How Eye Contact Can Influence On Our Life – Life Experiences

Types of Eye Contacts – Life Skills

Why Did We Get Irritated With Someone’s Eye Contact?

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What are the types of sensitive eye contacts?

How to understand types of eye contacts?

Did you experienced any danger zone due to poisonous eye contact?

Do you believe eye contact is also a good language of life?

Eye contact

We know that a lot of love stories, family stories have been developed with it.There are so many person whose hate is showing from their eye contacts. Some people’s eye contact is so poisonous that it can spoil the front person’s life. I never forget that events throughout the life. These are my well experienced thoughts which I am sharing. I have an experience of eye contact [poisonous] that experience still I am facing with my life and on my family life too.


We know that, if small baby has been played for a while in front of so many people her mother can remove her ”Nazrana”

Our bride groom when ready to celebrate marriage we keep a small black

spot on his face so that he couldn’t suffer from any poisonous eye contact.

In this way there so many rituals in Indian cultural to remove negative energy via our eye contacts.


I think that our 80% life can understand only through eye contact.

We know that even small infant of age 2 to 3 months can understand 3 rd

person with his eye contact. He/she can watch face but, when enter into the eyes of third person he can understand the real persons. Of them if we

will see with furious eyes to any small baby she /he never come near to us.

So that in India there is a ritual ‘’Najar Utarne’’ or, ‘’Drisht Kadhne’’ with red chilly,mustard seeds and salt .

There are so many types of eye contact which we are experiencing.

That is romantic eye contacts, mother’s special love contact, praising eye contact, surprising eye contact, criminal eye contact , marvellous eye contact, loving , caring, understanding eye contact. full of anger or furious eye contact, We can understand all these things through eye contacts. Even small baby can also understand language of eye contact. So I think, eye contact will became the special branch for study.

If we have a lot of hate for any person we didn’t want to see his face then we never make any eye contact like that person.
We can experience a lot of times loving eye contact with animals like dogs, cats, cows, our all domestic animals.
Sometimes we can experience violent eye contact in the eyes of animals too. Sometimes we can see a lot of anger in the animal’s eye contact too.
Wild animals could catch the prey with their furious eye contact.

CONCLUSION : Eye contact can become the best language. If the person is clean, clear mind and having loving nature like saint we say his eyes are ”Satwik eyes” has a different type of brightness in his eyes. He/she could became genius person in the world.

Generally, Godess and God’s eyes are filled with full of love we are looking it in the images of them .

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How To Make Potato Chips? – Potato Recipes

Potato chips in 5 minutes – Potato Recipes.

Potato recipe is a new style instant recipe .We know that a lot of companies had started this business sold the pocket of it for 5 Rs and earn crore rupees. We think that 5 Rs nothing it. But do you know psychology behind it to sell the pocket it ?Companies uses mind of the people how easily any people can spend 5 RS? Makes advertise attractive and selling that items in lakh’s of proportion and it gives them crore rupees benefit.


When these chips made at home by any housewife then this has not getting any value.Thinking that this is her work, she had done her duty. If we will buy 1 kg chips from outside we need more than 100 Rs .Instead that chips was made house wives at home she had saved 1000 Rs of 1 year but no one is attending this easy principal of house wives in India. This is the real tragedy of every woman in India . This type of thinking makes a lot of difference in the home and so women is going outside to earn the money.She thinks that if I have consume a lot of things in home but noone is keeping my respect then everything is useless . Sometimes families also breaks up due to this thinking.

This is very harmful to the society. As if you want to keep families safe and secure then learn how to keep respect her if she will be not carrier women also. When any women is keeping attention to her family, family members and home then she is not doing it as a business but she scarifies her emotions, work and valuable love with that things . These things helps to keep family tight. These work is precious than the women who is earning 1 crore monthly .Because families are never runs with business thoughts . There must be unconditional love , acceptance, understanding , less more, scarification, devotion etc .We didn’t make this much in any job or in business. But today why did there is entry of business everywhere? A lot of families are running on business principle.

When our grandparents was there at that time we know that so many stories were there .The elder brother has done the education of all sisters and brothers if he didn’t have much more money , or he has done marriage of her cousins sister. A elder sister has kept younger sisters in her home for their education etc .Where has lost these relationship? Who is responsible for it? Nowadays we are getting more payments and money also then why this problem came? Instead when there was less at that time man has more value .If any guest is coming at our home we are waiting for him eagerly. Where has we have lost this eagerness and enthusiasm? Now we have everything in hand where has lost our value. Why did man’s value becoming less in this corporate world? Why did no one is asking to noone?

I think that when we are started to count value of man in money from that time this problems start.As man is valuable we can’t make it’s value in dollars or Rupees .But why did today people is not understanding these things? The person is a powerful energy than more dollars . Who is earning money Person or Dollar? Today another person has problem tomorrow it would be my problem this must be notice to everyone. So that system will run better otherwise there will be very long gap in the society and this is very harmful to everyone.

This is very serious matter , here I didn’t want to explain that money is a bad thing but somewhere we are missing somethings.

Okay , let it be we shall see recipe here .

time for it

prep cook total

5 3 8 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine Indian

food type : Potato chips


serve for 2

PROCEDURE FOR IT Take  4 potatoes , wash it with water . 

: Remove it’s peel and keep aside.

: Take the chips machine and keep it slightly vertical to make chips .

: Take peeled potato in hand and make chips one by one.

http://How to make potato chips/