Interesting Stories 3 πŸ˜‚ Help Expectations.

Hi Friends πŸ‘‹ good morning have a graceful Wednesday.

Hi Friends πŸ‘‹ good morning have a graceful Wednesday.

Let’s enjoy πŸ˜„ today this post.

Once upon a time a 🦊 Fox ,went on the high hill. He wondered for a while there. Now he wants to come back 😭. He was searching his previous way but he couldn’t. Now he stopped for a while thinking πŸ˜‚ that maybe be he will get any clue πŸ˜… will get him to get down.

So he searched everywhere no any way. Suddenly his vision caught an eye on the 🌡 🌲. Now he became happy , thought that, will have good way to escape. As he didn’t want to lose his balance while coming down.

He had caught tightly to the 🌡 🌲. But a lot of thrones have been preached him. His body completely filled with blood. He had a lot of pain 😞 in his body. He was 🌟 to crying, wipping, loudly but no any use. He was telling to “Hey God, what you have done with me?” How this was happened?

At last he turned to the 🌡🌲 and telling him . ” I had been taking your support for keeping my balance πŸ˜‡πŸ™Œ perfect. And see how I caught in big trouble?”

After listening his story 🌡🌲 told him . You are true friend but you are catching me was your big mistake. Because who is coming to me has to give unhappiness and sorrow is my behavior. How can I would be change for you? For that my body 😈 has been made in this way.

Moral : The person who has the nature to give unhappiness to the person who came to get help from him. If he will take help 😁 from him means he is nonsensical.

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