Effects of salt on our body – Health

Effects of salt on our body – Health

  There is a say that your gratitude is the way to show humanity or love for the person whose salt we have eaten. How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health

In India there are so many ways to keep fast. Generally, there are so many rituals which are telling us to not eat salt. Reason behind it is to keep gratitude towards our ancestators as well as we must have to avoid salt in our body. In general to eat low salt means we feel very heavy, we didn’t get any taste and so we can’t eat food complete. Instead if we will keep fast we can automatically control it. This is due to faith on God. We didn’t feel heavy, we can enjoy fasting happily.

We know that the person who keeps gratitude then we  say him in Marathi ‘’Khalya Mithala Jaglas’’ means  gratitude automatically keeps health better. How To Make Kavat Chutney -Chutney Recipe [Marathi]

So fasting is very good mentally as well physically for the health. It can make strong mentally and

Keeps away from so many health problems.  

#vegetarianALLUa to z seriesBAKEDBASEN

Let us discuss here which health problems Occurs Due To Salt.

1] We know that if we will eat more salt we will suffer from high BP. As well as some skin diseases, it can create pressure on the kidneys and kidney will get damage. BENEFITS 

2] More eating salt invites so many heart diseases, as it increases blood pressure, of them if we will not done any exercise it can reduce immunity of the body. health 

3] Salt contains sodium and this sodium effects on Kidney. We know that Kidney’s are right filters in our body. But this filter can be damage due to more eating salt and our filtration process will be disturbed. So that some impurities get easily mixed with blood and we have to face a lot of worst effects on our body.

4] Eating more salt also increases swallowing on the skin means face, hands, legs, etc

5] It can increases acidity in the stomach and due to it scratching, skin infections omitting, like this suffering get started.

6] Now we are listening to the doctor and avoiding eating salt. But eating too much less salt also causes so many problems.

Let us check which problems we have to face with eating less salt.

1] If we are eating too much little salt we are feeling very low. Our BP gets low, we feel a lot of weakness, energy less, didn’t want to talk, feel sleepy, eyes get scrimped.

2] Sometimes a lot of digestion problems start. We know that if we are suffering from cholera or dysentery or dehydration then Dr. Immediately gives us saline which contains salt. At home also as a first aid we are giving salt water to the patient.

3] Pain in teeth or bad breath of mouth also starts with low eating salt.

4] Our face totally shows pale appreance, we feel as like tired patient if we didn’t have any health problem.

5]  So to keep body and mind healthy  we must have to keep balance in the eating salt.

6]  Eating  too much less salt means increasing negativity in our mind , as  we know that hunger, cramps in the legs occurs increases negativity.  

7] It can creates in balancing in sugar level as well as in the thyroids.

Image result for Images on effects of salt on our of salt on our body-health.


effects on kidney due to salt/

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10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health

How To Remove Cramps Of The Legs ? – Health

10    Points To Remove Crump Of The Legs.

A  lot  of times  we are suffering from cramps . Some times in the night suddenly we have cramps in the legs. Sometimes we can’t get up in the morning. We have to suffer a lot of pain due to it. We think that it is natural or sometimes it is normal pain. There is no need of medicine. If we will take a short nip it will get clear. So we didn’t understand what is the main reason behind it?

Let us discuss main reasons behind it

Mental  Reason : If we have a lot of negativity in our mind then definitely we have  A LOT OF PAIN IN THE  LEGS. Depression creates acidity in some body organs.

Every time I am everywhere right increases a lot of ego and ego creates so many mental illness , it creates physical illness.

Sometimes aloneness creates depression and it creates pain in the legs.

As I have observed so many people of this nature that if they have nice diet, healthy diet still they have a lot of pain in their legs. Then I understand that main reason is they have more negativity. As  when I am dealing with them they come across with me  in the full of negativity in their chatting.

In the teen age some students gets worried about their future and it causes pain in the legs.  

Now let us we discuss physical reason of it.

1] Drinking more times tea and eating nicotine reduces B-Complex, create acidity with more lactic acid and causes pain in the legs.

2] Eating stale food, more acidic food, more fried food ,in balanced diet also causes pain in the legs.

3] Reducing water level in the body causes cramps in the legs. Tiredness and weakness are the main reason behind it.

4] Some time doing more exercise creates cramps in the legs .

5] If we have heard any danger news  for our relation ship or for our closer one then also it causes pain and create cramps in the legs.

6]   If we didn’t care to take nutrient food then also we feel pain in the legs.

7]   Due  to any reason it may be fasting or our busy schedule if we are not taking balanced diet then it  reduces sodium and potassium of our body.

8] If any person  has any infection as like Jaundice, fever, Typhoid, flu then also  it can cause  pain in the legs.

9] Working with full of pressure also  creates pain the legs.

10] Eating sour things as like tamarind,  raw mango,  sour curd or butter milk , raw fruits also increases the legs as well as in the forehead.

What Should we Do To Remove It 

1]   Eat  drum stick  subji,  boiled eggs, gums Ladoo, cabbage, Aliv, drink milk, keep ghee in the daily meal . Eat like this a lot of calcium rich food.

2] Eat everyday one banana, in the early morning eat AMLA without eating anything, peanut Ladoo . etc

3]Take  breakfast everyday in the morning  at right time , not taking breakfast , taking late breakfast also causes pain  in the legs.

4]  Juice of orange, pineapple, is  the best medicine for all types of pain. Along with the lot of another body issues.

5] Reducing weight  also keeping us away from  the lot of body pain .

6] Good habits always keeps you away from all the sources  of negative behavior along with the lot of negative reactions.

7] Early  getting up removes our 80% problems of  life.

8] Keeping away worries, stress, anger, anxiety also reduces  all negativity along with all problems.

9] Always remaining in the satisfied form also maintain our good health.

10] Working with positive attitude everywhere never creates any problems.

10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health  /
http://10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /
10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health  /
http://10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /
10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health  /
http://10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /
10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /
http://10 Ways To Get Rid Of Cramps In The Legs- Health /

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Heart Failure In The Young – Health

We know that, today’s generation become very fast . As time is running very fast . No one wants to be wait . Everyone wants success in less time. It is good as, life is short . But we didn’t care to the nature that what nature is telling about my body, my life, how can I will be remain happy in any situation ? We need material success fast. So we carry a lot of hurry along with a lot of anxiety, pressure, stress, worry etc . This phenomenon creates hyperthyroidism , heart diseases, kidney failure, brain hammering , etc. As we have to run in the competition. It’s Okay we must have to run in the competition , to get out side happiness. We are spending lots of money to increase our students confidence, to get success . It is very good to run life happily but, along with it if we will teach to our students and kids how to increase ”self esteem ” then whatever you may have any situation may be positive or negative you will never suffer from above diseases.

Today, if we will search the families we will see in every home there is a patient of hyperthyroidism . B. P. in the small age, sugar, kidney, etc. Students have lot of tension of competition so they are working with full of tension and carries above diseases.


With survey of WHO in 2015 there are 4280 people among 1 Lakh , who has death due to suddenly heart fail. Of them 37% persons under the age of 40 . Suddenly becoming heart off means ”Sudden Cardic Arrest” In this process heart beets are increasing rapidly and it gets off. There are so many reasons behind it.

1] Heredity ; If parents are effected from it, then its close relatives have the chance to suffer it.

2] BY BIRTH DEFAULT : Some youth have serious defects by birth , some of has not diagnosed correctly, no any treatment or operation with correct time . itmay be heart valve, irregulaty in heart beet, cardiomayopathy, conjestive heart failure, pumping of heart is very weak

3] Some Body Problems . : High blood pressure, cholestrol in the blood is out of control, increasing weight or obesity, diabetis, etc If these diseases are in the young period then it definitely creates heart problems.

4] EXTRA DISEASES. : Hyperthyroidism, pulmnary highpertension, electrolyte imbalance, In this diseases balance of heart beets become out of control and suddnely heart can be off.

5] ADDICTION : A lot of smoking, Cocen, Amfetamine, alcohol, do you know our famous ”Michel Jackson ‘ has death due to taking lots of pain killer.

If heart will suddnely off and that patient couldn’t reach in the small moment then 100% death will be there. These types of patients must have to carry immediately with cardiac ambulance and must have to admit in the ICU.

In the Ambulance or in the hospital , with the help of ”Automated Extarnal Defibrillator” has to give shock to the heart and lungs. Along with it his heart and lungs must have to work again with ‘CPR” means Cardio Pulmanary, Rissitetion’.

After getting off heart need the treatment in 4 to 7 minute. otherwise patient couldn’t be live.


http://heartfailure in the young-health/
http://heartfailure in the young-health/
Image result for Images of heart failure in the young-health/
http://Heart failure in the young-health /

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How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health

We are always conscious to bring vegetables but, if we didn’t have knowledge that which vegetable creates diseases in rainy season or in any season then we must have to know about it in detail. #vegetarian

Sometimes we have so many problems if we are eating unrelated subji for that season. We didn’t understand why did it is happening but, It creates so many infections along with pain in our body.

In the rainy season we have to eat ”Bhendi, Simla Mirchi, tomato, pumpkin , Moringa Drum sticks, Bitter Guard , etc. These are anticancer and anti oxidant subji’s .


Image result for Images of vegetables in the rainy season/
http://Rainy vegetables/how to select vegetables in the related season/

If anyone has rashes of skin problem then he must have to avoid these subji’s as it increases scratching in our body.If you have wound or any injury then it creates puss in the wound or injury. For ex : Brinjal. potatoes, etc.

Better to avoid who has kidney problem.

Of them we can eat potato subji for some time, not everyday. As it is heavy to digest as well as it produces pain in the body. If we are operation patient then avoid to eat ”BRINJAL and POTATO ” as these subji’s produces ”Vatta or gas ” in our body so it causes swollen in our body .

Best Detox Foods to clean your Body – Health- Mumbai Square

If you want to eat leafy vegetables eat it in the summer and winter. As at that time atmosphere is clean and clear. Vegetables also clean. Gives good benefits to us. winter

How To make carrot pickle- Winter specia

How To select Vegetables Related To Season - Health/
http://How To select Vegetables Related To Season – Health/

Kidney patient must have to avoid these above vegetables.

The person who has the problem of constipation, acidity, fat persons and pregnant woman must have to eat these vegetables.

Vegetables in the summer : Onion, garlic, potatoes, Suran, Sweet potatoes, Beet , leafy vegetables, drum sticks, Moringa leaves, must have to eat in this season.

Related image/ to select vegetables in related seasons.
http://How to select vegetables in rainy season/

What to eat and not to eat in the winter season : Drum sticks, mutter, Bean, carrot, all types of beans, all types of leafy vegetables, pumpkins, cucumber, tomatoes , etc . are giving good taste in this season.

Avoid to eat cucumber if you have problem of cold , pain in the stomach and pain in the teeth . Avoid to eat in the morning.

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Attend These Points Before Doing Yoga-Health – #Yoga day

Keep These Points With You Before Doing Yoga? – Health

Today a lot of people become health conscious so they are learning and doing Yoga, doing exercise, going to walking every day, running for good health , doing some physical work for better health. Every, thing is better for our good health but, of them doing Yoga is very useful but must have the knowledge to make it perfect.  

Image result for images of doing yoga these points before doing yoga

Today so many people watching Yoga on the TV and doing same action in front of T V or PC but, it is very danger. As Yoga is not the easy exercise it has to be keep concentration to our breath along with moving our organs. We must have to be warm up before doing it. As which type of Yoga you are doing for that your body must have to be ready.
health issues

So many people have the habit to do as it is without taking any knowledge. But, if you have done it more without keeping attention to ability of your body it can harm to your body.
body obstacles

yoga these points before doing yoga

While doing Yoga we must have to know that, how much I can stress my body? Is this Yoga is fit for my body? So many have a lot of side effects while doing wrong type of Yoga.

So keep these points before doing Yoga.

1] Give the exercise to your hand and wrist.

2] Make contractions and relaxation of your wrist.

3] Stand up straight and after some time remove your one feet round.

4] Knees, waist, shoulder move in suitable direction and make them free.

 5] Inhale long and slowly leave it out. So that your heart can work freely.

Yoga for Beginners: 10 Basic Poses …

Image result for images of doing yoga these points before doing yoga

 6] Avoid any stress while inhaling or exhaling. Work with calm and stressful mind.   

7] Give the exercise to your stomach. Avoid stretching more time muscles of stomach. It can create any type of harm to your body.  

8] Do  some breathing exercise before starting.

9]  After  doing  all above exercise you will be fit to do Yoga.

10] It can be do how much your body need otherwise if front person or in the TV it is showing doing so many time .So I would have  to do it is not working perfectly for your body. It can create some another problems.

11] Avoid   to eat more before doing it. Or drinking water.

12] If you are more tired and have  some health problems  then avoid it for that period.

14]  Keep fix time  to do it as body organ are automatically gets stretched or  will be response naturally.

15] It must have to do with fresh mind otherwise doing with pressure on mind produce  so many problems.

16] I  think  doing small task of homes  with happy mind is also one type of Yoga in comparison to doing Yoga  with full of pressure.

17] Running happily, walking  with rhythm also produces  good hormones in our body.

18]  Singing,  writing with full of concentration, reading, walking, running happily  also a type of good meditation.

19] If  Yoga become your passion  then you can make it any where means while travelling in  the bus, railway, or anywhere.

20 ] Yoga is  the best way of keeping your body safe and secure forever.  


The Risk Of Night Work – Health Problems

Are   you working for night?  Be Alert

Top post on indiblogger/
http://top post on indiblogger/

  If you are working late at night then keep attention on following points.

Today every business has been converted into globalization so everyone has to face global competition. For that everyone has to work hard. To work with global market he has to seat late at night. The person who are working on the internet for any business must have to work late at night .But some research has been shown that how much danger to work late at night for the health?

http://Is it unhealthy to work at night-Health /

Night worker has damage to the DNA. Without sleeping forcefully if they are working hard then their DNA   couldn’t be form again or it can be stop to regenerate again. Anesthesia academy gernal report has shown all these facts. There reports shown that the people who are working late at night has reduces to form the genes 30% in comparison to the other people.


There research have shown that they have done this experiment with the people who are of age between 28 to 30 years. They   have given    3 days complete work at night and taken blood samples from them. While checking they have understood that they are creating less DNA in comparison with the other people.  There structure of DNA has been disturbed. And if DNA has been disturbed they have to be suffering the diseases which never are get cured completely.

is it unhealthy to work at night-health/
http://Is it unhealthy to work at night-health/

Some people has the bad habit since child hood  that is to watch the TV, Play rummy, take drinking, sit in the hotel for more time ,etc.


1] It can affect on their eyes. Means start irritation in the eyes are increases their contact lens no.

2] It can start headache or some brain problems, memory distraction, etc

3] Stars diabetes, lower blood pressure, may be start GOTU ARTHRITIES, , ETC .

4] Main important problem can be start that is acidity. Due to acidity all unbalancing of body starts. ›

5]  Acidity loses appetite, starts strokes, sometimes some people have habit to become unconscious , damages liver , it can also  damage gall bladder. Brings invitation to the liver cancer.

6] Acidity creates  skin problems as like irritations, scratches, pimples , patches on the skin , hair fall, etc .

 7] Starts digestion problem , sometimes  dysentery problems. Omitting, pain in abdomen , etc .

8] If working   only one place then it could start pain in back, waist pain, etc 

9] To get up next day it become very hard and disturb all timetable of life.

 Are you working for night? -health/
http://Is unhealthy to work at night-health/

Working night shifts may cause DNA …

10 ]  Some ladies have to be suffered from  waist pain  or white discharge, etc.

11]   White discharge loses protein of our body and feel very weak.

12]  Feeling very tired, losing consciousness  or attention in the work .

13] Skin become pale, loses glow and showing paleness on the face.

14] Creates   unbalance  while working with collogues as like in writing, speaking, teaching, or in so many activities.

15] Creates  a lot of body pain in the body. Increases anxiety, irritations, anger, uncertainty, etc.

16] Sometimes it can loses self confidence and creates mental disorder. 


How To Be Healthy Today – Easy Tips click here to read this post.


A Major Health Problems In Our Body – Health Issue

  How body obstacles are dangerous to us –  Health Issues

  Modern world is running on time .Everyone has no time to take breath also. Working of every man become precious .In that sometimes we become so addict to the work that we forget or post pone to work on our body functions as like to  go to the toilet in time , to eat, to sleep, sometimes we are stopping to let go our excretory products . As we  have made plan for the work and to complete this plan in time it become very difficult  so we are ignoring all these things . But if we are made a long time for it , it will create harmful things in our body. We are suffering from danger diseases. The time which have saved for the business must have to waste to maintain our body. If we will not getting success in maintaining it then we have to left our body.
 maintain our body.

Let us discuss which postpone work is harmful to us

If we have stopped the stool and urine. :  If  we will not leave our excretory products in time .Then we have crumbs in our legs. Pain in head. Sometimes  a lot of pain in chest. Feeling low, vomiting comes every time. If we will tried to stop urine it brings irritations on the body, body start to paining , pain in the abdomen, if we will do it continuously it can create kidney stone. 

If we will tried to stop sneezing , eructate  and cough   : If we will stop to sneezing it will make pain in neck. Pain in head, or weakness .Never try  to stop cough  it will create vomiting , or starting to vibrate our heart or chest . Sometimes  more cough brings TB like diseases. Juice

By  stopping hunger, thirsty and sleep  :   Generally our best part of  ignoring any work is hunger . If we have a lot of work may be any person is so much talented or wise he definitely stops his hunger. We can’t stop another work easily but we can work on hunger easily. This is our belief system and so a  lot of time we are working keeping hunger with us.

But it create a lot of  side effects . Let us we will see here which are these?

So many times we forget  to drink water in time  then our throat become shrivel  and can’t speak properly. Creates a lot of heat in the body. Urine infections ,Feeling  lazy, tired etc .

We are purposely postponing hunger but hunger creates negative thoughts in the mind, body pain, feeling tiredand weak. Didn’t want to work in any field, face become   peel . Pain in legs, head and all parts of the body . Sometimes create a lot of stress, anger, anxiety etc.
benefits of ginger

Avoiding sleep  produce  so many effects on our body.  : Loosing memory, getting disturb with our work .Feeling tired, weakness, paleness, not capacity to do  work etc. Pain in body, unaware feeling heavy feeling in the head and eyes.

So these are the important body facts to run it at proper time.  


10 Healthy Benefits Of Turmeric – Health Benefits

Healthy benefits of turmeric – In Regular Use

How Turmeric Is Useful To us – Benefits

Reason Behind Using Turmeric In Rituals and Festivals.

We know that every food contains small amount of turmeric. In India there are a lot of rituals for using turmeric . When any lady came at home we are putting turmeric powder in the center of her eyebrows. I think behind running all these rituals must be a scientific reason. When there is a marriage ceremony we know that for the bridegroom we covered both’s body with turmeric paste . The reason behind it is in the marriage there are a lot of people around us and we have to work on so many rituals . So some time we didn’t get time to eat . Then our immunity automatically getting decrease and we can catch any infection easily . So to stop any skin infection from the other person we must have to be apply the paste of turmeric.

We know that so many God also putting a lot of turmeric on their face. In Maharashtra there is a big ritual for the GOD KHANDOBA . That when there is a big celebration of festival then they are spreading a lot of turmeric in the atmosphere the reason behind this ritual also to stop germs increasing in the atmosphere . Or no any one have to be suffered from any infection . It may be brain infection, digestive, joint pain, or etc .

Another reason is it is antiseptic, antibiotic, anti inflammatory, etc . So it prevents to enter so many germs in our body. As well as it brings one type of golden glue on the face of both husband and wife .

Let us we will discuss some important Benefits of turmeric

1] To bring the glitterness on the teeth . Prepare the paste of coconut oil and turmeric , apply it on the teeth . In one minute , your teeth will start to shine.

2] We have the common problem of dandruff for the hair . For this also it works better . Prepare the paste of coconut oil and turmeric and apply on the root of hair before bathing. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash the hair after 20 minutes. Dandruff problem will vanish easily.

3] When small baby of 6 th Months on wards is suffered from cough and cold then give her 1 spoon of milk by adding turmeric with boiling. It will remove cough and cold easily.

4] We know that if anyone has injury while playing or any where then we must have to be apply turmeric powder on the wound it can prevent blood flow and wound infection.

5] It is useful in the kitchen to make the food as it works as a good germ killer. So it can prevent germs to enter in the body.

6] It reduces the risk of cancer .

So many cancer patients have to be suffered for chemotherapy’s side effects . I think that, cancer patients are not affected more due to cancer but they are affected due to side effects of chemotherapy. It is very dangerous treatment for the all cancer patients but nowadays this herb medicines are using to cure the patient in place of chemotherapy.

7] It works as a good body pain medicine . If you have joint pain or arthritis then take the mixture of turmeric and ginger in the warm water . It will reduce body pain easily.

8] It keeps good harmonic balance in the body . So must have to use in every day life.

9] If you have dark circles or patches on the face , you can use paste of turmeric and milk cream on the face it will remove dark circles easily. Brings golden glue on the face.

10] Turmeric is able to supply good nutrient value for the body’s hormonal support.

http://Health benefits of turmeric for kids/
benefits of turmeric/
http://benefits of turmeric/

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Indian vegetarian food

How To Make Punchamrut – Punchamrut Recipe – Health Benefits

Punchamrut Recipe for God – Health Benefits

Have you heard this word ? This word is very important since so many years as this recipe is for the God shake. You know that amrut word is for the liquid who can save our life. Or if you want to live life long then take this Punchamrut everyday . It has so many benefits. There are so many types to make it. It works as a good medicine for so many regular health problems.

Let us see how to make it ?

time for it 5 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine – Indian

food type -Punchaamrut

Keyword :Punchamrut Recipe – Health Benefits

Serve for many


Milk -1/2cup

sugar -2 tbsp

Dahi – 1/4 cup

ghee – 1 tbsp

Honey _ 1/2 teas

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take milk in the small glass.

Add given amount of Dahi to it .

Add sugar and stir it well .

Add ghee and honey to it.

Now stir it well. Give to the God for worshiping . It has many benefits but, do you know when? When we apply it for God and then using it. Otherwise if you will decide to make it for your convenience it doesn’t work, not giving any benefits, no any taste.

Punchamrut recipe with God's home/
http://punchamrut recipe/

There are 2 types of Punchaamrut , it is using to bath KRISHANA and GODDESS. While bathing Goddess bananas are adding that Punchamruta.

Now we will see what are the benefits of it?

1] It can work as a good antioxidant for the body . Easily reduces problem of acidity.

2] It can work as a good medicine for hypothyroidism, gives good relief to the throat as well as usephegous .

3] Makes digestion, circulation of blood properly.

4] Keeps man active for full day .

5] Gives good look to the skin. There is no need to take any another treatment for skin .

6] It will give removes black spot on the face and glitters your skin . By applying on the skin as well in taking.

7] Reduces weight automatically . Works on cough, cold etc .

8] If you have heat problem , piles, irritations in the body, patches on the skin, constipation , urine infection ,etc . It can remove every problem if you will take it in the morning. after worshiping God.

9] Works as a good medicine for the lot of problems .

10] If you will take in the morning regularly , your look will change as like God.

Images for it

punchaamrut recipe/
http://punchaamrut recipe/
http://Kuber Industries Floral 4 Seater Table Cover (Brown, Plastic)