5 Books Must Be Read In Quarantine- Exit COVID

1] Are you reading in the lock down?

2] Have you read following self -help books?

3] Are you feeling motivated with these books?

4] Can you share your interesting books list here?

5] Do you think that reading books means keeping self discipline

in the life?

Self Book Must Read In Quarantine: Hi friends, today we are going to a very typical situation. Of them, if we are at home we are safe. But, if we are wandering here and there for any reason then we have to be quarantined. Then where we quarantine didn’t know it may be in any school, in any hospital, In rest house or in any farmhouse. Everywhere we have to deal with our empty minds. Of them, if we will read or listen to horrible news we have a lot of fear to live safe. In this situation what we have to do?
Suppose the person is very sensitive and has nature to catch problems then it is very hard to come out from this situation. So to come outside from these situations we must have to read some self-help books which can help us to keep strong mentally and physically.

Let Us Know Here Which Books Can Make You Strong?

1] Nepolean Hill: Success Through Positive Attitude
This book means the real development of everyone’s life. I have been reached this step in my life due to this book. I have read this book 3 times in my life. Not only read but learned all QUOTES from his book. I have made ‘’PARAYANA’’ of his quotes. Written plenty of times to understand the meaning of each and every Quote. After that, I have decided to write books on Quote and started to collect a lot of quotes and thoughts. In this way, I have collected 1000 Quotes and written books on it.
Then I wonder to publish it in all Maharashtra shops with the help of the phone. At last, I got a Penguin Random House Publishing Company. I have tried to publish this book with that company. They have published my ‘’QUOTATIONS AND STORIES’’ book with no any complaint within a time. When I have heard about another author’s stories of publications. They told me we have spent 50 thousand RS, some are told we have paid 5 Lakh still our book is not published for 2 years but my book has been published in 2 Months. This is the miracle of positive thinking of Nepolean Hill Book.
2] Where The Will There Is Way: I have read so many books of this author before publishing my books. He has given me a strong willing power to live life happily to make progress in life. I had been faced a lot of difficult situations with this book.
3] Personality Development BY Swami Samarth Ramdas: He had given beautiful rules to make life meaningful. He has given so many discipline rules to make life valuable so I have read that book and running with their rules to be happy and stress-free in any situation.
4]How To Win Friends and People – Dell Carnegie
Written in 1937
I have got this book in one seminar. It Tag Line only gives us full of energy to run life. The book really makes a strong difference in everyone’s mind.
5] Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill: Again I turned to him I think that he is the main positive energy creator in the universe as well as the creator of rich people. I have written so many articles with the help of his book.
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Be Not Afraid Overcoming The Fear Of Death – Exit COVID

The struggles of life    

                                We are listening struggle word for so

many years. Everyone decides to struggle for work but no

one wants to do struggle. As struggle gives us lot of

unhappiness, sadness, bad stories etc. So many people if

they are not successes in their field then they are easily going into a depression. and accepting death but here is the solution  Be not afraid overcoming the fear of death?

Nowadays there is a new trend started in the middle-

class family. and that is to accept death as early as possible. In that this Corona virus

entered into the life. But,I think that since CORONA  is started people have understanding

the more value of life. Now people are keeping everything away from them. Means they

are comprising their hobbies, lifestyle, fashion, entertainment, journey, getting mix into

the people,emotions etc and only


concentrating  on their lives. How fear of death can change the man?.

People are getting to realize everything properly. If I will be lie will get result be

as it is, If I would be making fraud anywhere will came back in front of me in any form.

Whatever  may be I have done in the past will have to give its account. So that nowadays

people are very relaxed , they are feeling cool, satisfied and I think  they are now ruled to

this habit. Living happy in the lock down. Also  living  so cool that if any patient have

been got anywhere . ”Leave it we are safe, some people are thinking that ”Duniya JaleHanuman Bahar ”And the people who are carrying fear are thinking that now everything is finished. /what-is-spiritual-love-spiritual-growth/

Now so many people are saying that all previous life is coming to live. So many are

feeling its good. Traditional people are thinking that its nice life. No competition, no comparison. Maybe anyone is too much rich is anything differentiate to me? Now everyone is thinking that all people are same.

Actually it is carrying Satyug . Means we are away from anger,hatreds, jealousy, greed, comparison , etc. 

Only difference is that new generation is thinking we have a lot of money .We will enjoy our life. Why did we can live a life as like our parents?

parents thinking that we don’t have more money.

we have faced a lot of difficulties but we are free

from stress as we are distributing and sharing our difficulties

to all friends and become easily light. At that time no one

become happy by listening to anyone’s problem.


Everyone tries to understand other person’s problem and be

ready to help others to find the Solution and everyone thinks

that his problem become my problem and my problem become

our problem and our problem become society’s problem. So

they all coming together to solve problems with selfless love,

taking care of each other thinking that they are with us and

this problem is our problem so try to work hard for it etc.

pain of a person

Old people tell that in our period there is not like this

means now you are doing ‘’ every work by hiring the people’

’if any event is there all guests are Working in that, involving in that and so they feel that

all are ours and they can also join us. My mother is always telling

me that ‘’If any event is there we are making food for 500

people at home thinking that the people who are coming to us all are ours.

There is a lot of affection and  loving energy produce in that

atmosphere. That food also becomes tasty to eat.

Nowadays there is also a struggle but this struggle is selfish

means for me only, not for others. Why did I can do work for

others? What are they will give me? What is the benefit they

are giving us? Yes, If I will get anything from them, then I

will do something for them, If I will not getting then why did

I will do it? As we are giving first preference to money, like

this thinking making man separate and after age bar or at any

age everyone is feeling alone.

Everyone is thinking none is with me and so that we have

created distance in relationships, distance in a family, distance

in a neighborhood. Then who will

Think about country and so on……

This type of thinking brings insecurity, loneliness,and  many

people are suffering from mental diseases. To

attend these people no one is there at home. So they think

that We have earn lot of money, a lot of things but still, we are

alone and we have to left everything here and so they are going in depression and accept death easily.

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Nothing Is Impossible In Life – Exit COVID

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impossible Into Possible

Sometimes, unfortunately, we are getting so laziest and  idle people in our life. For these people, we have to waste too much time to counselling them but they are only on their way they are giving excuses for everything& every time. These people have everything difficult in their life. If they have to do a journey they will give us many excuses. They didn’t know ”Living in a journey-everything is possible ”

For these people, we have to decide how can they change their way to change their life?

Let Us We Will See About Their Dreams.


Every person has two dreams one is in the night in dark sleep. And another dream, the dreams which we can see in the day.  People who are leading their life. by watching daydreams are always away from real life and success. So many people in daydreams are flying in the sky.

To complete our dreams every person should understand the real facts of life. Every day before sleeping we are deciding that tomorrow we have to complete this much work, but in the next night when we are looking to our work we understand that we have not started to do this .Suddenly we find a lot of hurdles, and we left this work.

Every man has a lot of wishes everyone could get it. If he had been not wasting his energy and money on it. If he has wasted his energy and money in it his business get vanished and so instead of getting the success, he would become a failure. So he becomes depressed and depresses mind get worried every time.

Why did it happen? 

Who is responsible for this Thinking?

Why our work did get stopped? Why did we are suffered to failure?

Its main answer is while doing our work which type of thought we are producing is the main reason of behind every work.

As your wishes are deciding considering the real fact you have built your wishes in the air. To complete your wishes you should have strong base this strong base means your decision power. If your decision power is strong we could complete all wishes in any situation.

So many people didn’t have the knowledge to make decisions so that they are getting confused can I do this or not?  So many are  building the foundation of a lot of work.

Be ready to do a lot of efforts:-   Anything Is Possible Quotes

You take any decision slowly but confirm it. Before taking any decision think that what we should have to get from this decision. As your future is depending on your thought. So what you want to become? we should have to do a lot of efforts on it. A fresh mind can do a lot of efforts on it. Today every student thinks that to become engineer & Doctor. So to make carrier in this field It requires a lot of efforts,. When we confirm our mind on it we can do a lot of efforts easily & we would get success in any find.

Hard work person always win a competition..    

 If we will observe neatly in this world there is nothing impossible in this world. So many problems are there but every problem has answers but before to start any working person has a lot of fear & this fear bring negative energy & so due to this energy person couldn’t’ do anything If any person only thinking about his troubles and obstacles never gets success. As he thinks that ‘’ I have a lot of problems. ‘’

Hard work is the best solution for any work So many young generations think to start a new business

Nowadays everywhere there is competition. If we want to be strong & involved in the competition we require a lot of skill & effort.

Keep in mind there is always a place at the peak of the mountains for hard work people.

In the private section also any hard work person has a lot of opportunities.

Impossible Can Be Converted In To Possible:-

What should we have to do?  First, increase your mind power. Decide what we have to do? Think positive means I would get confirm success & proceed to your work. After some days, success automatically comes with you.

We have a lot of ambitions but we can’t complete it as we are not making our willing power strong & so we became lost to do a lot of efforts.


To increase willing power we have to connect with GOD keeping faith on him as this faith gives us energy, tolerance power, the power to adjust, increases the concentration to complete our work& he will give us right direction to complete reach our destination.

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Our Destiny In Lock down – Exit COVID

Our Destiny

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As  My Belief System, As My Thoughts,

As My Thoughts, As My Karma, As my karma,As my destiny.

Our  Destiny

Everyone knows our karma creates destiny, then also why there are problems?, So many are going to attract to the astronomer. So many are doing “ Yadna” Sanskar, doing worship, keeping fast, walking for God with barefoot, So many are showing their hands to the Palmer’s. So many are showing their homes to the Vastushastra and changing the construction of a home. Some highly educated people are doing a lot of workshops to change their destiny. In this way lot of people are doing a lot of efforts to change their destiny. or to transform their lives. We heard a lot of stories for changing of destiny but no one has thought that ”Our one thought can change our destiny” or when we change our thought pattern everything will change automatically, We will discuss now.

To change our thought we have to chagnge

To change our thought we have to change our belief systems. Which are carry for so many years we can’t change our thought? Forex there is a belief system that,’’ God is found in the temple’. No one has seen real God in the temple. But this belief system is carried forward and we believe on this and we can’t change our thought pattern. Like this, we are carrying a lot of belief systems, but for a moment let us suppose we have changed our belief system .Then we came to an automotive mode of thought.


When I create my thought, I feel something, means feeling good or bad, this feeling makes my attitude, my attitude makes action and when action, repeat action it creates a habit, when I work on my habit, that habit makes my personality and my personality create my destiny.

So again think of destiny, simply we have to send good energy outside of everyone keeping attention. In this method, the tutor is inside with us only we have to listen to inner voice of us.

There are two types of important energies in front of us

One is constructive and another one is destructive. The choice is ours, like this, there are three types of thoughts 1] good thoughts

2] Bad thoughts 3] an elevated thought again there is a choice

Which types of thoughts I could select so that my destiny is my thoughts?

Obviously good thoughts make our life peaceful and successful with great satisfaction.

But how could we understand that my thoughts are good thoughts?This is the

most important question of life.As everyone’s perception decides to understand of thoughts.

But overall when we get success in any field without doing any dishonesty and corruption then these are the good thoughts.

But the thoughts which are showing the direction to the violence, or to the crime with of quarrel are the bad thoughts.

The thoughts which bring peace everywhere and sending blessing to all people are the elevated thoughts. This types of thoughts are having to the Saints , highest ideal persons.

So again decide which thoughts you want to keep with us to make your destiny.

Nowadays in COVID we are carrying a lot of confusion with us. How to behave? Which are good and bad thoughts? Is our whole universe destiny is very hard so we are suffering more?

Some people are completely block for this COVID? Some are thinking that now life has been finished. How to keep faith on destiny , etc.

But, I think learn to enjoy life in any situation with highest state of mind.

Every problem will automatically getting finish.

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How To Be Cool In Difficult Situation – Exit COVID,

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I was outside from my home for 21 days  and today I came home in the morning, done all regular activities and start to run a computer. There I saw insert the new password. I become short-tempered but with whom I will be angry? no one is in front of me.

Image result for images on calm state
How to stay calm in a difficult situation?

I stopped for a while and think that this is the work of my son who has changed a password to protect my all work as he thought that mother is not at home so for security we should change a password. But when I was calling he was in his exam center he can’t receive my phone now what can I do? how to stay calm in a difficult situation?

At last, I become cool and I feel that try to ask my husband so I start to call husband and he told me a password. Point to explain these things are that period between these action and reactions is 2 hours and what is the action and reactions for me.

SO I decided to become cool, as there is no use of exciting or taking hypertension or short-tempered everything is useless. So I start to read newspapers and then start to read good books. As every online person is well known about ‘’what is the feeling if he was away from his online business in regular time’’ 

So I decided to write some points on how to become cool in a difficult situation?

Stop thinking about your business, deadlines or work.

2]Be ready to accept challenges whatever may be it may be a loss, may be an important assessment or appointment etc.

3] Do another work which you can’t do in the regular time it is important for your work.

4] Write extra blog posts or make extra plans for business etc.

5] Sometimes again another problems also create due to disturbance of our mind, then take a rest for half an hour and be fresh to work

6] Don’t think about your future or peer pressure or on another problem.Keep faith in your work whatever may be obstacles will come in my life I will overcome it carefully as my work is nice it will give me a good blessing as God is with me.

8]  Don’t give blame to anyone for this situation.

9]  Keep in mind that this is my work, whatever may be problems will come in my life I am responsible for it.

10] Keep faith that I can complete all remaining task by doing nice work with cool mind and again think that GOD HAS TAKEN MY EXAM BY GIVING THIS SITUATION.

11] After overcoming all this situation tell to GOD that ‘’ thank GOD YOU HAVE GIVEN ME the POWER TO OVERCOME THIS SITUATION’’

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