How Food Donation Is Important – Interesting Story

  Importance Of Food Donation In Lock down – Interesting Story

In   a village one poor farmer was living. Who had nothing to serve. Doing a lot of efforts to become rich but everything fail. He had one son have too much worry for his  future.

Always working in the field but no use. So his wife was very worried for family future.  One day couple has sat for the lunch in the afternoon and suddnely one Sadhu came to demand  the Roti . Now that farmer came outside with his roti and Subzi from his thali. Now that Sadhu has taken it happily.

 Now ,the farmer told to that Sadhu that ‘’ Maharaj we both my wife and me are working too much to get good days to us’’ and to teach our son.

  Then Sadhu answered him , if you will do work ,how did I will tell you will get everything . And if not I will give you back what you have faced any damage?

Then farmer told , Okay , done , How did you will tell in this way I will do it?

Now that Sadhu told ,’’You have one cow , sell that cow to any customer and whatever maybe money come to you. Bring grocery from it and who comes on your door give them food. How much people will come give them food happily.

With this solution farmer become disappointed, as he had only single cow as a property. Still these are the sentences of Sadhu and have value them thinking that he had sold his cow. He bought so many things and grocery in the home. -books-must-read-in-quarantine-exit-covid/

  From the next day he had started to give full of food to the door persons happily. Slowly this story reached to the all people. Now so many people are coming to eat there everyday.

  Person’s who are eating they are giving some amount to the farmer. Some lenders are also giving some amount to the farmer. Now this poor farmer becoming the rich person. Now he didn’t have anything less in his life.


Now one day same Sadhu Maharaj came near to him. Farmer had inaugurated him. Given food and become satisfied both. Now Sadhu Maharaj also become very happy that farmer had listened his story.  Farmer became happy and made other people also happy.

Conclusion : While eating food if we will give food to the others that person never live with empty stomach.

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