How To Give Comment – Blogging

Today ‘s world is running on desktop, laptop , android , etc. Everyone is engaged here, wants to earn money with full of power. No one is ready to invest 1 second anywhere. Because life = money is the equation in this period. Maybe CORONA is reaching near to us .We are listening a lot of news on it.Still we are running to earn money. Of course money needs to everyone.

Anyway we are working in blogging world. We need appreciation in this field . Everyone is proper at proper place still we need comment on our blog post.


While giving comment maybe you didn’t have time to read all article but that comment must have to come from inside not for a business but, it must have to carry love, compassion, inspiration, motivation, respect and care about bloggers work.

Yesterday I was working on the webtalk and I have reached a long page post of owner of that site . The owner who is giving us payment for our work. I saw there 350 shares and no any comment. I completely get astonished there about audience gratitude and running to earn money. Of

course we have more importance of time but the source from where we are getting there also we are dominating.I want to ask the runner can we are carrying all money with us where we have to go?. Everyone must have to understand everything we have to leave here ,only we are carrying good and bad?


1] It en courageous to write more.

2] It gives complete satisfaction and fulfillness to the blogger more than earning money.

3] It gives happiness. And on these things we are proceeding ahead.

4] It can improve writing skills.

5] It creates a nice relationship between audience and writer.

6] It can increase strong bonding between audience and writer.

7] It removes immediately negative thoughts of our mind.

8] Works as a good mentor to our subconscious mind.

9] Giving good engagement to the blog as well as to the brands.

10] Works as a good catalyst in the blogging.

11] It carries people’s love, happiness, respect, care . As these things are remaining in our mind fit more than money.

Suppose anyone has hated you for a while maybe he had given you more money but we carry its hatred with us at the end of life .

So while reading articles keep attentions to the emotions which has been involved in the article . I think giving comment artificially is insulting the writing of all blogger.

Sometimes maybe any article didn’t need comment as I mentioned above but for keeping respect of his work, his attitude, his devotion for us we must have to give comment there.

After all I didn’t want to depress you. But, we must have to keep in mind that death is in our door. How I would have to behave in my life? By carrying the original qualities of soul or leaving it, is the choice of everyone’s life.

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How To Give Good Feel – Self Improvement

We have overcome so many troubles and so many difficult situations of them some are from nearest persons , some from long person but, didn’t know about feeling. Sometimes now, I am realizing that , less knowledge is good to be happy. Otherwise if I would be known about feeling , I would be not able to write good books. As we know that in Marathi we say ”Garaj Hi Shodhachi Janini Ahe”. The devices which we are handling now if any inventor will be indulged in the feelings what will happen?

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http://How to give good feel- self improvement/

In the last decades we may be feel happy, heavy, light, abundance anywhere but we couldn’t understand it. But, we must have to mention thanks to the social media , you have realized us these feelings.

I think that, feeling is not a process that we can develop with ourselves.It must be natural. When there is a sad event happening near to us we must have to feel sorrow. Suppose anyone has the death or anyone’s daughter is going to her husband’s home first time then we must have to feel sad. Or our eyes must have to feel with tears. If not we have to taste us is I am human being? Where I have lost my original qualities? Why?

Some people have the power to make atmosphere light. If there is a lot of heavy feeling anywhere .It maybe in your home, temple , in the meetings, in the school, in any community, in the politics , etc in the audience , etc.

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http://check your feelings here/

I think that, these persons are the forms of God. Means for a while suppose any teacher is so much favorite for the students then we know that if that teacher absent for any reason then a lot of students are not coming to school. Some students are distracting with their studies. Sometimes whole school will get impact of it.

We know that in our home also if our mother is not in our home we feel very heavy. We didn’t want to sit at home. Some students are not keeping

attention to their studies or with their work.Due to absence of their moms.

There are so many people whose presence feel good everywhere. These people we can say ”Want again” We have to say for these persons ”Once more” As there era is so powerful that suddenly everything gets changed.

These people never shows any type of negative fear in the atmosphere but automatically front person feel a lot of respect about them.

I think that feeling is not completely depend on all outer things instead if we will carry good thoughts, love , care for others, respect, and care for the event, care for the situation , etc then every situation giving you happiness.


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