Gajar Halwa Recipe -Winter Special

How to make Gajar Halwa?- Recipe

 Gajart Halwa _ Winter special

  Author’s name :Pranita deshpande

Cuisine  :Indian

food type  : Gajar Halwa

Keyword : Gajar Halwa Recipe , Gajar Halwa 

serve for 3

time for it

prep cook total

10      20      30


carrots * 1/2 kg

channa  * 1 bowl

sugar *  1 bowl

ghee  * 1 tbsp

cardamom  powder*  1 teas

cashew nut powder   1/2 bowl

PROCEDURE  *  Bring fresh, red colors, sweet and big size carrots  from the market   

* Wash it with fresh tap water and keep aside.

* Make ready all ingredients near to gas.

* grate the carrots with big hole slicer. Keep aside

* Now take a big pan , keep on the gas.

* Pour the ghee in it, wait to heat it

*  Add grated carrot to it, stir it well with full gas.Keep the lid for a                                                while on it, remove it and keep a lid aside

* Now make the flame slow and add channa into the carrot, add sugar,                                                cashew nut powder etc  and stir it well

* Now keep the flame of gas full and stir it continuously. Wait to

condense it properly .now serve it as it is.

TIPS FOR IT *  We know that winter season is building body season. It provides cold air to our body so to keep the body warm we need healthy and nutrient food .this item provides lots of proteins, vitamins, hemoglobin, etc. So to build body strong eat this food.


:  Take fresh carrots, wash it with clean water.

:  Remove peel from it and grate it with big hole slice and keep aside

:  Keep all ingredients ready

: Pour the ghee into  the pan, add grated carrot to it, stir it well

: Keep the lid on it for a while. Best Detox Foods to clean your Body -  Health- Mumbai Square

: Remove the lid and add sugar, channa, cardamom powder, cream of milk etc.

: Again stir it well to get the good color and change its total appearance.

: Colors of some photo is faint as the steam of it came on the camera.

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 to it/
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Gajar Halwa- Winter Special

How to make gajar halwa?- Sweet

Gajar Halwa Recipe 


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 Recipe of malai halwa – Pranita deshpande 

Today we have Ramnavami. Means birthday of Ram God. We are worshiping him by singing devotee songs, decorating temples and making Prasad of desserts or halwa. Everyone is crazy to eat this Prasad. As eating Prasad means getting good vibration s  from God as well as some nice feelings also come with us. The fear which is in our mind that also goes away it makes difference in thinking. Getting full satisfaction as well as having a delicious taste for it. Some devotee people is making it for the sake of God.So purity, care also comes in our mind. OK, Let us see how i made it today.

time for it

prep cook total

5         15        20 min

author: Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type: Halwa

Keyword: Recipe for wheat flour Halwa. 


Wheat flour: 1 bowl

Ghee :  3 tablespoon

Jaggary: 50 gm grated

Almonds: 7 to 8

Cashew nuts: 7 to 8

cardamom  powder:  1 teaspoon

Water: 100 mils:

milk   100 ml,



Bake the Rava till khamang smell comes.

Add given ghee in it. After some time add Malai to it.

Keep water to boil in another pot. Add water in it.

Now add sugar and cardamom powder in it.

Add cashew nut and almond powder to it. 

Mix it properly. Keep it on slow gas for 5 minutes. Then serve it.

It is very useful for the patient who has suffered from jaundice, As well as after delivery it must have to give compulsory as it increases blood level. The patient who has suffered from any anemia they should eat this item regularly.



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wheatflour halwa recipe /

method for it: Bake the wheat flour with ghee   

: Keep other ingredients ready for it

: Keep milk to boil

: Add all ingredients to it

:  Add milk and hot water to it.

: Stir it well.