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How To Know Toxins In Our Body – Health


How To Know Toxins In The Body?

Hi friends, we know that our body  is filled with the lot of toxins , unwanted materials, etc .

Which are these we will see here ?

WHAT ARE TOXINS : Toxins are the unwanted , waste material which can be created in our body in our metabolism action. These are created in the process of digestion, blood circulation,  excretion, assimilation, churning etc. Sweat, fart, omitting, bad breath, bad smell of body, germs on the body or hair, Dhekar in Marathi etc are the common toxins of the body. 


If we have eaten waste food that is stale food , raw food, dirty food, which is not digesting properly it can create toxins in the form of fart, omitting, acidity, etc.  It can convert food in to poison. We feel tired, depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will eat any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobaccos, drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.


depressed, do not want to do work etc. If we will any type of food in the more proportion as you like it , it also create toxins. It may be sour things that raw Mango , Amla, Tamarind, drinking more times tea , coffee, eating more tobacoes  , drinking alcohol also  creates more toxins in the body.

Craze Of Vegan Diet In Youth Generation

CHANGING TIME OF EATING :  This is the main cause of cancer disease or any disease  . As this habit disturb our liver functions and change all types of metabolism. Create more serum, acidity and this is the starting point of any serious disease. It produces a lot of toxins, so that we have urinary infections, skin infections ,etc .

In India there is a habit to eat ”Vidyache Pan” along with so many ingredients in it. As it will remove toxins which are creating in the body along with good digestion. 

Some fruit Juices removes toxins of the body for ex -Orange Juice . health, Mental health

Everyday it is not possible to eat that ”Vidyache Pan” but we can eat ”Badisoap” or cloves,

or cardamom  to remove the feeling of omitting or to make digestion good.

Increases Fungal Infections and Bad Breath :  When we have stored a lot of toxins in our body it can help to the germs to increase in the form of infections as like fungal  or bad breath. Feeling tired , sleepy, are the example of increasing toxins in the body.

SKIN :   Acne , rashness, inflammation are the examples of increasing toxins in the body. Eating more oily food increases these phenomenon.

COMMON HEADACHE :  There are thousands of reasons of increasing headache but of them common headache occurs due to increasing toxins .

EATING OPPOSITE VEGETABLES : Sometimes we didn’t have the knowledge to eat which vegetable with what . If we will eat onion with milk it creates toxins. After drinking tea or coffee some people are eating fried food , or sour drinks, juices  also increase toxins in the body. Today we are reading thousands of articles. They are filled with full of knowledge but if we are using so many of it to remove your problems it will create a lot of toxins along with so many problems in daily life. 

  So be careful while using home remedies.

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Taste Your Body With Spoon – Health


Taste Your Body with Spoon – Health


SPOON: Do you know this word is making a history in the world? We know that in the politics,

The person who is working as a downline assistant of any leader and he is giving all information or messages   to the leader it maybe good, bad by adding his some words then we say ,that person he is the spoon of that leader.

We all of us watching Mahabharata it contains so many parts of them ‘’Shakuni’’ is the best part in it.

He is working as like spoon with his nephews Dushasan or Durodhan.

We know that this person has developed Mahabharata.

However this is the work of spoon in our philosophy , but in our daily life also we are measuring everything with the help of spoon and if its proportion is less and more we have a lot of problems.

Let us taste our body with the help of spoon.

Here are the tastes.12-things-to-overcome-insomnia-health/

1] Rub the clean still spoon with the downward side of tongue. Rub it still saliva will form in the mouth.

2] Keep this spoon in the clean transparent polythene bag. Hang this bag for a minute on  the lamp.  Then check the changes occur in it.

Diabetes:  After one minute if you have a smell of sweet to the spoon then think that your diabetes problems are increasing .health-benefits-of-almond-almond-day/

3] If you can see yellow layer on the spoon then you can diagnose yourself that you have the problem of thyroid.

4] Cholesterol:  If spoon have layer of violet color then we have to diagnose that we have problem in blood circulation or we have stored so much cholesterol in the body.

5]  Body Infection: If white layer seen on the spoon then we can say we have the body infection in our body.

6] Kidney Problems: If there is an orange layer on the spoon then we say that we have some kidney problems.

We can say it as a spoon therapy. If we are running so many therapies then why not this?


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Make these tastes in your home and write your results in my comment section.

This is the simple and easy home tastes of body with the help of spoon. If you have any serious problem. You can go easily to the Doctor.

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Symptoms Of Jaundice _ Treatment For It._ Health.

Hi friends good morning 🌞 have a peaceful day.

We know now rainy season is running. This season is giving us a lot of happiness along with some health problems. discentry, Jaundice, Influenza, Flue, Cold are the real brothers of this season. Of them Jaundice is the elder brother of all disease. As it can’t diagnosis easily. In so many patients it has been spread overall the body still we can’t understand it. Effects of daily salt on our body – Health

History Of Jaundice In My Life : Before marriage I was teacher in the village. It is away from  4 km from my native place. I was living there with my parents and doing up /down for my job by walking.

Office of the school was in dirty place. I have to seat there for 1 hour every day. Suddenly I caught an infection of Jaundice. But, couldn’t understand  that it was Jaundice. I came to Doctor. He had seen me I have too much  swelling on my body. Also my body becomes yellow in color. Now I came to my home black. Took medicine s still no any changes.

How My Younger Sister Had Made Diagnosis:  I told my medicine history to her. She asked me following questions.

1]Do you want to eat sour things?

2]Do you feel every time sleepy. ?

3]Do you have urine with particles?

 4]Do you have swelling on thigh and feet ?

  5] Do you feel tired and have more cramps in the legs?

In this way she asked me so many questions. For every question there is answer yes. Now she confirmed you are suffered from white Jaundice. And she told me go to the “Gavali” of Latur and take medicine.

I Went To Take Remidie : The person who was giving medicine can identify Jaundice by watching face and body. He saw my body and face and told me you are suffered from white Jaundice. He gave me medicine for 15 days. I became cure with it.

Types Of Jaundice. :This disease is a very horrible disease. If it will enter in the stomach it can damage liver easily. Liver function are getting disturbing. Blood Cancer which we are telling ,”Actue Lymphoblastic Luckemia” that is we say ALL is nothing but white Jaundice. So there are 2 types of Jaundice.

1) White Jaundice 2)  Yellow Jaundice.

Yellow Jaundice can come in the urine . It can easily get diagnosis. But, white Jaundice couldn’t identify with any taste. So it is very horrible. If it will not diagnosis easily patients blood automatically converts into water. It can stops all activities. In the last decade patients were have easily death with it . What happened  didn’t know to the Doctor and also not understand to the patient.

What To Not Eat In Jaundice: Never touch to the eggs , fishes. It can increase swelling. Avoid to eat fried , sour things. Never eat milk, cream, Curd, etc. Avoid to go in the dirty places. Avoid to eat coriander, Dhaniya, Jaggary, milk, Onion with milk. Avoid non veg, outside food.

Treatment For It : Eat cane sugar every day if possible. Take green wheat plant juice daily for some days. Drink Neem leaves juice for 1 more months. Drink juice of bitter guard leaves in proportion.collection-of-health-benefits-life-style/

Diet For Jaundice. : Jowar Roti with Solid Cooked Dal along with garlic chutney. Cooked green Moong dal. Leafy vegetables as like Spinach, Methi , etc .Rice with dal or ghee (pure cow ghee) . Take every time fresh food. Never eat stale food. health-benefits-of-jowar-roti-weight-loss/

Disclaimer: These are my life experiences. If you have complete faith on it, you can use it. In case you can consult your doctor. May be you are taking treatment of Doctor still you must have to avoid above food to get good response for your treatment. 

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Why Am I Always Hungry- Health

Why did we are every time hungry?

8 Points tells us we are hungry.

   This issue is more important in everyone’s life.  As we know that in 1 home there are 2 brothers but of them 1 has the habit to eat every time and another one is normal. Generally these habits are developing due to insecurity of life.

Or it has so many reasons some are mental and some are physical.

Let us we will check which are the mental.

1] If the person has the fear of death, any disease, or having any pain in the body then he think that if I will eat more, I will become strong and so he continuously started to eat anything.

2] Some people have to do a lot of physical work. They are spending their calories at work but they feel that our work is very difficult so we must have to eat more and due to this thinking they are getting hungrier.

3]   Today some students are suffering from obesity, main reason of it is insecurity towards life, may be quarrels in the parents or May they have suffered from so many difficult situation. Or any diseases in the small age , it can create fear of death in their mind and they are becoming every time hungry.

4] Some people think that building a big and strong body means to impress front person or to create some fearing atmosphere in the surrounding, so they work for it and creates hunger. Or eating junk food every time.

Now we will check physical reason   

1] Diabetes: We know that our country means India is the capital of diabetes. Why did do you know? As Indian people are more worried and are not working on control on their body. So today this disease is getting to increase rapidly. It is also entering in the small age students. In any age it can attack on any person. It has so many reasons as like mental as well as physical.

Mental reason: In student’s life if they are not getting complete marks or they want success in their proper field at that time they are creating pressure, stress, anxiety, worry, etc due to it create unbalance in the hormone and these students are suffering from this disease. When these symptoms are occurring in anyone’s life then automatically he turns to eat more and increases hunger.

2] Bulimia : This is a one kind of eating disorder. In this case patients are eating irregularly . Due to eating more they have the problem of omitting.

3] Worms :  This problem generally, occur in the small age. As small children has the habit to eat a lot of chocolates, biscuits, etc, these types of food produces worms in the stomach. I think nowadays this phenomenon has been lost. But, in our childhood we are suffering from it every time .Maybe we were not eating all above things but I think they may be entered from milk. There length is some time as like 15cm scale. Sometimes it is less. So many toddles were crying loudly while it is coming out side from their body. BENEFITS

  So these ascaris are eating /absorbing your food in your stomach and we need extra food for it. We feel a lot hunger every time.

4] Medicines:  Some medicines increases hunger .These types of problem is called ‘’Hyperfegia’’ http://Blue host link

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Medicines of depressions are creating more hunger.

5] PMS : PMS means prime style syndrome . This type of syndrome creates hunger every time. Along with headache, pain in the stomach, constipation, etc.  ASAFOETIDA

6] Stress. : The person who is in the stress disorder they are also eating every time. They have always desire to eat something. When there is a stress on the brain  it will release corticotrophin hormone. This is the main reason to increase the rate of hunger.

7] More talkative symptoms: Some people has the habit to talk loudly or continuously . Due to talking also create more hunger.

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Effects of daily salt on our body – Health

#vegetarianALLUa to z seriesBAKEDBASEN

There is a say that your gratitude is the way to show humanity or love for the person whose salt we have eaten. How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health

In India, there are so many ways to keep fast. Generally, there are so many rituals which are telling us to not eat salt. The reason behind it is to keep gratitude towards our ancestors as well as we must have to avoid salt in our bodies. In general to eat low salt means we feel very heavy, we didn’t get any taste and so we can’t eat food completely. Instead, if we will keep fast we can automatically control it. This is due to faith in God. We didn’t feel heavy, we can enjoy fasting happily.

We know that the person who keeps gratitude then we say him in Marathi ‘’Khalya Mithala Jaglas’’ means gratitude automatically keeps health better. How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

So fasting is very good mentally as well physically for health. It can make strong mentally and

Keeps away from so many health problems. 

#vegetarianALLUa to z seriesBAKEDBASEN

Let us discuss here which health problems Occurs Due To Salt.

1] We know that if we will eat more salt we will suffer from high BP. As well as some skin diseases, it can create pressure on the kidneys and the kidney will get damage. BENEFITS 

2] More eating salt invites so many heart diseases, as it increases blood pressure, them if we will not be done any exercise it can reduce the immunity of the body. health 

3] Salt contains sodium and this sodium effects on Kidney. We know that the Kidney is the right filter in our body. But this filter can be damaged due to more eating salt and our filtration process will be disturbed. So that some impurities get easily mixed with blood and we have to face a lot of worst effects on our body. 

Tags: GujiyakaranjiRECIPE.

4] Eating more salt also increases swallowing on the skin means face, hands, legs, etc

5] It can increases acidity in the stomach and due to its scratching, skin infections omitting, like this suffering get started.

6] Now we are listening to the doctor and avoiding eating salt. But eating too much less salt also causes so many problems.

Let us check which problems we have to face with eating less salt.

1] If we are eating too much little salt we are feeling very low. Our BP gets low, we feel a lot of weakness, energy-less, didn’t want to talk, feel sleepy, eyes get scrimped.

2] Sometimes a lot of digestion problems start. We know that if we are suffering from cholera or dysentery or dehydration then Dr. Immediately gives us saline which contains salt. At home also as first aid, we are giving saltwater to the patient.

3] Pain in teeth or bad breath of mouth also starts with low eating salt.

4] Our face shows a pale appearance, we feel like tired patients if we didn’t have any health problems.

5] So to keep body and mind healthy we must have to keep balance in eating salt.

6] Eating too much less salt means increasing negativity in our mind, as we know that hunger, cramps in the legs occur increases negativity. 

7] It can create in balancing in sugar level as well as in the thyroids. of salt on our body-health.

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Real Benefits Of Mantra Healing – Health

Spiritual power of mantra healing -Health

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  My optimist power of Mantra healing.   Buy this book o run our business & to increase our writing profession passion .


Before twenty years my two years kid Sachin was suffered from Blood Cancer.

With a lot of efforts he was cured in one year. His treatment was taken in TATA HOSPITAL at

Bombay. Now he was totally normal & out of danger due to Reciting Mantra’s Benefits -Real story

Suddenly He Suffered  From Chicken pox.

Suddenly He Suffered  From Chicken pox.

After his treatment he was fresh for one year but suddenly he suffered from chicken pox.

It spread all over his body so that there was not exposed  single point of skin to give the injection.In the evening I went to doctor to take the treatment of chicken pox. Doctor saw the patient & he refused to admit him as there is not empty place to search the vain. ‘We can’t admit him’ Dr. told clearly.

There is misunderstanding in our culture that ‘’If hospital treatment stop means everything is stop. ‘So in my home everyone was thinking that,’now this patient can’t live. ‘So that my mother-in law invited to every guest to see last time the patient. My father, my sister, her husband, my father –in –law came in my home & sat aside. Everyone lost their will power .


n that situation I believe only on God. My faith  was telling me that nothing will happen to my kid. My sister just kept ‘’Ganesh’’ in water  & I reciting ‘’Ganesh Mantra’’ continuously.


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Someone told that ‘’bath the patient with hot water, ‘so I bathed him with hot water & trying to slept him. Instead of sleeping  he was started to talking loudly& suddenly he went in coma.

Related imageIn my home everyone has left hope. My husband was started to cry,& they thought that kid will die up to morning.


When  he was in coma .I was weeping loudly at least one hour. But At that  time my wisdom tells me that with anyone’s blessing my child will cure. So I started to take blessing of every ones & whispering with full of tears ‘’please give life to my son’’& continuously reciting ‘’Ganesh Mantra ‘keeping faith on mantra. 


My father accepted his treatment’s responsibility,& he was also reciting some mantra.He told to my sister that ‘’ boil 3 cup of water & make it 1 cup & after cooling  it ,drink  to  patient.

I added some glucose powder in it & continuously I was pouring it drop by drop in his mouth.   One hour left but kid doesn’t show any change. At last his stomach gets swallowed like a big pot. My sister got an angry & she told me ‘’don’t let water in his mouth.’’ At last I decided to do something so I went in kitchen & brought white onion .I broke up it & gave him smell of onion. When he had reach smell he became slowly conscious & again after some time he went in coma. I left some hope but still I reciting Ganesh Mantra with lot of tears.After some time I told to everyone give my son to hug me. but my mother in law refused to give me my son, at last my father thought that her last wish  & so he gave me my son to hug him

Image result for My optimist power of mantra healing

At this moment I controlled myself, stopped to cry ,again not left hope, only I had rubbed his hands,  feet  with my hands.& rubbed  at the side of his  brows, hug  the child

tightly & told him  ‘’Say Maa’’ ‘’please say me ‘Maa’ again & again I repeated this word in his ear continuously after half an hour that he had open his eyes said ‘’ Maa’’

In  this situation my father’s belief system about God, selfless love, family support, my father’s wisdom save my son’s life.





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The Miracle Of Peace – Health -Mental Health


Peace is spirituality.

Peace is simplicity .

Peace brings satisfaction.

Peace makes you smile.

Peace is sweetness.

Peace is stability.

Peace creates solution.

Peace makes you strong.

Peace makes you stress free.

Peace makes you sing in happiness.

Peace creates your inner stress.

Peace makes you scare.

Peace is having sympathy.

Peace brings safety.

Peace is solitude.

Peace is stillness of mind.

Peace is having self respect.

Peace makes you spontaneous.

Peace enables you to know

all secrets of life.

Peace is not produce automatically we have to work on it. And it is not a simple way but we have to stop lot of daily things means we should have to attend to control our mind, some time we have ignore lot of  things.

Some times there is challenging person same like donkey but we have to assume as a very wise person or say ”GOPALRAO’ ‘so that we can maintain peace in difficult situation otherwise it is very hard to survive human beings.

Sometimes we have to face different types of people with peaceful mind . When the person handle these types of people with peaceful mind . That person is the great person in the universe. Otherwise by keeping some people away and creating peace is the simple thing.

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has been taken from there book.

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How To Remove Pressure In Your Life – Health – Mental Health

How To Remove Pressure In Our Life – Health – Mental Health

All  about pressure cleaning -pdkcm

 Yesterday I heard conversation between two students about their exams. They are discussing with each other about their admissions in the good college,and to get them out of marks in the examinations. Out of them, one was saying that ” If I would not get admission in that college I will leave my education” and another one was saying that” If I would be not getting admission to the M.B.B.S. college I will be sluiced” I astonished with these sentences.

I realized that nowadays what is the level of pressure to the students.?
How will it create?

What should we have to do to release from pressure?
OK, we will discuss in detail what is the pressure?

Pressure is an emotion which I create when I feel that what will happen if I will not achieve my goal without pressure
Pressure means can I do this or not If not then I create pressure.

  If there is fear in my mind about my and others expectations then I feel pressure. 

 When we are finishing our deadline we create pressure
       In two people if one is completing his deadline without pressure if it may be he requires more days but he will be in a comfortable state.
  But another one who had completed his deadline with fear and pressure then he will suffer from B. P.

 sugar, hyperthyroidism , irritations, anxiety, etc. Also he has chosen this type of lifestyle  thinking that ”It should happen automatically nowadays”

What is Peer Pressure? Why Did I Feel Pressure In My Life?

 Sometimes the pressure is not about deadline but it should be of our belief system  that ”I can’t do any work without pressure”
  Deadline doesn’t create pressure but the thought of it  ”can I complete it or not, if not then I realize pressure.

    To remove the pressure we have to stop for 2 minutes and watch our thought. We realize that we first creating the fear and then we are feeling the fear when we understand this feeling then again we observe the thought, change the thought check the belief system and accept the truth.

 Many times due to fear my efficiency gets reduced.
If a pressure is not where my self-esteem is on high level and My self-esteem does not depend on another one’s self-esteem.
When stability comes performance automatically gets good.

Logically and experimentally it proved that if pressure is not there achievement is more.

To remove pressure we have to do
1] Mediate every day for half an hour in the morning
2] Engage in any creative activity.
3] Talk to another person for five minutes except for your subject
4] Make humor and enjoy it
5] Use your humor to please never to hurt
 6] Do a household chore.
  7] Listen to spiritual music
  10 ] Call to friends, relatives, etc
   11] Left your ego and be a normal person. Keep away your status.
  12] Go to your friend, relatives, live light.
  13] Carry only love in the heart, remove ego,  prestige etc.
  14 ] Every person came on the earth only to distribute love, happiness, peace, etc Maybe he had earned a lot of material things.H e must have to carry love, peace, happiness compassion etc.
I have written this post without pressure
You read this post  without pressure
    Enjoy your life without  pressure

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What Are The Effects Of Walking Daily – Health
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Health Benefits Of Walking – Health Benefits

Hi friends, I  have chosen this topic purposely as I am fond of walking since in the childhood. When I had been learning in the science college I had to walk every day 5 km for tuition, college, college’s extra period etc. In this situation also I never get tired. I am studying every day till late up to 12 o clock but I never feel tired or weak.

In the case when I had been going outside by walking to my friends home for study or to chat I feel fresh and again good energy is creating with me to do the household chore or for walking and every time I am feeling happiness. This is my virtue or God ‘s gift to me that anywhere, anytime I feel happy since childhood.  I   didn’t know what is the reason behind it?But it is the case with me. As  I know walking gives good personality-Benefits #Relationship #Lock_down

Let us see what are the benefits of walking?

1] When we are walking our whole body is in motion so blood circulation appears easily.

2] While walking creates good positive thoughts as some hormones are created and we are happy.

3]  Walking increases creativity and so that I think while ”ASHADHI Ekadashi” in India it comes yearly in August or Jully Month  so many people are going to the Pandharpur by walking as well as while they are pronouncing ”VITHALL” a good type of rhythm is creating in their body  and  in the surrounding and it creates good vibrations of thought , feeling tremendous happiness.

Image result for images of ashadhi ekadashi/what are the effects of walking daily/

4]  When ”Bhajankari is dancing they are dancing with good rhythm  ”That is one step ahead and one step back with the music at one time ” I think there is a good scientific reason behind it.As if we will decide to walk alone with this procedure we can’t walk and never get happiness.


We know that in this group a lot of poor farmers, workers are there.  It is purposely kept for God’s sake as without purpose we can’t participate in any activity. The best intention of ‘GOD VITHAL” is to keep people happy in any situation. This is the scientific reason behind any Indian culture.

5] Now scientifically we will see its benefits

walking reduces blood pressure naturally, loses weight, reducing weight removes lots of problem like thyroid, cancer, kidney, B. P. etc.

It increases Intelligence

Believe or not but I experienced so many times walking increases intelligence, it helps to supply the brain required amount of oxygen and glucose as well as it can reduce the level of LDL cholesterol and helps the risk of stroke. So that so many astrologists tell us to take round 108 in any temple or around the tree like peepal or Umbar if you want to get success in any field.

6] So many doctors have proved that walking keeps balance in sugar level or insulin level.


7] Your bones become stronger and strength tightly, you have proof of me in front of you. I am walking since childhood every day 4 KM nothing damage to me in case I become strong physically as well as mentally.

8] It strengthens our muscles. Regular walking prevents strengthen your legs and back pain.

Maintain DIGESTION     

9]  Improper digestion can lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, bloating,

constipation, diarrhea, and even colon cancer. Pain in a body, muscle pain, loses sight of eyes, makes man dull, lazy etc Walking is the best solution for it.


10]   Walking is the best way to increase immunity system . Walking at least 30 minutes a day can help booster the activities of the immune cells, namely, the B-cells, T-cells, and the natural killer cells. It helps release the WBC at a faster rate, thereby allowing your body to heal quickly

Prevents Dementia   

11]   Dementia is a neurological condition characterized by a gradual loss of memory and cognitive functions. It can eventually make you unable to perform day-to-day functions and totally dependent on others. Walking regularly at a moderate pace can help prevent dementia, improve memory, and build confidence in older individuals.

Increase Beauty    Benefits 

12]   Walking may or may not activate the telomerase enzyme, which is responsible for maintaining DNA integrity, an important factor in ageing, but it helps prevent all age-related problems.

Producers VITAMIN D   

13]   Walking in the morning is a great opportunity for your body to produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for bone strength and it prevents cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes type 1. So, it is very important that you get at least 10-15 minutes of morning sun exposure, and walking is the best way to do so. Get up early 15 minutes for it.

Reduces  Stress 

14 ] Walking can help reduce the stress levels by improving circulation, which, in turn, provides nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It also stimulates the nervous system receptors and decreases the production of the stress hormones Breathing in and out while walking also helps to breathe out the tension.


15]   Several scientific studies have proven that physical activity can help prevent depression. Walking is highly recommended by physicians and psychiatrists to help uplift mood. So, if you are feeling depressed or sad, you should just take a walk and get some fresh air to feel better. A lot of senior ”GURU”giving advice to the devotee that go to walk outside.  I think ”SWAMI SAMARATH, SWAMI RAMDAS’ so many INDIAN saints are walking continuously.


12]    Walking can also increase your lung capacity. When you walk, you breathe in more oxygen as compared to when you are stationary. This exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide at a larger volume can help increase your lung capacity, thereby increasing your stamina and exercise performance. The best part is, you don’t even have to run. A medium-paced 60-minute walk (with breaks, of course!) can do the trick.


13]   Japanese scientists have found that walking can help improve the memory of older patients. Physical exercise helps to increase the size of the hippocampus while a sedentary lifestyle shrinks the hippocampus, leading to memory loss.  So, walk every day to give your memory power a serious boost.


Walking regularly can also make you more active and energetic. This, in turn, can increase your productivity. Be it at school or work, your memory, agility, and your reaction to different stimuli will significantly change for the better.

15. Builds Social Support:

I  know before 20 years there were not more sources of a vehicle except cycle so when we go outside for any purpose we were getting so many friends whose visit we didn’t expect any time but this event giving us tremendous happiness, as well as energy and we are living happily with this moment whole day. In this way, we are getting lots of good things while walking getting, knowing some new things
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How To Stop Bad Breath – Health

How to keep mouth away from bad  breath ? -pdkcm

Bad breathing is the  common problem of every person . If any person spreads bad  smell from his mouth we didn’t want to go near to that person. Some people has the habit  to eat raw onion and garlic  .But, they didn’t take care of their foul smell and it  spread foul smell in the surrounding. Then surrounding people gets disturbed with it. We didn’t want to talk with these people. How to  stop these questions?. As  people didn’t leave to eat  their favorite things.

Here  is the solution for it .

1]  While eating raw onion , spread lemon juice on it. It will remove bad breath of mouth.

2] After   eating  these raw food  wash  your mouth immediately. If  have more time brush your teeth.

3] Keep the habit to wash your mouth and tongue with brush . It will remove immediately all bad breath.

4]  Keep the habit  to eat caradamom after eating anything. As it has plenty of benefits. It removes  your bad breath and foul smell . It is  good for digestion as well removes cough easily. Works as best mouth cleaner.

5]  Avoid to eat  cloves  and Badisoup . Clove increases heat in the body . It creates  patches in the mouth along with strong irritations. Loses taste of mouth. Start  to remove  keratin  protein  of our body. It makes man weak and tired  so never eat cloves as it is, in any season.

6] Do you know In India  there  are so many ladies singing ‘’BHAJANS’’ in  that while singing BHAJANS ‘’ They are including every activity of GOD in the song .Means bath to the God say song , For  eating the God there are a lot of songs. After  eating  the God there is a song  to remove bad breath. In that they   are giving ‘’VEEDA OF NAGVELI LEAVES’’ .This  Nagveli  leaves  how important to our body? How they are removing our breath clearly mentioned. Means  the constituent   which they have taken  to make that ‘’VEEDA’’  are  all above  substances. Every  food substance has more importance with their significance.

7]  This  Veeda  means super natural mouth wash. We  can carry its contents in our purse. We  can use it at any time.

8] If  you  didn’t like to use above products then,   drink black and green tea . these tea kills the bacteria in the mouth.

9] Eat the food which consumes less  heat.

10] To eat snax with another food instead  eat apple, carrot etc.

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