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White sauce pasta recipe- Kids Special

How to make pasta for kids?.

Yesterday we have a holiday of happy new year and kids are getting bored to eat regular food. Crying, shouting, making noise. Then I decided to give them fruits but still, they are crying and throwing all fruits everywhere. Now, I am getting angry with them. However, my sisters’ granddaughter is very talented she understood my expressions and run away near to cupboard and called me to show ”PASTA’ pockets in the cupboard.  Saying me, make this pasta for us.I  was in the confused state as I didn’t know how to make PASTA? Then I saw tips how to make PASTA ? on the pocket it is from ”NESTLE ”  and start to make it.

time for it   prep  cook  totally

min              5          5       10

Author’s name : Asha Digge

Cuisine    : India 

food type  :  Pasta 



Pasta pocket: small size

water: As your convenience

tomato sauce: 1 tbsp

pasta masala: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 tbsp

oil   1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take pasta in the dish and keep aside.

IMG_20180101_172621 (1)
Nestle pasta

*Keep sufficient water in the pan to boil.

*Add oil, salt into the water.

* Wait to boil it, add pasta masala in it ,

*Stir it well. Add pasta in it, wait to cook it well

* Now serve it with coriander.


IMG_20180101_173146White sauce pasta recipe- Kids Special/
preparhttp://White sauce pasta recipe- Kids Special/chhayaonline.comed pasta

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Banana Recipes -Koshimbir

Today we have Angarika Chaturthi. We are celebrating it with full of devotion. As Ganesha is the main God of worshipping Chaturthi and we know that everyone is loving Ganesha. He is God of talent and Wisdom. He gives us plenty of knowledge, wisdom, talent, and everything. If we will give him full of devotion he is giving us plenty of us.

So today we have fast, which means we are not eating anything avoiding salt. We know that salt is the main important content of the food. Without salt, our all metabolic activities can stop. This salt is making a tremendous change in our life and body also. If we will eat more it causes more problems like B. P., overreactions, or skin disease, etc. If we will eat it less then also it makes the B.P. problem or level of sodium gets reduce which causes problems in our body and life.

Another thing is that we know that when we eat anyone’s food we must have to be polite. Otherwise, we are telling ‘ in Marathi ” Aag Mazya Hatch Mith Khalis, Thods Mithala Jag” means the person who has eaten the salt of another person he must have to keep gratitude for that person.

Why did I am telling it do you know as I didn’t eat today salt for a day up to dinner. Direct we are taking salt in the dinner in the evening for today.

I think the reason to keep fast without salt is maybe gratitude. Means God is telling us that keep gratitude for your elders, ancestors along with God .Give them good respect in life. Remember their efforts and hard work for us. Keep respect for him with this fast. If we will decide that is there a need of keeping fast to remember ancestors or elders? We can indeed remember them without fasting also. But we can’t realize their efforts without suffering from our bodies. Suffering is a good way to realize many things in our life. so that our HINDU Religion has kept lots of rituals, festivals, and some rules for life.

To lead life meaningful and with our good purpose and satisfaction, we must have to adopt all these things in our life. 

Let us start how to make ”Banana recipe – Koshimbir

Time for it

prep cook total

10 10 20min

author name: Chhaya Kulkarni

cuisine: Indian

food type: Koshimbir

serve for 2


DAHI : 1/2 cup [thick ]

sugar: 2 tab

salt: As your convenience

pomegranates: 2tabs

Manchurian masala: 1 tab

coriander: 1 tab well chopped

cumin powder: 1tab

tomato : 1 [chopped ]

cucumber : 1/2 [chopped ]

PROCEDURE: Cut the vegetables tomato and into small pieces and keep aside.

: Remove the peel of bananas and cut it into spices and keep aside.

: chop the coriander and take ready pomegranate seeds in the bowl.

: Now keep ready another ingredient to add it like hing, Manchurian masala, cumin powder, etc.

: Now add slices of bananas in the pot. Add all ingredients one by one last thick Dahi and stir it well.

: Keep the small pan on the gas, pour some oil to it add cumin, mustard seeds to it. Wait to splutter and add a pinch of hing to it.

: Now pour this spluttering oil into the koshimbir.

: Now serve it with chapati or roti.



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Banana Recipes -Koshimbir/

Sweet Potato Khichadi – Ekadashi Vrut Recipe

Today we have Ekadashi Vrut means we do not have to eat . There is a say that, this is the ”Jaya Ekadashi ” which will give us a good benefit for our health. We know that fasting maintains our body perfect scientifically.

To keep body healthy we have to give rest to our digestive organs as like machine. To keep machine clean we are keeping shut any machine so that it can work better/ In the same way our digestive system also need some rest. With fasting we are automatically keeping food away from us by keeping faith on God or thinking that we have to remove our sin , etc.

http://sweet potato khichadi

So today I have made sweet Potatoes Khichadi for it.

Let us check recipe for it.

rime for it

prep cook total

30 30 60 min

Author’s name : Ketki Mirjakar

Cuisine: India

food type : Sweet Potato Khichadi

Keyword : Sweet Potatoes Khichadi Recipes .

serve for 4


Sweet potatoes: 1 kg

potatoes: 3

green chilly pieces: 1/2 bowl

red chilly powder: 2 tbsp

salt : 2 tbsp

lemon juice: 2tbsp

peanut powder: 250 gm

METHOD TO MAKE IT : Wash the sweet potatoes by rubbing your hands. Remove its peel and keep aside.

: Take 3 potatoes , remove its peel and keep aside.

: Grate sweet potatoes and potatoes with slicer.

: Keep other ingredients ready as like peanut powder, green chilly pieces, oil or ghee, cumin seeds, salt, red chilly powder etc .

: Now keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it. Add cumin seeds to it. Wait to fry it. Now add green chilly pieces & fry it well .

: Add some part of grated sweet potatoes , stir it well, now add salt, red chilly powder, salt, lemon juice etc .

: Stir all material well by mixing all ingredients completely. Keep lid on it . Wait to get steam for 10 to 15 minutes.

: Serve it hot. with any sweet food as you wish.

INSTRUCTIONS : Sweet potatoes are covered with a lot of mud so before washing it keep in the water to remove its mud. Wash it by rubbing with any brush . Otherwise germs will enter in our body.


Image may contain: food/sweet potato Khichadi recipe /
http://sweet potatoes foe khichadi/
Image may contain: food/grated sweet potato/
http://grated sweet
Image may contain: food, Ingredients for Khichadi/
http://Ingredients for khichadi
Image may contain: indoor/ steaming khichadi, sweet potatoes./
http://steaming the khichadi/
Image may contain: food/well prepared sweet potato Khichadi/
http://well prepared Khichadi/
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Health and Mental Health

Pizza Without Oven Eggs- Kids Recipe

PIZZA is the styling craze of today’s generation, it is right now, as some food item are really gives challenge to make it and eat it. This Pizza is also of them. In Indian family so many kids are so eager to order Pizza that they feel that we are eating Pizza means celebrating some thing new in life. They prefer every time Pizza. In kids parties, in birthday parties along with cake, in the travelling , in the garden, in the big hotels everywhere.

Of them in our city Domino pizza is most welcome Pizza. We know that Pizza has so many tastes means red chilly powder taste, sauce taste, so many vegetables, sauce and so on , so it gives delicious taste .

Today I have received a mail from brand and they need pizza for kids, now at night at 12 oclock I have seen this mail. Yesterday was last day of week so fridge is complete empty ,there is no any vegetables now, how can I make Pizza , then thought what we have in the home we shall make from it and in this way I started to make it , Let us check how I have made it?

Time for it

prep cook total

15 30 45 min

Author’s name : Asha Digge

cuisine: USA




Wheat flour: 200 gm

Yogurt: 50 ml

baking powder:1/2 tbsp

Bicarbonate soda: 1/2 teas

sugar: 1 tbsp

salt: 1 teas

cumin powder: 1tbsp

oil: 3 tbsp

khara or save: 1/2 bowl

tomato sauce: 1/2 bowl

RECIPE FOR IT: Keep the salt in Tawa for preheat for 10 minutes before making it.

:Take the wheat flour in the container,

: Add salt, Yogurt, sugar, baking powder, bicarbonate soda, cumin powder ,etc .

: Knead it well by adding some oil. Keep it to set for 5 min by covering lid on it.

: Now take some oil on your hand and again knead it to become smooth.

; Roll it slowly to make Pizza . Take another small dish , apply some oil to it .

: Now keep the Pizza in that dish and keep this pizza in the salt which we have kept for preheating.

: Keep the tight lid on it. Heat it for 25 min. Now take out Pizza from it and decorate it with khara ot anything.

: Your well prepared delicious Pizza is ready to eat.

pizza for kids/
http://Pizza for kids/chhayaonline.comPizza For Kids -Without Oven ,eggs/
Image may contain: food
Pizza For Kids -Without Oven ,eggs/

Image may contain: foodhttp://well prepared pizza/

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Date Cake Recipe – Happy Christmas Day

Happy  Christmas day/
http://Happy Christmas day/

Today we have fast and we didn’t eat salt for it . Salt is the real source of energy but, we purposely avoid it for some special fasting as like SANKASHTI CHTURTHI or on special fasting day.

So this type of fasting is very hard to maintain as how much may be we eat or drink sweet it gives us some pain . But fasting is the best way to bring control on our mind in everyday life. If we can’t keep our mind in control then everything will getting into vanish. Spirituality teaches us to control your mind. Without controlling if anyone is telling that we are spiritual person then it is very hard to keep that person’s respect.

Maybe since so many days I want to make date cake but no arrangement is getting to make it . Today I thought we have fasting and in the morning there was no electricity at my home so I was free so I decided to make it . As it contains more nutrient value and good for to increase energy level. We can also make Cupcake from it

  Dare cake recipe- happy Christmas day/
http://A date cake recipe , happy Christmas day/


Let us we shall discuss here how I have made it ?

Time for it

Prep cook total

20 30 50 min

Author’s name :Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : India

food type : Date cake recipe

Keyword : Date cake Recipe – Happy Christmas day

serve for 2


Dates;250 gm

Varai flour : 250 gm

Milk Cream: 2 tbsp

ghee :2tbsp

milk to knead:1 tbsp

baking soda : 1 tbsp


sugar:50 gm This is the PayTm link to buy any product .

almonds- 4 to 5

cashew nuts : 4 to 5

METHOD FOR IT : Keep the cooker for preheating by adding salt in the bottom of it .

Take 250 gm dates .Remove its seeds and keep aside.

Now take the varai flour in the pan bake it till red color appears .

Take milk cream, ghee, baking powder, baking soda, sugar in the bowl and whisk it for 5 minutes by adding 2 tbsp milk.

Now take the dates and varai flour, almonds, cashew nuts in the mixture

jar and grind it completely in the jar .

Now knead this mixture with whisk material properly.

Keep this mixture in the cooker tiffin .

Keep this tiffin in to the cooker for 30 minutes .

After 30 minutes your well prepared fasting cake is ready to eat. A date cake recipe-Happy Christmas day
http://A date cake recipe-happy Christmas day/
Happy Christmas
http://Happy Christmas day/
Happy Christmas day/
http://Happy Christmas day/
Happy  Christmas
http://Happy Christmas day/

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Sprout Mataki Sandwich Recipe – Healthy Recipe

Sprout and Veg Sandwich Recipe – Highly Nutrient

Sandwich Recipe – Easy Breakfast

Today in the morning I have made food for whole family. That is Dal rice, Capsicum subji, chapati’s , Roti etc . I forgot to make sandwich for the contest. As I have a lot of hurry to make tiffin of my husband within a time. To make breakfast for him and tiffin , and food for us. I have made everything and kept aside.

Now I have a question that how can I make effective, high nutrient and tasty sandwich? I have made Mataki Usal for the breakfast. I understood we can make sandwich from Mataki Usal .

So I started to collect ingredients for sandwich

Time for it

prep cook total

15 10 25 min

authors name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine : Indian

food type :sandwich

Keyword : Sandwich recipe

serve for 3


Mataki usal : 50 gm

capscicum _ 20 gm [well chopped]

tomato 20 gm well chopped

tomato sauce – 4 tbsp

cuminpowder- 1 + 1/2 tbsp

onion _ well chopped 3 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Make Mataki Usal and keep aside.

Take 6 slices of bread and keep aside .

Cut the capsicum, onion, tomato and keep aside.

Take given quality of tomato soup in the bowl and keep aside.

Keep all ingredients in the big thali to make sandwich.

 instant messaging 

Keep all pieces of bread in the another thali and start to make sandwich. Sweet Corn And Capsicum Gravy

; First apply the tomato sauce to the all pieces and keep aside.

: Now spread all vegetables as like capscicum, tomato, onion, cumin powder. etc to the all pieces of bread.
Gluten-Free Recipes(1

: Keep another bread on it , cut the bread in to triangle shape .. Serve it as it is .

Very tasty , you never have been tested this type of sandwich anytime.

http://Ingredient for sandwich/

http://ingredients for sandwich/
http://Breads for sandwich/

sandwich recipe- healthy recipe/
http://well prepared sandwich recipe/

finished sandwich/
http://Finished sandwich /

How To Make Potato Chips? – Potato Recipes

Potato chips in 5 minutes – Potato Recipes.

Potato recipe is a new style instant recipe .We know that a lot of companies had started this business sold the pocket of it for 5 Rs and earn crore rupees. We think that 5 Rs nothing it. But do you know psychology behind it to sell the pocket it ?Companies uses mind of the people how easily any people can spend 5 RS? Makes advertise attractive and selling that items in lakh’s of proportion and it gives them crore rupees benefit.


When these chips made at home by any housewife then this has not getting any value.Thinking that this is her work, she had done her duty. If we will buy 1 kg chips from outside we need more than 100 Rs .Instead that chips was made house wives at home she had saved 1000 Rs of 1 year but no one is attending this easy principal of house wives in India. This is the real tragedy of every woman in India . This type of thinking makes a lot of difference in the home and so women is going outside to earn the money.She thinks that if I have consume a lot of things in home but noone is keeping my respect then everything is useless . Sometimes families also breaks up due to this thinking.

This is very harmful to the society. As if you want to keep families safe and secure then learn how to keep respect her if she will be not carrier women also. When any women is keeping attention to her family, family members and home then she is not doing it as a business but she scarifies her emotions, work and valuable love with that things . These things helps to keep family tight. These work is precious than the women who is earning 1 crore monthly .Because families are never runs with business thoughts . There must be unconditional love , acceptance, understanding , less more, scarification, devotion etc .We didn’t make this much in any job or in business. But today why did there is entry of business everywhere? A lot of families are running on business principle.

When our grandparents was there at that time we know that so many stories were there .The elder brother has done the education of all sisters and brothers if he didn’t have much more money , or he has done marriage of her cousins sister. A elder sister has kept younger sisters in her home for their education etc .Where has lost these relationship? Who is responsible for it? Nowadays we are getting more payments and money also then why this problem came? Instead when there was less at that time man has more value .If any guest is coming at our home we are waiting for him eagerly. Where has we have lost this eagerness and enthusiasm? Now we have everything in hand where has lost our value. Why did man’s value becoming less in this corporate world? Why did no one is asking to noone?

I think that when we are started to count value of man in money from that time this problems start.As man is valuable we can’t make it’s value in dollars or Rupees .But why did today people is not understanding these things? The person is a powerful energy than more dollars . Who is earning money Person or Dollar? Today another person has problem tomorrow it would be my problem this must be notice to everyone. So that system will run better otherwise there will be very long gap in the society and this is very harmful to everyone.

This is very serious matter , here I didn’t want to explain that money is a bad thing but somewhere we are missing somethings.

Okay , let it be we shall see recipe here .

time for it

prep cook total

5 3 8 min

Author’s name : Pranita deshpande

Cuisine Indian

food type : Potato chips


serve for 2

PROCEDURE FOR IT Take  4 potatoes , wash it with water . 

: Remove it’s peel and keep aside.

: Take the chips machine and keep it slightly vertical to make chips .

: Take peeled potato in hand and make chips one by one.

http://How to make potato chips/
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Spiritual Benefits Of Coconut – Ladoo Recipe

Generally, coconut name shows a spiritual sign, when we keep an image of this fruit in front of our eyes, it gives us an image of God’s, temples, worshiping, etc. In India, no worship is completed without it.No rituals it maybe marriage, wedding, engagement, Vastupujan, Inauguration, etc It can’t be complete without a coconut. When there is Amayoshya or Poornima Indian must break it in front of God. We know that on Shani Amoyasha or Saturday Lacks of coconuts are breaking in front of Shani Devata. via fast food specials today near me…

When anyone has to be honored, we are giving him coconut along with the shawl. When any married lady came into our home, she has to give coconut in his Sari. This means this coconut is useful in a lot of rituals Festivals. I think this fruit is VVIP in the fruit species. But still, India was not given King post to him what is the reason behind it? Why did this fruit or tree have more importance?

Do you know there is a story behind this tree.? That is if anyone wants to complete any wishes he has to sit under that tree and say wishes to that tree. Your wishes will complete definitely. This is the magic of that tree and really this case happens as it has a scientific reason behind it.

Spirituality uses this type of tree as its every part of the body is in a useful state.No any point of this tree is not getting wasted when we use that coconut for every ritual and festivals it spreads some good vibrations towards us, same that our body also gets useful as like coconut. When any lady gives coconut in the front lady’s ‘’OOTI’’ meaning is that your life also must be useful for family or others like coconut. Coconut is useful to others the same as your life must have to be useful for others means your life will automatically become valuable as well as meaningful.

When we are breaking a coconut it indicates that you are breaking your ego. Coconut’s outer side means hair-like part spreads good vibrations In the surrounding. In so many homes ‘’KALASH ‘’ is kept near to God. As it keeps home cool by sending good vibrations as well as absorbs negative vibrations.

Let us discuss how did some part of the coconut is useful to us.

The Roots: The roots of this tree are useful to make dyes, toothbrushes, floor brush, to make a toilet washing brush and it is useful in so many medicines.

Coconut leaves: The leaves of this tree are used to make roofs of the house generally, near the places of sea or Oceans their houses are made by coconut leaf roofs and they are using their stems as a poll to their huts.

In Konkan, no one is making any Subji without coconut. Their ladies are cutting coconut in 2 minutes in two parts and its grated part is used in the subji. it may be a green subji or curry. In any type of curry, they are mixing 1 total grated coconut. We can make so many types of food items from it like chutney, rice, cake, etc. For chutney special visit. NAVRATRIBHOJAN and

Coconut oil is used to make chocolates, biscuits, and some sweets. As well as coconut oil is used in so many cosmetics, that is so many face wash, face creams, body lotions are made from coconut. Custard Apple Milk Shake

Coconut bowl-like part can be used to make so many decorative items or it can be used to keep food for the birds hanging in the tree.

So if we will learn the coconuts every part carefully, we will understand not nail-like part also getting waste so we say it is ‘’KALPVRUKASH’’ in Marathi. This means it can complete our all wishes. via Banana Milkshake _Banana

Just we have to make a coconut recipe

Let us make coconut Ladoo for appetizers

via Banana Milkshake _Banana

Time for it

Prep cook total

5 5 10 min


Cuisine Indian

Food type: Desserts, Ladoo

Serve for : 3


Grated coconut – 2 bowls 

Jaggary – 1 bowl [smooth] grated. 

Cardamom 5 flakes 

Poppy seeds 2 tbsp 

 images for it  

http://benefits of coconut/

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PROCEDURE FOR IT : Take grated coconut, jaggary, Cardamom, poppy seeds in one thali . VRUT RECIPES -NAVRATRI SPECIAL

Grind it in the mixture . 

Make its’ Ladoo. 


Your well prepare Ladoo is ready to eat. 

You can eat it at anytime

coconut ladoo recipes/
http://coconut ladoo recipe/
Ingredients to make coconut Ladoo/
http://Ingredients for coconut ladoo/ of coconut
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Sweet Potato Vrut Recipes _ Durgaashtami

Sweet potato finger recipe –  Vrut recipe

 Durgaashtami  Recipes  – Sweet potatoes recipes

  How to make sweet potato fingers? –  Vrut Recipes.

Durga Saptashati : In English and Sanskrit Kindle Edition

BUY IT to make your life peaceful & happy.

205.00 INR

Durgaashtami  this world only gives us  something, new information. On this day we are worshiping  books, notebooks, pens, some machines, computers and all weapons etc . It is said that on this day there  are more rays of Mahasarswati on the earth. If you want to take advantage of that rays then be ready to take it.So it can’t come automatically to you.If you want these rays to learn how to keep body and mind clean.If these things are clear , clean along with broad mind and big heart everything of nature will automatically attract with you. In Indian culture when we are reciting ”DURGA STOTRA”  means we have to emerge our original qualities of soul. Everyday I am telling ”DURGA KAVACH” at my home. Click here to listen it carefully

In that author has mentioned  our every part of body with DURGA’S NAME . He mentioned that if you have faith on that Stotra then keep attention and touch to the  every part of your  body by saying these 1000 names. He has explained that in which part which Durga has hidden in our body. For example, skin is protected by VAGDESHVARI, In our eyes ”SHAKHINI”

Our cheeks are protected by ”KALIKABHAVANI” Tongue is protected by this way our every part of the body is protected by one DURGA which is hidden in our body.

You know why did spirituality? If we will emerge our inner qualities we didn’t need any medicine .Before 5  years I have a lot of health problems with them acidity is main but what happens I didn’t know my acidity automatically gone without taking any medicine.

Why did I am telling you these important things? As today we are keeping fast for Ashtami  .Then we know that we have to make a lot of Vrut recipes today I have made  Sweet Potato Fingers

Let us we will see how I made it?

We are using sweet potatoes to make chips, fingers, etc today I thought we shall make it with jaggary so started to make it here is the recipe.

Time for it

prep cook total

10        10      20 min

author’s name : Pranita deshpande

CUISINE-  Indian

food-type- Sweet potato fingers

serve for   4


Sweet potatoes 1/2 kg

ghee  1/2 bowl

jaggary  1/4 kg

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Take the sweet potatoes and keep it in the water for a while

to remove its soil .

: Wash it 3 to 4 times clearly to remove its soil and dust .

:  Remove its peel and make its finger

: Keep the pan on the gas , pour oil to it .

: Now add the fingers to it and fry it well.

: Fry it well ,spread some water to it so that it could become                                                smooth. If you want crunchy then don’t spread water.

: Now add smooth jaggary to it.

:  Stir it well to make pakkum of it . Mix it well.

: Serve it as it is.



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How To Make Shabudana Kheer? [Ekadashi]- Vrut Recipe

 Ekadashi Recipe – How to make Shabudana Kheer?

Meyer Safecook Non-Stick Covered Kadai 26cm Black

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This Dessert act as a best medicine in a lot of illness . In my childhood I remember  when anyone  had been become sick then my mother was making this type of Desserts .


It is useful to the diarrhea patient as well the patient who has been suffered from temperature, weakness, dysentery etc.  Process to make it is also very easy. If we will cook it in the milk it gives a very nice taste .If you have a headache then also we are making it .It is the best calcium supplement as well as rich in carbohydrates. When any lady has been delivered at that time old ladies are giving her this Desserts. It gives satisfied feeling  & we can sleep peacefully with it. Before delivery also it act as a pain killer, so  ancient ladies giving this Dessert to them . Juice Recipes -Pineapple Healthy  Juice

Let us we will see how to make it?

time for it

prep cook total

5       10    15 min

author’s name :  pranita deshpande


food type : Desserts

Keyword:How to make Shabudana Kheer -Ekadashi [Vrut] Recipe 

serve for  1


Shabudana: 1 bowl

sugar:  3 to 4 spoon

cashew nut: 4 to 5

almonds: 4 to 5

raisins :  4 to 5

cardamom powder: 1 teas

milk: 1 glass [big size]

ghee :  1 tbsp

PROCEDURE FOR IT :  Take 1 bowl Shabudana and keep it to soak for 4 to 5 hours . Banana Recipes -How to make Muffins?

:  Keep the milk to boil on the middle flame .

: Take all ingredients ready .Add one by one ingredients to it.

: Add sugar to it and stir it well .

: At last add ghee to it and serve  it hot.


http://How to make Allu Tikki /

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