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How To Remove Cough Easily – Home Remedies-Health

How To Remove Cough From Body – Health

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Nowadays we are engaged in humid atmosphere. It brings easily flu, cold and cough. Rain is continuously chasing to us. In them we have a fear of COVID. COVID means starting of cold and flu or common cold and cough. Now we are working to take some herbal tea, some juices, some herbal medicines, keeping distance and working on cleaning. Every time washing hands and clothes. Means we are playing with water in this atmosphere. This situation brings cold and flu to us and if we were not working immediately it will bring cough in our body.

  Let’s we will see effects of cough in our body?

If we have taken allopathy medicine to cure it immediately do you know how did they are working in body and how they can efforts to us?

We feel that tablet have vanished our cough but, instead vanishing cough, it completely getting dried and makes small particles of it. Which creates blockage in veins and makes tumor in the heart, brain, waist or anywhere in our body. If we will not work immediately on it, this dry cough creates T. B. Asthma, cancer, etc. To ban the cough and cold we are taking cough and cold tablets of osteopathy which brings a lot of problems in the future in our life. Also brings a lot of pains in our body. So never gives osteopathy medicines to the small kids or infants.

Let’s we will try YOGA and Ayurvedic treatment to remove cough and cold.

YOGA EXPERIMENT:  If you want to ban it then take breathing with your right nostril and keep inhaling and say ‘r’ in Marathi. Feel that fire energy in the form of Goddess is creating in my body. Hold breathing for 60 to 100 second. Then leave it with left nostril slowly. This experiment has to do in the morning and evening 3 to 5 times. Cough will remove easily.

Ayurvedic Treatment: In the morning take 1 lit water, in that add 10 – 12 gram saindhav salt. Drink that water while standing on the feet. Brings out omitting with the help of finger.

2]   Small kids and old aged person’s are suffering easily from cough . In 1 year at least 3 times kids are suffering from it. If they have continuously cough problem then give them Ayurvedic cough syrup for 1 to 2 days . It can remove easily cough. No need to give any allopathy medicine. Otherwise give them ‘’Tulsi tablet’’ in the morning and evening 1-1 tablet if it is small kid under 5 years and if he will be more than 12 years give them 2 – 2 tablets.

3] Next medicine for the cough is best home remedies that is take 10 gm garlic and 1-gram Tulsi seeds add these in the honey, it become best chutney. Now give it to the kids. They will eat happily. It will make heart strong and cough also will get vanish. There is a medicine in the Hari Om Store that is ‘’Tulsi trophy’’ it contains Tulsi seeds, ginger, peeper and pimpli, etc

MOST IMPORTANT AND EASY REMEDIES :   Boil 1 lit water and make it less up to 250 ml. Drink it to the kids after becoming sharp cool not complete cool. This is the most miracle medicine for anyone who has

So many types of suffering that is it maybe ‘’Vatta, cough, gas ‘’ No need of any other medicine if you are taking this medicine.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE COUGH : When we are coughing we bring cough in the mouth , never  swallow it as it is. It can damage our body. The person who has the problem of cough has to avoid Curd, buttermilk, cold water, cold juice, banana, Shabudana, Lassi, milk, sweets. Frying food, etc.

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How To Remove Easily – Home Remedies-Health/


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Maybe you have body health problem or mental health , if you will read my all posts at proper time definitely they will transfer your life into gold.

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Health Benefits Of Neem Tree – Gudi Padava Special [Home remedies]

Since childhood, we have the habit to collect the seeds of the Neem tree in the summer vacation. When the rain starts, we were throwing these seeds in the empty places of the farm so that automatically Neem trees grow around the farm and we get all types of protection. ASAFOETIDA

This tree is the best medicine for a lot of diseases. This means it’s every part also useful in our life. Like its stem, leaves, fruits, flowers, wood, etc.

When my elder son has been suffered from the dangerous disease then, after his treatment I have given him 1-year Neem leaves juice. Everyday 1/4 cup in the morning before eating anything. His problems have vanished.

This tree has more importance in Ayurveda, it can protect us from so many diseases. Like skin, liver diseases like jaundice, omitting, teeth problems, stomach infection, skin infection, heat problems, for the beauty of the face. etc.

In India, after delivery of any lady, every mother is giving 7 days juice of its small sticks to the delivery lady. It can prevent a lot of germs to enter the body.

Where there is a Neem tree there is a pure, clean air for breathing. It keeps the atmosphere cool as well as clean. ginger


In the summer we have a lot of heat problems so we must have to drink its juice to reduce heat from the body. It increases the immunity of our body.

Let us we will discuss here what are the benefits of it.  BENEFITS

1] If you have dark circles, spots on your face then make the paste of Neem leaves with Dahi and apply it on the face, seat in the morning sun. It will make you are clean clear and soft.

2] If you have a jaundice problem drink its juice for 3 days or 7 days as your capacity. It can remove all germs of Jaundice easily. Healthy Benefits Of Green Basil Leaves – Health Benefit

3] Drinking 1 glass juice of it reduces the weight of it but, first see your capacity and then decide to drink it.

4] Brushing teeth with its stick makes clean and removes a lot of germs from our mouth. It can also help to remove mouth ulcers.

5] If we keep leaves of it in the grain store or sack it prevents to enter germs and insects in the grain.

6] So many beauty cosmetics, dental product manufacturers use Neem tree parts to produce it.

7] If we will use its leaves with coconut oil by heating to it. It can increase the length of hair as well as removes hair loss.

8] Some kids suffer from ascaries, then give them one spoon of juice, it can remove easily.

http://Patanjali Neem Kanti Body Cleanser (75 g)/

9] To prevent entry of mosquitoes in our home we can grow this tree in our garden or in the yard.

10] To keep our health better throughout the year there is a procedure to make Punchamrut of it, on the GudhiPadhava.

MY FATHER’S SPECIAL MEDICINE FOR GUDI PADAVA: My father was a super-spiritual person. He was filled with full of Ayurveda knowledge. He compulsory makes us this medicine for use at the festival of Gudi Padova. 

 Let us see here how did he be making it: 

 Neem tree flowers; 1 tbsp 

     tamarind solution: 50 ml [ 2 tbsp tamarind ]

       jaggary; 1 tbsp 

    Ajwon ; 1 tbsp 

   cumin seed powder ; 1 tbsp 

        salt; 1 pinch 

  Giving super delicious taste and removes so many health problems.

 It must have to eat today [Gudi Padava] another day it will not effective. 

<a href=”http://<a href=”″>http://<a href=”″><img src=”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do you know our SAI BABA has emerged under the tree of Neem. There is a song about him that is ‘’NEEMABAKHALI PRAGAT ZALA’’ As it has plenty of benefits. So worship and secure this tree as a SAIBABA. 

http://Health benefits of Neem tree -Health. 

Patanjali Neem Kanti Body Cleanser  (75 g)/
http://Patanjali Neem Kanti Body Cleanser (75 g)/

9] To prevent entry of mosquitoes in our home we can grow this tree in our garden or in the yard.

10] To keep our health better through out the year there is a procedure to make Punchamrut of it , on the GudhiPadhava.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Shikakai Hair Cleanser  (200 ml)/
<a href=”http://<a href=”″&gt;http://<a href=”″><img src=”

IMPORTANT NOTE : Do you know our SAI BABA has been emerged under the tree of Neem .There is a song about him that is ‘’NEEMABAKHALI  PRAGAT  ZALA’’ As it has plenty of benefits. So worship & secure this tree as a SAIBABA.  

You can watch video on u tube for it.

Health benefits of Neem tree/
http://Health benefits of Neem tree -Health.

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