Devotional Story On Krishana- Interesting Story

Devotional  Story On Shrikrishana Bhakti – Interesting Story

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       Have you heard name of Sukhdev? It comes in ‘’Bhagavat’’ book. It has very interesting devoting story. If you will listen it, you want to read it continuously. In India devotees are keeping ‘’Bhagvat Sapata’’ many high spiritual leaders telling these stories with their original knowledge. Saint as like ‘’Morarji Bapu’’,’Shri Krishana Priya’’’Kankeshwari Devi’’ etc. are telling stories of it very deliciously.

    Let’s see here one of the interesting stories of ‘’Sukhdev’’ here.

 Shukev was the son of Vedvyas. Who is bright as fire, cool as like moon, Tolerable as like Earth, Huge in mind as like Sky? Before doing ‘’Munj’ or Upnyas’’ he went in the jungle without doing any sansakar. For doing meditation.

  Here ,Vedvyas had becoming very sad to distance between relationship of Son and father. Then he decides to chase him by telling ‘’Putra where are you going? ‘’ but, Shukhdev run fast and he didn’t came back.

   After entering in the forest ‘’Shukdev’’ enter in the cave and sat for the meditation. Now here Vedvyas have hurting these facts, he was becoming sad and sad. He was thinking that now, what can I do? Where to search my son? How can I bring him back? How can I live without him?

   Now he had an idea to emerge the sansakar of his son. That is the ‘’Shloka’’ from Bhagavad-Gita’’

  He started to recite this ‘’ Shloka’’ with full of ‘’Shri Krishana devotee.

      ‘’ Aho Baki Yam Satankalkutam

        Ginghasaya $$$ Paiydyapaya Sadhvi//

         Lebhe Gatim Dhatrayuchitanm Tatonyam

Kam  VA Dayalum Sharnam, Vrije?

Meaning:  Oh! Bhagvan , how can I express your kindness as we know that Demon Putana came to die Krishana with full of poison in her breast. She had given poison’s milk to the Shri Krishana , still Krishana behave him as like mother and send her back in her society. In this way the poison can be convert to ‘’Amrita’’ is only by Krishana.

So, I would have to be surrender in his feet. Told his story to the Krishana.  

Effect of this Shloka on the ‘’Shukdev’s’’ mind and he wake up from his meditation. He became unconscious and looking everywhere thinking that how did I am here? Where is my father? Why did I come here? How I lived my father alone? These questions were coming in his mind and he came outside to the cave. With the vibrations of these ‘’Shlokas’’ he came near to his father. He saw his father was very sad and his eyes were filled with tears for him so he run fast and bowed on his father’s feet with full of love and affection.

  Then he hugged to his father and came back to his ‘’Ashram’’

MORAL: This Shloka means the moral of complete Bhagvat Story. If we will recite this ‘’shlokas’’ without eating anything we get benefit of reading complete  ‘’Bhagvat Gita’’   

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My Life Story _Motivation

Before 20 years we were in Bombay living with my kid. At first Dr. told us to live 1 year at Bombay and he shown Bombay Bandra Home of TATA Hospital. We went there to live. In one room there was 4 beds and for every patient 2 attendant. Means we were total 15 people including another 2 guests. Of them we have 1 toilet for all. No water for full day. Water was getting only up to 10 o clock in the morning.

Instead getting good with treatment, my Son becoming very week. There was my friend from Nashik. She told me, “go to live at Parel. That was very better place for the patient. My son become healthy in that place.” Then I asked what about to make food ?As Dr. told us don’t give outside food to the kid . Give them only give home made food. She told, there’s was nearby place under Neem tree it was clean and so many attendants were making there food. I am also making there food.

We Made Plan To Go There.: At Parel also strict rules to live .It is the place of RSS where all types of patients were living free. But, there was no place to cook the food. And they were allowed to live 1 Month. So we have been packed our luggage and went there to live.Before going to live there my husband have been given me strictly warning “I couldn’t pay outside for the food, if you can make food at home then I will ready to come there. I have to cure my Son in any situation.So I was agree with it.

In the next morning my husband become furious with full of anger. As he had to pay money for tea. Then without talking one word I immediately went to see that Neem tree. Then I saw there’s quite clean and no any kitchen stage but , how that friend was told didn’t know. Any way I would have to make break fast and food for my Son. So I came back , took all kitchen appliances. Stove , etc. Went under the tree. I saw noone was there making food. But, I have made something and came back.

Understanding Of My Son At That Time: I have made delicious “Poha” for him and enter in the room He saw me and his eyes were filled with full of tears . Telling to his father “”Papa Aai ne Pohe anle mazyasathi” He was so happy that jumping to take that Poha. And had gratitude towards me that “My mother ❤️ was made food for me” and telling me also Aai, Mazyasathi Pohe Anlis, means he understands completely that my mother ❤️ is making this much effort for me.

In this way I was making food there .So many people were going near from me. Some were talking with me.The place where I was making food is of Municipal corporation. Then I saw one room there, where Municipal servants keeping there spades, baskets and all materials. There was a small space left , I went there and asked to the owner of that room then she gave me small space to cook the food.

At that time there was no lift to go to the 4 th floor. So I would have to go by walking. But, any way my Son was cure better. At Bandra he can’t get up but here he was 🌟 to walk slowly. That happiness was giving me to work through out the life.

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