deficiencies?

6] Some deficiency creates depression, nervousness, extreme fatigue, irritability, eczema, constipation, headache, digestive disorders, premature hair color turns in to gray.

7] Creating confusion, losing memory, changes brain functions, some times creates swelling in the head. hair fall, the rashness of hair, hair becomes dry, skin changes appearance.

8] Swelling in the mouth, eyes vision getting to reduce. pain in the legs or body.

9] Insomnia, creating mental disorder, fatigue, no interest in life, etc.

10] Creating stress, worries, pressure, anger, anxiety, etc. Vice versa these things reduce Vitamin B from our body.

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Importance of Kartik Month- Memories

Yesterday we have celebrated ”TULSI VIVAH ” I called to so many ladies for” Haldi Kumkum” . We are talking about this festival and at last my 1 friend came late to my home and while talking to her suddenly I remembered my childhood days of KARTIK  Month .Do you know this Month gives us a lot of benefits along with some entertainment as well as heal us spiritually .But we must have to understand how to realize it?  

When I had been in 4th std  at that time my mother has started to make VRUT of Kartik Month. 

My elder sister ” Sindhu” getting ready to make POOJA OF lord Krishana . She keeps  square like short table, keeping LORD VISHNU’S PHOTO and sitting in front of it by taking all apparatus of worshiping.   Enlightening  so many lamps along side with it. Keeping middle size ”KRISHANA ” Idol on the table . I too also sitting near with her.

Now we have started a devotee song since getting up to the GOD a complete celebration of GOD worshiping. Of them getting up to GOD 2 songs , then  bathing him 1 song, Keeping Tilak on his forehead 1 song, wearing God beautiful clothes 1 song, now drawing Rangoli for him 1 song , for his every acting 1 song like garlanding him . Giving him Tulsi ,giving milk, butter, bhojan, Pan, Aarti , then Punishment song for us if we have done anything wrong with him . 

Some other ladies also singing another devotee songs still some songs I remember  now .Sometimes  I  am  also singing that song today . One day my senior elder sister was sitting to worship God and started to sing Aarati , then suddenly I have learnt one Ganesha’s new Aarti and I want too sing that Aarti on that day so I started to sing it and my sister had been stopped me to sing it. I started to cry loudly crawling on the ground , getting angry with my sister.Why did she not allow to sing an Aarti and how much I became unhappy you know till today also automatically tears comes in my eyes if I remember that scene .This is my GOD’S love since childhood.    

Importance Of Kartik Month-Spiritual  

Then we are collecting all milk, Curd , sugar in a container to make ”GOPALKALA ” 

At that time there was no any tap system for water so we must have to bring water from our river, it is almost 1 km away from our home, but still we all friends collect in one place taking POOJA THALI and went to the river .There was silence, blue color river water was flowing from south to west. Now we are making BOATS of paper, keeping JYOT to it and by enlightening, it, sending it in the river .We all our friends, making some new designs or ”SWASTIK ” from it .Looking very glorious and beautiful . We never forget that beauty and these days of my life getting tremendous happiness while doing Pooja and sending ”Diya’s in the river water. Then we are waiting there to see how much time our ‘Diva ” will burn ? Whose ”Diya”will burn more time?She is lover of God is our thinking at that time.

Then we are bringing water at home from that river. 

Singing a song at river also, looking very beautiful .Feeling calm and satisfied as we have already filled to much information about God before morning. 

Sometimes we went  to the temple after making Pooja
Image result for images of temple near river of Kartik Month

Importance Of Kartik Month – Memories 

Importance Of Kartik Month –  Spiritual 

How to become spiritual in Kartik Month? -pranita deshpande 

Be spiritual in Kartik Month

If I will remember these days I feel that by learning more education I have spoiled my natural life.

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Panjiri Recipe – Importance of Janamashtmi.

Panjiri Recipe-Krishnashtami 

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Some food item also has good value in the different situation. It may be a festival celebration or any celebration. The celebration gives us a lot of happiness, enjoyment, change in routine life, encouragement. We are full fill with an enthusiasm, changing our routine plan for it. Every day we are getting bored with the regular routine so we must need the change in routine. Nowadays the young generation is making change their selves by running to the journey or eating in the 5-star hotels etc still they didn’t feel fulfilled. Every time they are empty and feeling the vacuum. Again they want, This wanting list never has to be changed.

But Indian culture has given some good celebrations which are occurring naturally, there is no need of doing new work. Only we have to open our mind, look to the inside and celebrate it with happiness to get tremendous satisfaction. Everywhere there is a change in the atmosphere. Everyone is filled with love, happiness and an enthusiasm. Making prasad as like PANJIRI Recipe in Hindi 

Let us talk on JANAMASHTAMI.  


We know that this word is related to Krishna birth. Here everyone has a great discovery point that ”Why did RAMA & KRISHANA” has taken birth at sharp 12 o clock. One is at night at 12 PM and ANOTHER ONE IS AT AFTERNOON 12 PM.


We know that, in India this time is very dangerous. If any person is going outside for any simple work also then our elders are telling that please sit for a while, don’t go outside at sharp 12 o clock, don’t talk any important thing at 12 o’clock, don’t criticize at 12 o’clock, don’t take any decision at 12 o’clock. even the BHAGAVAN who has taken birth at sharp 12 o’clock . Whose Arati also we are not doing at 12 o’clock . There is a say that if anything is finished in any business or anything has been destroyed we say in Marathi ” TYCHE 12 VAJALE” ”means everything destroyed if this is a situation for us at 12 o’clock then what about ”BHAGAVAN RAMKRISHANA”?


It’s a very mysterious story. At last, both’s end is very bad. If they maybe God.  You know that God word is related to the problem means if anyone has a problem then go to God, pray in front of him and solve your problem. So to solve people’s problem they had to be destroyed their life. But we know that we are getting happiness by singing their songs ., Bhajans, devotee songs or reciting Mantra’s etc.

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Means they are completely fulfilled at any time in any situations and so our wishes are getting complete with him. Means how much their life is meaningful? and useful for other persons? As if we will go in front of their temples, our hands automatically join. It’s great miracle in our culture.  I didn’t know about another culture. But it maybe Jesus, Mohamad Paingambar or any religion God. Their life is with full of difficulties and troubles and always there nature is giving. We know that the person whose nature is always giving is known as GOD.

Okay, I forgot to celebrate Janmashtami. Let us see how we can make today’s PRASAD RECIPE.?

We are making 2 types of Prasad. One is Dinkvada and second is Sunthvada.

Dinkvada means making from Gum and Sunthvada means made from the ginger.

time for it

prep cook total

15       30      45 min

Author’s name  Kulkarni Chhaya

Food type Prasad

keyword  -Panjiri Recipe

serve for many

Cuisine – Indian


Gum [dry] stones   100 gm

almonds 8 to 10

jaggary  1 small bowl [grated

sugar 1 bowl

poppy seeds 50 gm

cardamom powder 1 teas

ghee 1 bowl

grated coconut 100 gm

dates 7 to 8

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Take the dry gum in the bowl, see it is dry or wet.

:  Collect all ingredients in a thali

:  Keep the pan on the gas, pour ghee to it.

Apple Halwa Recipe – Cupcake

: Wait to heat the ghee and add 2 granules of gum to fry.

Recipe ForWheat Flour Halwa

: If it will fry nicely then pour 1 tablespoon gum granules to it.

: Add more granules to fry it. Fry it well.

: Now keep it to cool.

: Now fry the dates,  coconut slightly and keep it in another                                                      bowl.

: After cooling add it to mixture jar, add another ingredient                                           except for ginger and grind it well in the mixture.


: This is well prepared Dinkvada. Keep it in the bowl.



How to make Sunthvada? 


ginger   50 gm [grated ]

poppy seeds  25 gm

grated coconut    25 gm

jaggary   1 small bowl

dates        4 to 5

cardamom    2 to 3 flakes

PROCEDURE FOR IT: Grate the ginger with a small slicer.

:  Add jaggary, baked Dhaniya powder ,poppy seeds etc to it .

: Grind it in the mixture .



If you have any question on it please share it in the comment section.


Panjiri recipe /
http://Panjiri recipe /

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Masala Baingan- Recipe Indian

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