Really Delicious Vegetarian Wedding Food – Wedding food recipes

 Really Delicious Vegetarian Wedding Food

Vegetarian food are the toast of all seasons. The food which is prevalent in every part of the world whether it is the East or the West, the world is practicing vegetarian these days. So, it is always wise to introduce the Really delicious Vegetarian wedding food. Here are some of the food items which can bring a delicious and relishing food to the wedding of yours or someone in your house:

  1. Grilled Ratatouille Kebabs:

The serious simple recipe brings out the best and it can be customized to include the favorite veggies. The kebabs which can be grilled before serving you will get a vegan delicacy to eat and serve.

  • Vegan white Mac and Cheese:

One can go for the Vegan White Mac and Cheese with a healthy course which satisfies the guests with this recipe and is a must-serve. It is made with Vegan cream cheese and Vegan parmesan can be found in NRI Marriage Services and it really tastes better and the dairy version will be better instead of tofu panner.

  • Tofu Bahn Mi Sliders:

The Tofu Bahn Mi Sliders is one of the best and the tiny sliders is the one which everyone can enjoy along with the stingy vegan packed with loads of creams and delicious to the hilt.
  • Roasted Potato Cups with Guacamole:

This is one of the recipe which can bring potato to the upfront and is called the Roasted Potato Cups with Guacamole. It can be the perfect snack for the late night snacking after hours of the dancing and enjoying the wedding day.

  • Frozen chocolate Mint leaves:

A vegan leave which is easy to eat and helps in digestion. The frozen chocolate Mint leaves make sure that the dark chocolate is vegan before dipping the mint leaves and sounds along with taste refreshingly sweet.

  • Vegan sausage rolls:

The vegan sausage rolls is one of the hot food which is just a good reply to the classic pig in a blanket recipe as one of the adorable and tasty vegan sausage bites. They are best to serve with dips and help yourself to relish the food in style.

  • Wild garlic and pesto snails:

This is a namesake in terms of snails and is actually a veg dish. It is the perfect bit-size app to make in bulk. It can be whipped up to pesto-paste which is spread into vegan pastry dough which can be popped in oven for a few minute and there comes out the real starter in the form of Wild garlic and pesto snails.

  • Vegetable Fritters:
Sumit Sharma 

The vegetable fritters which is very crispy in taste and has been created mindfully with the crispy veggie fritters that even the kids will love. The dip can be prepared with equal ease and the Vegan chipotle ranch dressing can brace the food with amazing flavour.

  • Rosemary Infused wild rice stuffed mushrooms:

The rosemary infused wild rice stuffed mushrooms with the gluten free food and the best way to eat it is to relish the plant philosophy.

With all these recipes one can understand that the veg-food is also supreme in taste and can be the perfect answer to the wedding season flavour.

Guest post by

HSumit Sharma 

Rich Protein ,Sweet Recipes – Green Moong Dal Halwa

Now, this is the season of Navratri. Everyone is busy in their festival work, making new food, going to take darshan of Jagdamba. Going to Garba dance, singing a song, reciting mantras, singing Aartis.Going to the guest home, visiting temples of Goddess etc . Everyone is filled with full of energy and enthusiasm. In our area, there is a traditional rule that in Navratri we must have to give THALI BHOJAN to the Goddess Jagadamba. So we must have to make every day a new type of dessert. Yesterday I have madeĀ 

That is of rice, capsicum subji, koshimbir, chapati Moong Dal Halwa.
  Time for it
prep cook total

author’s name: Chhaya Kulkarni
<div dir="ltr;Cuisine:;Indian
food type:halwa recipes
keyword: Navratri recipes
serve for;2
Moong dal: 1 bowl
<div dir="ltr"ghee: 1/2 bowl
;sugar: 1/2 bowl
cardamom powder:;1 tab
cashew nut:4 or 5
; PROCEDURE  FOR IT: Keep the moong dal to soak at night.
<div dir="ltr" Wash it with the clean water 2 times.
: Wash it by rubbing on our hand,throw away that water.
: Make it free with odor ; drain out its water.
: Grind this dal in the mixture jar.
;: Now keep the pan on the gas.
: Pour ghee to it add ground dal to it .
<div dir="ltr" Bake it continuously with slow flame till red colour   ;appears.
add hot water to it & stir it continuously, cashew nut & cardamom powder to it.
Again stir it well till red color appears.
;This type of Moong Dal Halwa is ready to serve.

http://Moong dal halwarecipe/


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