10 Points To Remove Sadness In Lock down – Exit COVID

How to get rid of sadness?

It’s a very simple thing that no one like sadness. Everyone is trying how to get happiness? As if a man has no power to overcome sadness he will directly attract death.

So that first we will see what is real sadness? Sadness is the process which depends on everyone’s perception./why-did-anger is our choice?

The person who thinks that this drama or this person is

Giving me sadness purposely but the person who understand why did he is behaving differently? he has some reason for it& so he did not feel sadness.

establish healthy sleeping habits, like going to bed at a regular time and limiting TV exposure before bed.

Forex: In your home small child of 10 years screaming on you, behaving rudely with you, saying abuse words for you, is sadness for others who is watching this drama with this perception, but the parents who attached with them they will say ‘’now he is small so he is behaving like

this’ ’they didn’t feel this seen as sadness.


Another example of it so many mountain climbers, they have a perfect goal to reach their destination. So they didn’t feel any sadness maybe he suffers from cold, fever or maybe fallen anywhere or they have to suffer from a lot of difficulties.


Suppose anyone wants to become a high achiever in the world so he has to face a lot of difficulties like jealousy, maybe sometimes he didn’t get proper food to eat. He has a lot of obstacles to travel maybe he has to walk every day 5 Km or want to go by Rickshaw or he has to suffer a lot of inconveniences.But other person watching him & saying what is the use of this hopeless life? What is the use of that achievement? But the person who is facing these difficulties didn’t feel any sadness.

How to get rid of sadness?

When he achieves his success he thinks its right way for my life.

I think sometimes sadness is the way of life to realize something. Otherwise, if we are living in an A C condition.reasons-of-quarrel-in-family-family-international-day/

We didn’t realize anything & we can’t move from that place.

In Mahabharata, Kunti said that ‘’Hey God give me a lot of sadness ‘’ so that I could remember you every time & I could understand life.So many saints proved also proved that due to a lot of sadness ‘’they had got God & knowledge’’ & they become the Guru of the world to show a good way of life to the people.

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How to get rid of sadness?

But still, no one wants to attach with sadness purposely Or to do struggle for life.So what is the way to reduce sadness or to get rid of sadness? We will see here.

1] Decide aim of your life means the purpose of life. Goal

& purpose are different things.

2]Keep your destination point fix.

3] Don’t keep a lot of attachment with close relationship means with parents, wife, kids, friends,sister&brother or Anyone.

4] Keep in mind that no one is with you, you have to travel alone in the traffic.

5]Always keep a connection with God, by doing meditation or remembering God every time.

6]Try to reduce your ego, jealousy, hatreds, anger, irritations.

7]Don’t make a comparison with another one.

8] Every time try to live in peace of mind.

9] Keep attention when you are gossiping or chatting with another person that ‘’Is I am criticizing to anyone?

Or is anyone become unhappy with my thought?

10]Don’t demand a lot of things every time.

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Effects Of Fear In Daily Life – Exit -COVID

Effects of fear

Everyone knows that fear is the damaging thing in our life. Any type of fear makes man short-tempered or sometimes mad also. I think a lot of mental disorder are creating due effects of fear.If we have fear of a snake in mind we can be fearful of his image or sometimes rope. Maybe courage full person also he has the fear of a lot of things.

Suppose a person is bold in every field or maybe he is strong internally but he has fear of his fate or his destiny.

If we will observe a lot of failure persons in life, their failure is due to their fear in mind. God has given me a lot of observation power, so with my observation, I think that a lot of diseases or a lot of problems create in our life only due to fear.or fear of being alone. how-to-deal-with-fear-of-covid-in-lock-down/

Let us see what is the effect of fear?

Due to fear blood is flowing to the direction of legs and so that we could run fast and our face becomes totally white and pale. Our total body gets freezing for a while and sometimes the person wants to hide somewhere, our brain creates vibration and we feel that what to do now?

Bioscience tells that when we are in the satisfied mood we create positive thoughts and become the optimist, we create enthusiasm and we can act instantly and not be worrying for a 

Physical science tells that instead of firmness body of man doesn’t make any change so that personal emotions will change. When we are happy, awesome, pleasant feeling our face become bright having cheerful experience and we can complete our work easily.

Emotions of love are very sensitive we have to handle it with loving energy and we know that the work which can do by using love that work can’t do forcefully.

Effect of love and care is greater than an effect of fear and anger.

We can show depression and unconsciousness, easily on our face as it is due to fear.  

Some points of fear

1] Fear creates anger; it creates a lot of mistakes. 

2] It slows down our confidence as well as self-esteem.

3] It creates negative energy so that we can suffer from a lot of physical disorder as well as mental disorder.

4]  some feeling like I am right everywhere.

5] Making corruption Fear starts irregular habits as, like a lot of cleanness, strict discipline, and dishonesty is also due to fear.

6] Performance becomes weak.

7] It creates a sense of poverty, losing a job, something lost in business, getting fewer marks after better study etc.

8] It makes man reversible.Some people have fear by birth but, we can’t understand it easily. Refer and earn 25% commission for each refer.

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9] Sometimes our circulatory system effects on our body and it produces hypertension, B. P. sugar, kidney failure, heart attack etc.

10] Fearful man never survives his life with good vibration and he sends everywhere these vibrations.

and  makes atmosphere pollutes.    

KEYWORD : Effects of fear in daily life – Exit – COVID

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