How To Worship God Ganesha To Complete Wishes _ Spiritual Video. This is the video link of video which is in Hindi. This video has 🐝 created by my dear friend Manisha Kadam . She has complete and deep knowledge of spirituality along with Astrology. She can give you best answers for your every problems in detail. So watch her every video carefully. Give her like, comments and subscribe it.

My some dear friends couldn’t understand Hindi. So I am explaining meanings of video in English. So be consistent to learn new spiritual things here 🙌.

welcome to Ganesh chaturthi. Let’s discuss here, how to worship Ganesha with descipline and devotion to get us complete benefit.

We know that Ganesha is the God of wisdom and talent. Also he has all types of virtues .We can learn from Ganesha that, Which virtues we have to use where to be happy in life and also to be successful in every part of life.

Let’s see how did do the worship of Ganesha ?

Ingredients To Make Worship :

Water : 1 Lota,

Panchaamrut : 100 ml ( mixture of milk, curd, sugar, honey, ghee)

Green leaves, 4 to 5,

Red Supari : 1 or 2,

Kumkum : 1 tbsp,

Green Durva : 21,

Hibiscus flower : 2 to 3 ,

incense sticks : 2,

lamp and arti .

Modak for Navyidyam: 21.

Method To Worship It : Keep idol of Ganesha in front of you. Close your eyes and keep this idol in front of eyes. Now tell your wish to him . And start doing worship.

Keep the leaves in front of Ganesha. Keep rice grains on it . Now place the Supari on it. Now sprinkle water on it with hibiscus flower or Durva. Then sprinkle Punchamrut on it. Again sprinkle water on it. Now put turmeric and Kumkum to it. Keep Durva and flowers on it. Spread incense stick and move arti around it.

Do this procedure for 21 days and see what changes will have been came across in your life. See your face in the mirror after doing worship. Keep this satisfaction 🙏 with you. Say thanks to Gajanan. Tell him forgive for our mistakes and pray him that give everyone happy and prosperous, healthy, life along with success, and peace.

Start To Worship Idol Of Ganesha.: Do same procedure to worship the Ganesha. Only if you have garland . Put it in his neck. Now give him Navyidyam.Do the arti. Burn Camphor and put Akshata on him. Now again tell him your wish.

Do this worship for 21 days. If not complete your wish do not leave him. Do again everyday worship. Think that I am not able now to get success so Ganesha have postponed my success. Keep complete faith on him.

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