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How to clean your body with these food – Health- Mumbai square

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Following some food excess you feel heavy and tired? It may be time to do a little Detox treatment to help your body eliminate toxins. Discover 10 detox foods that will help you regain form and lightness! This is one fact that when people are out of home living in some other part of the world, they did ‘not take care of their bodies and use food blindly. Thus they need specific guidance. Mumbai Square in London United Kingdom, not offer healthy Indian food to people, but also at the same time help them to build and maintain a healthy body as well.

What is a detox food?

Detox foods are foods that will help our body “purge” toxins, waste accumulated in our emunctories organs, such as the liver (the center of detoxification), intestines, kidneys … The toxins are mainly from our diet (additives, saturated fat, sugars, alcohol, etc.), but are also related to other factors such as taking medication, smoking, contact with pesticides and other chemicals inhaled in a polluted environment, etc. .

Doing a detox cure based on detoxifying foods will help our body eliminate these toxins, and allow you to get back into shape. As part of a slimming program, consume regularly detox foods will also help you lose weight and find a flat stomach.

1. The lemon

It’s the # 1 detox food! Antiseptic, full of vitamin C and potassium, it boosts the immune system at the same time as it is diuretic and allows the elimination of fats and alcohol.

Tip:  Every morning, on an empty stomach, drink a glass of lemon juice diluted in lukewarm water. You will start your day on a good foundation!

2. The apple

food options for a 7-day detox diet. /
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The apple contains pectin, a soluble fiber that swells in the stomach and allows satiation at the same time as it absorbs fat. It is also rich in quercetin, a powerful antioxidant that prevents the risk of obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

3. The artichoke

It is a key nutrient for liver detox, which it purifies, but also an excellent diuretic, good for the kidneys. In addition, the artichoke has appetite suppressants that help you lose weight!

4. The birch juice

Obtained from sap, birch juice was already known to shamans of Native Americans and Canada for its purifying and detoxifying virtues. He is the champion of all-out elimination. The birch juice cure after the end of the year holidays, then in the s

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Detox Juice Recipe – Orange Juice

Health Benefit of orange Juice _ Quick Experience

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Today everyone has known all types of benefits .So many benefits we are reading everyday . Really I want to explain here that, I was hating to eat orange . Since childhood, I didn’t want to eat that fruit and it’s juice. Some times my family members insist have forced me to take it, but I feel it very sour and so I never drink it . But what happens in the last week I went to one marriage reception program .There I ate Pani puri , some new food items, some fried food etc and came at home , after 2 days I have started lose motion and Omitting, suddenly caught a lot of temperature, cold, arthritis etc . Now what can I do ? Went to family doctor taken treatment and came back nothing change .


As routine I like to eat apples and brought apples to eat .I ate apples instead of decreasing question it was increasing , taking tablets , medicines but no any change .

Then I thought, what to do by sitting? Let us go to sister’s home .So went to sister’s home .She saw my face asked what you are eating ? I told as it is, then she told ”You have taken everything wrong treatment of eating” You must have to drink orange juice it will reduce your problems in one day . She gave me one orange to eat .Now I ate that orange and feel better. Then I decided to take orange juice .

While taking orange juice I am feeling better as well as getting nice report of my body . As my body contains a lot of heat and there is no any way to find out heat out side.


Meanwhile due to heat my lips, nose had full of swelling . The mouth also filled with a lot of patches and pimples . My nose also filled with the lot of pimples and heat .I can’t breathe properly . I can’t eat easily, drink water also easily . But when I started to take juice of orange it automatically lowering the risk of all body organs . Automatically my all problems finished and feeling fresh, energetic.

Let us we we will discuss Health Benefits of orange in detail .

1] It improves immunity system

2] Rich in vitamin C so work on arthritis problem .

3] Keeps away teeth, gums pain .Feels the teeth and gums with energies.

4] Works on digestive, circulatory system , keeps the blood pressure constant .

5] High fibers lowers the cholesterol, controls the blood sugar level .

6] Makes body clean inside and giving fresh feeling.

7] Controls blood sugar level and lowers the cancer risk.

8] Alkalize the body , prevents skin damage , good eye health.

9] Works on constipation as I have mentioned in the upside story.

10] Keeps hair growth better, if you will wash hair with it’s peel’s powder .Hair becomes smooth, silky and strong.

Orange fruit is an interesting fruit ,I think everyone it didn’t like to eat it, by it’s appearance.

It is found in the Northeast part of India in more proportion . Southest Asia * Southeast china .


time for it

prep cook total

5 5 10 min

Author’s name : Pranita Deshpande

Cuisine Indian

food type Juice


serve for 1


Oranges 2

sugar 1 tbsp

cumin powder 1/2 tbsp

cardamom powder 1/2 tbsp

salt 1 pinch

PROCEDURE FOR IT   Take the fresh oranges . 

: Remove the peel of it and keep aside

: Remove the seeds of it clearly .

: Take out it from the mixture jar .

: Filter it , add sugar, pinch of salt, cumin powder, cardamom powder, etc .

: Stir it well, drink it and how did you feel please share with me .

oranges ofr juice

peel removed orange
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