Do Human Needs Emotional Contrast In Their Lives – Emotions


Of course, but it depends on the person how his perception towards that contrast person. If he will look positively to him definitely he can progress in his life and if he will take it negatively then we can’t say or think about his result. It will result in the destruction of anyone with any couple that is it maybe Father-son, husband-wife, mother in law – daughter in law, sister – brother, etc Sometimes if there is meaningless contrasting then we must have to be left away from that relationship.
As it can create only destructive situations or events. It never gives any happiness, love, respect, care, peace, etc Life becomes very difficult with this relationship.

Generally, loving ones are closer relatives and are in contrast to the loving ones. As they have good intentions behind it. Means parents are always contrasted with their kids or children if they are in the wrong direction. In the husband-wife relationship. There is a say that God keeps a couple purposely in contrast to run life better and successful.
In the relation between mother in law and daughter in law also this situation occurs often. Mother in law had more life experiences so she wants never has to go to her next generation in this way so she always contrasts to their sons or daughters to go in this way but, we think that they are wrong or opposing us to go this direction and we can fail here.
Some close friends who are loving you more to you and they want real improvement in your life then they contrast you for your better future.’t-have-to-bother-criticism-self-improvement/

Most example of contrasting is school teacher, some school teachers are very creative in developing their students. They often think that our students must have to learn something new or just have to think out of the box so that they could shine easily and learn creative things. In this list, strict teachers are coming. We often keep in mind the strict teacher who is so strict but loving for the student’s future.

This case happens more in politics. Some politicians are on truth way. They think the future of country so they always contrast to the oppose party who are going against our country. Vise versa some leaders are so selfish that , they want only position and chair so they never contrast , they

are always bowing for their needs to the seniors .

I think contrast is in every field, we never live life without contrast. It must be there without it we can’t progress in our life.
Generally, contrast emotions are running where there is more love. As love binds each other maybe there are so many problems.
In this way, if we will understand the role of contrast emotions in our life then we will never come across any conflict. We can turn it into another creative form.

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Is Emotions Are Important To Get Rich – Emotional health

IQ V/S EQ The man is born with some talent and emotions. He didn’t. Live life without talent. Emotions and talent mix with his working. Without emotions, no any man could do any work with only his talent.

Nowadays scientist is giving more importance. To the emotions as compared to the talent. We can measure easily I Q but to measure emotions are very hard. In Barkley, there has been done a scientific study about ego resilience and they found that ego resilience and emotional intelligence is the same.Related image

<img src="” title=”Visit to discover Indian blogs”> There has been studying the more talent person and more emotional person and they got surprising results. The person who has more intelligence are showing their talent and mind power surprisingly. These persons are not giving importance to the personal relationship. They are very ambitious and who can live only for his aim and goal.

They can behave on his principal, what effect is going with the principle of his personal life he didn’t understand. He is giving importance to his work. He didn’t attract sexual life. verse the person who is emotional his EQ is of high level. He is living with a good social responsibility with happy moods. Every time they are living with their responsibilities. They didn’t have any type of fear. Instead of it, they are fulfilled with compassion and they are always trying to give happiness and help to each other, Every time they are living with satisfaction mood. There is the result for ladies who have more I Q, These ladies are perfect to express their opinion. They are giving importance to the talented work.   how-to-deal-with-fear-of-covid-in-lock-down/ Refer and earn 25% commission for each refer.

They are giving importance to beautiful art and always giving importance to self- realization. They are not expressing the anger in presence of more people. But behind them always mumbled themselves. But the ladies who are intelligent in understanding emotions are telling their opinion freely and every time they are positive. They are always free to express their opinion so they have to face a lot of unhappiness in their life. But they are handle situation perfectly, but not discussing any simple unnecessary subject and they are always aware of to keep atmosphere nice. We know that in daily life we are using I Q and E Q also. Effects of these we can find in our behavior. Where there are more sensitive emotions. There is more humanity.Image result for images on eq & i q

Emotions play an important role in our life one emotion can change the situation immediately means suppose you met any person and you gave him beautiful smile but he turned his face and become unhappy. Situation instantly change. If you will ignore at that time but this paper will come anywhere anytime so we have to learn how to face this situation without disturbing our mind. So to enjoy the life, we have to care about our emotions as well as another person’s emotions. I think the person who is emotionally fit he would be fit everywhere

If the person lost emotions for any reason then he didn’t give any importance to the emotions as well as a relationship. In today’s period to run our life successfully, we have to lose sometimes emotions. But I have always there is a question. Is without emotions can we live our life successfully with only material things. Can we get real happiness from the material things? I think any person may be good or bad may be our karmic account with him is good or bad but that person is an energy.

Nowadays for the success, we are losing this energy. Means suppose I know that my mother in law is always quarreling with me? Can I live him forever? Maybe I will live life happily by leaving her. But when I am thinking about her quarrel , I realize that her quarrel or conflict is the real inspiration for me and I got the point to write the blog on it.

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