How To Control Blood Sugar With Ajowan – Health Benefit

Control Blood Sugar With AJOWAN – Health Benefits

 Do you know this Ajowan word has a long story? It has been created in my Son's treatment at Bombay. It can't express here you have to check it in my ''Masala Rice'' post. 

Any way still I will tell some small events on this AJOWAN.
When I had been in the 9 Th STD my sister had given birth to her elder son. Then in her delivery after her meal and dinner, my mother was giving her 1 tablespoon AJOWAN to bite in the mouth and saying her to bite it in the mouth without swallow it. After that, she has to make a big sound on his baby’s stomach or has to send steam of her mouth in her baby’s mouth. And also has to give steam of every part of the body of her baby. This scene I feel amazing. Then I was asking to my mother. What will happen to it? She was telling me it will give complete relief to the baby and mother like a steam bath. As well as it can keep stomach light, away from gaseous and all problems.
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The same phenomenon I have done to both babies.
We know that today diabetes and blood pressures are spreading fast. It is very hard to control. We can control it with the help of Ajowan.
1] It is very healthy and useful to increase the immunity power of our body. We are using it in the spice to get the taste of our Subji’s or food. mentalhealth
2] As I have told upside, it can be useful to keep away our mouth bad breathing, after eating we can eat it in the small number of granules. It can remove digestion problems. As like gaseous, pain in the abdomen, etc
3] It has to bake on the TAWA with ghee and eat with warm water.
4] It carries a lot of good properties that can use to reduce the sugar level of blood. It must have to take in the following way.
Take every day 1 tablespoon of neem leaves powder, 1/2 tablespoon cumin seed powder, and seeds of AJOAWAN, add all these ingredients in the hot milk and drink it. It will reduce the level of sugar in the blood.
5] By using everyday Ajowan we can control heart attack or heart problems.
6] Some ladies, girls have a lot of pain in the abdomen in their periods along with pain in the waist, pain in the back, etc. It will remove all these problems easily.
7] Sometimes we have an infection in the mouth our gums have swelling along with pain to remove it if we will make ”KULA ” with warm water and 2 drops of AJOWAN. Then it can stop swelling and pain in the gums.
8] It works for weight loss, as it works as a good catalyst in the digestion process. almondday
9] Apply powder of AJOWAN on the body part where you have scratching or burning in the skin. Keep it for 3 to 4 hours. healthbenefits
10]If you are suffering every time with a cough then drink AJOWAN water with black salt to stop it.
11 ] To remove the fear of any disease add AJOWAN in the spice. Use everyday spice. Drink everyday AJOWAN water and increase your immunity power so that you could away from all infections.

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How to reduce blood sugar with Ajowan/


How To Give Good Feel – Self Improvement

have overcome so many troubles and so many difficult situations of them some are from nearest persons , some from long person but, didn’t know about feeling. Sometimes now, I am realizing that , less knowledge is good to be happy. Otherwise if I would be known about feeling , I would be not able to write good books. As we know that in Marathi we say ”Garaj Hi Shodhachi Janini Ahe”. The devices which we are handling now if any inventor will be indulged in the feelings what will happen?

How to feel here/
http://How to give good feel- self improvement/

In the last decades we may be feel happy, heavy, light, abundance anywhere but we couldn’t understand it. But, we must have to mention thanks to the social media , you have realized us these feelings.

I think that, feeling is not a process that we can develop with ourselves.It must be natural. When there is a sad event happening near to us we must have to feel sorrow. Suppose anyone has the death or anyone’s daughter is going to her husband’s home first time then we must have to feel sad. Or our eyes must have to feel with tears. If not we have to taste us is I am human being? Where I have lost my original qualities? Why?

Some people have the power to make atmosphere light. If there is a lot of heavy feeling anywhere .It maybe in your home, temple , in the meetings, in the school, in any community, in the politics , etc in the audience , etc.

Check your feelings here/
http://check your feelings here/

I think that, these persons are the forms of God. Means for a while suppose any teacher is so much favorite for the students then we know that if that teacher absent for any reason then a lot of students are not coming to school. Some students are distracting with their studies. Sometimes whole school will get impact of it. ImageUpload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with a URL.UploadMedia LibraryInsert from URL

We know that in our home also if our mother is not in our home we feel very heavy. We didn’t want to sit at home. Some students are not keeping

attention to their studies or with their work.Due to absence of their moms.

There are so many people whose presence feel good everywhere. These people we can say ”Want again” We have to say for these persons ”Once more” As there era is so powerful that suddenly everything gets changed.

These people never shows any type of negative fear in the atmosphere but automatically front person feel a lot of respect about them.

I think that feeling is not completely depend on all outer things instead if we will carry good thoughts, love , care for others, respect, and care for the event, care for the situation , etc then every situation giving you happiness.


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http://check your feelings here/
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How To Deal With Depression – Mental Health

how to deal with depression/

Let us discuss here how to overcome this?

ow the Summer season has been started and we have a big day. Of them, the hot sun means a lot of troubles. We feel low. In our childhood, if the summer season is coming then we are filling full of happiness. As we have full of guests at home, One big room has been also filled with Mangoes. When we entered the home spread of Mangoes filling us with full of happiness. We were going to the river to swim, sometimes going to the farm to bring raw Mangoes or anything from the farm. But never feel any type of depression.

At that time there was no discussion about carrier and any classes, future. We enjoying life without any fear thinking that we have a lot of guests

or everyone is with us then why there is fear? If any fear was there or any problem in anyone’s life so many village people or guests are running to solve everyone’s problem. Nowadays we have lost everything and indulged in the material things. So we feel very heavy at home or so many depression cases are happening now.


We think that depression is coming due to poverty or due to a lack of carrier. Maybe this answer. But, I think depression is coming from inside not from outside. Because outside we can find an easy solution and we get immediate relief. But, to work inside we have to go deep to overcome the problem.

Let us discuss here how to overcome this? 

1] Keeping faith and contacts with our close relatives or friends.

2] Working hard, happily and regularly with our daily work.

3] Mixing with community, in groups, creating new food types.

4] Calling to our dear friends, sisters, brothers, any relatives, etc.

5] Engaging in any art like painting, drawing, reading, writing, singing a song, listening to a song.

6] Keeping attention to your thoughts. Learn to live light in any situation.

7] I have realized one thing in this life, if you want to be happy and live a long life we must have to leave our ego. As ego creates a lot of problems in our life.

8] Every day must have to keep 1 hour for God to shake.

9] Do some good things for others, give help or interact with anyone’s problem, if possible try to solve their problem.

10] Think that his problem is my problem this thinking automatically increases your vision of becoming a great man. And if you will work for them without keeping any expectation then automatically you will receive a lot of satisfaction and long life blessing. Maybe these people never ask you.


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How To Avoid Food Poisoning At Home – Food Poisoning

Nowadays 80% people are aware about food poisoning. We are taking strictly care to avoid food poisoning. Still some events happens and so many people have to lose their life due to food poisoning.

In India it happens in more proportion, generally it can happen when we are making the food for so many people. That is Prasad for God, school food distribution program, or in the marriage, in any short program, etc.

Main reason of food poisoning is eating stale food. And small insects as like ants, cockroach, some germs from the basin.

food poisoning at home /
http://foodpoisoning at home/

Sometimes if we didn’t know how to eat food in the right way to keep our body healthy? Then also we create ourselves poison in our food thinking that we are eating right.

food poisoining at home/
http://food poisoning at home/

Let us we will discuss here What are the basic ways to get food poisoning?

1] If we will make food in the Aluminium vessels it can produce poison in the food.

2] We have the habit to eat same food after some time but, eating food after 48 minutes , after cooking reduces nutritional value from the food and it can create small amount of poison in the food. If we will eat daily in this way food , how much poison we are taking in our body?

3] After 15 days of use any flour it maybe wheat flour, Jowar flour, Basen flour . It completely reduces nutritional value and creates some Germs in the flour .These Germs produces poison in our flour.

4] Eating curd with hot rice or with any hot food create dangerous poison.

5] Avoid to drink more times tea, coffee, wines, eating tobacco, drinking cigarettes , etc creates poison in our body. These items already contains harmful products which can create poison in our food.

6] Keeping food open , making food without cleaning grains, without washing vegetables, eating fruits without washing, drinking water with dirty hand, touching the food with dirty hand. Keeping the food in the fridge for more time. Definitely create poison in the food.

7] Never use fridge to keep the food for more than 3 hours.

8] Throw the stale vegetables which are kept in the fridge since so many days. These vegetables or fruits reduces the nutrient value of it and it can create germs in it and it turns it into poison.

9] 90% diseases produces due to stomach infection and we know perfectly that what is the reason of stomach infection.

10] 160 % of diseases produces due to eating nonvege as like meat, fish, beef, etc, so be aware while eating it.

11] Creating hatred thoughts , anger, jealousy , stress while making food also creates poison in the food.


1] Always eat fresh food, avoid to eat stale food.

2] Every time bring fresh vegetables and fruits. Avoid to keep these things more days in the fridge.

3] Avoid to eat stored food as like milk, curd of more days, buttermilk, cheese, cream ,juice, butter . Maybe we think that it is good, as it is in the fridge but it reduces its nutrient value and produces germs easily in the body. It can create a lot of body pain.

4] Never eat opposite diet as like oil and ghee at the same time,hot rice and curd , banana and curd, some fruits and curd, so many oily food with buttermilk ,cold and hot, etc.

5] Avoid to eat sour things at night. Eat before 8 o clock at night .As there is a say in India eating late at night means creating poison in the body.

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How To Make Coconut Cake At Home – Birthday Cake

we are very familier in making cake recipes. Everyone is trying to make best cake but we can’t prepare same taste .This is the mysterious thing of making food in life and so there is the joy in life.Otherwise may be we will watch same recipe of cake but creating different taste. This is the magic of our life and due to this magic we are creating happiness in the life.

Taste Of Home Made Cake: We never brings cake from the market since my elder son’s first birthday. As since first birthday he had started temperature.

Yesterday I have decided to make coconut cake and what interesting things I have added in the cake to make it delicious check here.

APPLE JAM IS THE SPECIAL GUEST ITEM IN THIS CAKE. Let us check here how I have used it in the cake?

Time for it

prep cook total

30 30 60 min

Author’s name: Pranita deshpande

cuisine : Indian

food type: Birthday cake

keyword : How to make coconut cake-Birthday cake

serve for 6


Apple Jam : 1 bowl

all purpose flour : 1 bowl

sugar: 50 gm

grated fresh coconut: 1 bowl

baking powder: 1 and 1/2 tbsp

baking soda : 1tbsp

ghee or oil : 2 tbsp

butter: 1 tbsp

milk: 2 cup

TIP : I have some apple Jam left in the fridge. I have added more cardamom powder to it to get good taste. After 8 days its flavor is spreading in the fridge and getting good taste. Then I thought if we will make cake from it? And really cake become very very tasty.

Method to make it: Keep the cooker for preheating by adding sufficient salt to it.

2] Take all purpose flour, add baking powder, baking soda, sugar, and mix it well.

3] Add ghee, butter, coconut and stir it well. Pour milk and mix it well.

4] Take wire gauze whisk it continuously, now add apple jam to it and again whisk it continuously.

5] Check that, is batter made perfect? And keep to set it for 10 minutes.

6] Keep tight lid on it to set it perfect.

7] Now, after 10 minutes pour that batter into the cooker tiffin which has applied some oil or ghee inside it.

8] Now keep the stand on the salt in the cooker before putting batter tiffin in the cooker.

9] Now slowly keep the cooker tiffin in the cooker .

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10] Keep lid of the cooker by removing its whistle.

11] Give 30 minutes heat with medium gas.

12] After 1/2 an hour your well prepared cake is ready to celebrate birthday.

Images for it

preparing coconut cake/
http://coconut cake for birthday/

well prepared coconut cake/
http://well prepared coconut cake/

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Indian vegetarian food

We are the fan of chat recipes , of them if the chats are from sour fruits then we can’t imagine about its taste. Only by looking to that chat our is getting filled with water.

Let us enjoy here a new chat which can make instantly and very delicious to make it. While looking to this ”GUAVA” fruit we get instantly stimulate. We are looking tons of fruits on the street but only some fruits stimulates us easily. Of them if we will make chat of it then there is no question for it.

Interesting things of this recipe is no need to cook.

Let us check here how did my Bhanji made it

time for it

prep cook total

5 0 5 min

Author’s name : Ketki Mirjakar

cuisine: Indian

food type : Chat recipe

keyword : How to make Guava chat- Chat recipe

serve for 2


Guava : 1

sugar:1 tbsp

salt:1 tbsp

cumin powder:1 tbsp

chat masala: 1 tbsp

red chilly powder: 1/2 tbsp

Image may contain: food/Guava for chat/
http://Guava for chat/
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Image may contain: food/pieces of Guava/

Image may contain: fruit and food/ingredients to make chat/
http://Ingredients to make chat/

Image may contain: food/guava chat/
http://well prepared guava chat/


Take 1 Guava. Wash it with clean water.

Cut it in to small pieces. As you wish .

Add ingredients one by one sugar, salt, cumin powder, red chilly powder, hing etc.


INSTRUCTION TO MAKE IT : Add salt and sugar by checking its sourness.

Avoid to add more extra ingredients as it will reduce its original taste .


1] It is good for digestion, stimulates easily to our digestive organs as well as to our tongue.

2] Works as a good catalyst in the digestive system .

3] Gives delicious taste any time anywhere.

4] Increase appetite ,

5] Lowers blood sugar, maintain heart health.

6] Removes so many Mensuration problems.

7] For weight loss it is good option.

8] Works as anticancer, antioxidants.

9] Rich in calcium, Magnesium, potassium.

10] Stimulate to the tongue easily so act as a anti depression fruits.

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How To Build Body In Winter Season- Health

Hi friends, my observation with winter season is that , generally so many people who are too much lazy and they are clever to keep fatigue with them has this season very bore. But the people who are active and want to build body then this season is the God created season. Only we have to take slight hard work for it.

Main important link of hard work starting is getting up early.I am always thankful to the companies who had created a lot of jobs , schools early in the morning. Otherwise a lot of people never get up early in the morning. Do you know getting up early is an interesting thing in our life. Some schools who has to get up early in the morning when holiday is there students are telling to their family members ,don’t get up early in the morning.

One important story to get up early in the morning My so many relatives are living in the Poona and when my elder son has been in the 5TH class, he has the information about Poona’s people that ” On every Sunday they are getting at 9 AM in the morning ” he asked me one day , ” Aai is Sunday have any ritual? No, why you are asking? then he told no, Poona’s people are getting up at 9 Am on every Sunday.

Anyway early getting up is the big question in front of every person.

Let us we will see which points builds our body in winter.

1] Getting early is the best option to make body as we can remove our ”VATA, PITTA, COUGH” Dosh easily.

2] Bathing early in the morning filling our mind with freshness , keeping flow of blood regular, creating appetite, losing boreness. Have you observed that after bathing we feel immediate appetite. baked-peanut-recipe

3] Drinking milk, eating breakfast early, encourages us to be healthy. Best Shopping Center –

4] Eating leafy vegetables, Regular food at proper time builds good body. There is not need to eat high nutritional food everyday. We can eat it 2 to 3 times in a week. Best business marketing center

5] In this season air is pure and clean so automatically we can digest what we have eat. We want to eat more times. How much we are eating is getting to easily digest us.

6] We must have to eat more milk products , high nutrient value food.

7] Whatever may be exercise you will do in this season it can create good energy in your body.

8] Must have to learn Yoga, exercise in this season.

9] So GOD has already kept less time day and more time night so that we can build our body with sound sleep by eating what you want.

10] In this season universe also filled with the lot of crops, vegetables, fruits, milk getting more to us.

11] Have you heard any person is getting bore in the day time and he want rest. We never get sleep in the day.

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Indian vegetarian food

How to make carrot , tomato Koshimbir- Kids Recipe Marathi

In our India we are eating salads in a different way means by making ”Koshimbir ” of it. How much vegetables you want to add you can mix it. But, it must have delicious taste. It can be serve with roti, chapati or rice or you can eat it as it is. Small kids are eating it happiliy. They didn’t need anything with it. I think this recipe is special for kids. If you wil make this recipe infront of them then, they can make it themselves , there is no need to teach more for it. Benefit of this recipe is it didn’t need to burn the gas so that kids can make easily and eat any time.

time for it

prep cook total

10 0 10 min

Author’s name : Chhaya kulkarni

food type: Koshimbir

Keyword : Carrot and tomato Koshimbir – Marathi recipe

serve for 4


Carrot : 250 gm [small pieces]

tomato: 1[ well chopped]

Yogurt: 2 to 3 tbsp

salt : 1/2 tbsp

sugar: 1 tbsp

red chilly powder: 1/2 tbsp

cumin powder: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

METHOD TO MAKE IT: Take the carrots , wash it carefully by rubbing with your hand. As it covers a lot of mud, dust, germs , etc.

: Make the small pieces of it and keep aside.

: Now keep ready all remaining ingredients as like salt, sugar, red chilly powder, salt, peanut powder, etc.

;Keep cream of Yogurt ready , how mush you want.

: Now take the container, add tomato pieces, add remaining ingredients one by one .

: Now add carrots and Yogurt as you wish. Stir it well. It gives complete delicious taste. Serve it with Roti, chapati, rice or you can eat it as it is.

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http://Ingredients to make Koshimbir/
http://Ingredients to make Koshimbir/
Imixing material in the Koshimbir/ mage may contain: food
http://mixing material in the Koshimbir/
Ihttp://well prepared Koshimbir/
http://well prepared Koshimbir/

How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

How  To Make Kavat Chutney ? –Chutney Recipe

   Chutney Recipe –  Delicious Recipe.

   We are doing Mahalaxmi Pujan  for that  there is  a say  that ‘’Kavat’’   fruit  is  favorite food of Laxmi . So we  definitely bringing it from market. We are bringing this fruit only for this celebration after that  here it is not getting in the market and I think no one knows  what to do with this fruit.  Salad Recipe _ Fresh

   This fruit is slight different from another fruit means it is neither sweet nor sour having  different taste . Means slight sour, slight alum taste. But if we will make chutney of it with my method you never have been forget taste of it.  Some ladies are making JAM of it . This is also giving new taste. As like pickle . ACHAR

Generally we are getting bored by eating same types of chutney’s . That is tomato, onion, green chilly, peanut, coconut, coriander, garlic, curry leaves etc but we didn’t make this chutney often.

We can eat it  with chapatti, Roti, bread, or we can make sauce of it by adding water to it. It gives complete taste. Means, delicious, yummy, tasty, etc . We want to eat it as it is means without Roti, chapatti , etc .

Let us check here how did I have made it?

Time for it prep cook total

                     15      10     25min

Author’s name : Pranita  deshpande

 Cuisine : Indian

Food type : Kavat  Chutney

Keyword : Kavat Chutney Recipe.

Serve for 4

I   want to clear this word serve for  as I have the habit that if any new item I have made want to share it .It may be less  to us but I am distributing it to the others. Then automatically my sharing become for more persons.May be I have made it for my family or serve for 4.

Just now sister in law came I told her do you like this chutney? She demanded it I gave it from that to them that is my mother in law and my sister in law. This question is not for this food item but for every food item. I didn’t want to eat any new food without sharing to anyone.  

Ok let it be we will see recipe and ingredients for it .

Ingredients for it

Kavat fruit : 1

Peanut[baked] : 100  gm

Jaggary : 50 gm

Red chilly powder :  3 tbsp

Salt :   2 tbasp

Cumin seeds : 2 tbsp

Oil  :  1 tbsp

 PROCEDURE FOR IT  :   1]First brake the fruit I to 2 parts .

                                           2]Now  remove inside all material in the dish with spoon.

                                            3]Clean the bowl of that fruit .

                                             4]Bake it with spoon of oil .

                                           5]Take the all ingredients ready in the another dish .

                                            6] That is  baked peanut, red Chilly powder, salt, cumin seed, Jaggary, etc                                             7]Add all  ingredients in the mixture jar .

                                           8 Add baked Kavat to it .

                                         9]Now grind it in the mixture jar . Serve it with Roti or chapati. We can also Frozen it for some days.

                                         10]Now check the taste  and serve it with Roti or chapatti.

Image may contain: food/ Kavat to make Kavat chutney-chutney recipe
Image may contain: food to make Kavat chutney- Chutney recipe
Image may contain: food how to make KavatChutney Recipe- Chutney Recipe
Image may contain: food Kavat chutney recipe to make Kavat chutney- chutney recipe

Method to make it :  Break the Kavat in to 2 parts

                                      Remove its inside part .

                                     Bake it with oil

                                    Add  ingredients to it .

                                  Grind it in the mixture.  

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Be Younger In Olden Days- Skin Therapy

How to take care of the skin in old days?

 Do you know in this world no one is there, to avoid beauty of face and to look younger. Everyone wants to be younger. Everyone tried to look younger. May be a black person, may be handicapped person or anyone. To look younger is the sign of running  the life in happiness state  with full of enthusiasm. Otherwise if our face is becoming pale and as like old people we feel disappointment and maybe we have to face depression. Anyway whatever may be our face cut but, it should have charming on the face. As no one can challenge to the charming of face. May be you can do lots of make up over the face or not, but ,this charming is coming from inside the body. As we know that if anything negative case happened in our life. Our face shows automatically paleness on the face may be you have lot of makeup or not.

Generally, when we come across above 50 we have lots of problems  regarding skin,  that is black patches on the face, dark circles around the eyes, dark spot on the face, some pimples  small irritations on the face. It is due to mental stress, mental problems, some tensions, if our age is getting increasing our responsibilities also getting increasing. If we will not able to complete these responsibilities in the time it creates lots of problems in our life. These types of tensions makes our beauty rough, creates a lot of skin problem, health, hair problems, etc.

Health- Mumbai Square

Under the Outer layer of our skin has some boxes which contains cologne and elastic proteins. These proteins bring glow and softness on the skin. With increasing age these are getting reducing. So to keep balance of it we must have to do following things.

What  To Do To Keep Skin Healthy? To remove wrinkles of face we must have to make Masaj with oils, as Masaj  clears  the blockage of veins and increases flow of the blood . so  that this part automatically receive oxygen.

Must have to drink above 7 to 8 glass of water. In the morning must have to take lemon water along with honey regularly.   Eat Papaya’s, raw cucumber, spinach soup, tomato soup, it can keep skin fresh with natural charming.

Try to avoid anger, hatreds, any type of negative thinking towards you or for other person. Say or think yourself that I am the youngest and great beautician in the world.

Keep self identity of yourself with any work so that you could feel proud on yourself and this type of thinking automatically brings charming on the face. Take enough sleep. Do some better things for the other persons as like family members, friends, etc, Always try to distribute love to every person, it can keep you warm and gets good satisfaction from it.

Think  to yourself  that God given me  everything ,feel yourself that I am the richest person in the world . It can also bringing charming on your face.

http://Be younger in olden days/

Do some creative work every time as like worshiping the God, praying the god, etc. These things bring charming on your face automatically.  

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