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How To Make Chikoo Halwa _Halwa Recipe s

Chikoo Halwa Recipe/

Hi Friends good morning ūüĆě have a pleasant day .¬†

¬† Today we have fasting. We say it is Ekadashi . Means have to keep fast since in the morning. Some people are eating only Basil Leaves. Some people are even not drinking water. Fasting is also depend on everyone’s perception. So many are thinking that let’s make well nutritional food as a Ekadashi . So they are eating fruits, some new types of proteins. High nutrient value food.¬†

Generally we are eating fruits as like Mangoes, Chikoo’s Guava’s , apple’s , avocado’s , etc¬†

¬†Of them we get easily available ”Chikoo” This fruit is cheating fruit. Sometimes It gets in good form and some are very foul smell as well as sour taste .¬†

Today we have an excellent Chikoo’s at my home , so I decided to make Halwa from it with Varai flour .¬†

Let us check how I have made it ? 

Author : Pranita deshpande 

cuisine : Indian 

food type : Halwa recipes 

Keyword : Chikoo Halwa РHalwa recipes 

Serve for 4 


 Varai flour: 100 gm 

Crushed Chikoo : 2 of middle size 

Ghee : 2 tbsp 

sugar: 2 tbsp

Almond powder: 2 tbsp 

ginger powder : 1tbsp 

cardamom powder: 1/2 teas 

For method watch video . 

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Indian vegetarian food SWEETS

Malai Halwa Recipe – Smooth Halwa Recipes.- Video Recipe

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We know that, there are a lot of types of Halwa recipes. Traditional people make s Halwa with Jaggary and wheat flour with pure ghee. It gives complete feeling along with good & nutritional ingredients. Today we are forgetting to use Jaggary , ,we think that sugar is very easy and nice option for the food. As appearance of sugar is good in comparison to the Jaggary. This sugar came from new research and we have more attraction towards this food items. 06/sweet-corn-upma-upma-recipe/

malai halwa recipes/
http://malai halwa recipe /

Today we are making Halwa from fruits as like apple, banana, strawberry, etc .One day my son want to eat a new type of high nutritional value food. He told me , ”Aai make Halwa” Then I thought, how could be I make high nutritional value Halwa without fruits. sThen I thought let us try to make Halwa from cream of milk and see how did it will make?

malai halava recipe/
http://malai halwa recipe/

time for it

prep cook total

5 15 20 min

Author: Asha Digge

Cuisine : Indian

food type -Malai Halwa

keyword- Malai Halwa Recipe

serve for 3


250gm -Rava[wheat]

100 ml -milk cream

20 ml -pure ghee

100 gm – sugar

2 tbsp -almond powder

2 tbsp -cashew nut powder

1 teas cardamom powder

250 ml -hot water

PROCEDURE : Take the Rava in the pan and start to bake with ghee .

: Bake it still pink color appears .

: Now add cream milk, almond powder, cashew nut powder and cardamom powder.

: Now add hot water to it . Stir it well . Keep lid on it .

: Spread some raisins on it.


malai halwa recipe/
http://malai halwa recipe/
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