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How To Live Stress Free – Spiritual Thoughts

Bhagvan Shrikrishana has written in Geeta ”What you have brought when born? Do Karma and don’t keep wish to get success. It can be leave on him ”[GOD] if you want to be satisfied. Always keep in mind that if anything is not written in your destiny with God’s blessing which can’t be getting to you with any power of world, .
The thing which is in your destiny with God’s blessing which can not be taken out from your mind power with God’s blessing . God power can make impossible into possible.
So at last Karmaa is the ”Kamdhenu” and prayer is the ”Parasmani” of life.
In the physical life if you want to be happy ”Always make your comparison with the person who is less from you. ” Means he has everything less. So that you could be happy any time. spiritual-journey/
You know there is a small story . Once upon a time there was a man who was always unhappy by arguing with God . As he didn’t have shoes in his feet. But when he saw the person who didn’t have feet then he become happy and thanked to the God. Praying to the God that ” Hey God, you have given me strong and complete healthy body so your are the kindest God In the world. /why-people-are-turning-to-meaningful-life-self-improvement/
With the spiritual level you have to compare yourself to the person who is ahead of you in spiritually. So that you could became strongest spiritual person in the world.
Never keep hatreds for anyone who maybe have made big mistakes. If you want to be peaceful then keep your attention with your work . For your peace of mind you must have to be work for your mind, not for other persons mind. What is happening in the world is going on with God’s will not your wish or your willing power.
God always keeping all types of events in the balance of 3 periods. Means present,past, future.
Criticism of any person means criticizing to the God. As doing this karma means we are living in the opposition of God. Without any criticism you can become more peaceful.
So many times we didn’t have any problem but what carries my neighbors or my guest have the things is not with me this thinking bringing unhappiness in our life. If our neighbor has a big TV of 1 Lakh and I didn’t have it is giving me more unhappiness.
If we will keep attention to the another person that is ”What is in his control?” With this thinking what you will have also getting to finish. And our past birth sansakar also getting to finish . This karma means our previous birth karma. So that you will have to leave peaceful in any situation./what-is-spiritual-love-spiritual-growth/Please don’t look to your bare foot see the person who didn’t have the feet. When you will do the karma any karma thinking that this is the karma of God then you will never become unhappy in your life.

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Every religion has decided to sin is the bad karma . All religions of the world are attached to the doing karma for humanity. All religions as like Islam, Hindu, Sheekh, Isai, all are created with the wishes of God .When any person is doing any good karma he is getting happiness with full of joy. To reduce the stress of our life we must have to donate to the charity.

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How to live stress free-Spiritual Thoughts  

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How To Overcome Jealousy -Mental Health

If anyone is jealous of me?
Nowadays we are listening to this word everywhere & lots of people are suffering from it .
Many people hurt another people with this word. Let us we will try to counselling for their insecurity here. & learn how to overcome jealousy?
Let us see what is meant by jealousy? When a person creates some hateful or negative energy against successful people is known as jealousy. /lets-know-meaning-of-hope-self-improvement/

Generally, it can carry everyone, no one can control to create this term in their life.
When we feel lower than anyone then I create jealousy. It carries comparison, competition,ego, hatreds etc. So that nowadays there is a trend that just lower the other person we will become higher, we are losing our original track, accepting any challenging situation or wrong way. It creates stress, anger, greed, irritation etc. Due to it how I am feeling today? /how-can-overcome-worries-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
What is the quality of my thought? Is attachment is blocking me? How am I thinking about another people? Is the way to understand the feeling of jealousy? Is this thought gives me nice feeling?
Or can these thoughts improve my life? Then why did I am creating these types of thoughts?/our-destiny-in-lock-down-exit-covid/
Jealousy simply creates stress & we know that stress = pressure/ inner power.


If a pressure is more stress is more. If we will neglect inner power I cannot change the
situation, I cannot change my husband means I cannot control numerator then why not we  increase inner power./interesting-stories-2--self-improvement--exit-covid/
Forget the situation our focus is on the situation so that we didn’t know inner power…
So to remove jealousy we have to increase inner power.
Some offices, schools, homes are filled with jealousy. If any person is jealous of me
then I didn’t have any effect on my mind.I have to do sometimes my work with my good intention./versatile-blogger-award/


To become jealous is the mistake of him not my any mistake then why should I suffer from it.
I have to maintain my belief that another person’s insecurity is not my mistake. So I
should have to create compassion for him keeping confidence with me.

In this situation some time I become depressed but I have to maintain specialty and if a
jealous person is overpowered with me then his negativity will overpower me.So that my
mood is getting off and suddenly my creativity is getting stopped and then I say due to him my work is not completed.
Five Ways to Kick the Jealousy Habit |


Well, I have to keep me self-motivated so that my power remains as it is. Where there is
power there is a growth.
You can do your work continuously with learning new things. Learning never goes waste .
my positivism will overpower you. Then people will tell you after meeting him I feel very
nice. Now, this person becomes the leader and everyone is supporting him.

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How To Know Toxins In Our Body – Health


How To Know Toxins In The Body?

Hi friends, we know that our body  is filled with the lot of toxins , unwanted materials, etc .

Which are these we will see here ?

WHAT ARE TOXINS : Toxins are the unwanted , waste material which can be created in our body in our metabolism action. These are created in the process of digestion, blood circulation,  excretion, assimilation, churning etc. Sweat, fart, omitting, bad breath, bad smell of body, germs on the body or hair, Dhekar in Marathi etc are the common toxins of the body. 


If we have eaten waste food that is stale food , raw food, dirty food, which is not digesting properly it can create toxins in the form of fart, omitting, acidity, etc.  It can convert food in to poison. We feel tired, depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will eat any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobaccos, drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.


depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobacoes  , drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.

Craze Of Vegan Diet In Youth Generation

CHANGING TIME OF EATING :  This is the main cause of cancer disease or any disease  . As this habit disturb our liver functions and change all types of metabolism. Create more serum, acidity and this is the starting point of any serious disease. It produces a lot of toxins, so that we have urinary infections, skin infections ,etc .

In India there is a habit to eat ”Vidyache Pan” along with so many ingredients in it. As it will remove toxins which are creating in the body along with good digestion. 

Some fruit Juices removes toxins of the body for ex -Orange Juice . health, Mental health

Everyday it is not possible to eat that ”Vidyache Pan” but we can eat ”Badisoap” or cloves,

or cardamom  to remove the feeling of omitting or to make digestion good.

Increases Fungal Infections and Bad Breath :  When we have stored a lot of toxins in our body it can help to the germs to increase in the form of infections as like fungal  or bad breath. Feeling tired , sleepy, are the example of increasing toxins in the body.

SKIN :   Acne , rashness, inflammation are the examples of increasing toxins in the body. Eating more oily food increases these phenomenon.

COMMON HEADACHE :  There are thousands of reasons of increasing headache but of them common headache occurs due to increasing toxins .

EATING OPPOSITE VEGETABLES : Sometimes we didn’t have the knowledge to eat which vegetable with what . If we will eat onion with milk it creates toxins. After drinking tea or coffee some people are eating fried food , or sour drinks, juices  also increase toxins in the body. Today we are reading thousands of articles. They are filled with full of knowledge but if we are using so many of it to remove your problems it will create a lot of toxins along with so many problems in daily life. 

  So be careful while using home remedies.

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How to remove toxins of the body/

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Indian vegetarian food SWEETS

Chikoo Cookies Without Oven – Cookies Recipes

Chikoo Cookies Recipes -Homemade

Delicious Chikoo Cookies Recipe – Without Oven

Hi friends, there is contest running in the Go To Chef and they need fresh , short monsoon recipe. Now I have a question that how to make monsoon recipe instant ? We know that we have to run with time .Today time is our closer relatives .If we will not love him properly our life is getting disturb. So sometime we need to keep our real relatives away from us. We feel bad but, everything is useless. As time is the winner in this period. He is always giving us challenging life if we will not in his control. Sometime our mind is saying that everything we can understand but, what can we do? May be you are eager to read my content then let us read it. Your time never goes waste here.

I thought just we will try to make cookies without oven . Then I have searched ingredients in my home .I got all ingredients easily . I think that strong willing power can complete our pure wish . So i decided to make it without oven as it is my strong wish .

Now check here how did I have made it ?

Time for it prep :10 min , cook : 20 min, total : 30 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : British

food type : snacks/cookies

Keyword : Chikoo fruit cookies recipe

serve for 2

Ingredients for it

Chikoo : 3 small size

wheat flour: 1 cup

baking powder:1/2 tbsp

baking soda :1/2 tbsp

sugar powder :50 gm

ghee for whisking -2 tbsp

milk to knead : 1 tbsp

Method for it : Keep the pan on the gas . Add salt to it. And keep it to preheat for 10 minutes before making it.

Take the Chikoo fruits , remove its peel and keep aside.

Now take the ghee, sugar in the bowl to whisk and whisk it continuously for 3 minutes

Now add the Chikoo’s and crush it with wire guaze . Again whisk it with wire guaze.

Now add wheat flour to it and knead it with 1 tbsp of milk .

Knead it completely to become smooth. and shiny.

Now make its small cookies and keep it in the small bowls .

Keep the cookies bowls in to the pan for 20 minutes with tight lid .

After 20 minutes well prepared cookies were ready to eat.

How to make Chikoo Cookies Without Oven  - Cookies Recipes /
http://How to make Chikoo Cookies Without Oven – Cookies Recipes /

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How To Buy Online Product – Online Shopping


Customers / Readers,

Today lot of people ,readers know how to do on line shopping. But they didn’t aware about how to make on line shopping on any specific site? Why did products are kept on site? What is the benefit of them to the customer? How can they buy?

Today reason to write this post is that  so many friends have message me How to buy item ? Is there colors? Is there are lot of varieties? like this lot of question ..

To buy an item on any site is easy but confusing to so many people as lot of guidance is there . In which exactly what we have to pick up we don’t understand, so i will request to amazon & flip kart about it, that to keep guidance clear or in a particular way.As lot of customers are getting confuse to buy an item & they can’t buy it.

Another thing is that so many people have fear to use card ,they didn’t want to share their card information anywhere so they demand items with cash on delivery.and there is lot of misunderstanding to buy online products. To clear this misunderstanding  you should have to dare to buy first small product having less price. If you can buy yourself ,your fear will be vanish easily, & you would get great happiness that you have learnt to buy  any item with internet. It’s great achievement in your life.

Now you would be ready to buy any item with any site.

If you will come on my site you click on amazon banner then you will enter in the big store, then select today’s deal or prime members or select offers zone , in that choose any product with great discount.

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How To Give Comment – Blogging

Today ‘s world is running on desktop, laptop , android , etc. Everyone is engaged here, wants to earn money with full of power. No one is ready to invest 1 second anywhere. Because life = money is the equation in this period. Maybe CORONA is reaching near to us .We are listening a lot of news on it.Still we are running to earn money. Of course money needs to everyone.

Anyway we are working in blogging world. We need appreciation in this field . Everyone is proper at proper place still we need comment on our blog post.


While giving comment maybe you didn’t have time to read all article but that comment must have to come from inside not for a business but, it must have to carry love, compassion, inspiration, motivation, respect and care about bloggers work.

Yesterday I was working on the webtalk and I have reached a long page post of owner of that site . The owner who is giving us payment for our work. I saw there 350 shares and no any comment. I completely get astonished there about audience gratitude and running to earn money. Of

course we have more importance of time but the source from where we are getting there also we are dominating.I want to ask the runner can we are carrying all money with us where we have to go?. Everyone must have to understand everything we have to leave here ,only we are carrying good and bad?


1] It en courageous to write more.

2] It gives complete satisfaction and fulfillness to the blogger more than earning money.

3] It gives happiness. And on these things we are proceeding ahead.

4] It can improve writing skills.

5] It creates a nice relationship between audience and writer.

6] It can increase strong bonding between audience and writer.

7] It removes immediately negative thoughts of our mind.

8] Works as a good mentor to our subconscious mind.

9] Giving good engagement to the blog as well as to the brands.

10] Works as a good catalyst in the blogging.

11] It carries people’s love, happiness, respect, care . As these things are remaining in our mind fit more than money.

Suppose anyone has hated you for a while maybe he had given you more money but we carry its hatred with us at the end of life .

So while reading articles keep attentions to the emotions which has been involved in the article . I think giving comment artificially is insulting the writing of all blogger.

Sometimes maybe any article didn’t need comment as I mentioned above but for keeping respect of his work, his attitude, his devotion for us we must have to give comment there.

After all I didn’t want to depress you. But, we must have to keep in mind that death is in our door. How I would have to behave in my life? By carrying the original qualities of soul or leaving it, is the choice of everyone’s life.

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How To Remove Pressure In Your Life – Health – Mental Health

How To Remove Pressure In Our Life – Health – Mental Health

All  about pressure cleaning -pdkcm

 Yesterday I heard conversation between two students about their exams. They are discussing with each other about their admissions in the good college,and to get them out of marks in the examinations. Out of them, one was saying that ” If I would not get admission in that college I will leave my education” and another one was saying that” If I would be not getting admission to the M.B.B.S. college I will be sluiced” I astonished with these sentences.

I realized that nowadays what is the level of pressure to the students.?
How will it create?

What should we have to do to release from pressure?
OK, we will discuss in detail what is the pressure?

Pressure is an emotion which I create when I feel that what will happen if I will not achieve my goal without pressure
Pressure means can I do this or not If not then I create pressure.

  If there is fear in my mind about my and others expectations then I feel pressure. 

 When we are finishing our deadline we create pressure
       In two people if one is completing his deadline without pressure if it may be he requires more days but he will be in a comfortable state.
  But another one who had completed his deadline with fear and pressure then he will suffer from B. P.

 sugar, hyperthyroidism , irritations, anxiety, etc. Also he has chosen this type of lifestyle  thinking that ”It should happen automatically nowadays”

What is Peer Pressure? Why Did I Feel Pressure In My Life?

 Sometimes the pressure is not about deadline but it should be of our belief system  that ”I can’t do any work without pressure”
  Deadline doesn’t create pressure but the thought of it  ”can I complete it or not, if not then I realize pressure.

    To remove the pressure we have to stop for 2 minutes and watch our thought. We realize that we first creating the fear and then we are feeling the fear when we understand this feeling then again we observe the thought, change the thought check the belief system and accept the truth.

 Many times due to fear my efficiency gets reduced.
If a pressure is not where my self-esteem is on high level and My self-esteem does not depend on another one’s self-esteem.
When stability comes performance automatically gets good.

Logically and experimentally it proved that if pressure is not there achievement is more.

To remove pressure we have to do
1] Mediate every day for half an hour in the morning
2] Engage in any creative activity.
3] Talk to another person for five minutes except for your subject
4] Make humor and enjoy it
5] Use your humor to please never to hurt
 6] Do a household chore.
  7] Listen to spiritual music
  10 ] Call to friends, relatives, etc
   11] Left your ego and be a normal person. Keep away your status.
  12] Go to your friend, relatives, live light.
  13] Carry only love in the heart, remove ego,  prestige etc.
  14 ] Every person came on the earth only to distribute love, happiness, peace, etc Maybe he had earned a lot of material things.H e must have to carry love, peace, happiness compassion etc.
I have written this post without pressure
You read this post  without pressure
    Enjoy your life without  pressure

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How To Be Awesome At Giving Advice – Mental Health

Why Did I Give Advice To Anyone?



Self  Advice      

Self Realization

     When I had been in the school, there was one boy whose name is Rahul he was not well in study He always teasing to all students and teachers. Once a day he made mimicry of one teacher  and instead of telling truth about the teacher he was telling something wrong in the staff room After that this complain reached up to the principal. Then Principal called him and asked why did you want to give complain? about that teacher/ Then he told “ Sir, this sir is not teaching well  Mathematics “ then sir keep quiet for a while and after some time he asked him  some questions about mathematics he did not reply one answer also then principal sir given him strictly warning to him that first, you make your subject clear and perfect then give me complain about math’s  teacher mistake.

By this example, we can clearly understand that when we are pointing one finger at anyone then four fingers are always turned with us.-mental-health/ #Anger #choice

Nowadays in any society, there are a lot of advisors, everyone is giving advice & speech to everyone. We can create a lot of imagination to tell others but what about me?  When we want to transform the world It should start with me. It can be understood when I will become introvert.

Image result for images on advice with quotes

We always tried to clear and clean world but If I attached with anger, laziness, ignorant, violence, then how could I reduce it./how-to-overcome-negativity-in-lock-down/

The things or any rule we want to make it for all worlds. But not for me how it is possible? It should start with me. so that.

Every time we talk about to transform the world but in this  World, we can also part of it we can’t understand it and Every time we tell trend is changed but what is trend.?  Whatever may be the trend is there I have to live stable./benefits-of-optimist-person-in-lock-down-exit-co

with my values if I will decide it co firmly then there is no evil in this world. There is no need of any Guru to tell anything to us.

Image result for images on advice with quotes

When I am giving any advice to anyone I have to ask some questions to me. Which are 1) who am I ?  2) Am I right to give advice? 3) Can I able to give advice? To make a tally of this questions there are so fewer people.  they are getting happiness in giving advice to the other people.

Nowadays there are a lot of people who are giving a lot of advice, but to whom we should make a leader? is the main problem of all society. Everyone thinks that I am a leader and so that due to this thinking value of the man is decreasing and who could keep the respect of whom? Is the main question. In this situation, no one is trusting anyone. & when trust is over in the society everything is over. As every society is built on trust. 

In short, I want to tell everyone that,”No one could try to give advice to anyone ‘’Again there is advice.

Sorry for it.

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How To Overcome Negativity -In Lock down

Let us enjoy STAY AT HOME

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Nowadays every time  and everywhere there is a discussion about negative people.Everywhere there  are Quotes saying ”avoid negative people”

Now when I am thinking about this line I think that the
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person who has written this line is with full of positive thoughts or when we also think that front person is negative means we are totally positive. Then I want to ask the positive people that if you are positive then where there is a question of negativity? If you are positive then what is the use of your positivism?the-Liebster-award/

Today for this positivism we are losing our families? If in our family our grandmother is negative then we are leaving her anywhere. But we didn’t know that after she went from our home we became the senior person in our life. What situations have faced our grandmother or father i must have to face it now. Chaitra-Gauri-celebration-welcome-spring-seaso

Not the case for grandmother or father but in a husband-wife relationship also if a husband is not behaving nicely left him to put another home or make another husband it spoils 3 families that are of husbands family, wife family & kids family if they have.

In case today we are getting everything nonliving [material ] things easily, so we can leave easily living things   & reducing our tolerance power, adjustment power, controlling power & focusing power./how-to-deal-with-todays-relationship-in-lock-down/ #Relationship #Lock_down

So what to do with this positivism? If your children are negative, Maybe he carried his negativity since past birth can you leave him anywhere? Can you give a guarantee to anyone that i never become negative in life? Are you living positively in all life? Negativity comes along with the situation. Or with front person behavior also./benefits-of-optimist-person-in-lock-down-exit-covid-20/

I think that it is easy to work with positive people but the person who is living happily with the negative person is the real God in this period. As it is very hard to adjust negative people. e s that accept every relationship as it is. Means today so many people are telling that parents should become friends with their sons, its true for understanding but for some situations we must have to accept that they are parents never become professional friends. 

Same thing with mother in law, today so many daughters are expecting from their mother in law they should behave like their mothers but it never happens we must have to accept her as a mother in law. Some mother in laws are expressing it clearly & it is correct.How can she become the mother?It will happen when the daughter in law accept her as it is then after some days automatically she starts to love her & get closer then she thinks that she is like my daughter, not the daughter.  In some case not everywhere.As today every relationship is depending on selfish bonding. No one is there to love you unconditionally.

In India in a husband-wife relationship also husband never become the friend of a wife someone has to be adjusted. They are showing outside we are friends but somethings have to be adjusted, accept as  Indian ”VivahSansakar ” teaches it by giving some difficult situation for both & then they start to accept as a husband or wife.

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How To Be Cool In Difficult Situation – Exit COVID,

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I was outside from my home for 21 days  and today I came home in the morning, done all regular activities and start to run a computer. There I saw insert the new password. I become short-tempered but with whom I will be angry? no one is in front of me.

Image result for images on calm state
How to stay calm in a difficult situation?

I stopped for a while and think that this is the work of my son who has changed a password to protect my all work as he thought that mother is not at home so for security we should change a password. But when I was calling he was in his exam center he can’t receive my phone now what can I do? how to stay calm in a difficult situation?

At last, I become cool and I feel that try to ask my husband so I start to call husband and he told me a password. Point to explain these things are that period between these action and reactions is 2 hours and what is the action and reactions for me.

SO I decided to become cool, as there is no use of exciting or taking hypertension or short-tempered everything is useless. So I start to read newspapers and then start to read good books. As every online person is well known about ‘’what is the feeling if he was away from his online business in regular time’’ 

So I decided to write some points on how to become cool in a difficult situation?

Stop thinking about your business, deadlines or work.

2]Be ready to accept challenges whatever may be it may be a loss, may be an important assessment or appointment etc.

3] Do another work which you can’t do in the regular time it is important for your work.

4] Write extra blog posts or make extra plans for business etc.

5] Sometimes again another problems also create due to disturbance of our mind, then take a rest for half an hour and be fresh to work

6] Don’t think about your future or peer pressure or on another problem.Keep faith in your work whatever may be obstacles will come in my life I will overcome it carefully as my work is nice it will give me a good blessing as God is with me.

8]  Don’t give blame to anyone for this situation.

9]  Keep in mind that this is my work, whatever may be problems will come in my life I am responsible for it.

10] Keep faith that I can complete all remaining task by doing nice work with cool mind and again think that GOD HAS TAKEN MY EXAM BY GIVING THIS SITUATION.

11] After overcoming all this situation tell to GOD that ‘’ thank GOD YOU HAVE GIVEN ME the POWER TO OVERCOME THIS SITUATION’’

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