Heart Touching Story On Spiritual Healing

How spiritual healing helps?

Today everywhere there is a discussion about healing. Now so many people are conscious to make healing.In 2013 suddenly my sister (elder) was suffered from mental disorder,   it increased with reducing her sodium level. So I went there in her city to see her and I saw her but I feel she is nice, only some swelling is there on her body and I totally understand it is mental disorder case but at that time my study was not in detail so I left her there and came back to my city.

After 8 days her husband brought her in a car to Latur .

Her condition is so critical that she has a lot of swelling on her body. Her eyes can’t open easily and it was with full of swelling. Now in my city also she has admitted in the I.C.U. Dr told ”we will try but can’t tell anything” as a condition was critical. But I didn’t know about it no one has told me about it.

On that night she was totally unconscious in the I.,C.U. In the morning I received a message about her seriousness so I went hurriedly to the hospital.

Now a lot of relatives were sitting outside the I.,C.U and waiting for a message from inside. Thinking that now this was her last stage I stopped there for a while saw every one face, everyone has fear of death and crying loudly but at that time I told everyone, stop your bad thoughts, stop crying, no one would think bad about her, no one would cry for her. I told these words and directly enter in I.C.U.Of course here doctors efforts also important.

But  I saw her and observe her body, she was totally unconscious and in a dangerous condition, she was on ventilator and so on.. a lot of treatment also running there. Then also I kept my hand on her hand I turned my hand on her body and started to chanting mantras continuously this is totally for 24 hours. Of course, here I want to tell that Dr also had left their hopes only they are trying but in this situation, I didn’t leave hopes. and  in the next

down at 4 ”O” Clock she opened her eyes and started to giving smile to her son.

Now I confirm that she was out of danger and she lived 5 years nicely after this incident. I am giving her everyday counseling to remove her fear of death.

After  5  years her both kidney’s get damaged and we can’t make her operation .she passed away.

In 2016 my 80 years mother get failed on the stairs and her legs broken means not fractured but somehow damaged. When I saw her she can’t get up early and easily so we started to make malish to her leg. But with only malish she can’t be getting up. Now, what to do? She didn’t want any treatment of a new doctor. Then I told her, ”Aai you tell only ”VITHALL ” VITHALL  by clapping your hand ” Where you have pain. Then from that time she started to clapping with saying ”VITHHAL” ”VITHHAL” spiritual healing 2

where she has pain and  after some days her leg become cure then I ask my brothers’ daughter how is the grandmother then she told she alone is going to toilet without anyone’s help. She can walk nicely herself.

In Feb Month I went to my one relatives who have some mental as well as physical disorder. Only I have given her some counseling  and given some mantra healing. She becomes cure.Her 70% problems get solved.

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Heart Touching Quotes On Sanskar

Sanskara From Parents

Sanskara From Parents

Do you know? Today all parents are attending to the ”Sansakars” of their child. Some parents are thinking that Sansakar are getting from books, stories, Watching TV , from surrounding etc. Its very true these are the real centers of getting sanskar but real sansakar are getting to them from our original behavior.

If we will only telling them orally that, don’t do this means don’t behave rudely to the elders and we are behaving with them rudely then definitely these are creating some types of rejection for the parents in their mind.If you want to behave your child politely , you must have to be polite first.


This is not the case for the parents but it is in the relationship of teacher and students. Students also getting some types of impressions from the teacher and these impressions remains forever in the life . So teacher also must have to be careful for the sansakars.


2]Every soul carry 5 types of sansakar , these are

1] From the Environment:

2] from schools, friends, relations etc

3]Due to my willpower means I have sansakar  to talk lie due to my friends but my willpower creates sansakar to talk true.

http://Blue host link /heart touching quotes on sansakara/chhayaonline.compower creates sansakar to talk true.

4] Previous birth

5] My original sansakar [seven] these are

peace, happiness, purity, truth, love, bliss, knowledge.

1]If i will not attend to my original sansakar of  a  soul then I will not getting success in any action

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