My Memories With God -Memoir

My memories with GOD…

In 1997  when my son was suffered from blood cancer we were in BOMBAY. At the start, we didn’t know anything. What is the way of treatment? What we have to do with treatment? Only I have information that there, doctors were not attending to patients properly. And they were not taking easily to the patient for treatment. With this thinking, we went to the hospital. At the start, there were a lot of misunderstanding between doctor and us means doctor were saying one thing we were listening another. They told us that ‘’you have to spend 2.5 Lakh for treatment, my husband told we can’t spend that much amount as we are poor.

Another thing was that we don’t know we have to go to the hospital only when doctor call us W e  were going In hospital every day. means when if you have to give an injection or another treatment but we were going every day and  when they call us they were telling us to do CBC and go at home finish. Every day this drama was running at least for 15 days.

Here my son was becoming weak. He didn’t eat anything, his eyes were swelling, his teeth came outside. I was getting worried .crying  alone saying  ‘’Hey God if I have done any mistake please give me it’s punishment why did for that kid? Give my life to my son but please  give  Relief to my son’’ As every day when I had gone to doctor, he was not taking the file in his hand.

After 8 days he had a lot of temperature. So we went again in hospital hurriedly. Then one ladies  Dr. was there. She was taking every patient seriously and having more sensitivity with her. She saw a file of my son and astonishing. Oh !My God, his neu[blood cell] was so less and hemoglobin also very low and she gave the order to nurse that immediately admit the patient.  Then we got admission on 11 Th floor in CRW ward.

Again when they admitted to my son my husband was outside to bring medicine. He went in the morning and came back in the evening. Now my kid’s temperature was increasing so high. In this situation, I tried to call so many times to doctor but no one is coming, now I became helpless. I was praying to GOD and reciting mantras. At last 3 doctors were coming to visit my son and checking him , they were talking in ENG with them. I was living so simple that no one could understand that I can understand ENG Language clearly.

Now I understood what they were talking so I start to crying loudly. Then one ladies doctor came near to me keeping a hand on my back and told, ‘’Don’t worry we can start your son’s treatment immediately but we didn’t understand that can you spend 2.5 Lakh money?”

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Now my husband told them yes, we can. Then she told ‘’In the front building there was one lunus injection you bring that now, we will give him ‘’ that injection cost was 1000 Rs. at that time.On that day I realized that ‘’God has started to help me.

From the next day, my husband was going outside in the morning to bring money and I alone taking care of my son but remembering every time God. The really surprising thing happened in my life every day we were receiving a lot of money and everyone was helping us  for every moment. God bless to all. The pantry lady was giving us food freely. I was refusing to stay in private room as I need people to keep attention to my son if I was anywhere but they were giving us private room.

Everyone think that how this couple is giving effort for their son’s treatment ? They saw there, so many couples who were taking kiss in the lift while up and down but how this couple is giving devotion for their son? Like this for so many activities they were keeping watch with us and giving help to us.

So I feel very happy now in comparison to these memories.

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Can We Get God Here – God In Lock down

My Father My Parampita  Parmatama.

In the beginning of the century so many people known about God.

Someone told God is the total different man whose legs can’t touch to the earth.

Someone told God means supernatural power, that power heals everyone.

Islam says it is ‘’ALLAH’’ & pointing finger upside. Hindu’s Guru says it is Ram or Shankara.– 

Someone said it is Ganesha, Hanuman. Many of them said it is the goddess like ‘’VAISHNAVI or Jagdamba. Or etc.. Means everyone has decided their original structure & prayed for Specific God & who has got the good result from him after praying, that is their GOD.


YESHU told God is the point of light. Guru Govind Singh shows his finger upside for the God.  Happy, Myself, Blessings

In our Hindu religion, some Guru told ‘’In Sanskrit’’

‘’Ekam Nityam Vimal Machalm Sarvadhi Sakhi Bhutam

Bhavatitam Trigunrahitam Sadguru Tam Namami

Nityam Shudham Nirabhasam Nirakaram   Niranjam

Nitya Bodham Chidanandam Grurbraham Namamyam’’

Means God is the point of light. It has no  body,

Shape, size structure. He is nirgun, nirakar & has no birth &

no death.

. From generation to generation there is a belief system about God, that in life if we will not behave in his way what he has told; he will punish us, but…

Lil Wayne Blessed, Me, Every Day

God is the ocean of love, happiness, peace, purity, simplicity &has compassion, full of prosperity, an ocean of forgiveness etc.

God means Parampita Parmatma. He lives in Paramdham. Where only red Light is present. We all are souls means ‘’Atman’’ & we have father taking care of us. That is Parmatama.    

Joel Osteen Positive, Trust, Grateful

To my father, I believe completely no one can heal me from it. Like this, he is the father of all. 

Nowadays there are so many scholars discussing the presence of God, Many of questing About the presence of GOD. Someone is asking that ‘’ show us God’’ or prove his presence.

God is energy; no one can heal this assumption. As we can’t show the presence of air

But experience it like that we can’t show God but we can experience it with our healing power.

We can connect to the GOD by doing meditation or reciting mantras, by worshipping with clean heart .clean mind. When we pray God with the pure mind he will give everything that we want.Wisdom

God makes us spiritual.Spiritual means the person who uses his spirit into action. Spirituality is the personality.

When the person has done good karma with pure intention, God will show him direction to go ahead.

God makes our life happy, peaceful; he has the power to make us positive. He Knows our true potential. He CAN HELP US WHEN WE WORK ON OUR TRUE POTENTIAL.IMPORTANCE

Some people think  that Deities are our GOD, as they are shown in pictures that ‘’they are flying in the air’’

Or Lord Krishna has lifted a huge mountain with his last finger, we are thinking that it is real but It is not true. Deities are flying in the air means they have faced so many difficulties in a hard situation, like flying in the air.


So many people think that God writes our destiny, but we are creating our destiny with our karmic account, belief systems and thoughts. If God has written our destiny, everything will be nice& neat. No one will dare to damage it.

Keep everyone in mind that God never punishes us, as he is the ocean of love, peace,

happiness, purity, forgiveness then how could be he will punish us?We are also souls we have also these original qualities with us, only we have to emerge by meditating or taking knowledge, praying, reciting mantras & behaving with these qualities’  POWER

O h God we are going to temple but if we will keep attention to our body, our body is a temple and  soul inside it is like the God, but we have made him dirty with our worst thoughts like jealousy, ego, Hatreds, anger, greed etc.If You Like it then share…

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My memories with God – A real story

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