How To Increase Eye Vision – Without Eye Surgery

How To Increase Eyesight Without glasses – Easy Steps

o Increase Eye Sight Without Medicine? 

   Today’s world is filled with all technical appliances so we are using our organs less but technical things more. But to run all technical appliances we need eye sight. if we will be lost eyesight everything will be lost in our life.


 We know that today six-month infants also playing with gadgets, we are giving gadgets in their hands. Today gadgets become the life partner of every age person. Everyone wants gadgets in their hand. They are playing with gadgets, we didn’t know how to handle smartphones but the 2-year kid is handling it better. Of course, the effect of it is on everyone’s sight. Everyone is sitting in front of the TV watching serials, movies etc. That becomes an important part of life. Not a bad thing to use it but since in the childhood rays of that TV or smartphones are very harmful to the kids as well as to us. We are observing that so many kids from the 4th class onwards are suffering from eye disease. OR having the problem of eyesight.


 We must have to keep attention on it. How much time we have to allow for any gadget or to watch TV for our kids? We must have to know it.

To the small kid. Is it a good habit for them? Can they keep their health better with it? What to do to keep control of their and our habits also. We also can’t control our habits watching TV or reading Whatsapp message etc, everything is effecting our eyesight.

So many are suffering from eyesight, so many have back pain, a lot of students are attached to games, etc but that also harms their eyesight as well as on health problems. Most eyesight problems are due to the digestion problem. In the next ten years, we need a lot of eye specialists. It becomes compulsory to wear glasses since childhood. 

 We need to take good steps for it


Let us learn here How to increase eyesight without lens or Medicine?

1] Keep the good distance between you and the TV screen or PC SCREEN or mobile screen.

Doctor-Approved Advice on How to Improve Your Eyesight – wikiHow

2] Seat comfortably while working on the PC or laptop.

 3] Wash your eyes 3 times a day with cold water.

 4] Drink milk, buttermilk or cane sugar or fruit juice.

  5] Drink every day orange juice to make sight clear.

 6] Keep the proportion of sugar, less in the diet.

7] Eat salad like carrot, cucumber and leafy vegetables which contains more A vitamin.

8] Drink warm water and honey in the morning. 

9] Do the exercise of inhaling and exhale.

10] If possible wash your eyes every day with TRIPHALA CHURNA’S WARM SOLUTION while sleeping.

11] Pour 2 drops of cow ghee in the nose every day while sleeping. This is a very nice medicine for the problem of hair fall as well as eye vision.

12] Take enough sleep to get the rest for the eyes.

13] Avoid reading or write continuously. Take a small break after some time interval.

14] Wash your eyes with cold water at that time so that you could feel cool to your eyes.

15] Avoid walking barefoot in the yard or on the road.

16] Always walk on the lawn in the morning or evening to get the cool feeling to your eyes.

17] Eat more fruits like orange, papaya, grapes, mangoes.

18] Keep cow’s ghee in every day’s diet.

19] Eat rice and ghee the first time while eating. It gives a cold feeling to the eyes.

20 ] Avoid drinking more times tea, coffee, etc.  

21 ] Eat Basil leaves every day it has very nice benefits       

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Health Benefits Of Garlic _ Best Home Remides

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If you want to study this garlic then we must have to go to our ancient History. As this product has been stopped since an ancient year. With my information when I was married and came to my husband’s home, my mother in law has given me strict law to add garlic in the food.GARLIC and ONION we are not allowed in our food. Then I asked why? Since I am reading ”Bhagvadgeeta” I didn’t touch to garlic and onion. This problem is not for only my mother in law but a lot of people in India when they have been gone to pilgrims as like ”CHAR DHAM ” they didn’t eat these two things. click here to increase your traffic. 

I am really very curious to study anything.I have a question that ”Ayurveda is related to spirituality” then also how did Ayurveda is telling us that eat garlic for so many benefits?.

Another question is that if it is very good for health then Why did people who are reading Geeta avoiding it? Maybe it is somehow dangerous as a mental disorder or increasing some wishes, desires or violence. As spirituality works on these 3 words. I think that ancient people didn’t have these problems at that time.

How to buy garlic?

If you want to buy organic then see the small size of garlic fruit with a violet color. Violet color indicates it is organic, pure and has more iodine in it.


let us we will see here what are the benefits of garlic one by one.

1] It helps to control blood sugar levels. So it is good for diabetic people.

2] It contains the ”Alicia” enzyme it keeps blood pressure normal. As well as it can work to remove fats in the body.

3] It’s calcium reduces joint pain and stop paining.

4] It contains Elium Sulphide ” and it prevents to develop cancer cells.

5] It contains A JOIN, it can help to stop blood clotting and keeps away heart problems. http://Health Benefits Of Garlic – Best Home Remedies

6] It’s some antioxidants that keep away Alzheimer’s and dementia.

7] Increases sex wish

8] It contains more iodine so it can prevent the thyroid.

9] It contains B 6 Vitamin in more proportion so it can increases immunity easily.


11] It’s Sulfur and Anti clotting properties stops to make clotting in the blood

12] It works as weight loss tablets.

13] It reduces the proportion of cholesterol also cleaning the blood in the vessels. As well as it keeps a flow of blood continuous and normal without making any types of clotting.

   Jaggary, Ginger Paratha …


  14] It prevents a cough and cold with changing in the atmosphere.

15 ] Regular eating of garlic prevents blood pressure, acidity and gaseous problems.

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It works like a good medicine along with keeping stress away.

16] Every pregnant woman must have to eat it during pregnancy. As it works on high B.P.

17] Eating garlic prevents fungal, viral, yeast and worm infection. Fresh garlic avoids food to make poisonous.

18] It stops the pain in teeth. If you have more pain in the teeth then keep paste of garlic on the teeth where you have more pain.

19] It can works as a good medicine in a brain migraine, headache, ear pain, etc.

20] We can use its oil to make Malish of a body by frying garlic flakes in the oil.

We can eat it in the form of chutney, or in any form

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